June 30, 2010
Whale Killah

Scientists have discovered the sperm whale's really, really nasty great-grandfather. I'm struck by how similar the teeth look to its presumed, and as I recall contemporary, immediate rival, the megalodon. Which means it ate more or less the same thing. Which means, yeah, not a great candidate for SeaWorld right there, nope.

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I Would Be Guilty Of This.

Crazy Neighbor Photos -  You Feed Them Once And They Never Leave
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Last time I checked, these were called thermoses. Thermosi? Thermosay?? Liquid holder?

No wait, the would be tampon! CLEVER!

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Lego Ship

Navy fans and arm-chair admirals should find this quick look at the still-building CVN-78 of interest. Otherwise known as the Gerald R. Ford, when launched it will be the first new aircraft carrier since 2003, and the first new class of such ships since 1968.

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Chase This

Scientists have discovered evidence of massive storms on a distant planet. I'd expect nothing less from a planet larger than Jupiter orbiting closer to its star than Mercury does the sun. Still, 10,000 mph winds do seem pretty darned impressive.

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Fold 'em Up

Scientists at MIT and Harvard have created self-folding origami sheets. By using special strips of copper and some electricity, they are able to cajole a sheet of fiberglass into a variety of different shapes.

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June 29, 2010
Just Chuck It The Pile With The Rest Of Them

Archaeologists suspect local inhabitants may have been systematically killing unwanted babies.

Archaeologist Dr Jill Eyers said: "The only explanation you keep coming back to is that it's got to be a brothel."

That will teach those ladies of the night to forgo a night of work.

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AROC National Convention, 2010



Me: "Mark, you know that car has no air conditioning, and is really loud on the inside."

Mark: "I don't care, I'd just park it in the back yard and look at it. And, you know, try to convince girls to drape themselves over it."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a weird car guy falls on his knees and starts worshiping it. No, really.

Me: "..."

Mark: "Yeah, not what I had in mind."


Some people own cars named Trans Am. Others own cars who've won Trans Ams. I'm not either. But I got a nifty picture!


I want one of these. Some day.


Ellen wants a bunch of these. And yet this was the best picture she got of them. Much more important to be dramatically annoyed with the husband than to take good pictures!

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June 28, 2010
Smart Girl!!


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Heee!!! NOT From Olivia

Funny Kids Drawings - Oh Ho Ho, What A Wit
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For All My Wrinkled Ladies!

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A gift to me from Olivia. My favorite. Cat Bus.

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Institution Fail

Robert Byrd's efforts to single-handedly move the entire federal government to West Virginia are now officially at an end. That's one less reactionary embarrassment the Democrats won't have to apologize for anymore. It'll be up to us to dismiss the rest of them this November.

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Fun and Explosions

Mark gets a stars-and-stripes no-prize for bringing us the following neat collections of the US Military. Some I'd seen, most I'd not. I'm figuring you won't have seen a few either:

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June 27, 2010
7th Birthday Gift


We got O a bike. She is too large for the smaller size and just a shy small of the next size up, So Dad- *aka* Scott, is working on that.

Hopefully she will have it by the end of the week.

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June 26, 2010
The Perfect Day

  • Wake up in your own bed, without, well, without worrying.
  • Gather up the gear
  • Have both Alfas start effortlessly
  • Only make one wrong turn on the way
  • Arrive at the show wanting only to see one Montreal
  • See four, before you even park
  • Realize that what you thought was a $750k antique Alfa was actually a ten million dollar antique Alfa
  • Discover THIS CAR hiding on the grounds, and seeing SOMEONE ELSE drop to their knees before it, in front of a good friend who was convinced I was the craziest car person they'd ever seen.
  • Have both Alfas drive home without drama. Well, except for Ellen channeling a rally driver as she wrestled her car off the show grounds
  • Hang out at the pool with everyone, and teach Olivia to not be afraid of the deep water
  • Watch Ellen's best friend walk out to our pool wearing one of Ellen's suits, and still looking good.
  • Goof on Mark because he did a snore-check during The Incredibles, which we all were watching, including Olivia, because IT'S AWESOME!
  • Rescue The Wookie from the airport, and then re-wind the whole day again, for the second time, and mention that there actually is an Alfa Romeo bicycle (really, pictures to follow)
Beats the hell out of waking up on a park bench, or the floor of a tennis court. Beats it by a mile.


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Busy Lady

Ron gets a very naughty no-prize for bringing us quite possibly the most clever beer ad, evar. If they showed ads like that in the US, I'd be much more likely to watch them.

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I Can Haz teh Technologee?

Annie gets a no-prize that moves so fast it's always being shown in slow motion for bringing us news of what is possibly the world's first bionic cat. Around here, that'd just mean he'd poop on the floor a lot faster.

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It's a Bubble, Eh?

Robert H. gets a sticker-shocked no-prize for bringing us proof that the housing bubble didn't burst, it just moved north. Those were the kinds of "deals" that happened every day around here, say, about five years ago. Now, not so much.

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Shouldn't They Call it a Space Show?

Mike J. gets a no-prize that's worth a second look for bringing us the Sci-Fi airshow. Kinda heavy on the Space 1999 stuff, but I still like the idea of wandering around a flight line full of space ships

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June 25, 2010
Another Birthday Celebration!

My Lawyers* remind me that the really important birthday happened two days ago, and I will duly note it, on the way to announcing a happy 100th for Alfa Romeo! My kid was born almost exactly 93 years after Alfa! How cool is that?!? More immediately fortuitous, the Alfa Owner's Club convention is nearby this year. Us? Going? Well duh

In other news, we had to jump the Milano, who's battery finally gave up the ghost. New battery, clean car, and a whole show full of them tomorrow. Life is good.

* Aka Ellen and The Grammas

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Down in a Hole

A team of seventh graders has discovered a massive new cave on Mars:

The science class from Evergreen Middle School in Cottonwood, Calif., found the opening while working on a research project with the Mars Space Flight Facility run out of Arizona State University in Tempe.

Here's to hoping they all get A's.

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Receding Peaks

Shocker: consumer habits, changed by price signals, are reducing the demand for oil faster than its price is rising. I'm not sure which is more fun, the rah-rah press release from an advocacy association, or the reporter who simply cannot bear to merely repeat it without his own "IS SO IS SO!!!" comments. At any rate, the news of "game-changing" developments in natural gas technologies is interesting.

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Actually, that's Kinda Neat

And now, a honeycomb structure shaped like the risen Christ. Made by actual honeybees. No, really!

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June 24, 2010
Nobody is This Dumb

So, we've got one state with new laws to strengthen the border, laws which repeated surveys show a majority of Americans support. There are many states considering similar legislation. It's my understanding a majority of Americans want stronger enforcement against illegals. So, naturally, the latest trial balloon from this administration involves Obama granting amnesty to illegal aliens via executive order. That's right, folks, rumor has it he's mulling over turning thousands of illegals into citizens by doing an end-run around Congress, flagrantly trouncing what most of the nation wants. Every time I think this administration can't get any more cynical or out-of-touch, they go and prove me wrong again.

I was no big fan of Clinton, but I did admire how deft he was as a politician. Obama is quite obviously no Bill Clinton. If he really does take a stab at this before November, I think a Republican supermajority in both the House and the Senate is a real possibility. And it will be none to soon, as far as I'm concerned.

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WOW! Time flies!
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June 23, 2010
The Sound of Two Football Fanatics, Furiously Typing...

So, Fark's survey headline was, "Which NFL team has the worst fans?" And the best comment, by far, was this:

*cracks knuckles, prepares to take thread to next level*

NFC East:

Cowboys fans: redneck racists who think Obama was born in Kenya; permanent "bigger is better" complex to compensate for probable small penis size
Eagles fans: possibly the worst "people" to walk the planet; do not actually eat food for sustenance, but instead absorb negative thoughts and energy; booed Santa
Giants fans: got nothing
Redskins fans: gleefully cheering the most racist sports team nickname in the modern world

NFC North:

Packers fans: far and away the most morbidly obese group of humans in history
Vikings fans: possibly the stupidest group of football fans; mostly racists
Lions fans: got nothing to say about these poor unfortunate souls
Bears fans: easily the greatest group of football fans in the league; everything a fan base should be: loyal without being subservient to a shiatty product, high football IQ, great tailgaters; only one d-bag with that Katrina sign, but we took care of him

NFC South:

Falcons fans: terribly dispassionate, much like all Atlanta sports fans
Panthers fans: haven't been around long enough to create a stereotype, so we'll just say something NASCAR-related
Saints fans: pretty happy for them, got nothing
Buccaneers fans: more concerned with that goofy kiddie pirate ship and the cheerleaders than what's happening on the field

NFC West:

Cardinals fans: only started accepting Christianity as a valid religion when Kurt Warner joined the team
49ers fans: chardonnay-sipping yuppies
Seahawks fans: the whiniest fanbase in the NFL when it comes to officiating
Rams fans: do not actually exist

AFC East:

Patriots fans: make excuses for their team's blatant cheating; a little dash of Boston racism for taste
Dolphins fans: view gameday merely as a social event; did not deserve Ace Ventura
Jets fans: have the worst little brother complex of any fanbase in America
Bills fans: nothing bad to say

AFC North:

Steelers fans: knew god-damned well this whole time that Big Ben was doing this shiat
Ravens fans: more violent and easily-agitated than most fanbases, but this is partly because they are forced to live in Baltimore
Bengals fans: got nothing bad to say
Browns fans: seem to actually be more happy when their team is god-awful

AFC South:

Colts fans: all bandwagon jumpers outside of Marion County
Jaguars fans: do. not. give. a. shiat.
Titans fans: seem fine to me
Texans fans: see "Cowboys fans", but subtract some arrogance and add 50 pounds

AFC West:
Broncos fans: easily the most delusional fans in the league; will drink up any Kool-Aid that Pat Bowlen serves; think "in-com-plete" is somehow witty or distracting to opposing teams
Chiefs fans: nothing bad to say
Raiders fans: deserving all these years of shiatty football for being possibly the most violent fanbase in professional sports
Chargers fans: Kendra Wilkinson

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Beats the Hell out of Lawyers

At first I thought the idea of a "divorce ceremony" was yet another example of everyone's favorite tentacle porn authors just running it right out the other side of reason again. Then I read the article, and, well, there's a reason why the most ancient evidence we can find of human culture surrounds ceremonies. It salves something in the soul. And lord knows people need comfort during that particular time.

Of course, being Japan, they don't have to worry about one of the parties arriving armed, so I'm not at all sure how well it'd work out over here.

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Tasteless Particle

The "sterile" neutrino, once dismissed out of hand as a good idea that just didn't pan out, may have some life left in it yet. When the predicted numbers are off by even the smallest amount, usually there's a new particle hiding out in the woodpile. No, I'm not completely sure what good this will do you and me, but so far no matter how hard physicists try, practical applications always seem to be found for even the most obscure discoveries.

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June 22, 2010
Ride On Lil' Tortie

I can totally see this happening at my house!

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Me, I Think They Should've Named Him, "Desi"

Scientists have announced the discovery of a new A. afarensis fossil, and the "big man" seems to have a lot to say. Any post-cranial fossils from any hominid will always be a big deal, because, since our ancestors were mostly hunted by bone-crunching leopards and hyenas, by far the most common fossils we find are skulls (because the head has an annoying tendency to roll away) and the teeth inside them. That the fossil represents an adult male of the same species as the famous Lucy is an added, and valuable, bonus.

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I Wonder if Scott's BLT's Are This Colorful?

funny food photos - Rainbow Bacon Looks Healthy
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The Pregnant Pope

For a Church that still treats women as second-class citizens, it is a source of considerable embarrassment and will once again raise the question of whether Pope Joan, as she is called in medieval chronicles, really did exist.

A new movie about Pope Joan.

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Only in Asia

Hey, men like panties and bras too!

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June 21, 2010
Adventures on The Orange Line!

Yes I took a video of this. Yes I am disappointed that I did not catch "WEST FALLS CHURCH METRO NEXT STOP!" on video.

So I'm going to hell.

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The Pool 2010

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Let the Dead Speak

Remember, awhile back, when all the nerds were up in arms that we were consigning petabytes of information to the dustbin of history because it was recorded on obsolete media? Progressives wanted government intervention to stop it while opportunists wanted to spend the money a fat federal grant would provide? You know, to ensure precious information would not be lost simply for the lack of a player? Yeah...about that...

As long as the media survives, there will always be people clever enough to tease it out. It may not be easy, and it may not be cheap, but it will happen. Anyone else is selling something.

And by the way, did I mention my VCR collection? You know you'll never get to see those old tapes again, otherwise...

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Think (Tasty) Geek

Ok, I get it. For every dangerously useless government bureaucrat I find under the rocks on the left side of the peanut gallery, you'll find dangerously useless lawyers on the right side. Hey, here's a thought! Let's put the libertarians in charge! They want to take over the government so they can leave you alone!

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Paging Bob Marley, White Courtesy Phone Please

Popular Mechanics got its first look at a nifty new laser-based IR missile jammer. The new unit is much smaller, simpler and (presumably) cheaper than the one it replaces, and is already being fitted to helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan. The dumber, less effective, but more numerous RPGs still remain a threat, but it seems engineers are working on that one as well.

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Deep Dip

The NASA space probe Cassini is preparing for its closest flyby of Saturn's moon, Titan, to-date. It's flying so low the atmosphere will apply significant torque to the structure, but engineers maintain the probe will survive the encounter.

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Cardboard Zoom

Sure, models are nice, but full-sized replicas made from blueprints using cardboard are nicer. Now this sort of modern art I like.

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June 20, 2010
Rrrmm... Thanks?

I get the intent, I really do. As a dad, though, I must admit a free prostate cancer screening is kinda far down on my list of fathers day presents. That sound you're hearing is Ellen doing a face-palm, because she didn't think of it before the day was over.

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Blow that Shiat Up

Oh, Earth, how can I destroy you, let me count the ways. A rite of passage in science fiction circles seems to be at least one apocalyptic novel, so I'm surprisingly familiar with, well, all the methods listed here.

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Could be Worse. Could be in Ohio

Ya know, you could do a lot worse than your very own 35 acre island. Yeah, it's Illinois, but still. Ellen could have all the animals she wanted, and all I'd need to do was visit. Or, you know, wave at the dock as I motored by. Cat puke likely has nothing on tiger puke, and I have the upholstery to consider.

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Nothing quite like placing the test track of a popular car show in your video game for oodles of free publicity. Well, one would at first think it's free. It wouldn't surprise me if some licensing and promotion agreements may have been quietly signed. At any rate, it definitely look like fun!

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Macabre Fun

Lord, bless this, thy Wikipedia, without which we would not have a convenient listing of funerary monuments throughout history. Settle in for a long bout of link-following, fellow seeker.

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Happy Father's Day!

To all the Dad's out there!

Happy Father's Day!

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June 19, 2010
U Go Wai!

And now, a crow taking down an RC airplane. In other news, electronics have gotten so small and efficient it's possible to mount video cameras on simple, small RC airplanes.

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June 18, 2010
Sign Here

demotivational posters - HANDSHAKES
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Those ...those ...gay! (color wands galore!) people...CLEVER!

Crazy teenage lesbians. I wonder what Disney is thinking about this?

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This Is A Given

Ya think!?

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Apparently we are not allowed to do this to our yard for Halloween this year.

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And We Would've Done it, too, if it Weren't for You Meddling Kids

Ah, well, it looks like Ellen's dream to draft Amber so they can be the only people running after a storm just got a lot more crowded. The last season of Storm Chasers prominently featured scenes that depicted how crowded the, well, I guess for some it's an occupation, has become. Still, the crowds were unusual, and most of the time the guys in the show really did seem to be all on their own. Which, of course, won't stop them from biatching when "commoners" get in their way.

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Rollin' Through Gambon

Folks who've long wanted a crack at Top Gear's test track (*cough* Ellen *cough*) are soon to be getting their wish, albeit virtually. Of course this would be for a console my regular gaming buddy Joshua doesn't have. Nothing quite like conflicting priorities to provide an annoying buzz on a Friday morning.

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A Porsche, for the Rest of Us

At first I was like, dude. Then when he rolled it out of the garage, I was like, dude. It's often said, "to increase speed, add lightness." Leave it to a German to take that maxim and run it right out the other side of lunacy.

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Doin' it Right

Making the rounds: US cars have, for the first time, topped foreign-based one in a well-known quality survey. "Foreign-based" may sound like a euphemism, but since many (most?) "foreign" cars are actually built in the US, it's a necessary distinction.

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June 17, 2010
Dude... WTF???

So, the reason why Tuesday and Thursday has ended up being a bit, well, posting-light, is because I'm biking to work then. ~17.5 miles, one-way. Most of the journey is on a bike trail, well away from traffic. Breathe easy, mom, no reason to worry there. The rest is extremely laid back residential roads. We're talking sleepy subdivision streets. All right up until the end, when I drive down into a bowl and then have to drive myself back out, all at once. Big honking hill, literally just before I arrive.

But I'm finally able to regularly ride a good, long distance without missing out on spending time with Ellen or Olivia. Hell, Ellen's encouraging me to add a third day. Plus, the reaction of a team of good, strong nerd stock to a bit of spindly high-spun bicycle engineering (I park it right next to my cube) is a sight to behold.

Best of all, when I ride in, I get to treat myself to a fresh BLT, courtesy of our lobby cafeteria. Ellen gets a contact high when I message a picture of it to her. It's that good.

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Chicken Little in the Sky

Ah-HA!!! So, what you're saying is, that the sun went all weird in 2008? Well, then. You can't possibly blame it on Obama, because he'd only just ended up in office then. It is obviously Bush's fault!

Robert H. (via The Puppy Blender) gets a no-prize with its foil hat firmly tacked on along the edges for bringing us yet another goad for those folks on the extreme left side of our own peanut gallery.

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This is a new concept? Do you know how many people out in radiology who have DONE this? Heels included and so much more...

Oh wait wait wait! You don't get ear density on xrays, nor boob detail (sorry)..dude! where is her heart!!! Oh wait wait.. this is CGI...yeah..CGI.

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Mah House, Let Me Show You It

What these people lack in means they more than make up for in sheer chutzpah. There are more than a few big, abandoned properties in this area, so it wouldn't surprise me if ballsy squatters were a feature of our landscape as well. I'm sure there are some on the left side of the aisle who think there's a certain bit of justice going on here. Of course, it's not their house either.

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June 16, 2010
Private Goal Posts, as They Move

Ellen: "OOOOH!!!!!"

Me: "No, Ellen. You can't have one. Nothing with a puls--nothing that respirates"

"I thought the rule was 'nothing with a pulse?'"

"It was, but now I have to stop insects."

"Insects??? Eeww... not insects! What's wrong with you??"


"That? That? Oh, that's just a science experiment."


Ellen: "Stop doing that! Only I get to do that!"

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Escargot Cuteness!

Better Than A Hybrid
see more
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You Want 80s? I'll Give You 80s

An auction link, so check it while you can: Feast your eyes on what was once, briefly, the most expensive production car in the world. As of, as I recall, 1982. If inflation calculators are to be believed, it would be priced right around $265k nowadays. All of those people who make fun of Ellen's goofy box of an Italian sedan are pleased to be sitting down and shutting their trap now.

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Minos Rules

A new experiment at Fermilab has revealed yet another chink in the Standard Model's armor. I'd try to explain it, but every time I take a shot at that I feel like a cave man trying to explain an Alfa Romeo to his friends, "Unkh. Shiny thing goes fast. Shiny thing falls apart. Is important. Unkh."

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Stoned & Horney

It seems that your attitude toward casual sex is a strong predictor of your attitude toward recreational drugs. I'm not completely convinced. Then again, being a libertarian, I don't really care what consenting adults do behind closed doors. Stay out of trouble, pay your taxes, keep off my lawn, and we're all good.

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When Pictures Attack

It seems the guy who's built a career out of being an annoying idiot has finally posted an upskirt too far. Powerful people have been hunting around for an excuse to muzzle this nattering nabob for years. As so often happens in these cases, I'm not sure anyone counted on him providing the lever himself.

Oh, and let's all hope this teaches Miley, and the rest of them, that miniskirts make panties mandatory, eh?

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Aliens I Tell You!

The way Sitchin sees it, the long-dead woman's genome could contain the signature of the gods and demigods he's been talking about since 1976.


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A T-Shirt, for the Rest of Us

Now if only they'd come up with a bike jersey with this on it. It's even done up in light colors!

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Horns B Gone

The noise the South Africans are making with their cheap plastic horns is so annoying the BBC is exploring electronic filters. I happened to be in a restaurant last Friday that had the world cup on, and I can definitely attest to how annoying that din really is. I at first thought there was something wrong with the TV.

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Fun with Maps

It takes a bit of time to load, but this innovative map of where, and which direction, people moved in the US in 2008 is still worth a click or two. A country in motion, indeed.

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June 15, 2010

The sculpture, about 62 feet tall and 40 feet wide at the base, showed Jesus from the torso up and was nicknamed Touchdown Jesus because of the way the arms were raised, similar to a referee signaling a touchdown. It was made of plastic foam and fiberglass over a steel frame, which is all that remained Tuesday.

It's a sign! The end is coming! Ohio just became more of a shit hole than it already is! Who will save you if "Touch Down Jesus" can't?

An Extra Crispy Jesus No-Prize to Annie for bringing us this sad news.

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Oh, Well This is Just Brilliant

Looks like Pakistan's secret service has been caught handing cash to evil people. Again. The Indians have been telling us the paks are no goddammed good for, what, sixty years? I honestly can't pin this one on ridiculously naive progressives. These wily inheritors of of the Mughal dynasty have been practiced at the great game of deceit long before our country was even created. And they have nukes.

You all think the best solution is to build a wall around Afghanistan and just let them have at it. You all are flat wrong. Afghanistan is a lot like the US, sort of set on end. All they really want to do is go about their damned business in peace, and they'll sacrifice themselves, their children, and their children's children a hundred times over until they can. Their great misfortune is to be located next to one of the most meddlesome bunch of Mohammadans in history.

The point is, a wall is a good idea. It's just that it should be built a few hundred klicks to the right. Hell, the Indians will likely help us. Would that the Obama administration had the wisdom to let them.

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I'm Honestly Surprised It's Taken This Long

Looks like, for the second time this year, DNA evidence has cleared a man Texas has already executed. Being a good Buddhist, I'm quite firmly against the death penalty. Being firmly in the camp of the constrained vision, I also have no problem with someone being given the opportunity to achieve enlightenment from the bottom of a miserable, deep, dark hole.

You think I'm kidding. I'm not.

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Our Next Truckster?

Well, if they build it, and if they bring it over here, and if it's in our price range, I definitely think that we'd be driving the prettiest SUV on the road. If recent reports are to be believed, it'll even be one of the better built ones, as well. Likely in Canada or the US, even. Ain't that a kick in the teeth?

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Bouncin' Bosons

Scientists have discovered methods in quantum mechanics that break the equivalence principle. That being, according to Einstein (via the article), "the gravitational force we experience on Earth is identical to the force we would experience were we sitting in a spaceship accelerating at 1g." Turns out that with a clever combination of gravitational and electromagnetic boxes and oscillators, well, it ain't so.

No, I'm not sure what to make of it either, but usually when these propeller-heads come up with something really weird, eventually someone else figures out how to make a neat gadget using it. [Whisper]NEAT GADGETS.[/Whisper]

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Shake That County!

A magnitude 5.7 earthquake erupted five miles east-southeast of the desert town of Ocotillo at 9:26 p.m. Monday, causing sharp shaking throughout San Diego County and beyond, the U.S. Geological Survey says. The quake, an aftershock to the 7.2 Easter Sunday quake near Mexicali, briefly caused a delay in the game between the San Diego Padres and Toronto Blue Jays at Petco Park in downtown San Diego.
And San Diego is one of my favorite places! :/
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June 14, 2010
The Sound of Goal Posts Moving

Discovery: Afghanistan is sitting astride a metric shiatload of rare minerals. Conclusion: Conspiracy, Disaster, War, Pestilence, Famine, and Many Other Very Bad Things!

It's important to keep in mind that without justice, a justice they define, prosperity is worse than useless, at least to those on the left side of the peanut gallery. It's far, far better for a child to starve in the name of equality than for him to eat in the shadow of success.

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Ancient Fuzz

Scientists are reporting the discovery of two hundred-million year-old mammal hairs trapped in amber. This is the first time scientists have been able to examine the structure in 3D. Turns out it has changed surprisingly little over such a very long time. Walking with dinosaurs, shedding on the landscape.

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A More Apt Description of Progressive Attitudes I Have Yet to Find

Victor Davis Hanson is on a roll. A few of the choicer bits:

Crises, then, originate because of miscommunication and being not nice, not out of fundamental differences in belief about the way nations organize the economy, politics, or social and cultural life. Diplomacy and good intentions, not deterrence and military preparation, persuade bad actors to behave. Excuse me! ó there are no bad actors, just misunderstood ones who have translated their understandable post-imperial, post-colonial grievances into anti-Americanism. They need to be contextualized rather than confronted.


The perverse was always preferred to the logical: so a Mao was better than a Churchill, Lincoln was faulted for not possessing 1999-era academic sensitivity, and FDR not WWII saved the economy from further depression. Versailles explains Hitler rather than his own insane hatreds. The Soviet and Chinese nightmares were problematic and based on misunderstandings of Marx rather than natural conclusions from him. The real fear after 9/11 is backlash, not more terrorism. The non-Christian nihilist Timothy McVeigh or the Columbine Satanists are proof of widespread Christian terrorism; the last 50 aborted Islamic terrorist plots are aberrations.

People who think this is an exaggeration are not paying attention. Why I'm surprised by this, I don't know. We've got the government to prove it!

For now...

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You Say That Like it's a Bad Thing

Looks like Tea Partiers are well on their way to taking over the Texas GOP. Getting away from obnoxious morality police and concentrating on economic issues has, in my opinion anyway, always been the great unacknowledged winning strategy for the GOP. Politicians, and most pundits, seem not to have grasped just how powerful the late Clinton-era budget surpluses were as an ego boost to an overstretched nation. So far the Tea Party movement has been able to shrug off the left's increasingly shrill attempts at ridicule and demonize it. If they help remove these spendthrift's hands from the levers of power, they will have truly arrived.

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Don't Spanx Me, Bro

And, for the newest entry in the, "dude. Wait, what?" category, we have news that men's girdle sales are off the chart. Corset sales for dudes would seem not to be far behind. Or, you know, middle, as the case may be.

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Welcome Home

The long-suffering Hayabusa comet probe has completed its mission in spectacular fashion. I remember reading all about the many and varied problems the probe experienced during its mission. It's nice to see that, in spite of it all, the JAXA team managed to make it to the finish line.

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June 13, 2010
Bubble Pink Lemonade


A weekend fun project that Olivia got to make. Tapioca pearls cooked and cooled then added to ice cold pink lemonade, served in a martini glass with watermelon garnish...WIN!

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Again, We all Really Know it's Dick Cheney Who's Behind it

Mike J. gets a no-prize located in a call center somewhere in India for bringing us news of the world's longest technical support call. I'd wager the bits on a thirty-five year-old computer are something you can actually see, or close to it at any rate.

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Headline says it all: Smash and Grab Fails When Burglar Hits Self with Rock.

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Smoke 'em if Ya Got 'em

A British soap opera actress was recently told her boobs were too big for HD. The kicker? She's a quite-well-preserved 52 year-old who's character has been on the show for more than twenty years. With picture!

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June 12, 2010


Pikachu cake!!

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Wax What?

Jeff gets a no-prize that's not a g-d teenager, ok??? for bringing us A preview of Ralph Macchio's latest project. Not sure if that's actually his wife or not, but if she is, well done sir. Well done.

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Construction Oops

And in the, "gosh I'm glad I didn't drive the spider that day" file, we find what can and sometimes does happen when buildings get taken apart by heavy machinery. Fortunately, it appears nobody got hurt.

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June 11, 2010

Victor Davis Hanson is brilliant most of the time. But when he's mad, he's freaking fantastic. A better statement of the constrained view in this era, I have yet to find. Those of you who would immediately dismiss him as a toady of Cheney's neo-cons should be fair warned: he's a professor of your beloved classics and a farmer in the central valley. He's smarter than you, me, and the other guy, put together. Dismiss that at your peril. Not that it's ever stopped you before...

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And How far from Home had You Got When You Were 16?

Dr. Helen's asking are the parents of that 16 year-old stuck on a boat in the Indian Ocean negligent, or noble? My response: both are far too strong. I'm not at all surprised the progressive side of the blogosphere is up in arms. Telling other people what's good for them is, after all, their raison d'Ítre, as is kicking people when they're down.

Ok, my view? 16 is most of the way to a legal adult nowadays, and for the past, what, two or three million years quite literally so. A wise and experienced sailor may get caught out by this great big ocean of ours, but it's quite rare... even perhaps unheard of... for one to get killed by it nowadays. And so far it hasn't managed to kill her either. Were it mine, it'd kill me, yes, but another part would be thrilled that Olivia got hung up in the Indian Ocean, and was just waiting for the rescue boat to show up.

As with all things, I refuse to judge. There are too many things they know that I don't, and it's them that's paying the price anyway. Something that costs the accuser nothing but inflicts pain on others is a leitmotif of the left, which is why they're all chattering so. If that family thought it wasn't worth it, they wouldn't have tried it in the first place.

I only hope, as I'm sure everyone in that family most fervently does, for her safe return.

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Landmark Passing

The future of the iconic Astrodome would appear to have three routes, two of which seem to involve a, "kaboom." This thing was an iconic landmark of progress when I was a kid, and now it's so run down it's dangerous. Can you say, "an abject lesson on impermanence?" I knew you could...

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Best Cake EVAR!!

funny food photos - Rainbow Laser Kitty WINS
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Death Lego

Nothing like a fully-functional Lee Enfield replica to start your Friday. The catch? Lego. Lots of Lego.

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Your Thought for the Day

Ellen and Amber, let me show you them...

Well, except for the snake. They both like snakes.

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Epic Cuteness!!

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June 10, 2010
Nobody is This Stupid

I have to think this is a trial balloon leaked by a particularly clueless White House intern. How else explain the sudden rumors that the Obama administration is quietly putting the mortgage interest tax break on the block. In an election year. That they already know will be at least as tough as 1994.

Oh, that's right. It's Cheney's fault. Again. That must be one fuzzy blanket you wrap around yourself there, because it definitely seems to help you sleep at night.

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Disaster is as Disaster Does

So, as with most horrific apocalypses the media regularly waves at us, it seems that predicting the consequences of the BP oil spill requires quite a bit more nuance, and sophistication, than it would at first appear. In other words, all the chicken-little "ZOMG!!1!! EVIL OIL COMPANIES R GONNA KILL ALL THE BIRDIES IN THE WORLD FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!1Q!eleventy!!!" hysteria may make everyone on the left side of the peanut gallery feel good, but it would appear there's a chance, and a reasonably decent one at that, that anyone who wants may be able to walk along the gulf coast five years from now, none the wiser.

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Rocket Go Boom

South Korea: Good at making cars, still learning about launching rockets. Some day we'll figure out a way to get stuff into orbit that doesn't involve chemical rockets, which are proportionally so underpowered the rest of the launcher has to be so finely engineered it makes an F-1 car look like a tractor. An old tractor.

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A Spidey WIN!

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June 09, 2010
WTF!? Olivia!?


Olivia doing one of her "drive by moments".

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That's a Really Weird Fart Right There

Scientists have discovered tantalizing clues that methane-based life may be pooting along its merry way on Titan. It's not conclusive, not yet anyway, but the observations so far have confirmed the predictions made by a scientist years ago about what a methane-, as apposed to water-based, chemistry would look like as observed from Cassini.

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Turnabout, Shalom

Well, why not: Israeli students are trying to organize a reverse flotilla to provide humanitarian relief to Turkish Kurds. Now, let's all pause and consider the likelihood of Turkish commandos showing up with paint guns as their primary armament to stop this particular flotilla.

Thing is, as long as the current Turkish administration isn't directly involved, I think it'd be quite likely. The Turkish military remains the final bulwark standing between Ataturk's vision and Islamic fascism, but they're not as strong as they once were. And, unfortunately, as with most progressive administrations, the current Turkish government is nothing if not involved.

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Free Choice

John Stossle: America's current struggles notwithstanding, life here is pretty good. The left side of the peanut gallery gleefully points out various injustices and cruelties of market-driven societies every chance they get. And yet, at all points, the more "just" a society is, the less prosperous everyone becomes.

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A Common Reaction to Finding One's Self in Philly

Remember, folks, HD cameras can see more than you think. A new version of couples getting it on in a far, dark corner of a stadium can't be far behind.

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Scientist Bits

Chris gets a no-prize that'll annoy the Pope for bringing us news that a newly refurbished museum in Italy will feature recently rediscovered remains of the seventeenth-century astronomer, Galileo. Unfortunately no pictures of said bits are part of the article, so Ellen will be disappointed.

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There is No Substitute... for Ugliness

I gotta tell you, they sure did spend a lot of money to make something that ugly. We'll call it proof positive that Germany has more than their fare share of guys willing to do silly things to cars. Only, you know, with more expensive cars.

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June 08, 2010
Ellen Refuses to Post Most of her Pictures

So I will..


Because, you know, what I think matters, doesn't...

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~ He isn't Always Evil, and He is not Always Wrong ~

Scientists have discovered that the hormonal counter-weight to the "trust everything" oxytocin turns out to be that bugaboo of all radical feminists, testosterone. Bonus: it seems to help the very sex who's radicals claim it victimizes.

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Mystery Whale

The first gray whale known to have ever visited the Mediterranean sea has been sighted again. According to the article, scientists are trying to decide if this means the species has re-colonized the Atlantic after an approximately three century absence, or if this individual has managed to survive the longest known migration in history. I think it's one of two things: if the whale is male, it's obvious he never stopped to ask for directions. If female, well, hey, the Rivera won't shop itself, donchaknow?

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Commercial Space Progress

Hot on the heels of the successful Falcon 9 launch, we have even more news about progress in private space flight. I'm not such an ideologue that I can't acknowledge a good policy coming out of a bad administration. Obama definitely seems to be on the right track here.

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Gladiator Graves

British scientists have announced the discovery of the largest-known gladiator grave yard in the UK. The article includes the skeletal remains of someone who seems to have gotten a really close shave.

Even if it doesn't prove to actually be a bunch of gladiators, the find is still significant because Roman custom was to normally cremate their dead. Skeletal remains are rare, and can reveal a great deal about how people lived.

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Jungle of Death

WWII history buffs will likely find this account of a "lost" jungle battlefield of interest. Me, I'm not quite sure how something can be lost if the locals have known where it is all along, but I can be ornery that way sometimes. They even found a dead guy leaning against a tree. You'd think jungle critters would've carried him off long ago.

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That is, if He Survived the Freezing Process

Mike J. gets a suitably nerdy no-prize for noting that the main statue of the MLK memorial bears a startling resemblance to... something. Because I definitely don't think that way. Nope, no sir. Completely normal, that's me.


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June 07, 2010
Back Stage Wardrobe Fixer Upper


Olivia helps out our good friend, Ayperi with her costume.

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Welcome to the Progressive Era. Please Keep Your Hands and Feet in the Ride at All Times

Like the man says, "So when it comes to terrorists, understanding is the main goal. With corporations, itís punishment." The thing is, this is a perfect expression of fundamental progressive beliefs. The fact that the left side of the gallery doesn't even understand why I might be upset speaks volumes.

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Robert H. gets a no-prize that's a lot bigger than it looks for bringing us video of the Jovian impact recently sighted by amateur astronomers. Dick Cheney's reach knows no bounds!!!

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Creative Freedive

I'm not sure how much of it is real and how much of it is just clever editing, but this short film about "underwater base jumping" was still pretty neat. Yet another sport I'm more than content to be a spectator of, and not a participant.

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Earhart Update

A society who's obsession seems to revolve around figuring out what happened to Amelia Earhart seems to be making steady progress in resolving just that. The article doesn't make it clear if the deserted tropical island that is the leading candidate as her final resting place has a fresh water supply. I seem to remember reading elsewhere that it didn't, but I could be wrong.

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June 06, 2010
There's a Snake in Your Car! A Snake in Your Car!

Fark's headline was, When asked by reporters whether she was scared when a snake started coming out of her car's air conditioning vent a texas [sic] woman said ________? Frequent readers of this site will know the answer, were it posed to Ellen. That being, "Scott says I can't keep it."

Which is both correct and proper. NOTHING WITH A PULSE! Oh, and friends who try to think of exceptions just to screw with my day? :P :)

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Touchy-Feely Fall Down

Mike J. gets a no-prize that can't get up for bringing us a bit of fluff that shows what a modern browser is capable of. Yes, yes, I know, but, like the great man said, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.

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June 05, 2010
Squawk Hooch

It seems that something is getting a species of Australian parrot so lit it takes them four weeks to recover. That's one helluva hangover there, folks. That sound is Ellen's head exploding. She does that every time she realizes that, in Australia, parrots are so common they literally can be picked up off the ground.

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June 04, 2010
Nuh-uh! NUH-UH!

... and the saga of the "convoy of peace" continues. Now the newsies who brought the cameras are getting all huffy because the Israelis released their footage. Because we all know they wouldn't selectively edit their stuff to make sure the film matched the story that they were saying. Nope, they'd be completely honest, since all they were really there to do was document a humanitarian mission.

In a pig's eye...

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Your Thought for the Day

PanelWithTextBoxes.Controls.Cast<System.Web.UI.Control>().Where(x => x.ID != null && x.ID.Contains("TextBox")).Cast<TextBox>() .Where(y => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(y.Text) && int.TryParse(y.Text, out i)).Select(y => y.Text).ToList().ForEach(z => obj.ListOfInts.Add(Convert.ToInt32(z)));

An actual, working piece of code. In "pseudo-code", what this translates into is "go get all the entry blanks which aren't empty, and have a NUMBER in them, inside this panel and store what a person entered in that blank as a number in a list."

Yes, I wrote it. Hopefully you're not horrified. Seems to work well, and replaces a multi-line function with a single line. Whee!

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A Carter Moment

Ok, let me go on record here to state that, of all the colossal screwups the Democrats in general and the Obama administration in particular are responsible for, I simply cannot believe the only thing that's sticking is the one thing that was and is entirely out of their control. Bah. I don't know why I'm so surprised. After all, people are still blaming Bush for a damned hurricane. I guess I'm just, you know, used to the MSM blaming Republicans for every bad thing that happens on any given day.

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NEW YORK ó Rue McClanahan, the Emmy-winning actress who brought the sexually liberated Southern belle Blanche Devereaux to life on the hit TV series "The Golden Girls," has died. She was 76.

I need a Golden Girls movie night.

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The Dead Aren't Going To Eat

The "grim eater" attended up to four funerals a week during March and April before the Harbour City Funeral Home decided he had gone too far, and stopped him, the Dominion Post reported.

"We saw him three or four times in a week. And certainly he had a backpack with some Tupperware containers so when people weren't looking, he was stocking up."

Talk about a weird situation!

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Rigidly Nonconformist

When you see one loopy Japanese teen it seems that maybe they can be individuals after all. It's when you see pictures of dozens of them that you realize well, maybe not. Note: Main pictures are fine but some of the ads are quite NSFW.

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June 03, 2010
Meow Don't Feel So Good...


Send good thoughts for Curly! He's not feeling so well. *duh*

Oh the IV catheter? Yes, my handy work :)

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Amazing! Listen to the ENTIRE meow!

Thanks to Joshua for a very MeOw! link! NO-Prize for you!

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And the Black Hole Goes, "Spin Spin Spin"

Scientists have discovered that black holes which spin backward create more powerful jets of matter. Yeah, that's what I thought too, but it turns out the "backward" they're referring to is the spin of the black hole versus the spin of the disk of matter around it.

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Ancient Nom

Scientists have found a massive cache of fossils and tools which indicate our ancestors were eating various kinds of meat at least 2 million years ago. As per usual, since they didn't find a hominid skeleton with a tool in one hand and a croc leg in the other, lying on top of the mound, they're not able to say exactly who was doing the butchering. More reasonable people will likely draw the conclusion this was Homo habilis's doing.

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I've often wondered what would happen if a car hit one of those toll booth dividers I regularly drive past every day. Thanks to some chick in the Ft. Worth area, I no longer have to wonder. And alcohol may have been involved? You don't say.

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June 02, 2010
An Incentive is Not Something that Smokes and Smells Funny

Obama to NASA: Constellation, you can not haz.

NASA to Obama: We can haz cash?

Obama to NASA: You can haz small cash.

Private Enterprise to NASA: That R big cash to us!

I've always thought the manned program would be more effective farming out the stuff they already know how to do to private industry, and spending their energies on the propeller-headed stuff nobody knows will work or not. Sort of like what the aerospace guys do. But wtf do I know?

And yes, this is one of the very few places I think the Obama administration is getting it right. I think that's happening mostly because Obama doesn't really care about space, and handed it off to a bunch of propeller-heads who do while he "takes care" of the rest of the country.

It's a good thing, because when the Democrats are done "fixing" things I'm sure we'll all want a ticket off this damned rock.

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Yep, About What I Expected

All those "innocent" protestors bringing "humanitarian aid" to Gaza, only to be shot down by those fascist, domineering Israelis? Yeah... about that... It's well and good to doubt what the Israeli government, hell any damned government, says about an incident. Unfortunately, cameras don't lie, video cameras especially. I knew all I needed to when I read accounts that the commandos were forced to shoot people with pistols. Hint: commando teams looking for trouble bring things called "assault rifles" to the party when they're expecting trouble. They are much larger than pistols. These guys got sent on a ship without them, and it darned near cost them their lives.

Me, I'd want to see whoever planned this cluster f- of an assault in front of a tribunal. But I'm reactionary that way.

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Simple Sucker

Boeing has applied for patents regarding a new sort of intake design which could make it much, much cheaper to build supersonic aircraft. Existing inlets for aircraft expected to go much past Mach 1.3 or so are expensive, heavy, and damned complex. This thing looks to be a game-changer.

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Possum of Poison

BBCnews is carrying this special report on the hunt for a mammal which likely hasn't changed all that much in 75 million years. For those of you keeping score at home, that means this critter, or one very much like it, was dodging for-real dinosaurs, back in the day. From such humble beginnings...

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Mix and Match

Analysts are finally getting their arms around Fiat/Chrysler's future plans, and things are looking pretty interesting. The sudden softening of the Euro puts Marchionne's American venture into a much better light. If the currency should collapse, it'll seem downright prescient.

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Proper Endings

I'm pretty sure half the audience was expecting Lost to actually end this way. I never got into the program, so I'm just going on the basic amusement value of this. Others may get a better chuckle from it than I did.

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You know all those times they said even experienced climbers can be killed by Everest? Yeah, they weren't f-ing around about that. Everest: Beyond the Limit has been on a Tivo Season Pass for us for years, and, as I recall at any rate, they actually had to walk past someone who'd done the climber version of throwing a rod but who had not actually gotten around to dying just yet.

Me? I'm not particularly fond of climbing the stairs. I'm more than content watching others try to climb up and try to climb down that thing.

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The Right Lessons

Paul Ingrassia: Nobody on any point of America's political spectrum really liked this bailout. But having paid for it, let's hope that we as a nation are willing to learn from it. Unfortunately, since the lessons taught were about sustainability, incentives, and discipline, instead of power, justice, and outcomes, it's doubtful anyone on the left side of the aisle will even acknowledge there are any lessons at all.

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June 01, 2010
A Very Summer Bouquet

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*Hint Hint NINA!*

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Olivia's version of a cannon ball.

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Staring Art

So it seems that, for the past month or so, one of the things your $20 admission got you at MoMa was the opportunity for a weird Yugoslavian chick to stare at you for as long as you liked. Lots of actors paid for the opportunity, of course. And don't forget the write-up in the Times. But it's commercial painting that's not "real" art, donchaknow?

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They're Being Exploited Because We Say They Are

So, lemme get this straight, some kids in Korea are getting paid to do absolutely nothing but game all day long, and they're the ones being exploited. Ok, lissen up, Sparky. A person with a constrained set of choices is not the same thing as a person being controlled by outside forces. People who enter voluntary associations are not enslaved. Forcing employers to pay wages at a higher level than what they feel is profitable does not result in social justice, it results in layoffs and closed businesses.

In other words, were I twenty years younger and single, getting paid any sort of money just for playing video games would've been very appealing. After all, the conditions described don't sound that much different from what I experienced in my first two years at college.

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Bah. A Few Bandaids, He'll Be Fine

There's pissed-off crazy, then there's so-pissed-off-he-rips-your-heart-out crazy. Note to self: do not do 'shrooms with guys who enjoy beating the crap out of each other for money.

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No Parking

Nothing like a sinkhole in the middle of a city to put some perspective on a tropical storm. My luck would be that'd be the parking meter I used on the one trip downtown I used the spider for.

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