June 26, 2010
The Perfect Day

  • Wake up in your own bed, without, well, without worrying.
  • Gather up the gear
  • Have both Alfas start effortlessly
  • Only make one wrong turn on the way
  • Arrive at the show wanting only to see one Montreal
  • See four, before you even park
  • Realize that what you thought was a $750k antique Alfa was actually a ten million dollar antique Alfa
  • Discover THIS CAR hiding on the grounds, and seeing SOMEONE ELSE drop to their knees before it, in front of a good friend who was convinced I was the craziest car person they'd ever seen.
  • Have both Alfas drive home without drama. Well, except for Ellen channeling a rally driver as she wrestled her car off the show grounds
  • Hang out at the pool with everyone, and teach Olivia to not be afraid of the deep water
  • Watch Ellen's best friend walk out to our pool wearing one of Ellen's suits, and still looking good.
  • Goof on Mark because he did a snore-check during The Incredibles, which we all were watching, including Olivia, because IT'S AWESOME!
  • Rescue The Wookie from the airport, and then re-wind the whole day again, for the second time, and mention that there actually is an Alfa Romeo bicycle (really, pictures to follow)
Beats the hell out of waking up on a park bench, or the floor of a tennis court. Beats it by a mile.


Posted by scott at June 26, 2010 10:56 PM

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Park benches are not very comfortable.

Posted by: Mother-In-Law on June 27, 2010 07:00 AM
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