June 15, 2010
Oh, Well This is Just Brilliant

Looks like Pakistan's secret service has been caught handing cash to evil people. Again. The Indians have been telling us the paks are no goddammed good for, what, sixty years? I honestly can't pin this one on ridiculously naive progressives. These wily inheritors of of the Mughal dynasty have been practiced at the great game of deceit long before our country was even created. And they have nukes.

You all think the best solution is to build a wall around Afghanistan and just let them have at it. You all are flat wrong. Afghanistan is a lot like the US, sort of set on end. All they really want to do is go about their damned business in peace, and they'll sacrifice themselves, their children, and their children's children a hundred times over until they can. Their great misfortune is to be located next to one of the most meddlesome bunch of Mohammadans in history.

The point is, a wall is a good idea. It's just that it should be built a few hundred klicks to the right. Hell, the Indians will likely help us. Would that the Obama administration had the wisdom to let them.

Posted by scott at June 15, 2010 08:26 PM

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