October 31, 2009
2009 Candy Loot!


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Halloween 2009- Part DEUX!


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Halloween 2009

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Introducing, Asokha


Olivia said she wanted to be this character some time last November. We've been building to it ever since. And now she has to put that character away. Can you say, "Post Traumatic Stress"? I knew you could...

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Playin' with Scale

From coffee bean to carbon atom, we got it all. I had no idea the bits that make up our immune system were so tiny.

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October 30, 2009
~ Rumors / We Hear Your Rumors / We Hear Your Rumors Every Day ~

So, latest bit to come bubbling out of my underground is that Marchionne's going to shutter Chrysler outright, and bring Alfa forward as its replacement. No, I don't put much stock in it either, but hey, remember folks, you heard it here first!

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Clear as Mud

It seems there's a reason why every country, or very nearly so, uses its own electric plug. Problem is, that reason doesn't make a lot of sense. Except that it was really expensive to set this all up, and we all did it when nobody crossed borders all that often, and by the time people started it was all in place, and it's a helluva lot easier to burn out your laptop than it is to rewire a whole f'ing country, so there.

Thing is, I could swear I remember really weird plugs in really old houses back when I was a kid, especially around phones? Anyway, a bit of electronics trivia to brighten your Friday night. 'Cos you're at home just like me, right?

Hello? Oh, I see, I forgot to plug it-#$@$#@%%6


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Delays, Delays...

NASA's Kepler probe, designed to find extrasolar planets, will not be able to start its primary mission until 2011 due to electronic noise. Now that's one helluva patch right there, I tell ya.

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Bomb Back

Does a new weapon system herald the end of the precision-guided era? On the one hand, I can think of no better sight than a rogue mortar shell being blasted out of the sky. On the other, I would find it really annoying if my fancy guided bomb got blown up just a few hundred feet before it hit the target.

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Well that's... Interesting...

Turns out bats are kinkier than we previously thought. Giggity!

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Parking: You're Doing it Wrong

Nothing quite like some drunken loon parking his car over the bed you're actually sleeping in to start the day. And that, children, is why people with multi-story houses put their bedrooms on the upper floors.

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October 29, 2009
Box o' Stars

No, really, a box full of stars. I know, I know. But still, explain how something that emerges from simple rules becomes so heart-achingly beautiful.

Well, ok then, explain to me why.

Yeah, thought so.

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My current cat I am cat-sitting. I've been watching him for 4 years now :) His sister...lives under the bed.

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Now, all of us, we'll see that the cat was butt-wiggling and the guy was actually trying to keep an eye out for the pounce. Who wants to bet Ellen and Amber don't see it that way? If stunts like that actually hurt kitties, there'd be a lot more business in Ellen's clinic.

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Yeah, I Don't Think So

Wtf? these shake weight things are getting out of control. Then again, considering all the free publicity the inventor is getting, he's probably embarassed all the way to the bank. Free enterprise, FTW!

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Nothing like a POV camera to show you that, yes, extreme mountain biking is every damned bit as scary as it looks. And how about that course? What, did they build this town on a wall or something?

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Bang Your Lights

Just when you think the Japanese just can't get any stranger, they go and invent florescent light bulb fighting. You'd think they'd at least make them wear safety goggles or something.

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October 28, 2009
And Now, Your Moment of Zen

I've seen various F-22s do most of these things. Most of them.

Don't miss the article I found it on.

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Impressive... Most Impressive

The US Military has a new method of detecting Hajji before he plants his road side bombs in Afghanistan, and you'll never guess what they've named it. All this time I thought NASA was the king of the tortured acronym.

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Old Bang

Astronomers are reporting the discovery of the oldest celestial object found to-date. The massive interstellar explosion measures out at a record 13 billion light years away, when the universe was only about 5 percent of its current age. I think that means that, less than 600 million years after the big bang, the universe was already 13 billion light years across?

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Spooky Experiment

Lord bless Wikipedia, without which it would be much harder to access the straight dope on the Philadelphia Experiment. Ron likely wishes that could be, "what happens when you lift one corner of the city and dump it all into the river?" but alas, it's not.

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It's Away!

Congratulations to NASA for their successful Ares I-X test flight. Here's to hoping the next test gets better weather. It's also fun to hear excitement coming out of NASA's manned program again. It's a big bottle rocket, yes, but it's a really NEAT big bottle rocket!

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Painted Perspective

Well, they may have been a part of the only empire worse than, well, any other one in the world, but those Soviets sure knew how to paint a picture. Then again, suffering in war is universal, so maybe that's the reason these compositions are so effective.

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When Bridges Attack

No, really, when bridges attack! Missed them by THAT much. Well, actually, it didn't miss them at all. My luck, I'd be driving the (presumably) freshly-restored spider across that dratted thing when it decided to whack a motorist or two.

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A Description, for the Rest of Us

Could libertarians become the next significant group of swing voters? It would make my life a lot more interesting, that's for sure. "Fiscally conservative but socially liberal" describes a significant number of my friends. "Fiscally conservative and stay off my lawn" describes most of the rest, including yours truly.

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October 27, 2009
Monsters of the Deep

To close up a rainy night, we have this nice summary of where marine reptile research is nowadays. The first dinosaur book I ever had talked as much about these beasts as it did about their land-based cousins. It seems kind of interesting that such an amazing variety of reptiles existed so long ago, while today the world is dominated by what was then a rare and insignificant sort of reptile primarily designed to live in buried warrens.

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Colorful Bodies

Now, if it were in the US, a "body painting festival" might make you run for the eye bleach. They'd probably run out of paint before the third contestant and then it'd get really bad. But since they're in New Zealand, hey, it's not so bad after all. Video is tasteful but not particularly safe for work.

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Everyone's Gotta Have a Hobby

All those folks who think I'm obsessive about my hobby are pleased to be sitting down and shutting up now. Me, I'd go for replicating the cockpit of a Pan-Am 747, but that's me and it's been done before. I can't quite think of anything like this ever being mentioned anywhere.

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~ Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over ~

Geocities, the once mega-popular free web site host service, is being shut down. AMCG's very first incarnation was as a Geocities website. I'll bet a majority of blogs our age were.

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Rishathra for Real

A scientist has announced he has found conclusive proof modern humans and Neandertals had sex with each other. Just exactly what his evidence is remains to be seen. The guy says he's managed to sequence the whole Neandertal genome. We'll see...

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October 26, 2009
Gotta Have One!

So now, let us all pause to remember the Yugo, a car so basic it literally gave new meaning to the phrase, "basic transportation. When the best you can do is promote your car's wiring being wrapped in plastic, well son, you've got some problems we need to discuss.

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Short & Stubby Meets Tall & Spindly

It's not often two different manned launch vehicles are out on their pads at the same time. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure it's ever happened before. If everything goes well, it would seem if all goes well it'll take off right at 8 am tomorrow. Our Tivo's set!

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Squeaky-Clean Honesty

It seems something as simple as a clean smell promotes moral behavior. I guess that explains why cats are such horrid little creaters, especially whenever they get close to a litter box.

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Off Again, On Again

Now reports are saying the MiTo and the new Milano are scheduled to reach our shores in 2012. Previous reports were holding these two models to be "too small" for the American market. Considering the number of those spam-can Smarts I see roller-skating around our area, I'm glad Fiat has reconsidered. For now, at least.

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You're Doing it Wrong

Personally, pouring gasoline on a camp and setting it on fire just to get rid of snakes seems a bit excessive. After all, with Ellen and Amber around, the snakes would do well to run and hide, lest they fall victim to ohmygodomygodomygodit'ssoooCYOOOTTT!!! attacks.

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October 25, 2009
My Kind of Work Out

Mark gets a well-toned no-prize for bringing us the ultimate in women's workout accessories. Video is very SFW. Audio is mildly blue, but very, very funny.

UPDATE: Ellen looked over and said, "Dude, that's a real product. Do another Google search." You know what, she was right. The real video is actually funnier than the parody.

Now, to write down that 800 number...

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And I Just Cleaned The Bird Cage!

The image that came in an unlikely form of a bird dropping appeared on Sunday.

Don't forget to watch your parrot for a stigmata!

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Pencil Capture

And now, some photo-realistic pencil sketches. Best I ever managed was a few steps beyond stick figures. Ellen's actually quite good, but hasn't been able to sit still for the lengths of time required in years. ~ Art isn't easy ~

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Chicken Little's Nemesis?

It's nice to see not everyone in the UK has swallowed the blue climate change pill.

It's not that I think global warming is fake or a sham, it's that all the currently proposed "solutions" either do too little and cost too much, or are thinly disguised retread attempts to drive the kulaks into the countryside.

In my opinion, a climate change solution that does not include China and India is DOA. Right now, economic growth in those two countries isn't making life better, it's SAVING THE LIVES OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

The simple truth is these same people, when presented with the vague and controversial death by weather some time in the future, and the concrete reality of death by starvation next week, do not see this as a particularly hard decision.

Until this concrete reality is addressed, I will never sign on.

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Your Thought for the Day


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October 24, 2009
Sympathy? I Think Not.

William Heirens, the "Lipstick Killer," is believed to be the longest-serving inmate in the United States. He turns 81 on November 15.

Good. Stay there. But, if it was up to me, you would have been euthanized a long time ago.

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Costume In The Making


Now this is just a rough draft of what I am doing for her.. but the rough draft, not so bad!

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A Huntin' We Wil Go!

Here... you go into the building first. *bOOt*

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Well That Stinks

Pat gets a very sad no-prize for bringing us news that Shiloh Pepin, the "mermaid girl," has passed away. We saw her remarkable Discovery Channel documentary a year or two ago. Like all kids, her willingness to put up with what life had dealt her and enjoy it anyway was inspiring. Let's hope when she comes back, it's with all the pieces in their proper place.

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I Have Clients That Order These

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Hide And Go Seek Gone Bad

"They used a bucket truck with a cherry picker but once they got him down he took off, just ran away," said Scribbles' owner, Mike Shin.

My hero!

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October 23, 2009
30 Is A Good Number

Caterack, the kitty who kept owner Alisa Morris company the past 30 years, died on Thursday.

Goodnight Kitty.

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Hump Back Throw Down

Of course it would be Attenborough who'd end up catching humpback whales beating the crap outta each other over a chick. I first saw this sort of cinematography in The Blue Planet. As I recall, it's made possible by a new sort of camera and microphone. Whatever it is, it's spectacular.

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And Now, Your Moment of Zen

I first saw something like this in 2003, 2004. I'm just about certain we linked it up here, but I can't quite figure out how to make it pop out of the archives. There's more than one sort of dirty fun, I guess. The artist is Kseniya Simonova, who apparently recently won "Ukraine's Got Talent."

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Bah. Soap is Soap

Still, the look on this kid's face is pretty darned funny. I guess it's true... women have a soap for every damned thing.

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That's a Pretty Big Bottle Rocket

Looks like we all missed the Ares I-X roll out. Launch is scheduled for next week. Let's light that candle!

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And the Award for Best Actor Goes to...

All this time, I thought it was basketball players who, well, played up the drama in the hopes of drawing a foul. Turns out they got nothing on soccer players. Of course, soccer's always struck me as basketball writ-large, so maybe it's no coincidence?

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That Would Be Traffic: 1, Viper: 0

All the high performance in the world won't get you past the basic physics of traffic. My luck, I'd be the last one on that ramp, in the Spider.

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October 22, 2009
SO Two Years Ago... MOM!

It's not everyday I get a nice amount of cash from a long term pet sitting job to do a bit of needed shopping. Needed shopping. As in, getting some seasonal clothing for the child, among other things.

Needless to say we were in Target today, checking out the jeans and shirts on sale when I picked out a cute shirt and showed it to O.

What I got was: "Pffsshhh!!!! Mom! That is SO two years ago!"

Pffsshhh??? Pffsshhh??? This is a Keropi shirt! Keropi never goes out of style! This is not the mall! This is Target! or rather "Tar-jay"

"Mom, we need to be at the mall, not HERE!"

"What's wrong with Target!? Where else can you get cat litter and girl's clothes?!? (Other than Wal Mart)

2 small eyeballs roll at me, "This is so not cool!" Then she walks away to pick out a winter jacket and accessories.

So what did I do? I put the shirt in the basket and bought it anyway.

God help me in 5 years.

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Ok, that's Just Tacky

Joshua and Bobby and Ron and Mark and Rick and... oh hell, you get it, I have found your costume. Except for Kevin. Because he doesn't need another excuse to wander into traffic...

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Have Blue

Personally, I think the second picture of this brief gallery is the "win" shot. Then again, I obsess around and plot out airshow pictures 364 days a year, 365 on leap year. I guess you'd call it, "expected."

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Best. Fark. Headline. Evar!!!

Old & busted: No spanking your children. New hotness: No yelling at your children. Coming soon: Why does mommy have a drinking problem?

Ok, the article's not that funny, but it's a rare headline indeed that makes me literally laugh out loud.

Us? Well, let's just say I'm glad that time-outs and "groundings" have so far been all we need. Did I mention how I'm so not looking forward to 13?

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A Kind of Blue

Engineers at IBM are attempting to simulate a for-real brain in silicon. Since it's not Microsoft, The Blue Screen of Death will likely be held at bay. This being IBM, the next version will have a different label stamped on the case and cost 3x as much.

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What would Scott do?

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Thanks to Mark for the funny!

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Big Rock

A 32-carat flawless, colorless diamond just sold at auction for $7.7 million. Bonus: The billionaires who owned it were well-known philanthropists who donated almost all their fortune to charity after they died.

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A next-door neighbor said the family was nice, but kept to themselves.


And I thought MY house was messy!

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October 21, 2009
Rhythm & Cues 2009 Hafla

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Dances with Light

Most people would just have a bunch of blurry white blobs if they tried to take pictures without a lens on their camera. This guy is not most people. Likely this sort of esoteric stuff will be all that's left of film photography in a few more years.

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Crater Time

Looks like Chixalub may have a competitor. Giant volcanoes, now it would seem multiple impacts, geeze... God must really have had it in for those critters.

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Not So Tacky At Night

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Scientists are trying to figure out what makes memory tick by, wait for it, merging the brains of two different bird species into one embryo. None of the creatures has made it out of the egg just yet, but scientists think it's only a matter of time. Sometimes science is way cool. Sometimes it's way skeevy.

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Shakespear Found

By using plagiarism-detection software, one scholar has found strong evidence that a previously unattributed play really is part of Shakespeare's works. I've often thought that it would be interesting to try similar techniques on, for example, the books of the New Testament, who's authorship is (in my opinion) a more interesting question.

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October 20, 2009
Closer... Closer...


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Now I've Seen Everything

Move over, penis pump, Jolie Lips is the new game in town. Article is completely SFW. The product, on the other hand, well...

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Evolving Chicks

It would appear we have seen the woman of the future, and she's shorter. And heavier. But not by all that much.

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He's Definitely Shiny

The cold truth is, if he's as rich as he looks to be, he won't have to wait too long for a hot chick to look him up. I didn't even know you could get that much gold in a house.

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Well Lookee There

1983 wasn't a particularly good year for performance cars. That said, people in the know can find at least one that was available. Calloways were incredibly expensive when new, and as far as anyone knows only perhaps 100 are still around. Last time I saw one go by, it was the #5 prototype. As I recall, the owner was asking for something in the high 20s, and as far as I know it did not sell. But they are definitely fun rides.

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October 19, 2009
Bit Compare

It seems a vaguely scientific test has revealed most people can in fact tell the difference between awful sound and not-quite-as-awful sound. That is not, of course, how they're pitching it, but my "yes, actually, there is a reason hi fi sounds good" interpretation is just as valid.

Me? Oh I can't stand any of it. All the music download sites I've ever messed with have been unbearable, so bad I've never really bothered to try and hook them up to my main rig. If they ever mainstream a lossless system, I'll be there with bells on. Otherwise, I'll be sticking with my oh-so-20th-century CDs for the duration.

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Now That's Just Brilliant

Making the rounds: Obama's communications chief counts Mao Tse Tung as one of her two favorite philosophers. Ya know, I always called Obama's bunch a bucket full of commies just to make a joke. I guess proves the axiom, "the best jokes start from truth."

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Tiny Nom

Pat gets a tasty but puzzling no-prize for bringing us these very large pictures of an equally very large leopard trying to figure out wtf to do with a rat eating its lunch. Eventually either the rat will wise up or the leopard will figure out how to play with it. For a little while.

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Naming Names

Today's goofing on a kid's name comes from Livingston Parish, LA.

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Riddle Me This

I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine whether or not this really is the right answer.

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October 18, 2009
Let's Get It Started


Starting out Rhythm & Cues 2nd year celebration!

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My good friend, Laura.

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Wet Cat And A Gun

funny pictures of cats with captions
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New Growth

Scientists have developed yet another use for stem cells: creating new bone. It's hoped the technique will benefit accident victims, cancer patients, and anyone else who needs bone growth to heal an injury.

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Shining Lunacy

At first, this essay about Stanely Kubrick's The Shining seems straightforward enough. A standard, and even a little innovative, art-house look at one of Kubrick's more popular films. Then, around, say, the third or forth paragraph on the second page, it jumps off the tracks and dives into an unexpected and completely weird abyss.

I finished it anyway simply because he did such a good job of trapping me into reading the first part.

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October 17, 2009
On the 20

Twenty years ago today, a couple of hours from now, I was doing pizza cook duties at the Pizza Inn in Fayetteville. The calendar says it was a Tuesday. I just remember it still was still a little light outside, and the dining room was empty, with all the waitresses gathered around the ridiculously old projector TV. Because, you see, other peoples' Tuesday wasn't anywhere near as normal as mine.

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October 16, 2009
Score One for the South

Ok, so which would you want to try fried... a Snickers bar or an f'ing scorpion? Yeah, thought so. Advantage, rednecks!

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Skynet, for Real

Esquire is carrying this in-depth look at UCAV operations. We've been dreaming about doing this stuff for decades, now it looks like it's finally becoming a reality.

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F'ing with Flies

By using frikkin lasers, scientists are now able to modify a fruit fly's behavior. Just what it means, I'm not sure. They seem to think it'll give insights into human memory. Now where'd I put that laser pen?

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Gothic Disney

Me, I don't think these "re-imaginings" of Disney princesses makes them look like superheroes. I think it sorta makes them look like zombies. Disturbingly hot zombies. I need to get out more...

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October 15, 2009
Mind the Gap

Scientists have discovered new fossils which seems to fill an important gap in pterosaurs evolution. Not surprisingly, the fossils pose nearly as many questions as they answer. But hey, if it didn't work that way science wouldn't be any fun!

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Seems Simple Enough

It would seem the Democrats have dropped all pretense and are simply handing money out to whomever they please, for no particular reason at all. Considering they're already spending trillions of dollars they already don't have, what's a few more billion between friends?

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Sun Bang

NASA probes recently captured some amazing footage of a sun storm. Goodness only knows just how big that actually was.

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When Suggestion Attacks

Ok, so 'fess up... have you seen this man in your dreams? Me, I usually can't remember the faces of strange guys in my dreams. Strange women, well, the faces not so much. Just how much they always seem to resemble my wife.

My story, sticking to it.

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October 14, 2009
Big Wave

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Fire? I Don't Care.

Another Alley Cat Allies NJ pier cat.
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Ooo... Daddy Likes!!!

Latest rumor says Alfa may be toying with the idea of a 3.0L V8 twin turbo with Multi-Air technology. That would likely end up being a 500+ hp motor getting 35+ mpg and a carbon footprint about the size of a couple of cat farts. Heading toward our shores! Definitely something to consider blowing the child's college fund on.

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"What Happeend," Indeed

It would appear that, not only is the global warming apocalypse still not happening, it's not happening in the wrong direction. Now, I'm not the sort of person who thinks climate change is just a watermelon* conspiracy. However, anyone who doesn't see the parallels isn't paying attention, or is selling something.

All that said, what I think this reveals most importantly of all is that radical change is simply uncalled for. Should we all start being more conscious of carbon footprints, and work to lessen them? Sure, why not? After all, such voluntary, grassroots efforts are far more likely to succeed than anything a government could hope to do.

It's when people start proclaiming an imminent crisis which must be addressed immediately with the most radical solutions which can be imposed by unelected world bodies that I start having a great big 800 lb. gorilla of a problem. Because everything I've read from that camp makes me think people pushing that agenda are so solidly Citrullus lanatus they're crapping seeds.

* Green on the outside, red on the inside.

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And the Antenna Goes, "Zap Zap Zap"

Mark gets an electric no-prize for bringing us the sad tale of a family and their careless attempt to upgrade their hobby gear. There's a video floating around which shows an Indian guy walking around on top of a train getting careless and grabbing the high-tension wires above him. Let's just say it was over quickly, but likely not quickly enough.

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Foil Hat Science

Making the rounds: some scientists are speculating the LHC keeps failing because the future doesn't want it to work. Unlike most other kooky theories, this one makes testable predictions. See you in December. If I haven't already, that is.

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October 13, 2009

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Yes, They are Purple

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The Color of Power

If it's in black and white, it's one pail tip from the dustbin of history. But when it's in color, it's suddenly immediate. Thing is, spending all these years altering digital photos, I know from looking at them that with just a little twiddling those photos could be much more clear.

God damn you, you bastards. You took every awful little thing from every dust-darkened corner long forgotten, distilled it, and made it famous. Bah. You stopped, and they've kept going. And they raise glasses in October to the world, and the world raises one back. Because, and in spite, of you.

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Got To Get My Daily Dose of Cat

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You Don't See Me

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The Smell of the Sea...The Sand in My Fur...


No matter where I go...I find cats!:) These are the beach cats of the Taj Mahal pier. All have igloos to live in, food and toys.. sweet!

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Bobbing along at a depth of 754 feet, it is unlikely these balls of Loch Ness will ever see the light of day again.

Oh come on now... we all know those are the eggs of Nessie.

Conspiracy I tell ya!

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I Hope This Never Rings


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October 12, 2009
Trump Soap


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Lights On....Lights ON!

Inside my hotel room.


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I'm in Atlantic City for a veterinary conference this week and promised Scott and O I would take some photos as I get them.

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Your Thought for the Day

"[Casting Columbus as a murderous brute] is primarily an effect of the Calvinist Puritan roots of American progressivism. Just as Calvinists believed in the centrality of the depravity of man, with the exception of a minuscule contingent of the Elect of God, their secularized descendants believe in the depravity and cursedness of Western civilization, with their own enlightened selves in the role of the Elect."

This describes so many of my center-left friends so very well it's actually a bit frightening.

But only a bit.

Via Instapundit.

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October 11, 2009


2009 vs. 2005. 'Nuff said.

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Monkey Bars!

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Your Thought for the Day

'For centuries, the State (or more strictly, individuals acting in their roles as "members of the government") has cloaked its criminal activity in high-sounding rhetoric. For centuries the State has committed mass murder and called it "war"; then ennobled the mass slaughter that "war" involves. For centuries the State has enslaved people into its armed battalions and called it "conscription" in the "national service." For centuries the State has robbed people at bayonet point and called it "taxation." In fact, if you wish to know how libertarians regard the State and any of its acts, simply think of the State as a criminal band, and all of the libertarian attitudes will logically fall into place.'

--Murray Rothbard, For a New Liberty

I'm sure the idea of the state being the prime criminal actor in human life will be surprising, shocking, and perhaps even anathema to the folks sitting on the left side of the peanut gallery. Which is too bad. We're called "the right" for more than one reason, you see...

Via Econlog.

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October 10, 2009
It's Official, the World's Gone Mad

First a Nobel prize for general awsomeness, now golf is an Olympic sport. That's it. I'm done. Stop the world, I want to get off!

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October 09, 2009
General Tso's Truck

A Chinese auto company has purchased the Hummer brand from GM for the bargain price of $150 million. It remains to be seen if this is the move of a wily up-and-comer, or yet another case of the locals soaking a carpetbagger.

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Ya Got a'Right Purty Truck...

Englishmen really need to glom onto the fact that sometimes being cute and clever has its limits. I distinctly remember Ellen locking the doors and asking me to drive faster when we got to Fifty-Six, Arkansas*. I, being well aware of what tiny Southern towns can be like, instead drove 2 mph UNDER the speed limit, as quickly as I could.

The thing is, there are places in Wales, Scotland, and Cornwall that'd be just about as hostile. I doubt they'd even last half as long in Australia. In other words, it ain't just us.

* Population: 71

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Slow Bang

Nothing like ten minutes of large-caliber bullets hitting various kinds of armor plate to start your Friday. I think it's especially wild when it seems to liquefy when it hits the angled plates.

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Well of COURSE This Guy Would Defend Him

With friends like these... I dunno, having someone who openly admits to pederasty defending someone who's been on the lam for child rape for twenty years seems appropriate. In a twisted European moral relative way, I guess.

Ron gets a no-prize in a raincoat for bringing us proof there actually is something creepier than what Polanski did to that girl.

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Well that was Fast

Mark gets a no-prize with a tuxedo on for bringing us news that Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. No, really! I had to check twice to make sure it wasn't fake! Foreign policy is where presidents nearly always do best, in no small part because that's what the founding fathers thought should be a primary responsibility of the executive branch when they engineered it.

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October 08, 2009

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Mark Your Calendars

It would appear that, with the right telescope, NASA's plan to bomb the moon will be visible to just about anyone. 7:30 is right in our "take off" window for work, but we don't have that kind of glass. My brother does. Hint, hint

Ellen's convinced this will hurry on 2012 apocalypse. Ellen needs to get out more.

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Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy I Guess

Mark gets a very explosive no-prize for bringing us news of yet another Darwin near-miss. Ah well, I guess getting your hands blown off is punishment enough for screwing around with explosives. Bonus: He lived in the basement, and mom ran a daycare center upstairs.

Update: But wait! There's more! Apparently there was a pot farm on-site. You just can't make this stuff up...

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It's a Little Like That... Maybe a Lot

I've seen both my parents do at least two of these things at least once. Me? Well, if I'm not in the kitchen to get a beer then I might as well not be in the kitchen.

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Missile in a Can

Looks like submarines won't be completely helpless against airplanes for much longer. As I understand it, a big part of anti-submarine tactics, from the planes used to the attack tactics, are premised on the idea the sub can never, ever shoot back. Literally attacking this basic idea will likely cause many late nights for the ASW bad guys.

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Bloody Glaciers

Scientists have discovered a population of bacteria in Antarctica that appear to have been isolated, and evolving, for the past 1.5 million years. They seem to have been trapped by moving glaciers in a briny lake, and evolved to "eat" sulfur and iron.

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October 07, 2009
Get A Room!

A shagging only a scientist would love!

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I Can Hasss Ressscue?

I guess this is just more proof that rednecks can be as gentle and careful as the next person. And yes, folks, that's the same kind of snake Ellen has. Oriana's about 2/3rds that big I think. Sorry, The Grammas, snakey isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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Mr. Sweeper's Curious Conveyance

Meet George Sweeper, who manages to maintain a 1968 Jaguar in downtown Brooklyn. From what I've read, a 68 is one of the better years to have... ergonomics and overall comfort are much improved from the earlier models, and they had yet to be strangled and mangled by those lovely progressive policies from the 70s. Good for him!

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Turin Time

Another year, another scientist teasing out the solution to another "mystery" of the Shroud of Turin. What seems to be ignored by all the people who so desperately want this thing to be real is the scientists would have no problem if it was real either. I mean, how cool would that be? Unfortunately that just isn't the case. I imagine it will take the development of some sort of non-destructive dating process before everyone else really accepts this thing came from the thirteenth century.

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Mah Brains...

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This sucks

I wonder what happened next?

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Personal Sick Space

How not to catch the swine flu.

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October 06, 2009
Sorry O. We Don't Have A Yard...

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Couldn't Get Much Worse

It seems Rush Limbaugh and Dave Checkettes are making a bid for the St. Louis Rams. NFL teams are expensive, but if managed well are a license to print money even if the team itself is only mediocre (c.f. Cowboys, Dallas; Redskins, Washington). Sports reporters nowadays seem to be slightly to the left of Mao himself, so I'm expecting ESPN to start hailing the angels as they arc across the sky trumpeting apocalypse shortly.

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I Have Seen the Future, and Its Name is VASIMR

A private company has now completed full-power testing of an ion engine that may be used to keep the ISS in the proper orbit. Ion engines are orders of magnitude more efficient than are chemical rockets, and may eventually be powerful enough to make huge differences in interplanetary travel times.

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Disorder Distribution

A group of scientists are claiming the universe has much more entropy than previously thought. Just what sort of predictions their new theory makes isn't discussed in the article, and that's ultimately what will determine if they've found something, or just rearranged the numbers in a clever way.

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Messenger Update II

Pictures from the Messenger probe's latest flyby are coming out and they're about as spectacular as you'd expect. Who would've thought a lump of baked rock would be this interesting?

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Algae Bounce

Scientists have found evidence that micro-algae recovered to pre-impact density perhaps as soon as a century after the great K-T impact that killed of the dinosaurs. That's some tough slime right there, I tell ya...

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October 05, 2009
2009 MD Ren Faire


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Hooray for Fail!

A classic:

I link this not because it's unknown... it's been around awhile. I link it because, and I am not making this up, ten years ago this is exactly what Ellen would've done, except she would've done it when the snake came out, not when the lizard jumped. People who've read this site for only a few years will say, "wha???"

Yes, folks. Ten years ago I married a woman who pretty much defined, "deathly afraid of snakes." Now I have a wife who owns two, only because I won't let her own five. Chicks are, as they say, weird.

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Oh, Hai!!!

Nothing like being surrounded by human-scale items for putting a very large, very dangerous, and very free polar bear into perspective. There's big, and then there's polar bear big. And a big thumbs-down to the Fark thread, which didn't produce a single steal-able lol from this remarkable picture.

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The Left Hand of Job Creation

I know, I know, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many truths must be ridiculed out of existence, and dammit no matter how many mistakes get made, it's all Bush's fault until Obama says it's not. Not even when the basic tenets of the argument don't even mention Bush, and are hard to argue against all the same. I think my problem is I keep thinking past stage one. It's a dangerous habit to have when it's ultimately the state who needs to be looking after me.

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Old Henge, New Henge, Stone Henge, Blue Henge

Scientists have uncovered what appears to be a smaller version of Stonehenge just a few miles from the original. It's thought this henge was contemporary with its more famous companion, and was eventually dismantled as part of an expansion of the larger site.

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Cold Bat

Making the rounds: the place Ted Williams entrusted his head for cryogenic storage is just about the opposite of nice. If the book is true, at any rate. Bonus: said book will contain lots of gruesome pictures, making it nearly certain to end up on my shelf some time soon.

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October 04, 2009
Every Family Has One


We made our annual visit to the Ren Fair this weekend. MUCH MUCH more to follow. If I can beat Ellen into actually posting the pictures, that is...

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It's Really Quite Good

Those who haven't glommed onto Top Gear because "It's a Car Show" will do well to review the same guy's take on hot sauce. Well, "nuclear land fill oh please I'm more afraid if I don't die" American hot sauce, that is. The show is actually funnier, because there are three of them and they play off each other.

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October 03, 2009
Right Rogue

Agreed: '"I'm a Palin fan, because she irritates just the right people for me," [Dennis Miller] said.'

I'm amused by the frothing that happens when Palin is mentioned in the presence of my lefty friends. I'm very puzzled by the amazing ferocity the mere mention of Palin brings out in my center-left friends. I think that, if she tones down the religious rhetoric, bones up on the issues, and fields her own campaign team she definitely has a shot. And if she wins the Democrats will have nobody but themselves to blame, because nothing drives people center-right quite as fast as putting a darling of the left in the oval office.

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The ESA's new space telescope has delivered its first set of spectacular images. From the article, it seems the device is still in shake-down. Goodness only knows what it'll do when they start actually using it.

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October 02, 2009
Mai Wife, Let Me Show You Her

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Well, that's on the weekends, at any rate. Luckily, I have the Morning Wakeup Call of Doom, aka Swoozie. La Parrotte' tolerates Not Flock (i.e., me and Olivia) downstairs in the morning, but when I go upstairs to brush my teeth, that's Swoozie cue to start shattering windows with her peeps, trying to find Mom Burd. Ellen, so surly a bear would take notes, obligingly comes downstairs for animal husbandry.

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When Lateral-G Attacks

Ya know, there's a reason they make you wear a 4-point harness on a race track. Especially at Laguna, where (as I've been told) you end up pulling appreciable negative G, due to the elevation changes at the corkscrew. I only ever drove it in a video game, and that was challenging enough.

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Hey, checkit... trim that'll fit the Milano *AND* the Spider! I always wondered where those ghetto boiz got their bling. Little surprise it's about as generic as the innocent, unsuspecting Japanese sedans they inflict it on.

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I Bet that Adds a Certain... Piquancy...

Hey man, if it's wrapped in plastic, it doesn't matter where I put it, right? I guess that proves just how nutty addiction makes a person, since I'd have to be out of my freaking mind to want to hide a bag of coke up my wazoo.

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Plane Find

Ron gets a slightly delayed no-prize for bringing us news of the discovery of a long-missing aircraft crash. What makes it interesting is the wreck is under water, and has been missing since 1955.

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The Six Million Dollar Bug

Scientists have managed to remotely control a beetle in flight. They did it pretty much how you'd expect... Frankenbug-like electrodes in the brain. They can make the bug take off, land, climb, dive, and even turn.

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Plane Go Boom

Another year, another Wright Flyer replica augering into a field. I recall hearing on a documentary for the 100th anniversary that it's genuinely dangerous to fly one of these things, not because it's hard to screw one together but because, well, it only barely flies. Apparently it's a much better idea to make a replica of their (as I recall) Mk IV or Mk V flyer, which incorporates significant advances in "not trying to kill you" - ness.

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October 01, 2009
This Is Me and Amber

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Ancestor Update

Scientists have announced a new hominid fossil with extensive post-cranial remains that's even older than Lucy. Like it, the extensive study reveals surprising things about what genetic evidence suggests really is our last common ancestor with chimpanzees. Theories have been moving toward "doesn't look like a chimp OR a human" for probably ten years now, by my reckoning at any rate. It's nice to see the fossil record confirming these predictions.

Update: Much more information is here...

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Cosmic Chicken Little

Scientists are reporting cosmic ray concentrations are now the highest observed in the past half century. That said, there is evidence of even higher concentrations in the past, and since we're all still here presumably we'll survive this too. Whether or not our satellites will is a bit of an open question. The finding also has implications for manned spacecraft design.

I know, I know, after most of a year out of office it's still Dick Cheney's fault. Hope and change!

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That'll Do

Let's just call it young woman: 1, terrorists:0. Bonus: The hajji sent to his 72 virgins may end up being a high-ranking leader of the local terrorist cell. Ice Cube may be a little disappointed, but I'd call it a good day regardless.

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Another week, another interesting photo montage from the Boston Globe. This week's subject is Afghanistan, and the images are no less powerful than normal. Something for those who think these people aren't worth helping to mull over, no?

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