October 22, 2009
SO Two Years Ago... MOM!

It's not everyday I get a nice amount of cash from a long term pet sitting job to do a bit of needed shopping. Needed shopping. As in, getting some seasonal clothing for the child, among other things.

Needless to say we were in Target today, checking out the jeans and shirts on sale when I picked out a cute shirt and showed it to O.

What I got was: "Pffsshhh!!!! Mom! That is SO two years ago!"

Pffsshhh??? Pffsshhh??? This is a Keropi shirt! Keropi never goes out of style! This is not the mall! This is Target! or rather "Tar-jay"

"Mom, we need to be at the mall, not HERE!"

"What's wrong with Target!? Where else can you get cat litter and girl's clothes?!? (Other than Wal Mart)

2 small eyeballs roll at me, "This is so not cool!" Then she walks away to pick out a winter jacket and accessories.

So what did I do? I put the shirt in the basket and bought it anyway.

God help me in 5 years.

Posted by Ellen at October 22, 2009 09:31 PM

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What do you mean in 5 years? I think you are already facing the wide-eye awakening. Have fun surviving, we all go through it.

Posted by: Mom/Grandma on October 23, 2009 06:42 AM
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