October 25, 2009
Chicken Little's Nemesis?

It's nice to see not everyone in the UK has swallowed the blue climate change pill.

It's not that I think global warming is fake or a sham, it's that all the currently proposed "solutions" either do too little and cost too much, or are thinly disguised retread attempts to drive the kulaks into the countryside.

In my opinion, a climate change solution that does not include China and India is DOA. Right now, economic growth in those two countries isn't making life better, it's SAVING THE LIVES OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

The simple truth is these same people, when presented with the vague and controversial death by weather some time in the future, and the concrete reality of death by starvation next week, do not see this as a particularly hard decision.

Until this concrete reality is addressed, I will never sign on.

Posted by scott at October 25, 2009 06:16 PM

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