April 30, 2002
Cat Update

Goblin is fine, looks like she had some sort of kidney infection, possibly from eating tons of toilet paper or some other such thing. This is not a cat folks, it's a fuzzy, funny-shaped goat.

About every third day we come home to what we call a "toilet paper murder". What was once a proud, full, soft roll of clean comfort has now become a sad, shredded body sitting in the middle of our floor. You want to draw a chalk line around it and call in the coroners. Usually Goblin will be wandering around somewhere with paper hanging off her chin, looking smug. Then a day and a half later it all comes out the other end.

Ain't cats special?

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Stupid Squirrel Tricks

Hey Ellen, here's another way your mom can torture her squirrels! Courtesy of Jeff.

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April 27, 2002
Today Just SUXS!

I have NOT had a good day today at all.

1. My damn Alfa Romeo had a dead battery. PLUS, someone siphoned all the fucking gasoline out of it. YUMMY! I hope they got fucking sick from it. Or at least got a nice tongue and throat burn. My favorite would be dying instantly from aspirating the gas and dying from the fumes. Oh well. Not much I can do right now. Bought a new battery, got more gas, car still runs. I'm STILL mad though.

2. I had to get my bride's maid dress fitted for my girlfriend's wedding I'm in. That cost 75 bucks, PLUS another 30 for a sewn in bra. I was told by the bridal party that I could wear a NORMAL bra (NOT). So, not only I bought a new battery for a car, I spent over 100 bucks on a dress to be altered. I do not look good in purple all over. I like accents of purple, or just one item to be purple. I have purple/blue skin undertones and boy do they show with this dress. Oh well, I only have to wear it once.

3. Goblin is sick. She has been moping around all afternoon and of course at 4:30 she had a temp of 104.0. A cat's normal temp is 100.0-102.5 So of course I had to call work, and call Dr V in to help me just in case this cat ate string or is blocked in any other way. My first instinct was a foreign object in her intestines since she is my vacuum cleaner and likes to eat shit she is not supposed to. Especially string and toilet paper. Just so you know, she has pylonephiritis (kidney infection). I had to take the I.V. pump home with me for fluid therapy, and give Ampicillin every 6 hours and Baytril every 12 hours. FUN FUN FUN. So now I have this pituful cat in the bathroom laying on her favorite towel wondering why she has this hose connected to her leg. This makes me want to sleep in the bathtub. I have to work tomorrow and now bring this cat in with me. Not only that, I have to check on this cat every hour to monitor her fluids. BTW- did I mention I had to do a barium series on this cat? Yeah, giving the cat radiopaque cherry flavored (YUM) solution to drink and takes some xrays over 3 hours. FUN.

Hopefully all will be OK as of tomorrow. I have not had a good week. This wonderful orange cat that I know named Darren has kidney stones and went in for surgery friday. (Please think of this kitty-he is so sweet, pray that he heals well). I have also had a nice dog come down with acute renal failure (mind you this is a dalmation,they are prone to kidney stones ect..) Please think of her too. She is a nice dog. Go figure, her name is Lucky. BTW- bad shit comes in 3's!! I'm done according to this curse.

Other than that... it was a busy day, busy week. BTW- Hugs and Kisses to MamaSmurff for sending me a most wonderful package in the mail today. I love the new kitty purse and umbrellla! Of course I dumped out my old purse and promptly filled this one up. Scott thinks its supposed to be a beach bag, I don't care if it is. It has cats on it, I'll tote it around! I LOVE IT! Thanks so much Mama!! XOXOXOXO

Let's hope next week is better.

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April 26, 2002

Bob Cringley, a seemingly decent enough guy with an obsession with homebuilt airplanes, recently lost his newborn child to SIDS, also known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I'm linking up to his story because a) he's a decent guy like I said and b) I wanted to help him spread the word.

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Happy Birthday 2 Me

Yesterday was my birthday, got busy and forgot to announce it. Wanted to thank all for their best wishes. I got my favorite meal (Chicken Parmesian) at one of my favorite restaraunts (Mangiano's), a flower bouque cake, and some nice cards and calls. Again, thanks to all!

This gives me an idea. We're visited from folks all over the world, sometimes a lot ( we're popular in Japan this month for some reason). Wish me happy birthday you lurkers! Don't have to leave your name, but location would be nice. It'll let us see just who's watching on our 3-month anniversary of the site. Thanks again!

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Site Changes

Just added two areas on the right, what I'm reading and what Ellen is working out to. If you're interested in either, click through and buy! Our very first advertisements... *sniff*... how we have grown!

Also re-worked the CLIX thing to make it clearer what is going on there. Clix drives pretty much all our new traffic, so by clicking there a lot you'll boost us in those ranks. The top chick only has, like, 30 votes, and we get that many visitors in a day right now. So click click click!

I think that most clix visitors are other blogger/journal folks. If you like us and have your own blogger, let us know and maybe we can work out a cross-link deal.

If you have any other comments or suggestions, please feel free to make them. However, things like "get Scott to shut up" or "get Ellen to swear less" may not be implemented ;). Enjoy!

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I've always had a really hard time with numbers. In spite of the fact that I work with and program computers, mathematics has always been nearly opaque to me. This is not from a lack of trying mind you. Several times in my career I've felt stymied by my lack of understanding, and have tried real hard to learn the principles behind both basic and advanced mathematics. I nearly always come away with a fuzzed brain and not much more understanding than I had to begin with.

Discreet mathematics was the worst. In this, you must not answer "what is 3x3?", but rather "why is 3x3 = 9?", and "prove that 3x3 always = 9. Now." At the time I had the very real problem of wanting to know who cared why 3x3=9, but I now see learning to answer these basic questions would've lead me to understand the principles behind figuring out how to prove stuff you don't already know. I honestly regret that I just can't do these sorts of things, and envy people who can.

Because of this difficulty, I developed any number of apparently unique "crutches" to help me get through the daily hell of the various math classes I was forced to take throughout my life. Ellen thought these crutches were bizarre and interesting enough that they would make a good essay, so here goes:

You must remember that this stuff was cooked up by a particularly imaginative six to eight year old kid trying really hard not to do his homework, because a) it was unbelievably boring and b) it was a foregone conclusion the answer he arrived at would be wrong.

Basic Math According to a 6 Year Old Math Clutz

  • Numbers have sex. No, not like that, 6 year olds don't think like that. There are boy and girl numbers. 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, and 12 are boys, 3, 6, 8, and 9 are girls. Teens after that are the same sex as their last number. Beyond teens, they're the sex of the first number.
  • Some numbers "fit" together. 6 & 4 "fit" by turning 4 upside down and dropping it into 6. This turns it into 10. 8 & 2 the same way. In fact, in general, numbers over 5 always have "sockets" to accept numbers under 5.
  • If a number "overflows" it's socket, you subtract the socket amount from the number, and add that to 10 and the answer is always right (I still do math this way. Really!)
  • Some numbers "get along", others don't. Some numbers are ambitious, others aren't. Some have ages.
  • All numbers like to be added and multiplied, because it makes them bigger. Some numbers like to be subtracted, but only when it's easy to figure out the difference. No number likes to be divided, because division, especially long division, is confusing and hard.
  • 1 is a cool guy because nobody can get very far with him, so they mostly leave him alone. Even division is easy with 1.
  • 2 is a tired old man sick of people making him turn stuff even.
  • 3 is a mean number because she's the mother of 6 and 9 and 12 (first 3 multiples of 3) and she's sick of her kids.
  • 4 likes 3 because she allows him to turn into 12 when multiplied and 7 when added. 4 likes 6 because she lets him turn into 10 when added. 4 likes 8 cos 8 is his daughter 2 different ways (multiplication and addition).
  • 5 cooler than 1 because he can turn any number into an easy-to-figure-out product. He also helps turn all the small numbers into big numbers when added. 5 gets along with everyone because of this. 5 doesn't have a "socket", he has a platform that other numbers stand on to turn into bigger numbers when added, but the small numbers aren't real happy about it because the platform isn't tall enough to turn them into 10 or more.
  • 6 is very ambitious, and likes anyone that can turn her into 12 (she likes herself a lot). 7 is a particular favorite, because that gets her to 13, one more than 12. 8 is not so good, because 6 thinks 4 is a dork and 8 turns her into 14. She doesn't like 5 one bit, because 5 will only get her to 11. 6's socket holds exactly 4.
  • 7 is a cool customer but sort of intimidating, because adding him to and multiplying him by stuff can lead to unpredictable things. 7 gets along with 6 but is embarrassed by her because she's always trying to get him to turn her into 13. He likes 8 a lot because multiplying by her turns him into 42, which is about as close as anyone can get to 40 without being 8. 7's socket holds exactly 3.
  • 8 is intimidating because she's so big and multiplication can do really wonky things sometimes when it involves her. 8 likes 7 because he's cool and they can make really big numbers together. She likes 9 even more. She likes 5 best of all because 5 turns her into 40 and everyone knows 40 is a cool number. 8's socket holds exactly 2.
  • 9 is a nice number. Everyone likes 9 because it's so easy to figure out what happens when you do nearly anything with 9. Adding and subtracting and even multiplication are a breeze. 9 is taller than everyone else, but is cool about it so it doesn't cause a lot of friction. 1 likes 9 a lot because he gets to turn into 10 when added to her. 9's socket holds exactly 1.
  • 10 wears a tuxedo because he is excellent at multiplication, and everyone really likes him because of this. He's even easy with division when you learn about decimals.
  • 11 is a quirky professor type number, because he kind of clones all the other numbers when you multiply them by him. He hates numbers bigger than 9, and figuring out the bigger numbers is always really hard because of this.
  • 12 is the school professor of numbers. He makes you have to remember all these really weird combinations that don't make much sense. Nobody likes 12 very much, except 6, but even she doesn't like to be multiplied by 12 all that much. This all changed completely when I figured out that 12 was half a day and 24 was a full day. Then 12 was really cool because you could divide up all his results into day sections.
  • 13 and above was where "dragons be". You didn't have to learn multiplication tables past 12 (thank god), so they represented the infinite jungle where you always got F's no matter how hard you tried.
  • 0 by itself isn't even a person, it's a mysterious force. Since it's so easy to figure out what happens when you tinker with 0s, they don't have time to develop a personality. A zero at the end of a number just multiplies the number by 10.
  • Negative numbers are cool because they're kind of like antimatter and turn all the rules upside down. They also confuse other people, which is even better. Negative numbers all have goatees (even the girls) because that's how you tell evil star trek people apart on that episode where the transporter breaks.

These were the rules that got me through school. Yes, they're really weird, and no, they didn't (and still don't) work very well. The biggest problem was that they were slow. I've always pictured normal people as having these calculators in their heads that just squeeze out the right numbers like a playdough toy. I was always the last one to finish a math test, which affects me to this day when I take other kinds of tests (must finish fast, must hurry must hurrymustnotbelast). It made tutoring me in math nearly impossible, because what was going on inside my head didn't even vaguely resemble what was going on inside the tutor's head. It was always a case of getting the right answer for the wrong reasons.

They also broke down completely when confronted with complex mathematics like algebra, calculus, and the aforementioned discreet mathematics. A visualization system like mine just can't cope when the numbers get replaced by letters and everything gets abstracted and distorted, like looking through a prism.

Fortunately computers aren't just about math (otherwise I'd be out of a job), they're also heavily based on logic. And logic is where I really shine... boolean math, which is all about logic, is very easy for me and I can reduce a complex logic statement, and get the answer right, in a big hurry. I sometimes think that doing boolean math for me must feel like what doing arithmetic feels like for others... natural and reflexive.

Of course, this doesn't help all that much when it's time to figure out the tip. That's why I let Ellen pay :).

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April 25, 2002
PT Mania!

Wow Ellen! Look at all these shiny fiddly bits you can get for your cruiser! Take note folks, she's got a birthday coming up in August. :)

Link courtesy of my brother, who is always good at coming up with new ways to spend my money. Thanks Jeff! ;)

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Rule Of Law, Pt 2

Well, here's a slashdot story about a poor guy who got arrested because of a dipwad bestbuy manager in Dekalb, GA.

What makes slashdot so great is that later on, the guy in question wrote up the whole story. So what we have here seems very much to be a moronic power-mad manager who thinks everyone is out to cheat him, victimizing what certainly appears to be a reasonable guy who just wanted what was due him.

Did the guy come back with a gun to address his dishonor? Nope. He's gonna sue, and good for him too!

Something vaguely similar happened to me years and years ago, but I was a dumb teenager doing something stupid (legal, but stupid). Just because you're the boss doesn't make you right. It just makes you the boss.

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April 24, 2002
The First Mammal

From such humble origins, great things can arise.

Our vertebrate progenitor is even less impressive :)

Wacko Update: Quite a few folks on Slashdot are convinced that yesterday's wacko news is a hoax, but I couldn't find conclusive proof. I may have been snookered! :)

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April 23, 2002
Pure, Unadulterated Wacko-ism

Sometimes, you just have to let the wackos speak for themselves. Be sure to scroll down to read the opinion that Apple Computers= Satanism. I mean, where do you start? Argument from authority is an ugly, ugly thing sometimes. My grandmother would say the most outrageous stuff without even considering what it meant just because her preacher said it was so, and he was always right.

Ellen says Arkansas scares her because there are lots of towns with 60 people and 10 churches (REALLY!). Sometimes I think she's right.

The site is probably slashdotted still. Here's the google mirror.

UPDATE: Get a look at their member list. Nothing like some good ol' white power to start your day.

The sad thing is that these people will sincerely think they are doing good. It's only when you really, really work at them that you'll peel away the layers of decency and find out that they also sincerely believe things like:

  • we'll ultimately, someday have to solve this jewish problem.
  • folks with black skin got that way because that's really the mark of cain.
  • if we could only get the government to follow the laws of the bible exactly we'd all be so much better off. (substitute "bible" with "koran" and you'll see how fanatics can arrive at the same point from different directions).

And no, folks, this isn't a "Christian" country. It never was.

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Neandertal News

This ABCNEWS article was also covered in the post. Note that the headline says that the guy was killed by the blow, but the article states quite clearly that he survived. Gotta love reporters that don't read their own copy.

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April 21, 2002
Rule of Law

One of the things that is supposed to be famously wrong about the US is how you can get sued just for looking cross-eyed at another person. Little old ladies spill coffee on themselves and get a billion bucks, guys get their wanks stuck in the intake of a hot tub and sue the hotel, that sort of thing.

What nobody seems to understand is these things are the "background noise" of a system that works.

Back when we were all hitting each other over the head with rocks, justice came from your elders. People lived in groups of less than 30, everyone in that group knew everyone else and (because we haven't changed all that much in 150,000 years) everyone knew everyone else's business. Conflicts between individuals which couldn't be resolved by grandma cracking someone over the head would go to the chief, and what he said was the final word. There were no appeals... who would you appeal to? When the chief was good, justice was fair. When he wasn't, it wasn't, but you always knew ahead of time because usually the chief was your mother's-brother's-wife's-cousin, and you'd known him all your life. It may not have worked all the time, but it worked.

Agriculture brought the first nasty knock to this system. Suddenly we weren't living in groups of 30, we were living in groups of 3,000, 30,000, even a million in one or two rare instances. People's initial response was to simply "scale up" the existing system, with just enough modifications to keep it going. You added more chiefs in the middle, and the big chief just ruled more people. The problem was with this many people you didn't always know what was going to happen ahead of time, because you couldn't know the chief. Since justice tended to be pretty binary back then (you either got free or you got dead), this lead to all sorts of unneeded violent confrontations.

So eventually a guy named Hammurabi figured out that the new invention the accountants were using to pay the bills (writing) could be used to lay out ahead of time what Hammurabi would do when presented with an appeal of some sort. "I decide you're stealing, you're going to lose a hand", "I decide you killed your wife, you're going to pay her family 30 shekels", "I decide you're plotting to let barbarians into my city, you're going to lose your head", that sort of thing. He had all this chiseled into big stone columns and set up in the middle of every city he ruled. We still have a few.

Of course, hardly anyone could read the writing. This didn't seem to make all that much difference because, as with modern societies, hardly anyone cared much what it said, as long as it said something. The invention of this first "law code" eventually lead to all sorts of unintended consequences. People suddenly expected a ruler's son to abide by the laws his father had created. Other people sprang up who could read and would (for a fee) help you figure out how to get or keep you out of trouble.

And law could be used for lots of things. If people can argue about it (and we argue about everything, endlessly), a law could be made to regulate it. The whole thing took on this clockwork quality, with each generation inheriting better and better mechanisms to regulate more and more things. Eventually it was discovered that you could run enterprises of amazing complexity with simple bits of paper.

As always, it wasn't perfect. Because of our propensity to cheat and find the seams in things, laws got really complicated really fast. It took the best and the brightest to figure it all out, and even they couldn't agree on some bits. The majority of the time there still had to be a single chief somewhere who gave a final say-so and had a really big guy handy (or was a really big guy) to smack around anyone who still didn't agree. And because there was a single chief you still had to worry whether or not he was an idiot or a lunatic. If he was either, he could and often did decide he knew best (while hardly ever actually knowing anything) and bedamned with the laws and then you were right back in the stone age, only with organized armies to make sure you did what the wacko said.

It took centuries for humanity to figure out solutions to these problems. The Greeks first figured out that if you give everyone a stake in the rules (democracy), everyone is much more likely to follow them. The Romans showed the consequences of using laws to run things by building an empire, effectively ruling most of the world. They then promptly showed the consequences of ignoring those rules while trying to run it.

After barbarians came and wrecked what was left, it took not quite a thousand years for a bunch of rich white guys to gather together and force a particularly wacko king to sign an agreement stating if they were going to pay for his damned little wars he was going to bloody well ask them what they thought first (King John and the Magna Carta).

And for some reason at this point the British took the ball and ran with it. It didn't all happen at once, and it was a long, bloody road full of setbacks, but within about three centuries they'd developed themselves most of a working democracy. It was, and to an extent unimaginable to Americans still is, ruled as much by traditions as it is by formalized laws, but it was a damned site better than what anyone else had almost anywhere else in the world.

And then not much more than a hundred years later another bunch of rich white guys got their heads together and decided that rules really were all you needed to run a country, and they didn't want to help pay for anyone's wars no matter how nicely they were asked.

The time between the invention of the first known codes of law (Hammurabi being only the best known) and their ultimate conclusion (the American Revolution) was about 3500 years. This is an important number, because it pretty much delineates the amount of time it takes humanity to come to terms with a radically new way of doing things (agriculture).

Of course, at around the time of the American revolution, the next radically new way of doing things was being ginned up in the countryside of Great Britain. Suddenly we weren't living in cities of thousands and countries of millions, we were living in cities of millions and countries of hundreds of millions. How in the world could anyone manage that many people?

Before you think "LAWS!", I have to tell you that you're wrong. You just don't need a lot of laws or lawyers when the people all agree ahead of time on what appropriate punishment is for a given crime. Tradition rules most countries, not laws.

It is this reason, and this reason alone, that Japan is such a safe country. It is this reason, and this reason alone, why nobody drives drunk in Saudi Arabia (well, not for very long anyway). And it is this reason, and this reason alone, why prostitution and most drugs are legal in Holland. Within each of these groups, diversity is comparatively low and it's relatively easy to build consensus on things. People just don't argue about this stuff because everyone already knows the answer.

This doesn't work for America. We are by design the most diverse nation the world had ever seen. And not only are we just diverse, our diversity is composed of groups of people who were and are so bloody minded and hard headed they would rather pull up stakes and move somewhere else than tow the party line. Even the folks who didn't ask to be moved here, being people with the same brains that god gave the folks who shoved them in boats and drug them over, eventually learned to be every bit as obstinate as any other group that lives here.

The sheer number of ways Americans can get in arguments simply beggars the imagination of someone who didn't grow up with it all. We get in passionate arguments over things as trivial as the color of the walls of a school, whether or not someone's dog is barking too loudly, or if a roommate should pay to have their cat's vomit removed from the carpet.

I want everyone who reads this that doesn't live in the US to listen up real close... in America, we have so little in common with each other culturally, and feel so passionately about what our own little group believes, that we will shoot people that disagree with us.

This last part is of course no surprise to any of you international readers. It makes the headlines and editorial pages of just about every other newspaper in the world. But the question they all skirt, which they never really seem to get around to asking is this: How, if us Americans are all sitting in this smelly, bubbly vat of murderous chaos, did we end up being the most powerful nation on the planet?

Now you get to say it... laws. Ours was the first nation founded, from scratch mind you, on ideas and laws. We're obnoxiously proud of it. I learned how to sing the preamble to the constitution when I was six years old. People born here are positively steeped in laws, ink on paper, as the final arbiter of our world. We make everyone who wasn't born here who wants to become a citizen vow to essentially give up their lives to a single piece of paper. And it's not even a particularly impressive piece of paper. It wasn't written by a god, or by a man informed by a god, or a man chosen by a god, but rather by a group of hard-headed and hard-nosed rich white guys who just wanted to make damned sure that nobody was going to take what they'd built away from them.

And the true miracle of America, the one the Saddams and the bin Ladens just can't get their heads around is we really will do it.

Neighbor's dog barking too loud? In Japan everyone would know, including the owner, what was too loud, but a Nigerian's definition of loud and a Trobriand islander's definition of loud can be two completely different things. Take 'em to court. Girlfriend skip out without paying rent? In Saudi Arabia everyone knows what's supposed to happen to make it right, but the rights of women from France are pretty damned different than those in the Congo. Take 'em to court. Husband take your grandmother's silverware when you threw him out after catching him boinking the secretary? In Switzerland this is a no-brainer because there are hundreds of years of tradition about who gets what. But property rights in Senegal don't even vaguely resemble those in Arkansas. Take 'em to court.

So the next time you switch past Judge Judy stop a minute. Don't roll your eyes and ponder the moral decline of western civilization, but instead wonder at the fact you're watching ground-zero of what makes this the most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

And then go tell your neighbor his dog is too loud. Threaten to sue!

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April 20, 2002
Fitness Bug

All of you that personally know me know that I LOVE working out. Many times do I think of quitting veterinary medicine and become a personal trainer.

I used to go to a super nice gym that one of the regular people working out in it was Strom Thrumond. Little old man, working out in his slippers. Very nice, he was a flirt.

Ever since the addition of Teddy to our house, we quit the gym. The cost of heart medication and seeing the cardiloigist has exceeded the amount per month a gym membership is. But he is all worth it. Both Teddy and Ajax are our personal trainers. Every time you hit the floor for pushups, ab work or stretching they are there to egg you on. Especially Ajax, who THINKS if he sticks his ass in your face you will work HARDER!

Here is a list of Fitness Icons with their website for you to check out. All of them have their own exercise videos. BTW...I got more results working out at home with my videos than I ever did in the gym. Must be the cat ass.

Karen Voight

Tamille Webb

Minna Lessig

Gin Miller

Those are only some and my favorite people I work out to. If you want a HUGE selection of exercise videos, I get mine from this place.

Collage Video

If you want somthing really hard to try out, I suggest this, Body Pump

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April 19, 2002
Quick Add On

Just so you all know, Bonita is my dance teacher I write and speak to you about after each class I attend. Bonita is just too kewl for words. You should see her students that have been with her over a year, very impressive. I think half of my problem in class is that I love to watch just as much as trying everything out. But then again, you all know me as the girl that trips over carpet on a regular basis.

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Bonita Proudly Presents
East Meets West Belly Dance Recital

Please join us for a scrumptious Moroccan Buffet, savored in a Festive atmosphere featuring Entertainment by talented student dancers and Bonita.

Sunday, 19 May, 6-9 PM
Casablanca Restaurant
1504 King St, Alexandria, VA
Reservations for Bonita's Recital
Call (703) 549-6464
Buffet Price: $15.00

Children Under 10- $10.00, Under 5- $7.50
Drinks, tax, tip not included
Any information other than reservations call Bonita
(703) 569-8506

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Cat Fancy

Everyone knows I LOVE cats. I don't think LOVE is a good word for it. I think I'm OBSESSED with cats. What can I say, cats are like potato chips and M&M's, you just can't have one. So I have 5 right now. Scott had to stop me from the real ones, so I collect knick knacks, paintings ect..

This is also a magazine I read on a regular basis. I'm sure you know it.

Cat Fancy

More Belly Dance Goodies

This was a nice little article I found on Dreaming of Jeannie.com website. Go to articles and then click on "students say", then you want the article "The 6 Keys". Which is about 6 keys on how to enjoy yourself in class.

Dreaming of Jeanie

You also may just want to hang out on the article section and check out what they have written. Everything is very much down to earth and the articles are a short read so you won't get bored. I enjoyed the entire site.

As always, Enjoy~

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April 18, 2002
We Finally Got Our Lives Back

Finally!! We have gotten out lives back to normal!! First my family, then Scott's. It's alot of work!

I think I'm done though for eating out for the week :) Even though I LOVE eating out. I have leftover chinese food in the fridge that I need to heat up tonight.

BTW- we had fun with ya Mama Smurff!! Thanks for the laundry being done, changing my sheets and keeping my kitties company while we had to work for 2 days. Plus, THANKS for all the other goodies. *HUGS*

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April 16, 2002
Now That's What I Call a Condo

A bunch of researchers have found a 3600 mile long ant "supercolony" in Europe. It's bugs that rule the world, we just screw it up.

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Face on Mars!

Here's an interesting article about the "face" on Mars. It's called resolution people. A blurry picture can look like anything.

The sad thing is that the people who believe in this stuff the most are the people least likely to believe anything that contradicts them. Fanatacism comes in all sorts of flavors

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April 15, 2002
More Relatives

Apologies for lack of updates. Last week we were in New York. This week my mom's here. Updates should start happening more frequently once life gets back to "normal"

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April 12, 2002
Y2 Spay

I think it says it for itself.

Y2 Spay

You know,there are still dumb asses out there that wont spay/neuter their pets. I am blue in the face going over and over again WHY WHY WHY to do this. So check out this site. Enjoy.

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April 11, 2002
Pax Americanum Pt II

I'm not as fond of Bruce Sterling as I am of David Brin, but he wrote this cool piece about modern warfare. No, it's not boring. Read the first page then sigh and make some sort of snide comment about men and toys <cough>pat</cough>

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An Interview with Stephen Hawking

David Brin, one of my favorite authors, recently visited with Stephen Hawking and wrote about what happened. NOTE TO FAMILY: If something should happen to me along these lines (auto accident, etc.), be sure to hook me up to one of those gizmos before you pull the plug!

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Wierd Stars

This story was in the Washington Post this morning. The smaller matter gets, the wierder it gets.

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April 09, 2002
Weird Baby Stuff!

Just some tidbits here and there about babies and stuff. Pretty interesting!

Father's Age Linked To Schizophrenia

Well Duh... Pregnancy and Cigarette Smoke

This works for me!! Pick the Sex of Your Child

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People Will Sue for ANYTHING!

Ok, here is a dumb shit that thinks just because cats hate dogs (DUH!) it's a 'hate crime'.

What this guy doesn't realize is that dogs do SUCK! They suck ass big time. GO CAT!!!

What amazes me also, is that this dumb shit is going to represent himself in court. HULLO!!! fuckin loser, you lost just by doing that dumb shit thing. I'm sure this is the kind of person that argues over the price of a 5 cent fireball.

Oh well, win some, lose some. In this case, this dumb ass will surely lose. Like I said. GO CAT!!

Cat vs. Dog

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What The!??

Ok, the japanese are truely strange. Apparently this lady did not want to bury the dead, so she decided to hang onto them for a bit. How bout 10 years!

What the fuck!?

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April 08, 2002
Back From the Trip to NY

We are finally home!! YAY!!!!! Made good time too! 90mph is the way to go on the Jersey Trnpk and Parkway.

Overall on the average out of 1-10, I give the trip a 5. It was good. I got to see my family and get some new clothes for dance class and such. BUT, I missed my cats. I did come home to cat wizz on my entertainment center that seeped into one of the cabinet doors under the bottom of it...yes, it got onto the DVD's. I'm not happy about that, but Oh Well, they are only things and I can get more of them.

My friend's wedding that I am in is turning out to be more money than I expected to contribute to stuff. I'm spending about 400 bucks here. NEVER EVER agree to be in a wedding OK!? The shower was ok, it was a typical wedding shower. Of course I forgot my 'special gift'. I was on the Deleware Memorial Hwy when I let out a "FUCK!" Looked at Scott and said, "No, no, keep driving. We lose 3 hours if we turn around." I'm actually GLAD I forgot the gift. Too many old ladies there. Someone may of gotten offended or we may of started to hear old sex stores. YUCK!!! I am going to send her gift up this month. My friend decided she wanted to have a bachelorette party at the end of the month and I cannot go. I can't afford it. So she will get the package then. :)

MMMMM.....beer!!! Nice and cold too! Scott got a case of beer from my mom and step dad for putting their wireless connection together along with the new Star Wars puter game. How nice!

Other than that, nothing else happened. I did get to see my grandfather a bit in NY too. That was good.

Right now, I think I'm going to head out to unpack, do laundry ect... Tomorrow is work. BLEH!!! I should write up a story on how I hate my work.

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April 06, 2002
A Multiplayer Game Ellen Might Like

The Sims is getting an on-line game. I'm not sure if Ellen will like it, because she likes building houses more than she likes actually playing. Maybe they'll have openings for Sim "interior decorators".

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April 05, 2002

This has got to me my most favorite candy ever! Who DOESN'T like PEEPS!?


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This REALLY Pisses me off!


I HOPE THE FUCK YOU NEVER HAVE CHILDREN THAT LEARN HOW TO DO THIS TYPE OF SHIT! Obviously you DONT deserve to replicate. Obviously you are a low life piece of shit that should of ended your life a long time ago.



Did I meantion I hope the fuck these people die?

*Breathe, breathe, breathe* This totally upsets me. I cannot even fathom WHY someone would do this and then blame "alcohol" for this. But ya know what? This goes to show you all criminals are fucking stupid and get caught. I mean how FUCKING DUMB are you to get this shit developed at a chain store!?? HOLY FUCKING DUMB!!!! These are the type of people that NEED to be culled from the gene pool permantly.

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Heart Sounds

This is a pretty neat site. You can listen to different heart murmurs.

Heart Sounds

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Farscape pt II

If you want to watch Farscape but have never seen any of it before, be sure to tune in at 8 pm. They're running "farscape uncovered", which provides a very nice catch-up to all the goings on. I'm not sure you'd feel lost, but this'll be sure to prevent it. Enjoy! WATCH! :)

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April 04, 2002
Road Trip

We're at Ellen's parent's house for the weekend while she spends tons of money on someone else's wedding. Updates may be sporadic, or they may be heavy, it all depends. This is the first time we've been "out of town" with this web site. Hope it can take care of itself... :)

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April 03, 2002
B-1 & the Press

Here's another case of the news readers distorting things: The impression you get from watching & reading the mainstream press is that the B-52 is THE bomb dropper in Afghanistan. Not true. As this cool story and other articles I've read in Aviation Week & Space Technology relate, the B-1 is actually dropping most of the bombs. The B-1 drivers are beginning to get more than a little p-o'd about this, hence this "official" article.

Why do we only hear about B-52s? Because the B-52s fly in the daytime, and the camera monkeys can't film what happens at night. Gotta love 'em.

I was talking to someone at an airshow once who wondered what the point of big bombers was since the F-117 carries the same stuff. I walked him over to the 117 driver and asked "how many laser guided bombs (LGBs) can you carry?" His answer: 2. I walked him over to the B-1 guy (who had noticed us and was looking kind of amused) and asked him the same question. His answer: 24.

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Yup, JK II Looks Pretty Durned Good

Gamespot has this review of Jedi Knight II. Pretty tasty!

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April 02, 2002

Only 3 more days until new episodes of Farscape! WOO HOO! This is easily the best SF show on television today. Enterprise is good, but it's got nothing on this. One of Ellen's & my favorite rituals is to get something nice for dinner, a bottle of wine, eat & drink same, then scarf a tub of Ben & Jerry's (mint chocolate rocks) while watching this show.

Should I be worried that her favorite character is monstrously evil?

Should I be surprised!? :)

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When is Daylight Savings?

Of course, I say that, then I find something cool. Who in Arizona decided to go it their own way? That's something I'd expect more from Texas (the hard-headed-est people in the nation).

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Thanks to all

Not much to post today. I work every other Saturday and then take the subsequent Monday off. That Tuesday is always fun because a) something like 30 people have been hired here in the past 3 months and b) I'm the only support person for a 70 user LAN. All the new people run into walls and nearly everyone blows stuff up all the time. On Tuesdays they've had an extra day to do it.

Anyway, just wanted to note that we had more than twice as many people visit us in March as in February. Thanks to you all for taking some time to visit, please be sure to come back, and also please feel free to comment on whatever stories you feel like. We love hearing from people.!

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