April 09, 2002
People Will Sue for ANYTHING!

Ok, here is a dumb shit that thinks just because cats hate dogs (DUH!) it's a 'hate crime'.

What this guy doesn't realize is that dogs do SUCK! They suck ass big time. GO CAT!!!

What amazes me also, is that this dumb shit is going to represent himself in court. HULLO!!! fuckin loser, you lost just by doing that dumb shit thing. I'm sure this is the kind of person that argues over the price of a 5 cent fireball.

Oh well, win some, lose some. In this case, this dumb ass will surely lose. Like I said. GO CAT!!

Cat vs. Dog

Posted by Ellen at April 09, 2002 08:58 PM

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Oh Ellen!

Posted by: Pat on April 12, 2002 09:59 AM
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