April 26, 2002
Happy Birthday 2 Me

Yesterday was my birthday, got busy and forgot to announce it. Wanted to thank all for their best wishes. I got my favorite meal (Chicken Parmesian) at one of my favorite restaraunts (Mangiano's), a flower bouque cake, and some nice cards and calls. Again, thanks to all!

This gives me an idea. We're visited from folks all over the world, sometimes a lot ( we're popular in Japan this month for some reason). Wish me happy birthday you lurkers! Don't have to leave your name, but location would be nice. It'll let us see just who's watching on our 3-month anniversary of the site. Thanks again!

Posted by scott at April 26, 2002 12:03 PM

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Ok, ppl, I got Scott the flowers! Not just any flowers, it was shaped like a b-day cake. PLUS, Ajax likes to take the candle out of the cake and eat them!

Posted by: Ellen on April 26, 2002 07:40 PM

Happy late birthday. I didn't forget I just wanted you to have another post on your site. Joe sent happy birthday on an earlier post.

Posted by: Pat on April 27, 2002 03:51 PM

Yes, Pat I did, however, your Birthday is not officially over til you get your last " Happy
Bithday ", .........now it's over, JC

Posted by: Joe Connolly on April 30, 2002 04:35 AM
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