April 27, 2002
Today Just SUXS!

I have NOT had a good day today at all.

1. My damn Alfa Romeo had a dead battery. PLUS, someone siphoned all the fucking gasoline out of it. YUMMY! I hope they got fucking sick from it. Or at least got a nice tongue and throat burn. My favorite would be dying instantly from aspirating the gas and dying from the fumes. Oh well. Not much I can do right now. Bought a new battery, got more gas, car still runs. I'm STILL mad though.

2. I had to get my bride's maid dress fitted for my girlfriend's wedding I'm in. That cost 75 bucks, PLUS another 30 for a sewn in bra. I was told by the bridal party that I could wear a NORMAL bra (NOT). So, not only I bought a new battery for a car, I spent over 100 bucks on a dress to be altered. I do not look good in purple all over. I like accents of purple, or just one item to be purple. I have purple/blue skin undertones and boy do they show with this dress. Oh well, I only have to wear it once.

3. Goblin is sick. She has been moping around all afternoon and of course at 4:30 she had a temp of 104.0. A cat's normal temp is 100.0-102.5 So of course I had to call work, and call Dr V in to help me just in case this cat ate string or is blocked in any other way. My first instinct was a foreign object in her intestines since she is my vacuum cleaner and likes to eat shit she is not supposed to. Especially string and toilet paper. Just so you know, she has pylonephiritis (kidney infection). I had to take the I.V. pump home with me for fluid therapy, and give Ampicillin every 6 hours and Baytril every 12 hours. FUN FUN FUN. So now I have this pituful cat in the bathroom laying on her favorite towel wondering why she has this hose connected to her leg. This makes me want to sleep in the bathtub. I have to work tomorrow and now bring this cat in with me. Not only that, I have to check on this cat every hour to monitor her fluids. BTW- did I mention I had to do a barium series on this cat? Yeah, giving the cat radiopaque cherry flavored (YUM) solution to drink and takes some xrays over 3 hours. FUN.

Hopefully all will be OK as of tomorrow. I have not had a good week. This wonderful orange cat that I know named Darren has kidney stones and went in for surgery friday. (Please think of this kitty-he is so sweet, pray that he heals well). I have also had a nice dog come down with acute renal failure (mind you this is a dalmation,they are prone to kidney stones ect..) Please think of her too. She is a nice dog. Go figure, her name is Lucky. BTW- bad shit comes in 3's!! I'm done according to this curse.

Other than that... it was a busy day, busy week. BTW- Hugs and Kisses to MamaSmurff for sending me a most wonderful package in the mail today. I love the new kitty purse and umbrellla! Of course I dumped out my old purse and promptly filled this one up. Scott thinks its supposed to be a beach bag, I don't care if it is. It has cats on it, I'll tote it around! I LOVE IT! Thanks so much Mama!! XOXOXOXO

Let's hope next week is better.

Posted by Ellen at April 27, 2002 09:03 PM

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I am so glad you like the tote bag and umbrella Miss E. I KNEW you would. It is always fun to surprise you.


Posted by: Pat on April 28, 2002 12:30 AM

I hope my grandkitty is feeling better. Ditto for the orange cat and the Dalmation.

Posted by: Pat on April 28, 2002 03:29 AM
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