April 20, 2002
Fitness Bug

All of you that personally know me know that I LOVE working out. Many times do I think of quitting veterinary medicine and become a personal trainer.

I used to go to a super nice gym that one of the regular people working out in it was Strom Thrumond. Little old man, working out in his slippers. Very nice, he was a flirt.

Ever since the addition of Teddy to our house, we quit the gym. The cost of heart medication and seeing the cardiloigist has exceeded the amount per month a gym membership is. But he is all worth it. Both Teddy and Ajax are our personal trainers. Every time you hit the floor for pushups, ab work or stretching they are there to egg you on. Especially Ajax, who THINKS if he sticks his ass in your face you will work HARDER!

Here is a list of Fitness Icons with their website for you to check out. All of them have their own exercise videos. BTW...I got more results working out at home with my videos than I ever did in the gym. Must be the cat ass.

Karen Voight

Tamille Webb

Minna Lessig

Gin Miller

Those are only some and my favorite people I work out to. If you want a HUGE selection of exercise videos, I get mine from this place.

Collage Video

If you want somthing really hard to try out, I suggest this, Body Pump

Posted by Ellen at April 20, 2002 09:42 AM

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