May 31, 2011
Hookah Hell

When confronted with the growth of hookah bars, what's the proper response? Mount an educational campaign to ensure everyone knows this really isn't much safer or healthier than regular smoking, or use the hammer of the state to pound round pegs into square holes? Hey, man, these nails won't drive themselves in, ya know? Silly me, still clinging to the notion that common people can be trusted...

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No Harsh Mistress Required

By using detailed numeric simulations, a group of scientists is contesting the idea that a planet needs a big moon to make its climate stable enough for life. Because the shifting axial tilt caused by such "moon-less" planets would happen on the scale of billions of years, the reasoning goes, life would have plenty of time to adapt to the changes. Per usual, the idea is contested.

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Fabulous Progress

I never thought I'd live to see the day when an openly gay high school student, in the South, gets himself elected prom queen. Turns out I was wrong. Meh. Why not?

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Airshow 2011 Part 5


Last of the series...















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Consequences Are For Little People

The UK's new environmental taxes are threatening green energy research. You must understand taxes aren't supposed to be paid by everyone, just by the people we don't like. No, really, check out the comments, that's what they're saying.

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Smooth Move

And today's desperate attempt at free publicity is (spins wheel) ... ramming a police cruiser and getting taken into custody. There may not have been alcohol involved, but I definitely suspect cynicism might have been. Then again, it got us to link it up, so I guess it worked.

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Nothing like a loud, unexpected BANG to make cleaning up a nuclear disaster just that much more fun. I'd ask, "what could be next?" but I'm pretty sure nobody really wants to know.

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May 30, 2011
Sleepy Jilly Boo


Jilly Boo fast asleep on Olivia's bed!

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Your Thought for the Day

Stolen from here...
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May 29, 2011
Shocking Trombones

Scientists have captured images of supersonic shock waves exiting a trombone. First predicted in 1995, these shock waves are a quirk of the instrument, and not something found with other instruments. I guess that's where the distinctive "blat" sound comes from. With video!

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Work It

Leave it to Fark: "See guys, this is what steroids do to you, you turn into a 74yo black woman living in Baltimore." And why the heck not?

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Pyramid Find

Scientists have announced the discovery of mysterious markings along the walls of an obscure passage inside Egypt's Great Pyramid. Bonus: It seems the magician who advised the pharaoh building the pyramid was named "Djedi." No, really!

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May 28, 2011
That Can't be Good

The 2011 Blue Angels flight leader has been relieved of command. The published excuse is, "flying too low," which IMO is like citing an F-1 driver for racing too fast, but what do I know? Something like this has a tendency to ruin a career. Much suckage, all around.

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May 27, 2011
He Just Better Be the *ONLY* Son of God

Sorry lady, you're 2,000 years and one Jewish baby short for that excuse to work. Blasphemy? US??? Oh, hell, I'm a heathen. I don't even play by your rules...

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Alfa Romeo has managed to climb into the top 10 of the UK's J.D. Power ratings on owner satisfaction. The cars have been climbing in quality for years, but the Alfa UK dealer network was legendary in its ineptitude. Seems they've managed to fix that as well. Cross and serpent, FTW!

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Meanwhile, on the Ground 2

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Airshow 2011 Part 4







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Not Your Average Stray

Only in Florida: 10 year old boy drags 6 foot crocodile home with him. Nobody got hurt, not even the should-have-been handbag set.

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May 26, 2011
~ Crystal Rain, Crystal Rain ~

Scientists working with NASA's Spitzer space telescope have discovered a rain of crystals surrounding a proto-star. The finding may explain why comets, which form in very cold places, end up filled with these sorts of crystals, which form in very hot places. Ain't the universe grand?

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What Will They Think of Next?

There's regular tasteless, and then there's Hustler tasteless (SFW). I would've picked the South Park guys to be the first out of the gate with some sort of Osama parody. It never occurred to me that Flynt's bunch would get there first.

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Old Bang

The Swift orbital observatory recently an image of the most distant stellar object discovered to-date. The flash of a gamma ray burst a whopping 13.14 billion light years from Earth heralded the discovery. Scientists hope by studying these fantastically distant objects secrets of the earliest history of the universe will be revealed.

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Listing Motorcycle

While I, personally, was given an ingrained fear of all things motorcycle by my parents long ago, a few of my friends actually own the things and Ellen still wants one. For them, I figured this list of 6 things nobody tells you about owning a motorcycle might be interesting. I can state for a fact the thing about bugs goes for convertibles as well.

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Ancient Giant

A new fossil find has revealed the world's earliest-known giant critter got bigger, and lived longer, than anyone previously realized. In a world where "big" started at about six inches and went DOWN, the two (and now three) foot anomalocaridids must've been amazing, terrifying creatures.

Update: Fox News has a CGI model of the critter. It's OOOGLY!!!

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May 25, 2011
Patron Saint of What??

The skull is allegedly that of St Vitalis of Assisi, an Italian Benedictine monk from the 14th century.

It belonged to an Anglo-Irish family from County Louth, and is housed in a Queen Anne case dating from the 17th century.

Everyone needs the Patron Saint of "genital disease" on their mantle!

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The Copyright Violation is Strong with This One

For yet another entry in the, "I'm surprised it's taken this long" file we have the Grillenium Falcon food truck. Bonus: It's located in the same town as my Alma-Mater, Fayetteville Arkansas. I'll call this one an "under the radar fail."

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Yer Garage: I Haz It

What a California man thought was a raccoon rooting around in his garage actually turned out to be a mountain lion. Kitty's fine, zapped him & woke him up in a remote forest. No, Ellen, you can't have one.

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Farewell, Spirit

It looks like the curtain is about to go down on the Mars rover, Spirit. Five years is a pretty darned good run, and shame on us for not keeping closer track of what was going on with the rovers this past year.

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Airshow 2011 Part 3









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How Charming

Well-known radical lefty Peter Fonda has decided to become relevant again by implying he's training his kids to be snipers to go after Obama. I know it's a crime to directly threaten a US president, one that, as many a wacko blogger or overeager Facebook poster has found out, the Secret Service prosecutes vigorously. I'm not sure if this counts, but I'd be happy if the Feds took him aside for a conversation or two even if it doesn't.

I don't agree with Obama's policies, so I want him out of office. I don't want him dead. Hell, I don't want him to have a sprained ankle. In spite of what the left side of the peanut gallery regularly brays about, this is the default reaction of my side. We think they're wrong, not evil, and react (and plan) accordingly. Unfortunately the left side long ago realized the only people who could appose their unbelievably obvious good and correct agenda must be evil or stupid, and they too plan accordingly. If the lessons learned from the sixties and seventies taught us anything at all, they should've taught this.

Woe betide us, that they did not.

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Meanwhile, on the Ground


Olivia managed to smuggle a bed sheet into the airshow with her.
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Sandbox Lost & Found

By using new infrared imaging techniques, scientists have used survey satellites to find dozens of previously unknown archeology sites in Egypt. The finds seem to include a few (presumably smallish) pyramids. Every time I think Egypt couldn't possibly have more things to find, I'm proven wrong.

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The Parrots Creed

Why yes...this is so true.

About parrots in general I mean. Yeah...Muslims, I MEAN PARROTS!

A very loud SQWAKING No-Prize to Jay Tea!

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May 24, 2011
Looks Like the Top Tube of a Road Bike to Me

A French shipbuilder has unveiled a revolutionary new submarine design at a recent defense trade show. The SMX-25 is engineered as a specialized surface ship hunter, and looks the part. Whether or not anyone's interested enough to actually buy one isn't clear.

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Airshow 2011 Part 2










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Dead Man Fighting

With the recent passing of Randy Savage, more than 25 percent of the performers from Wrestlemania VII have died. While I respect the sport, I've never been much of a fan. Ellen, however, actually attended Wrestlemania at least once. I'll wager some on that list may surprise her.

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Paging R2D2 White Courtesy... Rrmm... Phone?

By allowing robots to develop a language all their own scientists are finding they actually start having things to say. Doesn't seem quite like the "boop-beep" of our titular Star Wars character, but it may be close.

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Duh... Winning!

Well of course I'm going to use a worn out pop-culture cliche to announce vintage Alfa Romeos have won top honors at Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza. No, I don't know what that means either, but it sounds damned fancy, I'll tell you what. Top Gear has pictures of all the rest of the awesomeness that attended the show, including a brief shot of everyone's favorite, "she looked better in Firefly but damn" Mad Men star.

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An archeological journal has published details of a recently discovered bronze-age battlefield in what is now Germany. It represents possibly the earliest-known evidence of warfare in European history.

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Stuck on You

In the, "ya don't say" file we have news of the death of a man who'd sat in a chair so long he'd literally fused to it. Everyone concentrates on these morbidly obese people. Me, I want to know about the family members who keep bringing someone like that food long after it's patently obvious they need to stop eating.

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May 23, 2011
Meso Vista Ahoy

Mark gets a no-prize on a boat that'll eventually cause a different set of loons to predict the end of the world for bringing us news that not only did the Maya have a strong seafaring tradition, they left behind enough of it for the modern world to study. Apparently Columbus's actually described the long canoes the Maya used to trade all manner of goods across the Western Hemisphere.

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Tribal Synergy Summer Workshops

Check it out! Tribal Synergy has their summer workshop schedule up!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to work with Ariellah, Olivia from Zarifa Dance Company, and Ali of Nomadic Tribal!

Rhythm & Cues will be performing at their Hafla on the 16th of July!

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That's Mister POS Pony Car to You, Bub

The nights are long and lonely up north of the arctic circle. How else explain a Norwegian-modified Pontiac Trans Am? And not just any mods, oh no. We're talking 1400 hp and 1100 lb-ft of torque. Did I mention the 'bird in question started life as an '86 with 185k+ miles on the clock? Yeah, that's how it started. I'm predicting how it finishes involves a loud "boom" followed by tiny bits of neo-viking softly pattering down to the ground.

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Missed it By That Much

Turns out Saturday's JSOH airshow featured the very first airshow appearance by an F-35. I know it was Saturday because Olivia and I were there all day Sunday, and we didn't see no fancy jet. Meh, all it did was fly down the runway once and haul ass. Would've made for nice bragging rights but not much else.

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Airshow 2011 Part 1








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Airshow 2011

Another year, another airshow! This time it was just me and an assistant, and we got there really early to see it all. Great fun!

The CAF's B-29 Fifi returned after a three year overhaul. This may be her first appearance outside of Texas since the work was completed. I've been encountering this particular aircraft since about 1980. I've seen her at half a dozen different locations in the past 31 years. It's fun to bring Olivia, even though I had to half-drag her over there.


Great seats!


Ready for the heat.

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May 21, 2011
They Haz a Tired


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Your Thought for the Day

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Funny, I Only Thought That Phone Dialed One Place in the Sky

Pope Benedict has become the first pontiff in two thousand years to ring up a space station. Turns out there are two Italian astronauts up there now, and one of them recently lost his mom. All in all, not a bad consolation, I think.

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Of Course! It Makes Perfect Sense Now!

A new book is claiming "[t]he UFO crash at Roswell was actually Josef Stalin’s “War of the Worlds” stab at mass panic using German flying “discs” carrying deformed children aviators engineered by Nazi mad doctor Josef Mengele." Because a weather balloon is just so much harder to believe.

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Delays, Delays...

Due to a lack of adequate trumpet players,

the end of the world has been postponed 22 days.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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May 20, 2011
Triumph, Glory, Brutality

British archeologists have announced the grim discovery of what happens to the spoils after the victor is done with them. Such brutality is common in war, even today, which is yet another reason to avoid it whenever possible.

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Prelude of Energy

Shell has announced the intent to build a floating LNG factory 30% longer and a whopping six times heavier than a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. Bound for the gas fields off the coast of Australia, it's planned to service the grown energy needs primarily of Asia, since the US uses different technology to exploit domestic reserves. Big engineering, FTW!

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Stand, and Walk Again

A revolutionary form of therapy is promising unprecedented hope to spinal cord injury victims. By using a pacemaker-like device to send electric pulses at strategic points on the spine, at least one paraplegic has gained the ability to stand and control other body functions. Exactly how it all works isn't covered in the article, but that it does is in no doubt.

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Tacky? Us???

I'm not at all sure how many of these "unintentionally sexual church signs" are for-real, but I'm figuring they're not all fake. Which just makes it that much funnier. It definitely makes them more interesting than what's outside the Ballston Methodist church, that's for sure.

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That's a Party! Really!

A German insurance company recently held an orgy to reward their most successful salesmen. Now that's what you call an incentive. Yes, I said incentive. Oh, stop giggling. And put some pants on.

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May 19, 2011
Conflict, I Haz It...

On the one hand, news that Ted Rall is having trouble getting published makes my shrunken, evil, right-wing heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Then when I read the reason is because he's calling Obama out for not being the moonbat Rall voted for... well, I have to give grudging respect. It's the same feeling I have watching the tourettes guy unabashedly ticking on the Metro. For the same reasons...

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Yeah, That Makes Total Sense

Guess what? “In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants Can Be a Plus for Both States and Students”. Who knew? That "bang" you heard was my sister-in-law's head exploding. She actually lives in MD, where a law legalizing just this sort of thing has been signed.

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Sticky Life

Scientists have published a new study which describes an alternative, non-Darwinian, method of evolution. Chemical defects in protein structures make them more likely to stick together, and therefore begin to work together. It's not meant to replace evolution, but supplement it.

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Kamikaze Comet

Luck favors the prepared: a NASA space probe captured video of a comet colliding with the sun just as a coronal mass ejection occurred. Apparently the two aren't related, since I'm pretty sure the size of the former is utterly dwarfed by the latter. Video included!

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Celebrity Rehab Failure

Oh noes! One of our favorite and colorful characters of Celebrity Rehab succeeded in OD'ing.

Grease star Jeff Conaway is in a deep coma in hospital after taking an overdose of painkillers, it has emerged.

The actor, who played T-Bird Kenickie in the classic 1978 film, is unlikely to pull through, according to his manager.

Conaway has now been in a California hospital for a week after being found unconscious on the floor of his Encino home on May 11.

This is one messed up guy.

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Don't Buy That Car!

Thomas said not only were the bodies not refrigerated but the containers of remains were actually stacked, allowing the remains to be exposed if the containers fell open. Maggots were also seen on the boxes and the surrounding floor.

"If you are unable to refrigerate them you leave them with the funeral homes or seek assistance from another source," Thomas said. "Lambert kept accepting the bodies from different funeral homes despite the fact that he couldn't take care of them."

Here is a sad fact, when we send cats out for cremation at my work, they come back in 24-48 hours. Wouldn't you want to know where your loved one is if you don't get them back within a week?

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May 18, 2011
Wait... Really?

Ok, if labor loses a race in West Virginia... well, that's pretty much like having your mom, YOUR mom, admitting you may not be all that attractive. To your face. When you're 14. I thought libertarianism would never catch on, until Obama won the White House...

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While not quite the same thing as getting an entire basket of groceries scanned at once, having the scanner mounted to the cart to "scan as you go" still seems like an improvement. That said, those self-check kiosks put a scale under the bagging area for a reason. I guess they've figured out some other alternative to prevent certain kinds of shoplifting.

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Oh Noes!!! The Chinese are Coming!!!

Another year, another "Someone funny-looking is going to own the whole country!!!" op-ed. The last time I remember this was when the Japanese were buying anything not nailed down in the late 80s, but I think this is a meme that's been around a long time, using Arabs and probably even Brits as the bogeymen in earlier times. Let's look at it a different way.

We are asking foreigners to give us money because we're such great folks. We'll give them a little extra, but only a little, when it's time to pay them back. Remarkably, foreigners are willing to do just that. We then take the money, which is after all simply a notion printed with green ink, and buy actual things from those selfsame foreigners.

The author's second-hand analogy of a rich farmer selling pieces of the farm and increasing the mortgage really doesn't apply. A group of Chinese businessmen can't exactly repossess Warner Brothers or Caterpillar or Trump Towers if we really don't want them to. All they have are deeds, IOUs, and titles. We have their stuff and their cash.

Which is not to say that the national debt is harmless, or a good thing. This is a tropical rainforest economy... it's rich and it's diverse, but it's also maintained in a fragile equilibrium. When we do dumb things like let idiots buy mansions or put Democrats in charge of the government it makes those foreigners less likely to hand us money just because we ask for it. It makes them more likely to ask for a lot more extra when it comes time to pay it back.

The debt is a serious thing, but we're working on it. Putting grownups in charge of the House and then holding their feet to the fire every time they threaten to backslide likely has already done a great deal of good in calming Mr. Chang the Chinese Banker. Once we get back the Senate and the White House next year we'll be able to undo the rest of the damage Pelosi & Co. have caused.

It won't be simple, it won't be quiet, and it won't be easy, but it will be fixed. In the meantime, claiming this situation will have us signing over our children to a Chinese textile plant is simply absurd.

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... And Me Stuck With an Android

Alfa Romeo has announced an iPhone app. Apparently it's an electronic version of a UK fanzine published by the marque. I'm not worried that much, an Android version can't be too far behind.

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Darwin on a Board

The curious Australian practice of "planking" has claimed it's first victim. No, it's not some strange thing a jackaroo thought to do to a sheep, it's the practice of... oh, hell, go take a look. SFW.

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May 17, 2011
Snake Skin Manicure

Customers pay $150-300 for the two-and-a-half hours of nail art, which requires her to cut pieces of snakeskin to perfectly fit each nail.

How much? Not me! I have a boa that will gladly donate her sheds for nail art for me!

With pix!

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Hard Old Heart

Scientists have announced the discovery of the earliest known case of heart disease. The "patient" is a 3500 year-old royal Egyptian mummy scanned as part of a larger project to scan 52 mummies for various diseases. The finding provides evidence that these sorts of diseases are not limited to the modern era.

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It's Nice to Have Friends

Remember, folks, it's do what we say, not as we do. You know, like when 20% of the latest Obamacare waivers go to gourmet restaurants in Nancy Pelosi's district. Congresswoman's gotta eat, ya know?

So, let's reiterate: from my point of view, progressives and liberals think that government power is OK; the reason things go wrong is because of politicians buckling to Evil Welfare-Absorbing Corporations. As soon as we find some politicians with a backbone, everything'll be hunky-dory. The fact that we haven't consistently, or perhaps ever, found a politician with this sort of backbone for more than two centuries seems never to enter the equation.

Funny, that...

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Revisions, Revisions...

Color me unsurprised: a new, more accurate model of how glaciers melt show that sea levels will not rise as high as previously predicted. I can already hear the shouts of "apostasy!" and "heretic!" from the left side of the peanut gallery. Attacking religious beliefs tends to do that, ya know...

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PLAN for Escorts

While China's efforts to finish up that carrier they all promised would get turned into a casino proceed apace, it also reveals significant weaknesses in their navy at large. I guess "People's Liberation Army Navy" works better in Chinese, because it's a damned awkward construct in English. Oh, and put that in your "ZOMG!!! THE CHINESE ARE COMING!!!" pipe and smoke it.

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Flinstones Free

Family Guy's Seth McFarlane has acquired the rights to "reboot" the Flinstones franchise. As much money as McFarlane has, I'm surprised he didn't just buy the whole thing outright. Will it be something for Nickelodeon in the morning, or Comedy Central after South Park? We'll see...

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May 16, 2011
Good For Her!

Carrie Fisher is on her way back to "fighting weight." Of course, becoming a Jenny Craig spokesperson sorta made weight loss obligatory, but still, if it gets the weight off it gets the weight off. Keeping it off, that'll be the trick. Oh, and let's all pause for a moment of cringing at all the cheesy Star Wars references in the article. Inevitable? Yes. Annoying anyway? Yes.

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Well That's... Interesting...

A German hairdresser has won the World Beard and Mustache Championship. Oh go on, you know you can't resist.

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Universal Extremes

The Fermi gamma-ray space telescope is providing a new look at the most extreme parts of our universe. I was most impressed by "millisecond pulsars." If I'm reading that right, it means there are things out there more massive than our sun spinning completely around in just a fraction of a second. Freaky!

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Paging Mary Poppins, White Courtesy Phone Please

It looks like a spoon full of sugar really does help the medicine. It doesn't just make it easier to take; scientists have discovered it also helps antibiotics shut down infectious bacteria that otherwise is resistant to standard treatment protocols. So much for that whole, "sugar is poison!!!" meme that ran through the newsrooms a few weeks ago, eh?

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May 15, 2011
Stay Away from the Donkey Show

And in today's, "Asians are the weirdest people" file, we have (eventually) the story of an erotic 3D movie who's principal is the recipient of a donkey wang transplant. Sorry, folks, "3D donkey penis" is so far beyond where I'd draw the line it's on the other side of the world. Sheesh...

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May 14, 2011
Olivia's First Holy Communion


Thanks for making sure her day went well Pop! We miss you.

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May 13, 2011
Not Just Busted, Bat'leth Busted

I'm actually surprised a US news crew didn't try a stunt like this. You'd think there'd be nearly as many nerds on a German TV news crew as there would be here in the US. Then again, I wouldn't put this past any engineer who sick of the pretty people he or she is supporting.

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Bird Boom

The ring-necked parakeet is experiencing a population explosion, in London. Yep, same bird as that cute, "I love you" critter Ellen watches obsessively on YouTube. In certain London suburbs, they just wander around at will.

No, Ellen, you can't have one.

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Last Stand

Scientists have announced the discovery of what may be the Nenderthal's final refuge. The find consists of fossils and tool kits consistent with our cold-weather cousins dating to about 30,000 years ago. As with anything in anthropology, the findings are important but contentious.

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~ 'Cause it's Only a Pizza Moon ~

By examining data from the Galileo space probe, scientists have a new theory about what drives volcanism on the Jovian moon, Io. Their conclusion: a gigantic, moon-girding sea of lava thirty miles deep under a lower-density crust about the same distance thick. Definitely a garden spot, that.

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May 12, 2011
These Are Not the Helicopters You're Looking For

Turns out that super-stealthy helicopter that helped bag Bin Laden was developed somewhere near where Ellen grew up. I was so disappointed it wasn't Stewart Airport. Ellen's very happy that the shuttle Enterprise will be making a stop there. She defines "nonplussed" when I point out the destination was probably picked because it's so far out in the boonies terrorists won't be able to find it.

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The shark, which was confirmed as a great white by a state expert, was circling the carcass of a minke whale off of Gay Head, said Reginald Zimmerman, a spokesman for the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Jeff Lynch of Chilmark, a commercial fisherman who sails out of Menemsha, said he was headed out to go mackerel fishing this morning with two friends when they spotted the dead whale, then saw the great white swimming around underneath it.

Yes, Jaws is alive and in Martha's Vineyard!

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They Can Be Useful!

"For many of the inmates, it's the first time they've actually been responsible for the care of another living thing," Lamb said. "It's extremely moving to hear the times these animals have changed them . or made them think differently about the decisions they've made. And it has a calming effect on the institution to have these animals here."

Butterfield was one of 10 inmates selected out of 100 who applied to Camp Canine when the program started. He fit the qualifications: clear conduct record and no sex offenses, child abuse or cruelty to animals. He had his GED.

Inmates like the program because it pays $2 a day - more than most other inmate jobs - and they get a private cell.

"You feel more free," said Butterfield, who had owned dogs before going to prison. "It really sped (time) up."

A very sweet story.

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Holy Face!

From the BBC.

How A Fetus Gets A Face. From the show: "Inside the Human Body."

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May 11, 2011
Look! It's Moving Its Head!

Ok, I'll admit, Olivia has a particular sense of humor. But she never... presented... one of her toys. Hey, I'm not judging. The video is horrifying and hysterical at the same time. Which is the point. If this doesn't somehow win an AFV prize there is no justice in the world.

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Exhibit Time

Next spring the Smithsonian American Art museum will host an exhibit titled, "The Art of Video Games." The stuff featured in the article seems heavy on promo art instead of what's going on in the games themselves. Seems a bit of a cheat, that.

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The US Air Force has officially taken delivery of the first production F-35A. I wonder how long it'll be before the Thunderbirds transition to this new platform? It's not what I'd call a particularly attractive aircraft, but hey, if we nowadays think the F-4 doesn't look particularly strange I guess we can get used to anything.

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A Whole New Face

His injury happened in November 2008 when Wiens, now 26, was painting his church as a volunteer: His head got too close to a high-voltage power line, and he lost almost his entire face from the burns.

For 90 days, doctors kept him in a medically induced coma while they performed surgeries and he breathed through a ventilator. Many people didn't think he'd make it out of the intensive care unit, Janis said Monday.

But he did survive. Janis connected with Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, Burn Unit director at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Massachusetts, who had previously performed a partial face transplant. Pomahac became the team leader for more than 30 medical professionals who would take part in Wiens' surgery.

With video!

Science is an amazing thing!

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A Rockstar That Will Live Forever...

...until there is a black out.

Miku Hatsune (literally "future first-sound") debuted on August 31, 2007 at age 16 -- an age she will presumably always remain -- when Crypton Future Media released its first character vocal series software package.

The concerts feature a full live support band and special hologram guests. With 3D TVs taking off in Japan and 3D concerts with 3D characters, one wonders if the humble manga or anime will survive another generation.

Want to see the video and article?
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May 10, 2011
Slash Dem Balls

Sometimes... well, sometimes you literally have to scratch your head. Like when a guy with a sexual fetish involving slashing exercise balls gets arrested, again. Let's all ponder that one for a moment. Nope, still doesn't make any sense.

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Uh...Nice Blanket?

funny wedding photos - photo sheets - Wedding Night Every Night
see more Wedinator

Is it me, or does the bride look like she is about to eat the groom?!?

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Possibly The Best Shake Weight News Segment EVAR!

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Oprah Makes Anyone Talk!

After years of struggling with his sexuality, Chaz Bono finally opened up about his transition from female to male on the Oprah Winfrey show today. The 42-year-old, who was born the daughter of singer and actress Cher and the late Sonny Bono, was christened Chastity, and spotted regularly - all blonde locks and cutesy smile - on the couple's TV show in the 70s.

But in a moving interview, Bono told Winfrey that he felt his body was 'literally betraying' him when he went through puberty, as he watched in horror as it changed shape from athletic to curvy.

Why would you want to spill your guts out on something like this?

Need some attention maybe? Hmm?

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I'm Going To Love And Hug...

Her owner said Ginger loves to play with the ducklings and they follow her everywhere. "She's supposed to be out hunting ducks and retrieving them after people shoot them or whatever," said owner Michelle French, "And you see she's never going to do that, hopefully."

Can I get an awwwwww!

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May 09, 2011


One of our foster babies right now.

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A Different Sort of Generation

For those of you who think today's advertisers cannot sink to any lower depths, we proudly present this 50 year-old Pepsi advertisement which declares Coke's rival is the "force fluid" of choice for restrained mental patients. Oh, I know. The only reason they don't do it now is the reaction it'd trigger.

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Just No Pleasing Some People

People have been complaining about the lack of passing in F-1 since, well, probably at least since the late 60s, maybe longer. After literally decades of trying, the sport's governing body, the FIA, has finally stumbled into a set of regulations that have improved the situation. Result? People start biatching about how easy passing has become.

The main difficulty, really with any road course racing, is getting around someone who's just a little slower than you are. Alonso lost his championship last year precisely because of this problem. KERS and DRS seem to have neatly solved this problem, preventing slower, more desperate drivers from holding up an entire train of faster cars behind them. Quit yer griping and enjoy the damned show.

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Watch Out for Zombies

If this article is true, my daughter is the smartest person on the planet. So is every other kid out there. If the research leads to treatment, I'm ... oooh! Shiny!

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Fish Gotta Swim, Dogs Gotta Ride

Mark gets a no-prize that wants steak for bringing us this creative example of pet transportation. It'll be all good until some motorized rickshaw blunders into his path. Then again, I guess they're as safe as he is.

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May 08, 2011
Oh, The Things They'll Say

"It comes from the ocean, the oil is good for you." That was the clue on Olivia's kids menu this morning at our Bob Evans' Mothers Day breakfast.

Olivia: "..."

Ellen: "Olivia! It's something poppy does all the time!"

Olivia: "Smoke?"

Ah, well...

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Anothere Breek in De Whall

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Happy Day

Happy Mother's Day, Moms!

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May 07, 2011
Your Thought for the Day

Conflict: we haz it...

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May 06, 2011
Oh Yeah, There's Nothing Creepy About This

What do you get when you combine a guinea pig feeder with a pencil sharpener? Well, the Japanese call it "telekiss." Well, ok, they don't, more like "Telluu Kissuu" but you get the point. Or straw, if you get my drift.

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Mesmerising a Quack

Well, what else have you got to look at stuck in a pen inside a pet store? I remember freaking out a group of wild dogs at a zoo with a camera tripod. They weren't as cute as this.

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I Can Haz Ice Age?

Introducing the Manul, one of two, and the only surviving, known species of ancient cats. I'm pretty sure these things aren't ancestral to the fuzzy puke balls that walk around my house, but definitely cousins of some sort.

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Umm... Thanks?

That guy that's been knocking on people's doors all morning? You know, the one with a pitchfork and horns on his head? Red skin, parka, snow on his shoulders, trying to get us all to knock it off? Just hand him this last straw. That's right, folks, PETA itself not only said nice things about the military, they're even sending them chocolate, and you won't believe the kind of mold they used.

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Chartin' the Future

Mark gets a no-prize pointing onward and upward for bringing us news of the latest NASA space probe initiatives. The list includes yet another Mars orbiter, as well as a boat to float on the methane oceans of Titan. Here's to adequate funding and successful missions!

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This, on the Other Hand...

Robert H. gets an updated no-prize for bringing a cover of a Janis Joplin cover I actually rather like. Then again, I like most things Pink does. Slave to pop music, that's me.

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War Dogs

The ever amazing kick ass war dogs.

A fuzzy companion, partner and hero wrapped up in some "Can we play some ball now?"

What many people still do not realize is that dogs keep the soldiers going. Something as simple as a dog that makes them think of home, and yet are able to work together to get a very difficult task done.

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May 05, 2011
Tales of Epic Sea Battle Found!

The size and spacing of the tooth marks on the specimen found do not match any potential predators or prey, but are consistent with bites from another ichthyosaur.
Check out the entire story with pixes here!

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The Question is WHY!!??

Like any other baby, Stanley sleeps in a crib, wears diapers, and loves nothing better than being comforted by his mother as she bottle feeds him.

Except Stanley Thornton is 30-years-old - and his 'mother' is really his room-mate.

Not right. I need eye bleach!

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Ultimate Dog Tease!

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Kitteh In Slo-Mo!

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Since it seems some of you were not his friend, we're happy to present Osama's last Facebook post. I'm pretty sure "like" isn't too strong a word for how we feel...

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Paging Jan-Michael Vincent, White Courtesy Phone Please

One of the things that really puzzled me about the bin Laden raid was how two Black Hawk helicopters could land IN a compound and still manage to surprise the occupants. Photos of the wreckage of the one that didn't make it out have provided clues to just what, or what not, may have made it possible. I guess "whisper mode" really has been possible for all these years.

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Crunchy Holes

A group of scientists has worked out a theory which predicts some black holes from a previous universe may now exist in ours. Said theory is long on "if's" and "as long as's," but it does make testable predictions. Exactly what sort of predictions, I'm still not completely clear about. I bet it'll make for a nifty science fiction novel!

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May 04, 2011
Must.. Make... Friends... Heads... Explode...

Why yes, we will link up Miley Cyrus covering 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' and thank you for asking! It'd probably be better if she wasn't actually trying to hit the pitch, but I guess chicks just aren't strung together right to pull off growling in key.

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Gravity Balls

By using "the most perfect spheres ever engineered," NASA's Gravity B probe has proven subtle but very important effects predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity. I can remember when people dismissed the theory out-of-hand because of the absurd things it implied. For me, it was when I learned that GPS wouldn't work at all if it didn't use calculations which factored in relativity that I fully embraced the thing in all its weird glory. This is just icing on the cake. Or, you know, balls.

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Bot Proof

By using a simulation of small robots (yes, simulated robots, keep up here) scientists claim to have found proof for a fundamental, and apparently controversial, evolutionary theory. Seems like there's been one of those classic slow-motion flame wars you sometimes get in academic journals about this theory recently. As with all such dusty-deadly book fights, the other side is sticking to their guns and not buying any of it.

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Yeah, About That...

One to think about: 7 minutes versus 16 hours. Delay is fine when it's a Democrat who's doing it. That's deliberation!

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Cat Dog

A new study of the famous "Tasmanian tiger" has revealed the creature probably hunted more like a cat than a wolf. It seems the unique environment in which it evolved lead to unique adaptations in the way it hunted.

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Honey Badger Goodness

It's really badass!

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Natural Movie Prop Found!

Yvette Vickers, an early Playboy playmate whose credits as a B-movie actress included such cult films as “Attack of the 50-Foot Woman” and “Attack of the Giant Leeches,” was found dead last week at her Benedict Canyon home. Her body appears to have gone undiscovered for months, police said.

They said she might have been dead for a year!

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May 03, 2011
Dude. Wait... What?

I'll give the communists this... they certainly knew how to build... well, ok, wait a minute. I have no idea what the hell they thought they were building. You, over in the commie section of the peanut gallery! You're an engineer! How's all that, well, you know... work?

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Oh Lord, Thank You for Fark

Sometimes there's just no improving it: In West Virginia news, a man, dressed in bra and panties and high on bath salts, kills his neighbors' goat. With helpful, SFW, picture of what someone like that would look like. Look, I always figured West Virginia could be a boring place, but I had no idea...

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What a Review

Observation: a dinky little reality show recently broadcast its second season's finale. Reviewer's conclusion: "Undercover Boss has, in effect, unwittingly endorsed the eradication of the middle class." No, really, that's what the dude wrote! Go for the smarmy, "I didn't spend a semester on Western Civ for nothing" review. Stay to watch the moonbats settle 'round his belfry and wave their red flags with abandon.

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May 02, 2011
On This, and That

On that day, I drew money out of an ATM, bought McDonalds and a big bottle of wine, smelling the dust and burned barbeque from the Pentagon. Today, I used cash from the ATM to buy wine and salsa for a completely normal meal at my house. Here endeth the lesson...

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One of our foster babies right now. She is 4 days old. We call her "Booper #1" since they cannot be named for another week. It is bad luck if you name them early.

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Your Thought for the Day

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Sun Calling

Scientists have discovered the sun may be influencing the rate of radioactive decay of elements on the Earth. What was once thought to be a universal constant has turned out to not be so constant after all.

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Hey, I Know Someone We Should've Tested This On

California has now approved liquifaction as an alternative to cremation. And, yes, that means exactly what you think it means. Now not only can your gramma accidentally vacuum grampa up, she can also accidentally pour him on your cereal!

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Bagged & Tagged

Details of the attack on Osama bin Laden are quickly emerging. What everyone (that I've read so far) seems to politely be ignoring is that he was almost certainly a guest of Pakistan's intelligence services. Likely they were keeping him on ice for eventual use against... well, this is Pakistan we're talking about. They never have made much sense. This is one terrorist who's career is definitively over.

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Snake Heads...Snake Heads...

It's illegal to import live snakeheads into New York because they have been known to devour fish, ducks and mammals, upending the aquatic food chain in rivers and lakes.

"It is disheartening that people are willing to take a chance of these fish escaping and wreaking havoc on our eco-system for mere monetary gain," said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown

When there is $ involved, most of the time people like Yong Hao Wu could give a shit about the eco system. Look at the rest of the crap they introduced, and managed to ruin as well.

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Buh-bye! I hope they smeared his body in pig shit before they tossed his body in the ocean.

"It's what the world needed," said Dustin Swensson, who recently served in Iraq and joined the revelers outside the White House. "(I'll) always remember where I was when the towers went down, and I'm always going to remember where I am now."

Read entire piece of history here.

Go Navy Seals Team 6!

Oh! Here is a pix of his dead ass body to prove it too!"

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May 01, 2011
Wii Broadway Attempt

The Time Warp!

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If It Works and It's Nerdy...

Problem: true or not, NYC cops are perceived as being slow on the draw figuring out who's killing hookers and tossing them on Long Island beaches. Solution: Costumed vigilantes, FTW! If the idea of a protector being nearby even slows down a homicidal maniac, I'm all for it. Just be careful, mistakes at this level tend to be... permanent...

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Navy Colors

The US Navy is celebrating 100 years of naval aviation this year, in part by painting up modern aircraft with historic color schemes. Interesting that the radome colors all remain roughly the same. Must not be easy coming up with a variety of radio-transparent colors.

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Yep, I Just Vomited A Bit In My Mouth

*With vomit worthy photo*

The event is a bit like karaoke, its organizers say, but instead of singing performers take the stage - fully clothed - and put on their best sex moves with an imaginary partner. The show begins at 10 p.m. Thursday at Stonefly Brewery, 735 E. Center Drive.

"These are gladiators, warriors . . . all making pretend love to imaginary partners," Trew said. "Hopefully some people will show up in costumes with choreographed routines."

The question is WHY???

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