May 25, 2011
How Charming

Well-known radical lefty Peter Fonda has decided to become relevant again by implying he's training his kids to be snipers to go after Obama. I know it's a crime to directly threaten a US president, one that, as many a wacko blogger or overeager Facebook poster has found out, the Secret Service prosecutes vigorously. I'm not sure if this counts, but I'd be happy if the Feds took him aside for a conversation or two even if it doesn't.

I don't agree with Obama's policies, so I want him out of office. I don't want him dead. Hell, I don't want him to have a sprained ankle. In spite of what the left side of the peanut gallery regularly brays about, this is the default reaction of my side. We think they're wrong, not evil, and react (and plan) accordingly. Unfortunately the left side long ago realized the only people who could appose their unbelievably obvious good and correct agenda must be evil or stupid, and they too plan accordingly. If the lessons learned from the sixties and seventies taught us anything at all, they should've taught this.

Woe betide us, that they did not.

Posted by scott at May 25, 2011 09:38 AM

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