March 19, 2014
I Can Haz Bangles Single?

It would seem that they've been puking on our furniture a helluva lot longer than previously thought.

Posted by scott at 07:08 PM
Surf Titan

No, really... surf Titan. It's my understanding that the atmosphere is dense enough a pressure suit would not be needed. Just, you know, a coat rated down to the temps liquid methane lives at.

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March 13, 2014
Dasvidaniya, Tatanka

A new linguistic study claims to have found links between Siberian and Native American languages. It was my understanding linguistic techniques more or less fall apart after a few thousand years, but maybe they've come up with some new method.

Posted by scott at 08:46 AM
March 06, 2014
Big Bones

Scientists have announced the discovery of the largest-known predatory dinosaur ever found in Europe. Torvosaurus gurneyi was much larger than its Jurassic contemporaries but still smaller than the big Cretaceous brutes like T. Rex.

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March 04, 2014
Fake Cluck Fail

PETA's effort to create artificial chicken meat seems to have come up short. They're claiming victory anyway (shocking, I know) because progress has been made on synthesizing meat. Meh. I'll believe it when I see it in the stores.

Posted by scott at 06:47 AM