July 17, 2012
Very Classy

Anyone who is, like myself, scarred by... ahem... "experienced in" fast food restaurant employment knows the Angry Assistant Manager, and the Violent Sociopath Cook. These are the positions bullies achieve when they graduate high school but haven't slid into military service yet. Most of the time nobody ever calls them, really calls them, on the crap they pull. I'm very happy to say that, this time, they've been well and truly caught.

Yes, it's Paris (natch), and so far he hasn't got much traction on the incident. But the dude's got the photographs to prove his case, and now he's starting to get national attention. Unfortunately this is obviously France, home and heart to the ultimate of progressive ideals, so it'll likely be impossible to fire these ignorant idiots. Because we don't want the oppressive, giant multinational to exploit the lowly shift worker by SIMPLY firing them. The employer must prove, and prove again, and again, and AGAIN, that there is cause. Workers have rights! They must not be abridged!

Posted by scott at July 17, 2012 09:08 AM

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