March 23, 2009
Bombing Napkins

It's amazing what can be deduced from a single drawing and a bit of knowledgeable logic. Will the Air Force's next "for-real" bomber be a junior-sized B-2 with a socket where the cockpit goes?

Wait, why are you even asking? As long as we negotiate with people who disagree with us, we won't need these big-ticket items. In fact, that's going to work so well we should cut funding for all these expensive toys, since we won't need them. We can give some of the money we save away to you, yes, but most importantly we can give even more of it to people who don't pay taxes anyway, vote Democrat,... ahem... represent 90% of the American people!

If you think I'm kidding you're not paying attention to the news. What need do we have for guns when hope and change trumps all?

Posted by scott at March 23, 2009 02:57 PM

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