January 12, 2008
F-22 to Patrol the GAFA?

It would appear the on-again, off-again Australian flirtation with the F-22 is now on again. Japan's been trying to pry them out of Congress for a few years now, without success. Now that something like 1/4 of the F-15 fleet is grounded for the foreseeable future, and additional foreign purchases would reduce per-unit costs for the good ol' USAF, it'll be interesting to see if all interested parties take another run at getting the Raptor approved for export.

Posted by scott at January 12, 2008 04:42 PM

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I know the YF-23 was a contract rival for the F-22, but what happened to all the "Fs" from F-24 to F-34?

Or is the F-35 being used because it started life as the X-35?

Posted by: Mark on January 12, 2008 09:23 PM

I'm not sure. I *think* the intervening numbers were used by X craft. But that's mostly speculation. I'd have to actually dig around to be sure, and it's too late tonight for that :)

Posted by: scott on January 12, 2008 09:38 PM
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