September 19, 2007
How Low can You Go?

Personally, I'd rather be a spectator when a KC-135 does a flyby at 5 feet than a passenger. At least, that's about how low the #3 engine looks to be from the ground at one point. Pilot better hope the original video tape doesn't show any tail numbers. If it does, he should expect to spend a few days at his local Barb Wire Hilton.

Posted by scott at September 19, 2007 02:17 PM

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Looks kind of modified to me.

The plane is that low going that fast and yet nothing is disturbed on the obviously dry and dusty ground/road by the planes jet wash/slipstream.

Posted by: jeff on September 19, 2007 04:41 PM

Yeh, I noticed that too...howcome no debris [appeared to be] thrown up by the KC-135/Boeing 707?

Posted by: Mark on September 19, 2007 05:41 PM


*What language are those guys speaking?

*You know, that's an awfully QUIET KC-135.

Posted by: DensityDuck on September 19, 2007 06:41 PM

I've watched it three more times now, with Ellen, and neither of us can find anything OBVIOUSLY fake about it. Big turbofans (like what the 135s run nowadays) are *amazingly* quiet, even at full throttle. They also don't run the exhaust pressures you get from fighter turbofans. The bypass is simply too high. Show me some vid of A-10s (who's engines are very similar) blowing dust trails and then I'll take the "fake" angle more seriously.

Plus, there's just not enough resolution to really tell if it's faked.

However, considering how many *other* unbelievably low shots of various military a/c I've seen come out of those areas, I'm still of the opinion it's real. But that's just me.

Posted by: scott on September 19, 2007 08:41 PM


It's not just the jet wash that you would look at. It's the wash of the entire plane going that fast that loq. Hell I can show you pictures of planes MUCH smaller than that kicking up dust as they go by a dusty field.

Also for an A-10 to get it's engines THAT close to the ground the Fuselage would be UNDER ground don't ya know.

Posted by: jeff on September 20, 2007 10:51 AM
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