August 14, 2006
Apple Go Boom

Users of Apple notebooks can no longer sniff at exploding Dells:

Of course, combustible materials, poorly designed wire stress management and fragile insulation isn't alone enough to start a fire. What makes this so dangerous is the fact that the Apple power adapters do not integrate sufficient short circuit protection on the DC side. This means, when the wires touch or nearly touch, they will arc and generate a spark - not once, but again and again, as long as the adapter remains plugged into electricity. And because it happens on the DC side, it does not trigger any circuit breakers, household fuses or GFCI outlets.

This from a guy who had his Apple's power adapter sizzle and fry right in front of him. So far Apple seems to have done nothing, but since I found this on Slashdot, something tells me a fire lit under Apple's butt will most likely follow.

Posted by scott at August 14, 2006 09:19 AM

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