July 28, 2006
Hooray for Me!

Fark linked up news that today is sysadmin day, which I spent:

  • Fixing something that worked the first time but didn't when the boss tried it
  • Helping three people do things that are described in detail in the knowledgebase I administer
  • Convincing one of them, in as politically correct a way as possible, that yes, they skipped a step and yes, that step really is in the instructions and why thank you for checking while I'm standing here
  • Making sure nobody would find the weapon. Or the body (well, I can dream about it anyway)
  • Spending another hour in a remote session helping someone from another state do something described in detail in my knowledgebase.
  • Helping them do three more things after that, again all in the good ol' KB.
  • After finding out today is the day, reading this, and getting misty-eyed.
  • Then reading this, and having a right good laugh
  • Then reading This and chuckling evilly.

So be sure to buy your sysadmin a beer, or a whatever. After all, you wouldn't be reading this without them!

Posted by scott at July 28, 2006 04:07 PM

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