June 22, 2006
Do not Pass Go do not Collect $200

Well, one advantage of being buddhist is being able to give clever answers to these sorts of questions:

Conservatives are more confident than liberals that they'll avoid hell—and that they know someone who won't. Liberals are less confident about their own chances of escaping hell and less sure they can identify the damned. These are a few results from an unusual online survey Beliefnet conducted this month among 10,000 of its members.

Ellen was raised Catholic, and according to her that pretty much gaurantees a one-way ticket, going down. Then again, she's not a practicing Catholic. I once asked her how long Catholics had to practice before they got good at it, but she hit me with a pillow instead of giving me an answer.

Why yes, actually, I do enjoy non sequiturs, and aren't the sandwiches good too?

Posted by scott at June 22, 2006 12:26 PM

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