April 26, 2006
Like I'd Ever Notice the Damned Flags

The Religious Policeman notes the Saudi World Cup team just keeps getting tripped up by us decadent Westerners:

Here, as you see, is the problem. It is a wall. On the wall is a picture of a young lady. The young lady has a great deal of skin. The young lady is displaying most of that skin, and appears to be lifting her bikini top. Because this wall is in Cologne, you may be forgiven for thinking that this may be an advertisement for Cologne. Perhaps the young lady has sprayed some Cologne on her bikini top, and is now sniffing it? Sadly the truth is much less fragrant. The wall belongs to a building. Inside the building are many such young ladies, all with a great deal of skin, but, I fear, with as little covering. The young ladies work in what is known as the "Personal Services Sector" of the German "Hospitality Industry". This being Germany, the services on offer are subject to close government supervision and health inspection. The building is in fact the largest of its kind in Germany, the Pascha in Cologne.

As with most attempts at being light-hearted with fanatics around, this amusing bit of whimsy doesn't have a particularly happy ending. But then again, when does it ever?

Posted by scott at April 26, 2006 11:42 AM

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