November 29, 2005
Crossing Dressers

Everyone's favorite Saudi gadfly is at it again, this time explaining, among other things, a rather different reason for cross-dressing:

For newer readers, it goes like this - the only women whose faces an adult male will see, are those of close female relatives that he cannot marry, like his mother or his sisters. Now one way he can look at Saudi girls' unveiled faces, is to get his parents to start matchmaking for him. However he will only get to see two or three at most, before he is expected to agree to marry one. The easier way to see many girls' faces is to kit yourself up in an abaya (long black shroud) and niqab (veil), and start wandering around a girls' school, because they go around unveiled in there.

Where there's a will...

Posted by scott at November 29, 2005 01:17 PM

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