November 18, 2005
A Beer, for the Rest of Us

Not content with just adding caffeine to beer, the boys over at ThinkGeek had to take it just that one more step:

Why? Because our in staff beer chemists took the finest India Pale Ale (brewed with the choicest hops from Belgium farms), carefully added 220 milligrams of caffeine per sixteen ounce bottle, and, through a patent pending process known as 'Glow Stuff Insertion', they then inserted glow stuff. The result is a stimulating depressant which looks like runoff from Three Mile Island but tastes just like beer with caffeine and glow stuff in it!

Yeah, well, I get in enough trouble spilling the regular stuff on the floor. Gonna hafta pass. I wonder if it makes your pee glow in the dark?

Posted by scott at November 18, 2005 10:38 AM

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