November 16, 2005
The More You Know...

There's not a guy over 14 in the audience who doesn't wish he'd read this sooner:

Itís very common fact these days that many guys acquire a certain amount of pornography when they are single. Whether it might be a couple of issues of Playboy, or DVD volumes 1 through 267 of the No Man's Land series, the single male pornography symbiosis works in perfect harmony until a woman enters the picture. This is indeed a very scary time for the male of the species. Hopefully, this article will offer a little insight on this chaotic period in the dating cycle.
Another tragic situation can occur when the woman circumvents the rules of society and finds the precious stash too early by snooping, or what women call an "accident" while "cleaning your room/computer/hunting lodge." This woman may be uncultured, or she just may be the psychotic type discussed later. Either way itís a warning to you when your lady doesn't respect the sanctity of a man and his porn. The best way to avoid either kind of tragedy is to have the porn conversation before going nuts and throwing out your stash or before the lady feels comfortable enough to go through your stuff...

Article is completely safe-for-work, although it might not be so safe once your girl sees it.

Hmm? Me? You must think that the "Scott Sleeps Here" sign on the couch is just for decoration.

Posted by scott at November 16, 2005 02:11 PM

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