November 15, 2005

Like I've always said, people turn to a life of crime because they're too stupid to do anything else:

Authorities on Monday said they have shut down a ring responsible for up to 10 percent of all counterfeit money in Arizona.
Authorities wouldn't disclose exactly how the investigation began.

However, investigators did say an Avondale couple arrested in the scheme tripped up when they sent a printer, which was jammed with counterfeit bills, out for repair.

Actually, I'm not completely surprised by this. I regularly get calls from staffers asking me to fix their computers so they'll play music CDs. I once had a staffer tell me off and hang up on me because I wouldn't help her install the "elf bowling" program her friend had sent her. It really is quite amazing.

Posted by scott at November 15, 2005 11:48 AM

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ya know, if you just attend to their request, by immediately going in person to their system to do the install, they will be grateful and not yell at you.
Ummn, that is, until they see the official form that needs to be filled out describing the business reason for the request, with the signed authorization of their supervisor and his/her supervisor.

Posted by: jayrtfm on November 15, 2005 05:10 PM

Jay does have a point - making them sign something official should discourage anymore elf bowling games.

Of course, I did play elf bowling back in the day. It amused me for roughly 1.6 minutes. Then I realized that I actually had work to do. Not that I did it, but still...

Posted by: ronaprhys on November 15, 2005 07:56 PM
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