November 14, 2005

Let's just say I'm glad they don't have an NFL lineup yet. It's all I can do to keep Ron from painting Olivia silver-and-blue every Sunday:

MascotopiaŽ products are a great way for parents, grandparents, siblings and friends to share their love for their favorite school or team with the young children in their lives. The simple concept behind our products, coupled with outstanding quality and eye-catching designs, make early learning easy and fun!

While the various websites that brought me to this one made a lot of huffy elitist "oh-my-god-what-will-the-plebes-think-of-next" noises, I can tell you this sort of thing has been around a very long time indeed. There's a picture out there somewhere of me, during a Christmas when I was not much bigger than Olivia is now, wearing (if you could call it that) a nearly full-sized Razorback football helmet. I turned out just fine.

Posted by scott at November 14, 2005 01:10 PM

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Well, they do have stuff for The Ohio State University, which might also work to keep things right with the Force.

That being said, didn't Olivia snag my Dallas Cowboys' foam football? And didn't she love it? I think she's a Cowboys fan in the making. Hell, if I brought over face paint and gave her a blue and silver star on her face, she'd be running around giggling and talking about it being pretty.

By the way, "God's Team, America's Team, The Only Team That Ever Mattered" is playing the hated iggles tonight.


Posted by: ronaprhys on November 14, 2005 05:39 PM

A little off topic and I'll probably regret posting this but:

Penn State: 17
Ohio State: 10

Tampa Bay: 36
Washington: 35

It's been a good football season!!! :)

Posted by: InsaneIdiot on November 14, 2005 06:12 PM

As a Buckeye, that was a bad day. A very bad day because we should've won that game handily, however, we let ourselves get out-played and lost. However, we're getting better - just need to get a bit more settled.

Then, the draft will hit and there goes how many starters?

As for the Washington game, that was bad - but if you turn the ball over that many times, you'll lose. Let's just hope the Cowboys don't make those sorts of mistakes tonight.


Posted by: ronaprhys on November 14, 2005 06:36 PM
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