July 19, 2005
~ I'm a Little Teapot Short and GODLIKE! ~

Not content with the old standards of animals, existing dieties (ancient and modern), or even themselves, a Malaysian cult has instead chosen to worship... wait for it...

A mob fire-bombed the headquarters of a bizarre Malaysian cult built around a giant teapot Monday, police and a fireman said, two weeks after the sect was raided by religious officials.

And you people thought the Scientologists were weird!

Oh, and if those folks need a new one, my daughter has several teapots to choose from in a variety of attractive colors. Some even come with original and very cryptic colored wax* inscriptions perfect for the mystery cultists in their sect. I think one even plays music!

* A.K.A. crayon.

Posted by scott at July 19, 2005 01:53 PM

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