June 15, 2005
Have at You! II

Actually, a dead fish would probably do well in Philly's offense too:

A bald eagle crashed through a window of a home and landed in the living room, scattering broken glass, feathers and a salmon carcass across the floor. Homeowner Jean Stack heard the crash and initially wondered if someone had thrown a dead fish through the window.
"They were fighting, thrashing around; there were leaves and limbs (shaking)," [neighbor Kurt] Haskin said. "This was all within 50 feet of me, and I was thinking this was pretty cool."

Then one eagle swooped out of the nearby tree, up past Haskin's head, around the eagle on the roof and back behind the tree, said Haskin.

"I didn't notice it was packing a fish when it swooped over me," he said.

The eagle re-emerged and bore down on Stack's bay window, which is about 15 feet off the ground.

"It just grenaded that window," Haskin said. "The window didn't even slow it down."

Eagle's fine, owner's fine, fish... well, fish wasn't fine before the encounter. Yet another thing you have to explain to the insurance adjuster. Good thing they've got witnesses.

Posted by scott at June 15, 2005 08:23 AM

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