April 14, 2005
Loon Wash, 25c

Brownsville to PETA: Drop Dead

A trio of protesters with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals didn't find the welcome mat out when they stopped at a KFC in Brownsville on Wednesday. The sprinkler system was on for them, though.
"I'm waiting for someone to throw a cabrito head at them so they know what part of the country they are in," [David Ingersoll, of Los Fresnos,] said, referring to the goat meat that's used in some Mexican dishes.

Not quite as good as the beat-down those Greenpeace hippies got in London, but I'll take it.

OW! Dammit! Will someone take that buddhist's stick away please? OW!

Posted by scott at April 14, 2005 11:50 AM

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