April 07, 2005
Actually, it's the Oft-Noted Lack of Trumpet Players at Fault

You'd think that after two thousand years of getting it wrong, Christians would quit putting a deadline on the end the world:

As you know the world didn't come to end today.

Now for the third time, Warren Jeffs is wrong about his doomsday predictions.

2,500 of his most faithful followers gathered at a mysterious sprawling complex in Eldorado, Texas. Wednesday, Jeffs prophesied he and his followers would be caught up and sent to heaven, while the rest of world would come to an end. But you can see they are still there, and continue to work on their new temple.

Now, I could make a nasty comment involving the previous administration, its Attorney General, various gung-ho federal agencies, and another bunch of Christian loons, but I won't. Not that I'm that big, mind you, it's just that I've spent the past six hours unsuccessfully trying to get a wobbly and extremely non-standard part of our network to migrate to a shiny new server, and trying to be clever on top of that just makes my head asplode.

Instead, I'll just goggle like the rest of you at the power of one man to command otherwise normal people to do whatever he wants.

Posted by scott at April 07, 2005 03:20 PM

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If you'd like me too, I can paint a much more accurate link between the current administration. it's previous AG, and mentally unstable party driven to the edge by wedging efforts to win an election. Of course, I'm exhausted from staying up half the night taking care of Alexis, because she appears to have figured out you can get up any time you want. Maybe it's best we all just leave it alone.

Posted by: ManDrake on April 8, 2005 08:01 AM
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