February 22, 2005
Like We'd Ever Move to Alabama Anyway

Well we definitely won't now, because it appears they've outlawed... well... you know:

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected on Tuesday a constitutional challenge to an Alabama law that makes it a crime to sell sex toys.
The law, adopted in 1998, allowed the sale of ordinary vibrators and body massagers that are not designed or marketed primarily as sexual aids. It exempted sales of sexual devices "for a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement purpose."

While this won't prevent someone from defending their purchase of a two foot long flesh-colored plastic fist as educational, it will make it awfully amusing to hear them try.

Oh be quiet. It's their damned state, let them outlaw sex toys if they want. Since interstate commerce is controlled by the feds, a "vibramatic" is only a catalog order away.

Posted by scott at February 22, 2005 12:31 PM

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Yep - it's their state and, as I remember, morality-based issues are the state's domain (except that there are also laws that force other states to recognize contracts and the like, which complicates things), so they're allowed to do this. Which is unfortunate, because I think they should have the right to use a sex toy with/on the brother/sister/cousin/parent that they plan on marrying...

Posted by: ron on February 22, 2005 03:04 PM
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