December 16, 2004
Yeah, That's About Right

Those of you with cats and Christmas trees already know, but for those that don't, witness the power of Christmas cats. For some reason ours don't climb in/up the tree anymore, although when they were kittens it was pretty common to come home to a set of eyes staring out at you from deep within the tree.

However, a far more regular sight at our house was what we called the "bottomless" tree. The first day after decorating it would be perfect, but as the days rolled on everything below the level of a raised cat tail would slowly disappear, until all that was left was lights.

This year the tree is downstairs to avoid an encounter with hurricane Olivia, and for some reason the cats are leaving it alone too. I suppose it's out of their main traffic area, so they're not bothering it. Then again, it's only been up a week or two, so it may just be they haven't gotten around to it yet. Ah, the holidays...

Via Lair.

Posted by scott at December 16, 2004 01:08 PM

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