November 12, 2004
Mars Water News is carrying this report on new developments in the search for water on Mars. By examining new imaging, radar, and altitude data, scientists working with the Mars Express orbiter think that unusual gully formations found around the planet are probably formed by large underground deposits of liquid water at varying depths. While the evidence doesn't support the theory 100%, it is the one that accounts for the largest part of what is being seen. Perhaps when the ESA finally deploys their hi-res radar imager, we'll be able to find out more.

Posted by scott at November 12, 2004 02:41 PM

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When will ESA (F I N A L L Y !!!!!!) deploy it's MARIS (Mars Radar Experiment) onboard it's Mars Express Orbiter that is in orbit around the planet Mars now???? I am (hopeing upon hope!) that the MARIS-experiment MIGHT---JUST MIGHT!!!--FINALLY!!!!!---"Prove out Richard C. Hoagland's (albeit strange science fiction like) theories that there WERE (PREVIOUSLY, IN THE DISTANT PAST!!) a "MARTIAN (UNDERGROUND) CITY OR CITIES" where "past Martians" lived!!!! (Or there were above ground cities, that over the millennia (missions of years ago) have been buried underneath the Martian Surface, today!!!!) SO: Mr. Hoagland is "Patiently waiting" for the MARIS-experiment to be F I N A L L Y deployed: so that: (with the apparent discovery of--NOT ONLY METHANE in the Martian atmosphere today--BUT (ALSO!) (APPARENTLY, according to Dr. Formisano, who is the Principal Investigator of the Mars Express "FOURNIER SPECTROMETER EXPERIMENT"-"PFS"-experiment (also on board the Mars Express Oribiter), HE (Dr. Formisano) is (HOPEFULLY--SOON!!!!) going to announce that: FORMALDAHYDE!! as well as HYDROGEN SULFIDE (ALSO!!!!) is present in the Martian atmosphere (T O D A Y !!!!)--And FORMALDAHYDE "B R E A K S D O W N" IN A MATTER OF (ONLY!!!!!)-H O U R S !!!!!!! SO: Dr. FORMISANO is "SUPPOSSED TO COME OUT--SOON!!!" AND SAY THAT "EXTANT LIFE EXISTS ON MARS"!!!!!!!!!! SO: that is why I (ALONG WITH RICHARD C. HOAGLAND) is waiting for the MARSIS-Data (regarding POSSIBBLE!!!!????) PAST UNDERGROUND CITIES (on MARS) that would "SHOW UP" ON THE RADAR EXPERIMENT (MARSIS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--SINCERELY, Bill Wise.

Posted by: Bill Wise on November 20, 2004 12:32 PM
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