August 16, 2004
Good Thing We're Going to the Grocery Store Today

Pumpkin seeds... a female viagra?:

The morning after Dr Gillian McKeith revealed on a TV nutrition program their apparently amazing potential for increasing libido, thousands of women apparently scoured supermarkets to put the rumpy pumpkin theory to the test and virtually cleared out stocks across the country.

Author gets a gold star for coming up with "rumpy pumpkin" in my opinion.

The purveyors of the conventional wisdom rolled their eyes when Viagra blossomed onto the scene. Of course men would want something like that. They're all pigs and serial rapists! Now all these women who were looking forward to quiet retirements with their now phallically de-fanged husbands would have to wait until the old farts were dead before getting any peace.

I wonder how they'll cope when the first for-real female viagra pill hits the market and detonates across the sexual landscape, blasting mirror image little-pink-pills hither and yon? The spam opportunities alone stagger the mind.

Posted by scott at August 16, 2004 11:55 AM

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I love the last line:

"Eat your way back to a great sex life."

Posted by: Sherri on August 17, 2004 09:25 AM
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