August 11, 2004
When "Not in My Back Yard" Doesn't Even Come Close

And people think an airport moving next door is bad:

Activists in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside want a "safe inhalation room" for people who smoke crack cocaine, building on the success of Canada's first safe injection site for those who shoot up with other drugs.

Now, I'm one of those loony libertarians who thinks we should legalize most drugs and then tax the snot out of them. Use the money to, I don't know, buy an extra stealth bomber or two, or finance Frank's space laser... something useful and cool like that. But as soon as it happened here, some liberal moonbat would come along and try a stunt like this with my tax money. Gaurantee it.

Now, I wouldn't necessarily mind "safe junkie rooms" per se, but since I'm also a greedy bastard capitalist, I'd want them run by something like "Junkies R Us, Inc.", with a dollar slot on the door. Unfortunately, since junkies spend all their money on dope, none would use the thing (or they'd all get shot/arrested/electrocuted trying to jimmy open the dollar slot for more dope money), and so they'd be out on the streets anyway. And round and round it goes.

I think the only people in the world that annoy me more than hippies are junkies. At least hippies won't shoot you for the change in your pocket.

This rambling and somewhat incoherent post brought to you by: too much Cold Fusion coding.

Posted by scott at August 11, 2004 02:21 PM

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hmmm - I'm gonna make a couple of assumptions here:

1 - These folks don't have nice, safe homes that they can inhale in.
2 - Smoking crack in Vancouver is legal.
3 - Vancouver is not a tropical place.
4 - The inhalation room would be clean, warm, and dry.

Well, given the above, and couple that with the primal need for shelter, I'd say that you'd have trouble getting the crack-heads out, especially during the winter or rain. Not that I don't think this'd be the same for the smack-addicts, but still.

What's next? State-sponsored crack purchasing programs where we supply the drugs?

Posted by: ron on August 11, 2004 02:31 PM

Well, luckily it's in Canada, so it's not our tax dollars that are being spent. Maybe it'll even draw some of our junkies up there where the air is clean and the health care is free. Of course, TANSTAAFL, since their health care system is indirectly subsidised by us (higher prices for us allows their free subscription program to actually work, for example).

Damned moonbats.

Posted by: scott on August 11, 2004 02:36 PM
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