July 21, 2004
This is Bound to be Worth a Gold Star or Something

Car: 0, Phone Wires: 1. Yes, phone wires.

We've had two "amazing" wrecks in my neighborhood lately. While I didn't witness either, I could piece together at least some of what happend in both. The first was at a garden-variety four-way residential intersection with traffic lights. Someone driving a Ford Escort wagon managed to go through the west-bound lanes fast enough to cross the intersection, roll over, and totally cream the light control box on the opposite side. The box was nearly as big as the car, and it was completely ripped off its concrete foundation.

The second was at a different, but no less garden-variety, light-controlled residential intersection. There, at least one police car left the north-bound lane fast enough to bound over the curbs, down an embankment, through a set of six-inch-thick trees and a picket fence, finally embedding itself in the deck of the house on the corner. It then, in what must have been a Warner-Bros. Wiley Coyote-worthy moment, apparently caught fire.

And to think I bike through those intersections...

Posted by scott at July 21, 2004 03:03 PM

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