July 14, 2004
Still no Entry for "Puke in Shoes"

CaptainHowdy gets a multi-lingual no-prize for bringing us this cat translation dictionary:

Miaowmioaw - Have you noticed the shortage of available cat toys in this room?

Mioawmioaw - Since I can find nothing better to play with, I shall see what happens when I sharpen my claws on this handy piece of furniture.

Raowwwww - I think I shall now spend time licking the most private parts of my anatomy.

Ellen already pre-translates everything our cats "say", in their own distinctive voices no less, so my need for this is somewhat less than, say, someone who isn't married to a crazy-old-cat-lady-to-be.

Posted by scott at July 14, 2004 01:11 PM

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