May 28, 2004
They Forgot that Clear Peg in the Back

Jeff gets another no-prize for bringing us photographic proof of why some airport guys are about to lose their jobs:

A cargo plane being unloaded at Los Angeles International Airport tipped backward Thursday, stranding seven workers 40 feet in the air for about an hour.

WIth pic! Nearly every tricycle-gear plastic model you build is too tail-heavy (the originals have big heavy engines and flight gear to balance things), so they nearly all do this. I had no idea the real deal had this tendency too.

Posted by scott at May 28, 2004 04:38 PM

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ohhh yes they do that. My unit had an old C-130 that we'd tear up so we could repair it (military genius again). I personally got to haul a Pet Rock around Wright-Patterson AFB so we could attach it to the front of the plane to prevent such nonsense. We had to do this because we had removed the props and some of the other gear and it became horribly unbalanced that way. BTW, if you're wondering what a Pet Rock is (at least, by my definition), it's an 8000lb block of cement with chains to attach to a plane...

Posted by: ron on May 29, 2004 10:06 PM
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