May 25, 2004
Rissotto Wannabe?

Always read the coments, wherein on FARK we found this... um... well, this. Not to be missed: brake "vents" made out of home-depot HVAC vent covers, colored contact paper interior decoration, and a screwed-on home-made "body kit".

Look, I'm all for customizing a car, but a rivet gun and some matching spraypaint does not a custom 'rod make.

Update: don't forget to browse the rest of the "customs" he has listed.

Posted by scott at May 25, 2004 04:04 PM

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The "Lamarossa." I get the feeling the guy made this car just to roll all the most horrific mods he could think of into one big yellow pile of LAME.

It's brilliant. Seriously. I want to do something just as awful to my first car, just to make people point and stare.

Posted by: Tatterdemalian on May 25, 2004 09:42 PM

If I ever get my $1000 jeep and start to do something like this to make it look like a Land Rover, please, please shoot me... With something high caliber...

Posted by: ron on May 26, 2004 09:16 AM
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