May 22, 2004
Energizer Bunny In a Can?

Slashdot linked up this amusing article about a journalist doing something useful for a change, by drinking (in two separate one hour sessions) thirteen "energy" driniks like Red Bull and its competitors:

Stacker2 Stinger, with a vicious-looking bee on the can, came in two flavors, Pounding Punch and Sinful Citrus. Pounding Punch tastes like a nonalcoholic version of the Pagan Pink Ripple, a budget wine with tropical flavors that was a landmark beverage for me. Its distinctive hangover, a sneak preview of a cheap and tawdry death, made me realize while still in college why it is very important to drink in moderation. Sinful Citrus combines an insipid, vaguely lemon flavor with a shocking blue-green color. It looks like a product intended to be poured in the toilet. That's where it went in my house, at any rate. I chased it with the Tang-like KMX and a bullet-shaped can of Bottle Rocket.

I've never touched the stuff, don't plan on it. Our inveterate "try anything once" fitness junky Ellen, however, is often caught eyeing those skinny silver cans. Trust me, she's hyper enough already.

Posted by scott at May 22, 2004 09:23 PM

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