May 16, 2004
The Saga of the P-P-Powerbook

Ebay'ers (mom) will probably get a chuckle at the story of the p-p-p-p-powerbook, assuming they can finish it. For those who can't: A gentleman bought an Apple Powerbook but decided he didn't really need it. However, he waited too long to return it, so he decided to sell it on ebay.

At first there was no interest, but he was eventually contacted by a buyer. This buyer wanted to use a previously unknown escrow service for payment. Sensing a scam, he got his internet buddies to help him with some research. Sure enough, convincing evidence surfaced to show this was indeed a scam.

However, instead of just telling the guy to piss off, the seller strung him on long enough to get an actual shipping address. Because he wanted to send something, he created the "p-p-p-p-powerbook" out of a ring binder, some plastic keyboard keys, and some glue. This was sent to the UK shipping address. In the meantime a UK internet buddy actually scoped out the place, and it was decided to catch the scammer in the act.

Unfortunately customs problems prevented the original delivery, but apparently the package was eventually delivered. As of the writing of the "adventure", they were still waiting for a response.

Posted by scott at May 16, 2004 11:51 AM

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Posted by: grok on December 22, 2004 02:50 PM

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