April 27, 2004
Guest Author: David Farrant and the Highgate Vampire

David Farrant (of Vampire Hunters fame) has requested space to post up some of his own vampire lore. As a home to some of the weirder things in life, we were happy to oblige. We also appreciate this look at a fascinating bit of British pop culture that history seems to have passed by. Certain parties may have opposing viewpoints, and they are welcome to submit their own account or comment below. Nothing like primary sources, eh? --Scott

HIGHGATE CEMETERY - a rapidly decaying relic of Victorian architecture - has now become the center of the growing interest in the occult sciences.

First reported in the Press in 1970, the now almost legendary vampire of Highgate Cemetery started the trickle of interest, which has now become a flood.

On the eve of Sabbaths in the occult calendar, hundreds of people gather outside the gates of the cemetery to catch a glimpse of the "vampire". For the last two Hallowe'ens police have been called to control the mob that forms at midnight.

Many local people have reported seeing the "vampire", several of whom wrote to the local Press describing their experience. The British Occult Society decided to investigate after I had witnessed the phenomenon on two occasions.

The investigation was carried out to a strict schedule for a period of six months, during which there was always at least one member of the society watching in the cemetery. The parts we concentrated on mainly were the Columbarium ((a sunken circle of tombs) and an area close to the top gate where the sightings had been most frequent.

As you can imagine, a thorough investigation of this type in a cemetery is not an easy matter. Every vigil carried out by the society met with obstacles whether it were Satanic worshippers, vandals or the police. I have been arrested twice although fortunately I was able to clear my name by proving that I was a genuine occultist.

Not all our investigations, however, have been entirely unsuccessful and as a result of our findings I have no doubt in my mind as to the existence of the "vampire-like creature" which haunts the cemetery.


I think at this stage it is important to explain a very important factor, that being the actual definition of a "vampire". In so doing perhaps I can remove the element of ignorance from the minds of the many skeptical people who regard vampires among the absurdities of the supernatural. Indeed, with the true facts buried deep beneath so much fallacy and exaggeration, it is hardly surprising the truth has been lost amongst the legends of the misty past. So in order to be able to draw any sort of accurate conclusion, one has to go to the heart of the legend.

There is no doubt, however, that legend is based originally on fact however misdirected and exaggerated it may have become through the centuries.

But it was during the 19th century that the vampire made its impact. In 1847 "Varney the Vampire" (a novel by Thomas Priest) became so popular that it was reprinted many times, before it was finally over-ridden by Bram Stoker's "Dracula" - written with all its Victorian authenticity - that has given birth to the vampire as we know it today.

It is the Dracula of this book which makes the vampire seem like a "fanged blood-sucking beast" which has escaped from a Hammer horror film: but this is not a fair conception. At least not quite. Although it would be untrue to say there is no connection between the two; there can be no doubt that by becoming commercialised the vampire has lost much of its original authenticity. This is a pity becomes even more difficult to separate fact from fact, or fiction from legend.


By this it must not be presumed that the legend has originated from the book. The book has originated from the legend. It is even likely - in an uncanny way - that the Highgate phenomena inspired Stoker in the writing of "Dracula." (It is interesting to note that Stoker makes direct reference to Highgate Cemetery as one of the resting places of one of Dracula's disciples.) From this an interesting point arises. Was Stoker's knowledge derived from ancient myth, or was he too that perhaps something of this kind was in existence? It is unlikely that we shall ever known, but if the latter is true, it could provide an interesting clue to the present phenomena.

One thing is certain however, and this is the actual legend has been in existence long before it came to light in the 19th century. The actual date is not clear, but references is made to vampirism as early as the Medieval era.

Although there is no evidence to substantiate that the Highgate vampire is recorded as far back as this, there are too many reports to ignore its authenticity.

One of these came to light as recently as 1971 when a young girl claims she was actually attacked by "something" in the lane outside the cemetery. She was returning home in the early hours of one morning when she was suddenly thrown to the ground with tremendous force by a "tall black figure with a deathly white face." At that moment a car stopped to help her and the figure "vanished" in the glare of the headlamps.

She was taken to the police station in a state of shock, luckily only suffering abrasions to her arms and legs. The police immediately made a thorough search of the area , but could offerno explanation to the incident. More mysterious still was the fact that where the figure "vanished", the road was lined by 12ft walls.

Part Two


Another interesting case is that of the man who was "hypnotised" by "something" in the cemetery. He had gone into the cemetery one evening to "look around," and as the light began to rapidly fade he decided to leave, but became hopelessly lost. Not being a superstitious person he walked calmly around looking for the gate when suddenly he became aware of something behind him. Swinging around he became "hypnotised with fear" at the tall dark spectre which was confronting him. So great was the intensity of his fear that he stood motionless for several minutes after the spectre had vanished. He later recalled that it was almost as if he had been paralysed with fear by some force.

There have been many reports such as this all describing "the tall black figure with a death-like countenance." Unfortunately, these are too numerous to describe in detail, but I myself, having witnessed the phenomena, have no doubts as to their authenticity.

However, it is not only the possible existence of the vampire which has caused such controversy lately. Satanic worshipping and desecration are increasing at an alarming rate. Graves are violated and remains are used as emblems in black magic ceremonies.

Recently the charred body of a woman was found headless impaled by a stake. It had been used in such a ceremony. The fact that it was found by two schoolgirls makes the incident even more gruesome.

In a part of the cemetery - which I am not prepared to disclose - Satanic Masses regularly take place and have been observed by myself and other members of the British Occult Society. The people concerned are not youngsters "out for kicks", but genuine Satanists who take part in bizarre rites, and include sexual practice as part of their worship. It would be wrong to mistake their rite for harmless orgies. They are, on the contrary, using this tremendous sexual power - generated by many people - to direct and help them in the practice of their magic.

Although the motive is not clear, their main aim seems to be invoking certain spirits to establish contact with the devil. There is also some likelihood of their being responsible for - or having some connection with - the frequent sighting of the vampire. Unfortunately, lack of evidence prevents me from commenting further on this at present.

Being an occultist, it is only my job to present the facts as we have found them, and not to bias people with my own personal opinions.

I think at this stage however, I should make some comment regarding my own position in the occult. As I have been the subject of much publicity lately, I, together with my associates have come to be regarded as "mysterious". The "Sunday People's" recent reference to me as a "white witch" and "vampire hunter" has only served to increase this "aura of mystery" which surrounds us, and subsequently we are made scape-goats for any unexplained occurrences in the district.

It is true that I am the founder of a magical society, and our activities do involve our going to Highgate cemetery, but we are in no way connected with the black magic which is practised there. Our Society is well-versed in many fors of white magic - including Kabbalisting - but we (and indeed all the witches I know) would never break our code and use this for an evil purpose. the rites and ceremonies, however, must remain a secret as they have done through the ages - for to betray these secrets would be to violate a sacred oath.

I am constantly having to protect our beliefs and justify our actions in to disbelieving authorities. In the midst of such scepticism it is ardly surprising that the public in its ignorance has come to regard us with suspicion.


Our investigations, however, will continue. The vampire has become sensational, and the more sensational it is, the more difficult it becomes to differentiate between actual happening, the possibility of there being a logical explanation or hoaxing. The Loch Ness Monster can be taken as a typical example of this.

It really is impossible to draw a line between relevant aspects, and what is just sheer fantasy. One thing is certain, however, there have been so man sightings and authentic reports (which cannot all be dismissed as wishful thinking), that there must lurk an element of truth. It is for this that we search.

NB Exclusive copyright Mr. David Farrant. This article first appeared in the Camden Journal on May 5th 1972, a (then)sister paper of the Hornsey Journal.

Posted by scott at April 27, 2004 04:05 PM

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I KNOW the so-called "Highgate vampire" case might be a little 'out-dated' now, but I just wondered if any 'vampire enthusiastists' or any serious researchers out there, might have any comments on this original article I wrote for a local North London newspaper back in 1972. This really summarised the whole episode at the time. It maybe a 'bit belated'' but the basic facts are nevertheless there.

So, anyone got any independent comments?

David Farrant.

Posted by: David Farrant on April 27, 2004 10:36 PM

Hi David,
Great to see you doing so well online. Keep up the good work.

Lots of love

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on April 28, 2004 12:57 PM

David Farrant has invited comments on his 1972 article for the Camden Journal. Passing over one or two misprints ("Thomas Priest", i.e. Thomas Peckett Prest, wrongly attributed as author of Varney the Vampyre), the gist is that various sightings of a mysterious figure had been made in the vicinity of Highgate Cemetery, and that these were taken as having been a vampire.
Personally, I have never found any reason to think that dead bodies can come out of their graves in the night - without in any way disturbing the soil - and return in the same mysterious way the next morning. But there is an overwhelming body of witness testimony that spectres of the deceased can appear to the living, often looking exactly as they were in life. This often occurs near to the place where the body is buried, the 'ghost' being perhaps a psychic memory of the person, sympathetically attached to its corpse.
In the middle ages, when most people lived in small communities, then if you saw the apparition of one recently dead then you would probably recognise it, and, if it seemed solid enough, perhaps think that its body had risen from its grave. Highgate Cemetery contains more than 100,000 corpses from all over London, so it is unlikely that a witness would be familiar with any particular wraith. One would merely be able to describe it as "the all black figure with a death-like countenance", or some such.
David Farrant would appear to agree with me, as he has elsewhere written that he does not believe in 'Hammer Horror' style vampires, but does accept the existence of earth-bound entities, some of which can take on vampire-like characteristics, .i.e. an ability to 'attack' their human counterparts psychically. This may surprise those who read in the newspapers in the 1970s how he had repeatedly been arrested in Highgate Cemetery for 'hunting a vampire'. However, he has always maintained that these accusations were made (falsely) by London's Metropolitan Police, who were then rather notorious for 'stitching up' innocent people of crimes they could not solve, and who were determined to convict somebody for all of the vandalism at Highgate, much of which - such as a stake through the heart of a corpse - was evidently the work of people who did indeed believe in 'real' vampires.

Gareth J. Medway

Posted by: Gareth J. Medway on April 28, 2004 04:01 PM

Thank you Gareth, for your observations into the Highgate case. In view of what you said, I thought I should post this up; which gives a fairly adequate description of events as they occurred at the time . . .

Posted by: david farrant on April 28, 2004 05:46 PM

Thank you Gareth, for your observations into the Highgate case. In view of what you said, I thought I should post this up; which gives a fairly adequate description of events as they occurred at the time . . .

Posted by: david farrant on April 28, 2004 05:46 PM

Hornsey Journal - 0August 28th 1976

Or should he abandon the fight?

asks Peter Hounam

DAVID FARRANT IS INNOCENT, OK? That slogan is hardly likely to appear on gas-holders and tower blocks in Haringey because the occult high priest has hardly any supporters willing to carry on a campaign for a re-trial. All the same, David Farrant is as convinced of his innocence as George Davies and determined to clear his name. The odds look stacked against him. The Home Office have already turned down his demand for an appeal. Yet he fights on.

David Farrant became a public figure (some would say a public menace) in the early 1970s. His witchcraft activities were often in the popular Sunday papers, and the Journal, and gradually his name was linked with more and more bizarre happenings in Highgate Cemetery.

Vampires were sighted and had to be exterminated. Tombs were discovered broken open. There were bizarre ceremonies of exorcism, using naked girls and animal sacrifices.

For us it made good copy but, not surprisingly, the police felt that Mr. Farrant and his friends were a nuisance. There were numerous attempts to catch him doing something illegal.

In 1972 and 1973 matters got a little more serious. Groundsmen employed to look after Highgate Cemetery found tombs broken open. Bodies in various states of decay were left lying around and one, horrifically, found its way into the passenger seat of a private car parked in Swains Lane.

Farrant was arrested for this offence and several others and it looked as though the bizarre practices were scotched once and for all. But while Farrant was in jail the activities recommenced. It became clear that Farrant wasn't the only culprit. Could he be right in claiming that he wasn't the culprit at all?

During the trial, Farrant dispensed with his counsel and carried on defending himself - with some success.

He faced three charges of interfering with remains in tombs, the most serious being the case of the corpse placed in a car. A further charge suggested he had conspired to damage property in the cemetery between 1971 and 1974. He was accused of sending voodoo effigies to two policemen and thereby trying to influence their actions.

Farrant was also charged with "unlawfully and maliciously damaging a memorial to the dead" - by chalking a witchcraft symbol on the floor of the vault.

Two other trifling offences - having his father's service revolver and some sheets from a hospital - were tried at the same time.

The Old Bailey jury found him not guilty of the corpse-in-the-car offence, another charge concerning interfering with remains, and the conspiracy charge.

The judge was left to sentence Farrant on the remaining charge of interfering with remains. He got two years.

Sending voodoo dolls and "frightening" policemen got him two more years.

Chalking on the floor of a vault was adjudged "damage". Farrant went down on this count for six months. Having his dad's revolver got him one month or a fine - later made concurrent like the six-month chalking offence.

Having hospital sheets in his flat (Farrant says they belonged to his girl-friend who was allowed to bring them out of the hospital to wash) got him eight months. This was later made concurrent.

Farrant ended up four years' imprisonment though he was not found guilty of handling any remains.

I said at the time that the sentences were harsh, and I still think so. Farrant could have appealed against sentence but he wanted to appeal against conviction and this was prevented by one or two key witnesses not being available.

He argues that only now, when he is free on parole, can he put an appeal case together.

The charge of chalking on a vault floor allegedly occurred on a specific date. Farrant claimed the markings were already there, when he and a French girl-friend - Martine de Sacy - entered the vault. She has now been found, and an affidavit to the effect that Farrant's story is true has been sent to the Home Office. The Home Office now refuse the appeal because Farrant "admitted" in his trial that he had seen the chalk marks on a previous visit, therefore implying that he could have "damaged" the vault on a previous occasion.

I find this baffling. The original charge accused him of damaging the floor on a specific date, not on an earlier occasion.

Farrant believes he could get himself acquitted of the charge of interfering with remains if he could find a freelance journalist named Hutchinson who took the picture (right). [This picture with the Hornsey Journal's accompanying caption, has been posted separately below.] Unfortunately he has no address for the man and cannot trace him.

On the voodoo effigies charge, Farrant would claim that he was provoked into sending them because two policemen had been putting undue pressure on a friend who was literally terrified of the police as a result.

There are many who would advise David Farrant to give up his campaign. He has served his sentence and is now free so what point is there in trying to change the trial decisions of 1974?

David Farrant would argue that he was the victim of a calculated police campaign to get him at all costs - on whatever charge they could throw at him.

The whole involved saga has left him bitter and resentful. He is working almost non-stop to dig up evidence that might give him a new trial and it seems his main purpose in life. Giving up the fight might well be the most logical thing to do, but for David Farrant it would be like giving up witchcraft - unthinkable.

Posted by: David Farrant on April 28, 2004 06:03 PM

Hello David ,
I ve just been reading all the posts here .. very interesting , basically I think the charges against you are quite frankly laughable and the bottom line is you were jailed for being "different" and for being in the wrong place at the wrong time .
With regards to vampires , you know my view point on this , stories of vampires were known long before they became a cross between Cary Grant and Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen , and are part of the legends and folk lore of many cultures , not just of Eastern Europe but of countries such as China and India and many others .
Its interesting what you say about the satanic worship taking place at the cemetary , it sounds to me that perhaps our vampire is a demon invoked during the rituals . For instance when a sceance takes place invariably an evil spirit rides in on the back of it , but it doesn t get put away with the rest of the bits and pieces , youre basically stuck with it until its sent back by some means usually an exorsism .
I must admit I have a serious problem with these kind of masses , the term .. careful what you wish for springs to mind , and quite frankly if they end up stuck with a nasty soul sucking demon as a reward for their efforts , they only have themselves to blame , but unfortunately it spills over into the lives of others who don t choose to follow the same path but may visit the same places . Its somewhat like having a picnic and leaving others to pick up your litter ...
I m not actually sure that what I m trying to say is particularly clear to anyone else , but at the end of the day its all a matter of opinion ...

Posted by: Silver Nemisis on April 29, 2004 08:37 AM


I take your point entirely, Silver. I think one of the problems with the Highgate case (which is still ongoing) was that quite a number of people tried to 'cash in' on events at Highgate Cemetery at the time; most of whom were attracted by the publicity caused by my arrests and court cases in the early 1970's. Thanks mainly to the police and fabricated 'verbal' statements (about 'vampires', naked orgies' and 'black magic, and so on) that they attributed to myself and repeated in court, the trials received world-wide publicity which, in turn, obviously led to a marked increase in the damage and desecration. (As an aside, it also led to me being branded a 'vampire hunter' which, in turn, several people tried to wrongly emulate.)

So, in this respect, the whole thing was hardly my fault. To say otherwise, would be tantamount to saying that I WANTED to be arrested and taken to court charged with those serious offences, and that I actually wanted to be found guilty and locked up in prison!

No, ironically, it was the police themselves (well, two police detectives in particular} who put Highgate Cemetery (and my leading role in the Society's psychic investigation there) well and truly 'on the map'.

To give an example of this sensational publicity 'caused' by myself, I am posting up after this a Sunday Newspaper report ("Capers in the Catacombs) and maybe you can see the sensational slant that the police {not forgetting the judge) were giving to the proceedings. I didn't really stand a chance.

Just for the record, I was later acquitted of the three main charges relating to 'witchcraft' and Highgate Cemetery. I was found guilty of two minor charges of desecration (please refer to "Is Farrant Innocent, OK?" article above). But in reality, not opposed to as on paper, I did not even commit these two offences. In a funny sort of way. I almost wish I had done! At lease then I would not have gone to prison for crimes which I did not commit. I know it may be easy to say this. But it remains the simple truth. I cannot change the truth, even if I wanted to. Indeed, I doubt if God, Himself, has the power to do that!

David Farrant, President, BPOS

Posted by: David Farrant on April 29, 2004 12:15 PM

SUNDAY OBSERVER, June 16, 1974

Capers among the catacombs

OUTSIDE the crowded Old Bailey court a young girl sits fingering a wooden cross. Inside the court soft voices are talking of necromancy and vampires and werewolves.
Above, in the public gallery, some members of the public are leaning forward with jaws sagging slightly as details of stakes being driven through coffins are unfolded to a hushed court.
In the dock the accused, David Farrant, looks wan and Byronic. He wears a black coat with sleeves to small for him, highlighting his large hands and long fingers, while he occasionally rakes through his tangled sandy hair.
The atmosphere is unreal and almost medieval; you sense something of might have happened hundreds of years back. A police inspector says that one of the witnesses was in fear of the accused. "When I went to see the witness," the inspector says "he had salt around the windows of the room, salt around the doorway, and a large wooden cross under his pillow."
Two girls in the public gallery look at each other; eyes wide in mock horror. Another's hand rises towards her throat. Later the accused is talking about his Wicca religion and the different dates on the calandar.
He has been talking of necromantic rites and how, when he was trying to raise the ghost of a pirate in a cemetery on Hallowe'en night, all he raised was the police who arrested him on the stroke of midnight. "Necromancy is the art of raising spirits," he explains when, a little later, a fierce buzzing noise comes out of the court microphone.
"Can we switch it off please?" asks Judge Michael Argyle. "Some evil spirit has apparently got at it." After much fumbling the interference persists and the judge calls for an adjournment while the trouble is sorted out. It might be the first time an evil spirit has caused an adjournment at a trial at the Old Bailey.
At the epicentre of the case is Highgate Cemetery, that walled romantic rubble in North London where Karl Marx is buried among its funeral extravaganzas. The Court has heard that stakes have been driven through the hearts of bodies there; 24 vaults have been interfered with and signs on the floors of the vaults indicated that necromantic ceremonies had taken place.
Over the past years neighbours report that, on some nights, they have heard cackling in the dark. Nude girls were said to be dancing around the coffins from which bodies had been removed and in which they had lain undisturbed for more than 100 years. Rather than upset family relatives or risk the spread of contagious disease, the cemetery staff had quietly put the remains back.
But the matter came out when, on 11 January, an architect returned to his car near the cemetery and found a headless corpse propped against his steering wheel.
After a police investigation, David Farrant, of Archway Road, Islington, the president of the British Psychic and Occult Society, is facing charges of damaging a memorial to the dead on consecrated ground and damaging property, and three further charges of breaking open and entering catacombs in consecrated ground and interfering with and offering indignity to the remains of a body 'to the great scandal and disgrace of religion, decency and morality.'
Farrant denies all five charges and, although he admits that he frequented the cemetery in search of vampires and other phenomena, says that dead bodies play no part in his religion and the blame for the desecration of the vaults lies with 'extremist Satanic cults.'
Farrant dismissed his counsel and is conducting his own defence. Occasionally he has an aside to explain the true symbolism of a broomstick or describe a hunt for a werewolf or the difference between white and black magic, though his visits to the cemetery, he says, were for the purposes of exorcism, not for interfering with the dead. "My Society does no harm."
In a low voice he says to the jury; "Since the birth of Christ we have been persecuted for our beliefs. Christianity suppressed witchcraft. Persecution came to a head in the sixteenth century. Thousands were tortured for what they believed in. When the crops failed and people were ill, what could it be but the work of witches? We believe that persecution goes on."
Occasionally Judge Argyle advises Farrant on a point of law. At one stage he insisted that a long lecture on necromancy was inappropriate to the charges. Only occasionally does he allow himself a little jokey comment. When nude dancing in the cemetery was being discussed, he lowered his head and peered over his half-moon spectacles, saying: "I must point out that on 31st October it wouldn't be terribly warm."
The trial continues tomorrow.
Tom Davies

Posted by: David Farrant on April 29, 2004 12:20 PM

Hello all. I too am astonished by the outcome of Mr Farrant's trial. Just last week, a little yob in Edinburgh was tried for cutting the head off a corpse in Greyfriar's cemetery. The tomb involved in this sick little drama is the one associated with the so-called Mackenzie Poltergeist [shades of the Highgate ghost]. The little charmer in question played football with the head and also used it to simulate unspecified 'sex-acts'. Was his punishment draconian? No. The little punk got probation. British justice at its most absurd.
After repeated visits to Mr Farrant's home and hours spent reading court transcripts and other documents for my book, Return of the Vampire Hunter, I am utterly convinced of the man's innocence as regards those charges. True his apparent rebellious streak brought a lot of attention to himself. But the guy was young. That's not really a crime. My own research, conducted over more years than I care to remember and involving hours of eye-damaging midnight oil sessions with dusty old tomes etc, merely confirm to me that a grave miscarriage of justice was visited on someone who was a tad too colourful for the location and the times. That, and the authorities who were desperate to parade a perp conspired to deprive this man of a good portion of his young life.

Posted by: Rob Milne on April 29, 2004 04:13 PM


Thank you Rob, for your 'kind' comments.

Yes, it is true that Rob Milne's book "Return of the Vampire Hunter" was well researched and that he indeed spent many 'happy hours' interviewing myself a year or two ago. "Return" was , in fact, well received by book publishers, and, as Rob has since 'boasted' (in the press and elsewhere) gives an intricate account of "Farrant's private life, and feelings and associations"!

Well, he should know! The amount of time he kept 'quizzing me' about past involvement's and associations, really disintegrated any excuses or prevarication I might otherwise have had about talking about the "Highgate Vampire" case!

But, in essence, I just told him the truth. And I must admit, his book came out really truthful and direct, with no distortions at all about what I originally told him! For a Scotsman, that's really saying something. No offence intended, Rob!

David Farrant

Posted by: David Farrant on April 29, 2004 11:41 PM

Cheers Mr Farrant, I only wrote what I believe to be the truth. Although I don't really see what being a 'Scotsman' has to do with truth. As far as I am aware, such abstract concepts are not confined to regions south of Hadrian's wall, no offence intended.

Posted by: Rob Milne on April 30, 2004 03:33 AM

PMG Here we go again. I know this man has a website. Why does he insist on post all this stuff on your blog?

Posted by: Pat on April 30, 2004 11:27 AM

"posting" is the word I meant.There will be only a few more days before the rest of the merry band shows up.

Posted by: Pat on April 30, 2004 11:28 AM


Pat, it is really not a question of my 'insisting' on posting material on here - which you may have realised had you been following the situation . . .

In fact, a friend of mine, Barbara Green, originally open up a discussion Board on the whereabouts (or 'non-whereabouts') of Robin Hood's grave. I had no knowledge about this, but another person saw it, and literally bombarded this site with highly libellous, vindictive, and untrue allegations about myself. What made the matter even worse was, that this particular person, did not even have the courage - let alone the Christian decency - to tell these deliberate lies under his own name. Instead, he took the 'cowards way out' and 'hid' behind aliases that he had created in an equally fictitious society.

I really had no choice but to set the facts straight, Pat, as the intention was, not only to tell lies, but to attempt to give an impression that these represented the views of other 'genuine' people.

If you want an answer to your own observation (and this is not intended to be in any way offensive), imagine for a moment a hypothetical person had taken a dislike to yourself and made up vindictive lies about you which were being broadcast world-wide. (Okay, this probably hasn't happened to yourself - or ever will, but IF it did?). Would you just ignore potential lies told about yourself, thereby implying to others that these were probably true, or would you retract them publicly and say that lies told about you were untrue?

Please answer this question yourself, for yourself. It is not meant to be any sort of 'clever analogy', but you might be able to see then why I have had to post up all this 'ancient stuff' to clarify events about deliberate misinterpretations that occurred all those years ago.

This in no way can affect the present, of course; but unfortunately, sometimes you will find people who are totally caught up in - or engrossed in - their own versions of a 'murky past'.

There is genuinely no offence intended to yourself personally, Pat.

David Farrant.

Posted by: David Farrant on April 30, 2004 07:42 PM

I can support what David is saying entirely due to the fact that "the person" also posted up a load of lies and florid fabrications of his own making about me also. The person wants to be recognised as the "king of the midden" all the time, and in effect he hijacked the story of the Kirklees vampire as he did the Highgate vampire. This also meant, as in David's case, that he had to rubbish David in order to glorify himself and the same applied to me over Kirklees!

I was called a lot of derogatory and untrue things,including being a sad spinster and a wild hysteric witch to boot!!!--as David was called nasty things also, and accused of nearly everything back to the Great Train Robbery and the assassination of JFK!!!!. We have both been able to demonstrate that the things his nibs has said are a lot ot twaddle and it is only now, after many years--two decades for David in fact! that
justice is being done and our names cleared.

Barbara Green

sorry to bore you Pat, but you must be interested enough to come and look at the board!You can always switch us off!

Posted by: barbara green on May 2, 2004 12:00 PM

Actually Mr. Farrant, I have had a real person take a dislike to me, make up lies and just generally make my life miserable. I have followed all the posting on the several sites. I have a personal interest in AMCGLTD and read it every single day.
Ms. Green, I absolutely have to read this site every day except when I am mad at my son. We have ongoing arguments about politics mostly.

Posted by: Pat on May 2, 2004 03:38 PM

Its a miracle to me that David has stayed cool, calm and collected over the years that certain people have been posting up false and malicious rumours against him. David has tried to clear his name of these lies and has even won aspects or parts of this case before the european commission of human rights.

Regional Secretary for David Farrant

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 2, 2004 05:01 PM

Hi Pat, David knows exactly what it is like to be mistreated in this way he's had 35yrs of it and has only recently been able to make a stand for himself publically on the internet that is so if anyone has a right defend themselves then David has and I for one will stand beside him and support him in every way I can and until everyone has done their research into the situation they ought to keep their opinions to themselves especially seeing as they do not know the people involved like myself and Barbara who are in the middle of it all.

Catherine, Regional Secretary for David Farrant

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 2, 2004 06:04 PM

As this article is my copyright and because, in a way, it compliments my previous one here (VAMPIRES FACT OR FICTION?) on the Highgate 'vampire' case, I thought I would post it up for the sake of anybody interested. Any followers of the Highgate 'vampire' case, may care to note that I was warning people about the dangers of getting involved in Satanism some two years before my notorious 'witchcraft trial' at the Old Bailey in 1974.


Has the Stone cast its magic spell?

- by -

David Farrant

AMONG THE MANY LEGENDS that surround Old Highgate and Hampstead, there is an old belief that if Whittington's Stone is ever removed (from the original spot where Dick Whittington "turned once more" toward London) or if any harm should befall it, great change and disaster will fall upon the neighbouring area.

Of course, this myth is probably based upon the fact that the Stone is one of Highgate's oldest landmarks, and therefore, it would naturally be bad luck to remove it, but if the present mania for redevelopment continues, this old assumption could well prove to be correct.

For already the giant bulldozers have left their ugly mark on much of Archway and are now advancing up the Archway Road, and it seems inevitable that Highgate, too, is destined to suffer at the unmerciful hands of progress.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect is that Highgate, one of the oldest and least unspoiled parts of London, will lose not only its status, but also a great deal of its character.

For when an environment is destroyed the legends and myths associated with it are also affected. And throughout its history, Highgate has been linked with superstition and legends, many of which pertain to a supernatural origin.


Most of these legends have survived from the days when Highgate served as an important relay point for coaches on the Great North Road, and it was this era that gave birth to the many and assorted tales of the highwayman and also witnessed the great revival in occultism.

But a much "blacker" part of Highgate's history were the events of 1665, when it was used as a mass burial ground for the victims of the Great Plague. They were brought by the cart-load from London and buried in deep lime-filled pits in the place which is now Queens Wood.

To go back even further there is now sufficient evidence (following recent excavations in Highgate Wood) to be certain that Highgate was once the site of a large Roman community. And as the Romans tended to improve and develop already existing settlements rather than starting from scratch, it was probably inhabited by pre-Druid races long before that.

Whether or not the present day planners will follow the Roman example to improve only where necessary is debatable, although it seems more likely that the speed and convenience of the motor car will take precedence over preserving sentimentality.

And while Highgate waits patiently to await its impending doom, nearby fashionable Hampstead enjoys a slightly longer lease of life.

Hampstead, with its many trends, also has its share of legends. The most famous of these is undoubtedly the "Headless Horseman" who rides noiselessly across a moonlit Heath. Reputed to be the ghost of Dick Turpin, this eerie figure and his horse can be seen galloping past the Spaniards' Inn and Jack Straw's Castle - presumably in the same vicinity where he waylaid stage coaches so long ago.

The countless reports of desecration in Highgate Cemetery have also caused much concern lately. Although the cemetery has been used occasionally for the purpose of conducting ceremonies, it has now become a haven for the black magician who requires ancient relics for use
in his rituals. These vary according to the purpose for which they are needed. Coffin handles and ornaments are the most common target, but sometimes cremation urns or even skulls are removed.

No doubt numerous incidents where coffins have been smashed open or gravestones knocked over can be attributed just to sheer vandalism; but the planned and precise method employed in other cases in obtaining these relics seems to imply that here the purpose is of a more sinister nature. Also, the fact that the valuable lead inside the coffins is always left untouched, rules out plunder or theft as a motive.

It is hardly surprising that the public feeling which has arisen as a result of these occurrences has been one of anger and indignation.

Yet, indirectly, it is the public themselves who have helped to exaggerate the fearful image that prevails about magic - both black and white. Though in the case of black magic this image is undoubtedly well deserved, it is only too often that the actions of the white witches are being confused with the continuing practices of Satanic cults.

As a result of this misinterpretation, fact has become mingled with fantasy, and magic, witchcraft and supernatural phenomena have become so entangled together that only an expert could distinguish between them.

As with most aspects involved in ritual magic, perhaps the one which is least understood is the use of sex in many of the rituals.

However, before it is possible to understand this, it must be realised that such sexual activity is of a highly organised form, and not - as is so often imagined - merely an excuse for promiscuity or what the public would like to think is a mass orgy. There can be no doubt, however, that the association of sex with magic has presented a perfect opportunity for would-be participants to satisfy their own personal desires under the guise of a magical ceremony.

Sometimes sex is included only in symbolic form. Yet apart from the varying degrees in which it is used, sexual practice plays a vital part in the magical mysteries, and although some groups strongly protest and deny that sex is ever used in their ceremonies, the origin of sex in ritual dates back too far to be dismissed as a fabrication.

DECEITFUL: 'Menace of Satanism is very real indeed.'

Perhaps the most disturbing feature is the way the relatively harmless rites of white magic are assumed to be one and the same as the more sinister and diabolic rites of the Black Mass. For although these may appear similar in the overall effect, they are as far apart as the "good" and "evil" which they themselves represent.

As with everything else practised in the Black Mass, sex is included only to be abused. More serious still is the way their "devilish doctrines" spread amongst the innocent members of the community, frightening and misleading the gullible and corrupting the weak-minded.

For Satanism, too, has its priests and its adherents, but unlike Christianity, they proclaim their belief in a deceitful way. And it is not always obvious. Perhaps the Bible sums this up best when it says: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." (1 Peter 5 verse 8).

Cases of Satanic corruption are by no means rare, and frequently priests or leading exorcists of the church are called upon to cast out the devils that have possessed some unfortunate person, the most common way being for the priest to place his hands upon the head of the sufferer, recite the appropriate prayers and command the evil spirit to take leave of its victim.

Sometimes, however, it will be too late, and the only reward to face would-be repenters is to "reap their rewards from the seeds they have sown" - or possible confinement in a mental institution.

Ironically, it is the young, with their tendency to think they are invulnerable, who are the most prone to the evil influences of Satanism. The tragic thing is that many young people, attracted by sexual promise or a dare-devil instinct, are quite unaware of the hidden dangers. Consequently they dabble on the surface and are soon dragged down to become hopelessly entangled in a web of corruption from which there is virtually no escape.

Yet surprisingly enough, the majority of the general public still live in complete ignorance of this dangerous religion, and know nothing more about it than the lurid descriptions they have read either in the press of paperback horror stories. Unfortunately, while the press does its best to relate the more sensational aspects of black magic, the relevant more frightening aspects remain unpublished.

Witchcraft, nevertheless, prevails; and in spite of the charlatans who merely make use of its commercial aspects, the numbers of its true believers are increasing rapidly. For beneath the paraphernalia that engulfs modern witchcraft, there lies a deep inner meaning and purpose which no charlatan could possibly hope to understand.


And while this is true of white magic, it is equally applicable to black. Admittedly, its motivations are of a different nature, but black magic too has its inner teachings, however warped or sacriligous they may be.

So before we dismiss the belief in black magic as sheer fantasy which only takes place in a Dennis Wheatley novel, perhaps it would be as well to remember that the Christian Church herself accepts the extent of its widespread existence, and warns us accordingly - as a part of her doctrine - of the imminent dangers of becoming involved.

The reason for this intervention by the Church where black magic is concerned is not without foundation, and her subsequent warning is applicable to everyone - whatever their beliefs.

Yet perhaps the real problem that arises from the existence of black magic is the minority of people who, although they possess no real knowledge of Satanism, adapt its fundamental beliefs to suit their own ideals.

Thus it is the hoaxers and the dabblers, who continue to scratch the surface of black magic and use its connotations superficially to gain publicity or for commercial gain, who are serving to conceal its real menace. And that menace is a very real menace indeed.

[This article first appeared in the ISLINGTON GAZETTE on September 29th 1972]

Posted by: David Farrant on May 2, 2004 06:17 PM



MANY PEOPLE will be aware, that, in recent times, Mr Patrick Sean Manchester, a self-appointed 'bishop' of the Old Catholic Church, is also claiming to be a direct descendent of the poet Lord Byron. It is his 'hereditary right', he says, and 'backs up' his claim by a mass of self-pronounced assumptions to 'prove' it.
The main one seems to be, a claim made frequently by Manchester, that his mother's side of the family, goes back into famous antiquity, (although this evidence is never actually provided), and that, in other ways, he is directly descended to the great Poet. His father's side of the family, he is less unclear about; or perhaps more accurately, he is unwilling to state more mundane facts, that his father's only claim to any distinction, was a career as an audit clerk.

But to examine the evidence in more detail ... It is a fact that the baby Manchester was born in Nottingham on a dreary Council Estate not far from the busy main line railway station; indeed, only nine miles distant or so from the magnificent remains of Newstead Abbey, the legitimate home of the legendary Lord Byron.
It was here that his parents often used to take him (Manchester) to visit from an early age, and who can imagine what used to run through the infant Manchester's mind as he stared up in wonder at the awesome ruins from his push chair, or what premature thoughts of grandeur were born in this surreal environment that were to have a bearing on his later life. (A marked distinction, perhaps, from his parental home in Nottingham). The makings of a fragmented dream, no doubt, that tormented the young infant's mind ... Why, oh why, should not all this not be a part of his personal heritage? After all, none of the previous residents were around who could take objection; who could despoil his claims; but more than that, he had set foot in the ruins... he had actually been there!

More than likely, this is how the dream first began ... And it is a fact, that from the early 1970's, Manchester was referring to himself as a 'Lord'; although at the time, he was only using this title loosely, calling himself "Peter Lord". His obsession with the genuine Lord Byron, apparently took concrete form a few years later, when Manchester began proclaiming himself to be a direct descendent of the great poet.

This claim - that Manchester commonly circulated to the media and others - went mainly unchallenged, but in a an interview to Time Out in 1980 (in fact, about Manchester's connection with myself), the 'great man' appears to have become 'unstuck'. He was asked about his widely circulated claims to be a 'Lord', and, taken by surprise, Manchester replied to Duncan Campbell ... "The 'Lord' is, says Manchester, a joke-name that arose out of a clairvoyant's opinion that Manchester had been a 13th century Celtic war-lord." (TIME OUT, January, 1981).

Manchester was obviously very cautious about this claim, because even three years later in a letter he wrote to City Limits, (again concerning myself) he stated ..... "according to family records I am the descendent of the noble Bard's indiscretion with a housemaid at Newstead Abbey"! City Limits, May 25 1984. (Explanation mark my own).

Well, I suppose some might surmise that at last we have the evidence to support Manchester's claims to his 'hereditary title'. I suppose we must be fair to Manchester, in that at last, he volunteered information to support his "ancestral links"; but, on the other hand, all this really confirms - if true - is that Manchester is, in effect (and as he appears to boast), only the result of a clandestine affair the real Lord Byron had with some domestic prostitute.

If I am wrong, and if something other should really be the case, then please, Mr Manchester, I beseech thee - in view of the fact that this claim of yours has appeared so persistently on public record - please show us some corroborative evidence which might verify the true situation once and for all.

I am sure that Lord Bryon, himself, would have desired you to produce such evidence. If for no other reason, than to let him rest peacefully in his grave.

David Farrant

[This article first appeared in MAN, MYTH AND MANCHESTER No 1 (ISBN: 0 9517867 7 6 released 2000) and is the exclusive copyright of David Farrant.)

Posted by: David Farrant on May 3, 2004 05:06 PM



An exclusive review by David Farrant

THIS LITTLE BOOKLET self-published by Mr. Patrick Sean Manchester in 1987 (in the days before he started styling himself as a 'vicar' - later to be upgraded to a 'bishop' - in the Old Catholic Church) is a gem for anyone who might otherwise require proof that fantasy and exaggeration when expressed in written form, can actually betray poignant signs of mental disability. Basically, the booklet centres around Manchester himself (as usual) who unashamedly sings his own praises, whilst in the process of making a string of prolonged and vehement attacks opon other people who happen not to agree with his hedonistic, if not fanatical, views.
Oh, yes. The storyline ... Well, Manchester explains how he came to meet, and later marry, one Sarah Jane Crook - in fact, the daughter of a long distance lorry driver who, Manchester admits, he picked up on a North London street. She is wearing a pentagram (a five-pointed star, and a potentially dangerous occult symbol), and Manchester soon learns that she has become involved, indeed entrapped, by a group of Satanists who operate in Croydon, South London. Naturally, Manchester meets the group and 'rescues' her, (an account that takes up many turgid pages), but not before describing how she was forced to take part in many obscene and bizarre rituals. What is disturbing at this point in the booklet, is how Manchester apparently delights going into the graphic detail of this abuse (it should perhaps be clarified, that the account was written after they were married) showing absolutely no concern for his wife's feelings or indeed, for that matter, any readers who might have picked up the unfortunate garbage. For garbage it is which, whether fictional or true, does nothing to lessen Manchester's dishonourable intentions in attempting to shame the name, let alone the dignity, of his wife. The passages referred to here, have not been quoted for fear of causing any further embarrassment to Mr. Manchester's wife. Any readers with a penchant for the morbid or obscene, however, can of course obtain a copy of the booklet for themselves (pages 40, line 12 and 60, line 22 being typical examples of such references.)
Perhaps not surprisingly, From Satan to Christ is not on public sale but can be obtained through PO Box 542, Highgate, N6 6BG - Manchester's private PO Box number that he publishes in the book and which also serves as a convenient 'dead end' address.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 4, 2004 07:47 PM

David Farrant is a very talented gentleman, and a excellent authour. The less said about Mr Manchester the better, i could make a few coments, but i am too polite,and will not go down that road.

Posted by: caroline Pajak on May 5, 2004 07:04 AM


"Wife was 'terrified' by Black Magic threat on the phone" ran one National newspaper on November 5, 1970 [Daily Mirror], "Showdown after 'black threat' court told". ran another [Daily Express]. To understand the essential background that led to these newspaper headlines, we must really go back a few months in time in that fateful year of 1970 . . .


IN EARLY 1970, events temporarily quietened down at Highgate Cemetery following reports on the television and in the local press, about a 'blood-sucking vampire' that had supposedly been sighted there. It was not that rumours about a 'vampire' went entirely away, rather that the only 'hard evidence' available seemed to be the accounts of spasmodic witnesses who still claimed to have seen some sort of 'unearthly figure' there. But to remain with the 'earthly facts' of the case, it is perhaps worth recounting that in August later that year, following a seance conducted by the BPOS whereby we attempted to make 'psychic contact' with the phenomenon, I was arrested by the police in Highgate Cemetery and taken to Court charged with 'vampire hunting', although was later to be acquitted of all implications relating to this alleged offence. (This incident is fully documented in my book BEYOND THE HIGHGATE VAMPIRE - as indeed, it was reported in the press world-wide - and thus I refrain from giving a detailed account here). In fact, my arrest for 'vampire hunting' on this initial occasion, was to prove an important milestone in the Highgate case; one which itself was to herald historic repercussions, albeit not directly connected with the so-called 'Highgate vampire'...
Following my arrest for 'vampire hunting' on that fateful day in August 1970, and after I had temporarily been remanded in Brixton prison, a figure came forward and offered to stand security for my bail. His name was John Bradish, a company director who lived in Barnet; a man whom I had come to know quite well who had a muted interest in the Highgate vampire. The case was yet to be concluded at Clerkenwell Magistrates' Court on September 30th, 1970, but this plea was granted, and I temporarily went to stay with him, and his wife and two young children, at his home in Barnet. It was a kind gesture, but one which John Bradish was apparently later to regret ...

For only a day after I had been granted bail, in the late afternoon, John Bradish opened the door to a slight fair-hailed youth who enquired if ... 'David Farrant was staying there'. Another man, who apparently accompanied him was seen hiding behind some adjacent bushes. Both seemed bent on some clandestine purpose. Yet Bradish recognised the man who had enquired at his door. It was one Tony Hill, a casual acquaintance who he remembered from the Prince of Wales pub in Highgate Village. He was also a close friend of the mysterious person who was lurking behind the adjacent bushes.
Anxious to get rid of the unwanted intruder, Bradish informed him that 'no David Farrant' was staying at his address. The person left; although not without portraying a self-effacing sneer that indicated he hadn't believed one word Bradish had said. Both men then sulked away into the twilight. John Bradish was left slightly perturbed. After all, he had done nothing wrong and could see no valid reason to be pestered by such nuisances.

But the next few days were to prove a climax to the matter. Typewritten letters began to arrive at Bradish's address - all anonymous, but written on the same typewriter . . .

These letters were basically filled with oblique threats to the effect that Bradish had 'taken sides' in an occult feud and that he would be well advised to revoke my bail.


Bradish, perhaps understandably outraged by this unsolicited correspondence, went rushing down to challenge its originator and a scuffle ensued upon the steps of this person's Holloway Road address. In fact, the person who answered the door to John Bradish, was the same man who had previously visited him at his Barnet address with Tony Hill, but this time Bradish, outraged by the threats to himself and his family, pushed this person to the ground and 'kicked him in the leg'. All this took place on a Saturday morning, but early that same afternoon, John Bradish made a formal complaint to the local police who took as evidence the threatening letters.
Bradish took this precaution, in fact, to cover himself from any repercussions from the incident, being well aware that his 'victim' was likely to capitalise upon any incident from which he could gain personal publicity. And this proved to be the case, as later that evening Bradish himself was arrested on a complaint lodged by the aggrieved party and formally charged with 'assault'.

The case came before Stoke Newington Magistrates' Court on November 4th, 1970, and at his request, I accompanied John Bradish at the Hearing. After all, he had been kind enough to stand as a security for my bail and I thought the least I could do was to offer him moral support.

The case, in fact, was somewhat of a fiasco: Mrs Gillian Bradish stating under oath that a man she knew as Sean Manchester had made threatening telephone calls to her, as well - as she suspected - writing the original threatening letters. "I believe in Black Magic, do You? Revoke the bail for Farrant or odd things will happen to your children" ... Gillian Bradish stated in evidence explaining one of the phone calls she had received. She added that there was no doubt in her mind that the voice was that of Sean Manchester. Asked how she was so certain, she continued that she had spoken to Mr Manchester on several occasions in the Prince of Wales pub.

Asked to explain Mrs Bradish's remarks, Mr Manchester denied under Oath that he had made these phone calls, and went on to say that he couldn't have done so in any event as he did not know John Bradish's telephone number as it was ex-directory!

Admitting to 'technical assault' (kicking Manchester in the leg), Bradish was given an absolute discharge. Manchester, however, was bound over to keep the peace on the sum of 200 and warned in particular not to contact Gillian Bradish again.

He didn't.


[This article first appeared in MAN, MYTH AND MANCHESTER, No 2 (released in 2001, ISBN: 0 517867 5 X ) and is the exclusive copyright of David Farrant.)

Posted by: Daavid Farrant on May 6, 2004 08:57 PM

Latest English Scandle.

This is to report that the Regional British Psychic and Occult Society Secretary (ie myself) has been reported to her local police constabulary for sending pornorgraphic material and other unsolicitored items to a certain person mentioned elsewhere on this message board. When in reality it was myself who was receiving all this material etc.

My local police station (Dewsbury) after having thorougly investigated the situation and been in contact with his local police station in Bournemouth have come to the conclusion that this case is totally frivolous and is a waste of police times also to quote from an other police officer who was dealing with the matter "he is totally senile in his old age". Both police constabularies think that he is a crank and have even thrown the initial report that he has made into the wastebin.

Catherine Fearnley
Regional Secretary for David Farrant, President of The British Psychic and Occult Society

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 7, 2004 01:27 PM


David Farrant has mentioned the incident in 1970 when a woman named Gillian Bradish received threatening letters and telephone calls which she believed to emanate from a man named Sean Manchester, so that her outraged husband went around to Manchester's flat, pushed him to the ground and kicked him.
Now, Sean Manchester has a fixed habit of blaming all of his problems in life upon David Farrant, so in his slim, elegantly bound Vampire Hunter's Handbook, he alleges (pp.63-64) that these threatening calls had in fact been made by Farrant, because Gillian's husband John had made advances at Farrant's wife Mary.
However, as Manchester himself observes, John Bradish had stood bail for Farrant, who had been accused of "hunting a vampire" in Highgate Cemetery, a charge of which he was later found innocent. According to the Daily Mirror (5 November 1970) a call received by Mrs Bradish said: "Do you believe in Black Magic? Unless Bradish gives up bail for Farrant, something odd will happen to you and the children." Since the intention was to have Farrant returned to prison, then of all of the people in the world who could have made that call, the one person that we can be certain was innocent was David Farrant. It must have been made by someone who had a grudge against him, e.g. Sean Manchester, who indeed was later held to be responsible by a court, who bound him over to keep the peace.
What really amazes me about Manchester is not his dishonesty, but his stupidity. He doesn't just tell lies, he tells the most ridiculously transparent lies, and then gets all upset and whines because no-one believes him.

Gareth J. Medway.

Posted by: Davif Farrant on May 7, 2004 06:04 PM

Hi David , How far back does your feud with Sean Manchester go back ... to the Highgate vampire or beyond that ? Why is he so obsessed with you , is it jealousy or some other reason or don't you know ?
Is Gareth Medway who wrote about the incident the same man who wrote Lure Of The Sinister ? He is an author of some repute isn t he ? Does Mr Manchester have such support or is this part of his jealousy also , that you are not only a noted author yourself , but have the backing of some impressive ones , Barbara Green , G Medway and also Mr Milne . Sounds like a lot of professional jealousy to me my friend and not a lot of substance ;)

Posted by: Silver Nemisis on May 8, 2004 09:33 AM

I would like to add that I find the incident in which mrs Bradish and her children were threatened quite appaling and sickening , not to mention cowardly . How a person hopes to gain any sort of recognition or be taken in anyway seriously when he participates in threats upon innocent children and downright lies is beyond me . Do his followers know what he has done , or do they consider it justifyable , if so what kind of people are they ? The more I hear about him the less credible he becomes , and more worrying still is that he claims to be a man of God ? Astonishing in light of what he has done /continues to do .... I would like to see him exposed for what he truly is ...

Posted by: Silver Nemisis on May 8, 2004 09:46 AM

Dear Silver Nemisis
Manchester is no more of a 'bishop' then I am a nun believe me. What we are doing on this message board and Bizarre Abyss is exposing him for who he is and what he has done to innocent people over the years including myself more recently just because I'm with David now and have been for the last year and a half.

What Manchester doesn't like is for anyone to have anything to do with David, well aint that tough. I'll stand by him for one and I'm not an author. No doubt anyone who knows David will stand by him as well.

Catherine Fearnley
Secretary for David Farrant.

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on May 8, 2004 01:13 PM

Thanks Silver,

Silver, Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure about the 'limitations' or rules for mentioning other peoples' books on the Internet, but in answer to your question before, Gareth J. Medway is indeed the same person who wrote "Lure of the Sinister". This title is on public record, so if you look it up, you can easily find it.

Thank you again for your reply, Silver. I did not mean that you had to remove your picture from our site - it was just to tell people that they should check first so that we would not be overwhelmed with pictures we had no space for! So please put your pic. back, if you want. Thanks again for your response and comments.

David Farrant.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 8, 2004 10:30 PM


I would invite any personal comments to this posting. But then again, this would seem unlikely, because whenever I have to challenge such propaganda in person, the silence seems to be DEAFENING!


FOR SOME YEARS now, 'Lord' Manchester (a title he coined in the seventies on the premise that he was 'directly descended' from the genuine Lord Byron) has been styling himself as a 'bishop' in the Old Catholic Church. He claims he was 'ordained' as a bishop at the United Reform Church in Barnet in 1991 (after having already been 'ordained' as a priest into the same order at a Moravian Church in Hornsey, north London only a year or so before), and has 'legitimate credentials' to prove it. Whilst these credentials have never been produced by Manchester himself, or anybody else, Manchester nevertheless continues to assert - mainly by means of self-circulated literature that has even been logged on the Internet - that he is a 'genuine' bishop; one whose credentials are recognised by the genuine Old Catholic Church and the Vatican (the latter perhaps being more widely recognised in its state of appeal).

'Secondary credentials', Manchester produces as 'evidence' to prove that he is connected with the Old Catholic Church, would appear much more nebulous and mundane; namely, some second-hand robes he dresses up in (that look for all the world as if they have been purchased from some theatrical fancy dress shop) and other Machiavellian props, such as a bishop's mace and Crook, the latter which he relies upon for support, worried only for how long this particular aged prop is capable of supporting his podgy form.

Yet even disregarding these 'secondary credentials' (which are, by themselves, beyond the scope of rational belief), Manchester's main claims to 'authority and distinction', namely that he is recognised by the Vatican and the bona-fide Old Catholic Church, certainly seem to have become 'unstuck'!

For, in reality, both of these bodies deny all knowledge of Manchester, let alone his puerile antics (self-staged 'ordination' ceremonies, etc.) whereby he claims he should be recognised as a genuine bishop.

For the record, the official body of the Old Catholic Church (based in Utrecht), totally deny that Manchester was ever ordained as one of their bishops; indeed, they say they have 'never even heard of him'!

The Vatican, on the other hand, whilst recognising (or rather, recognising the existence of) the Old Catholic Church in Holland, categorically deny any knowledge of a 'bishop Manchester'.

It would appear that this is just another cry by Manchester for recognition for yet another of his desperate claims to distinction; many of which - along with his absurd pronunciations to be a descendent of Lord Byron - are doomed to fall flat on the ears of obscurity.

No. Manchester is most definitely not a bishop in the genuine Old Catholic Church: unless, of course, Manchester is confusing the legitimate Old Catholic Church with semi-quasi organisations based in the UK who have adopted this title but have (like Manchester) been denounced as phonies by the official Old Catholic Church itself. Many 'leaders' of these copy-catting groups refer to themselves as 'Old Catholic Bishops', but their credentials are highly suspect, to say the least. They do exist, but have been exposed on a massive scale in the English press; to the extent that several of these 'bishops' are currently serving long jail sentences for indecency offences involving under-aged boys.

Devoid of recognition by the official Old Catholic Church, it is unlikely that Manchester would want to be identified with such groups as these that operate in England.

It may be coincidence - or perhaps not - but shortly following the convictions and jail sentences of these bogus bishops in the UK for indecency offences in the late 1990's, ("The Most Evil Church on Earth", ran one exposé‚ in the News of the World on February 23 1997) Manchester quickly dropped his title of an Old Catholic Bishop overnight, and began instead calling himself, the "Bishop of Glastonbury"!

It would be tempting here, perhaps, to dismiss Manchester's claims to identify himself with dubious titles as the ravings of somebody not completely in control of his normal senses. But then, we should perhaps not condemn him too excessively for this: he was not to know his dreams to be a 'bishop' of the Old Catholic Church were to suffer such a devastating blow. He has one small consolation at least, perhaps ... It would seem that he is 'safe' (for the moment, at least) in calling himself the 'Bishop of Glastonbury'. There can't be anymore scope for 'bogus bishop scandals' in peaceful Glastonbury ... surely??

Well. further potential exposé‚s aside, it can be safely said that Manchester has most truly made a bed for himself out of his most unholy lies and deceit. Trapped in a web of treachery, (and nothing short than an act of genuine repentance could save him), he has ordained himself to lie forever beneath its unclean sheets.

Jane Crookshank

NB The article referred to in the News of the WORLD ON February 23rd 1997, actually referred to an 'archbishop' Linale (of the Old Catholic Church in the UK) who had been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for sexually abusing two under-aged boys. The article went on to clarify that one John Simmonds was running the Old Catholic Church in Linale's 'absence' from his home in Kent (his 'church' was in his garage). What the article did not clarify, was that John 'bishop' Simmons (of the Old Catholic Church in the UK) had been 'ordained' by one 'archbishop' Illtyd Thomas of the Old Catholic Church in the UK. By amazing coincidence - or perhaps not - the very same 'archbishop' who later ordained one Mr. Patrick Sean Manchester in 1991 as a bishop of the 'Old Catholic Church'. Coincidence...?

NB [2] The News of the World article concluded by reporting that there had been a break in the official Old Catholic Church based in Utrecht which had resulted in the small pseudo groups based in the UK. The article concluded by saying ... A spokesman for the Catholic hierarchy said: "The Old Catholic Church was first formed in Holland in the late 19th century when a group broke away in an argument over the authority of the Pope."

"It is very small and has nothing to do with us."

David Farrant, President, BPOS.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 8, 2004 10:53 PM


Dear David Farrant,

I am writing now as a fan of entertainment that titillates from fear of the unknown, and as a concerned father of a son who believes he is a vampire.
With great respect for you as an authority figure in this horrific world, I would beg you to consider your responsibility as an intellectual who promulgates excitement with narrative and story to young people who perhaps have learning disabilities and/or low intelligence quotients. I am sure you are not in your endeavours trying to create misanthropes or haters of mankind. Actually, you have a wonderful opportunity here to elevate the field you portray successfully.
If you would be so kind as to write a few lines to me, for my son and explain your intent and belief as to the nature of vampires.

Does this folklore, myth and legend represent Reality? Should we all become vampires who live only in the night to hate humans and behave as instruments of the Devil? Is there not a benevolent God who also loves us? Are not vampires at best science fiction, albeit that science fiction can become science? Should we kill humans or hate police officers or be terrorists?
Please answer some of these questions for us in a realistic, responsible manner to help guide those young people who don't actually comprehend the subtle intellectualisations manifest in your narratives.
Appreciating that you have the power to guide the world views necessary for community life of impressionable and susceptible individuals, your statements (for your great fans) would be important. In some cases, as my son's. you could formulate the framework for his whole, actual life.
Please help a concerned parent and a big fan with reality about vampires.
Dr. Jerry Jacobson.

P.S. You may publish this letter with your responses.

Jupiter, F1 33477, USA.

Dear Dr. Jerry Jacobson,

Thank you for your letter of December 12 regarding 'vampires' and their possible relationship - or rather non-relationship - with reality. I do not know which particular narrative you may have read or seen of mine in America so it would be difficult to comment on that, except to say that sometimes comments I have made on the subject of vampirism have been misunderstood and taken out of context, even misquoted. I think the latter is because many people tend to be attracted to the sensational aspects associated with 'vampirism', and to many extents, we have the movie industry or overzealous writers to thank for that.
I think the simplest way to deal with your letter rather than writing a prolonged thesis (which in any event I would not have the time to do), is to take your questions in order, although even then, due to the complexity of the whole subject (and I am not just referring to vampirism but the whole field of psychic phenomena in general), much can not be detained in an initial letter.

You say ... Does this folklore, myth and legend represent Reality?

I think it is appropriate that you spelt 'Reality' with a capital 'R', for this really, in essence, (or rather the understanding of it) is the fundamental key to the understanding of all existence. In relation to 'vampires', that is the mythical being that is supposed to sleep in a coffin by day, survive on human blood by night and which can be destroyed by being staked through the heart, the simple answer is 'no'. They have no real existence outside the fantasies or speculation that can sometimes accompany very human existence. This not to say that there do not exist other forms of energy (psychic energy for want of a better word) that are not dependent on life as we know it. But that is really an entirely different matter.

Should we all become vampires who live only in the night to hate humans and behave as instruments of the Devil?

The answer to this question is really explained above. It is not possible to become something that does not exist. Any attempt to do so can only result in fantasy and self-delusion; which is not to say that many people do not choose to live their lives in such a manner, not necessarily only in relation to 'vampires'. As regards allowing ourselves to be used as "instruments of the Devil" (I prefer the word "evil"), many people do allow themselves to be used as such instruments; again, not only in relationship to vampirism. You only have to look at the world in general to see that this is the case. But this does not supply any evidence for the existence of 'vampires' - only proof for the illusions and man-made beliefs that make up human nature.

Is there not a benevolent God who loves us?

This is surely a 'loaded question', and is impossible to answer in its present form. It all depends on your definition of the word 'God'. What may represent 'God' to you, may be interpreted entirely differently by someone else. It would therefore be impossible to attempt to answer an unknown concept or interpretation, and even if I understood your own particular viewpoint, such an answer would be way beyond the scope of a letter.

Are not vampires at best science fiction, albeit that science fiction can become science?

While it is true that the science fiction of today (or some of it) may prove to be fact in the future, this can only be true of material fact which is yet waiting to be discovered. It is not true of fact that is non-material in the first place. In other words, illusion can never become reality. It would be like trying to mix fire with water. Where you have one, the other is not.

Should we kill humans or hate police officers or be terrorists?

I would have thought the answer to this is obvious. Humans should never kill one another; although sadly, they do. The act of killing only comes about because of a basic lack of understanding about the sanctity of life. The tiniest insight into this would be enough to prevent its happening. And, of course, we should not forget that this includes all life; police officers are living beings too.

Well, I have tried to answer your questions as concisely as has been possible. You may appreciate that the whole subject of vampirism (what with all the myth, legends, varying interpretations, beliefs, and so on) is a very complex subject. But you may have gathered that I do not accept the fundamental principle that 'vampires' exist as 'blood-sucking beings'.
The legends (myths) exist, that I do not dispute. But the existence of a belief, does not necessarily give it substance in reality.
Thank you again for your letter, and I hope the above has been of some help.

Yours sincerely,

David Farrant, president,
BPOS/The Highgate Vampire Society.


Posted by: David Farrant on May 9, 2004 05:06 PM

To Silver:

I gather you e-mailed a certain 'bishop' today as you wanted to hear his version of what happened (about events that I have previously described here). He apparently e-mailed you back via Barbara Green and his reply (to yourself) was subsequently relayed to me.

I think, Silver, we could at last be making progress when people question, and then, convey the information honestly as you have done, without taking sides!

As a psychic investigator (and an author, some would say!), I know how important it is to be objective about situations in life - although the person I am discussing does not seem to want to allow others the same privilege.

I am not going to answer his reply to you on this public forum; indeed, to do so would be to negate everything I have just said.

But, in general terms, it is quite incredible to observe how much this person is trapped in the distant past (in this instance, some 34 years ago!)

Personally, I try and live my life in the present as much as possible and not to dwell upon negative events in the past. That is not a contradiction; if I have referred to past events here recently, it is only because I have been forced to do so by people who just do not seem to want to 'let the past go': it HAS gone, but I think at the very least, we should be truthful about it and not take advantage of a 'distance in time' to attempt to disguise some events we do not like, or attempt to 'alter' such events just because we may not like the course of history!

Having said that, Silver, if there is anything you want to ask me publicly about any of these events, then please do so and I will answer you publicly. I have got absolutely nothing to hide about events in the past; indeed, I would be pleased to clarify any potential misunderstanding.

Thanks again for your interest, David (Farrant)

Posted by: David Farrant on May 9, 2004 07:19 PM

Hi David , No I didn t contact them , they contacted me and were very rude to me as you have seen. The contact was unsolicited ,and didn t leave me with a favourable lasting impression of them , who they represent and what they stand for .

Posted by: SilverNemisis on May 9, 2004 10:14 PM

Dear Silver, (Sorry)

I think I know What has happened here. It’s a good guess that you were contacted as a result of leaving your e-mail address to a posting. I am sorry if I got this the wrong way around. and I apologise for this. But I will contact you soon to explain. David.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 9, 2004 10:46 PM

Hi Silver--just to add Catherine was at my house and we were on the computer when your post came through. I have answered you privately--you should have got it by now,espepcially about the rude comments about David's and my books--as opposed to his nibs best selling block busters!
You may have come to your own conclusions by now but his nibs is unlikely to "gain friends and influence people" by speaking to them like the headmaster telling a class of naughty children off, but this is how he deals with anyone who does not fall at his feet shouting "hallelujah". He likes to think he is higher than the run or mortal man, what with his vampires and visions and
other amazing "virtues" (!!??)
Read this:

......."has many failings,certainly, but reamins untainted by the baser vices.As his virtues,good qualities are all of the highest order. He is honourable and open in all his dealings and he is kind. He is deeply affected by the distress of others while at the same tiem pleased when they prosper. Tender hearted to a degree he shrinks with feminie sensibility from the sight of c ruelty. he is true spokem benevolent and brave; he calmness and presence of mind in the hour of danger are of offspring of a cool resolution and to act becomingly and well. he is alive to every indication of good feeling in others and his unstinted devotion to duty at times moves him to tears.---he is neither vain glorious or overbearing---he is the epitome of chivalry and honour. O f his lesser qualities very little need be said because his more inveterate detrators
have doen justice to his to his powers of pleasing and irrespistable charms of his general deportment."

There's more but I'm in a rush, if you don't agree then you are called a satanist, a hsyteric or sad spinster or something equally rude. Where you live may be held up to ridicule to illustrate his point against you.

I'd keep out of his unholy brew of nourishing broth if I was you, Silver
I think he was dropped on his tea cosy when he was a baby.

Posted by: barbara green on May 10, 2004 02:59 AM

Today my parents received a letter from a certain person saying that I posted the following articles:
Beware The Bogus Bishop
Some Truth About The Highgate Vampire Legend
Life and Times of Baby Manchester
Lord Manchester a Past History
Not only that but this letter goes onto say that I've been harrassing this person, abusing him, and so forth when all I have done is to retract the many lies that have been written about myself and David on the internet.
I've since spoken to David about this matter and he says that when my parents write to this particual person which they will do asap, that they've to mention that it was David himself who did the postings and if Manchester wants to take the matter any further then he's to go through David's solicitor and leave me and my family well alone.
He has also threatened me with a custodial sentence and suggested that I go for councelling no less, somewhere locally. It is not me who needs councelling. At least I don't go around saying that I exorcised vampires and one changed into a whopping great big spider.
Also I do not use various names on the internet to post false allegations such as Vampire Research Society, The Cross and The Stake, Society of St George.
Also in this letter it says that Manchester does not write about us on the internet, well one only has to look at the latest online newsletter that he has done to see that it mentions us indirectly it may be but we all no it is.
My parents will be writing to Manchester within the day or so, but if you say anything else about either myself or David or Barbara Green anywhere on the internet and I mean anywhere then you will also be hearing from my solicitor there are a couple of good ones in our local town.
One only has to see from the Internet Providers addresses that the IP's are different. What I would like is a written apology through mail or on the internet not that we ever will.

Secretary for David Farrant

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 10, 2004 07:42 AM

At least David is man enough to publically say that he is sorry.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 10, 2004 09:45 AM

correction, if a certain someone says one more thing about any of us ever again on here, or elsewhere, he will be getting notified by my solicitor not Davids. Although it is upto David himself if he wants to get his own solicitor involved!!!!


Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 10, 2004 03:05 PM

As we seem to be running in tandem please check out


it will save a lot of duplication and repitation--when I have more time I'll explain how all this funny business started, with the Bishop or Lord Manchester and the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society and his vampire hunt at Kirklees but its very late now
--I wonder what the bishop does to contribute to society apart from keeping us amused--though I must say some of his latest tricks have been far from amusing!

But is funny,that is funny peculiar not funny haha , what does the bishop do in his spre tiem from the message boards?

Yawn night all


Posted by: barbara green on May 10, 2004 05:52 PM

As we seem to be running in tandem please check out


it will save a lot of duplication and repitation--when I have more time I'll explain how all this funny business started, with the Bishop or Lord Manchester and the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society and his vampire hunt at Kirklees but its very late now
--I wonder what the bishop does to contribute to society apart from keeping us amused--though I must say some of his latest tricks have been far from amusing!

But is funny,that is funny peculiar not funny haha , what does the bishop do in his spre tiem from the message boards?

Yawn night all


Posted by: barbara green on May 10, 2004 05:52 PM

As we seem to be running in tandem please check out


it will save a lot of duplication and repitation--when I have more time I'll explain how all this funny business started, with the Bishop or Lord Manchester and the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society and his vampire hunt at Kirklees but its very late now
--I wonder what the bishop does to contribute to society apart from keeping us amused--though I must say some of his latest tricks have been far from amusing!

But is funny,that is funny peculiar not funny haha , what does the bishop do in his spre tiem from the message boards?

Yawn night all


Posted by: barbara green on May 10, 2004 05:52 PM



You today wrote yet another letter to Catherine Fearnley' parents accusing her of being responsible for postings that I have made concerning yourself - both here and elsewhere - on the Internet lately.

Be assured Mr Manchester, any postings that I have made about yourself can be clearly identified in that these have been signed by myself in my real name. Any postings Catherine has made concerning yourself (and these have invariably been forthcoming to answer or retract malicious propaganda that you had circulated - or had cause to have circulated - in the first place) may be likewise clearly identified as these are signed by Catherine in her real name.

Last week you reported Catherine to her local Police Station for sending you hard-core pornography to your e-mail address. Well, I have got news for you Mr. Manchester, SHE DID! At least, (and as I explained to Catherine's local Police), she returned a mass of this material to yourself UNOPENED after this had been sent to her (and Barbara Green) on an on-going basis.

I also reminded her local Police that last year, you had employed similar tactics with myself by reporting me to your local Police in Bournemouth saying that I had sent you 'white powder'. The harassment charge against me was dropped by the Prosecution after they learned that an envelope - with my finger-prints on it - containing this 'powder' had originally contained a copy of Man, Myth and Manchester which I had forwarded in the unlikely event you might wish to offer any comment.

The charge against me was dropped and I was awarded costs. But I re-listed the case for a proper Hearing and it was later dismissed and I was awarded full costs.

Catherine's local Police dropped your complaint after thoroughly checking into it (which included checking with the Bournemouth Police); indeed, they even threw the original 'log' number in the waste-paper bin!

If you wish to make any complaint about my recent postings about yourself, Mr. Manchester, you of course know my private address.

Being the cowardly person that you really are, there is obviously little likelihood of this happening.

But I herewith challenge you publicly to report myself to the police. I have already signed the postings, but to make it really easy for you, I am again verifying this publicly.

In the meantime, Mr Manchester, you would be well-advised to cease you campaign against Catherine. I will not permit this to continue unabated. She is, after all, a young lady of nearly half your age. Still, as your policy has always been to pick upon people whom you view as weak (in fact, she isn't) this hardly surprises me.
Keep your hatred for myself, Mr Manchester. I am well immune to it.

To sum it up (re. the latter) you could say that I am the 'proverbial duck's back'. YOU, Mr Manchester, are the water!

Yours very sincerely, DAVID FARRANT, President,
British Psychic and Occult Society, The Highgate Vampire Society.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 10, 2004 06:44 PM

THE TALCUM POWDER PLOT (Some facts to verify the previous Post)

The accusations Manchester makes about myself being "under police investigation" are now more than slightly outdated. What happened was, that in 2002, Manchester approached his local police station in Bournemouth (dressed up as a "bishop"!), and told them that 'David Farrant, a Satanist with criminal convictions', had been 'harassing' himself and his wife, his London secretary Diana Brewster and another member of his 'Vampire Research Society' called Keith MacClean who lives in North Wales, by sending all of them unsolicited literature,

The main issue was that he claimed I sent him an envelope containing white powder to his post office address in Highgate. This was apparently forwarded to him, by Diana Brewster, to his private residence in Bournemouth. When he opened the envelope, he claimed, 'white powder' exploded into his face, that had been triggered by some home made mechanism within the envelope. Manchester told the police that he was concerned because he felt this was part of some attempt to kill him, i.e. by causing respiratory failure, and hinted that this had been some kind of 'assassination attempt' because of a campaign he had embarked upon to 'expose Satanists'!

In fact, this 'white powder' had never been sent by myself, or anybody I knew. (As a matter of interest, the police were later to analyse this substance, and were satisfied that it was not anthrax, as had been implied.) What I had actually sent was a copy of Man, Myth and Manchester 4.

In April 2002 I discovered Mr. Manchester's private address, so no longer had any need to communicate with him or his group through his widely advertised post office box in Highgate. I did send him other material, to his home address in Bournemouth, but this consisted of either flyers for booklets, or indeed the booklets themselves, and tapes.
The police first approached me in September 2002, to issue me with a 'Warning Notice' that I should not send any further material to Mr Manchester, his wife, Diana Brewster, or Keith MacClean. They said that if I did I was liable to be arrested.

I took no notice of this, in fact, shortly afterwards, I telephoned Sergeant PC Coombs of the Bournemouth police, to say the notice was invalid, because it had been issued without them coming to interview me about any allegations in it beforehand. I told PC Coombs that the material (MM&M and the tapes) had only been published in the first place in response to a mass of malicious allegations Manchester was making about myself and my colleagues on the Internet and elsewhere.

The next thing I knew was, that two police officers turned up, on the 12th of December 2002, and said I was under arrest, under instructions from the Bournemouth police. I was taken to Tottenham Lane police station, where I was informed that two police officers from Bournemouth were on their way up to London to interview me, which they did at about 4.30 that same day. They produced a number of envelopes/items that Mr Manchester said he had received. He had made a statement to the Bournemouth police to this effect, and it was read to me. Mr Manchester alleged that I had sent him malicious or offensive material, and that I had been in the process of doing this since 1972; and he described this as 'hate mail'. He said that the amount of letters had increased in the last ten years. Manchester said that in March 2002 he received one such letter at his London P.O. address, his secretary sent the letter to his home address unopened, and that this contained the white powder, that 'exploded in his face'. The police told him at the time that if he'd felt any ill effects, he should go to the hospital.
Manchester claimed that in April 2002 he received another letter, this time sent to his home address. (Strangely enough, at that time Manchester was claiming on the Internet that the address the circular letters were sent to in Bournemouth - in a street leading to a cliff pathway - was not his personal address, but "church property" and a "safe house" for victims who had been involved in Satanism.) On opening the letter, there was a cartoon printed on a piece of paper, accompanied by a large typed word, which said, 'MOVING?' He went on to say that on Thursday the 9th of May he received another envelope at his home address, but when he opened it there was nothing inside.
Then (he stated) on Saturday 11th May 2002 he again received another envelope, at his home address, which when opened had nothing inside. Manchester produced this envelope (as with the previous envelope, as an exhibit).
That was Mr Manchester's statement to the police, as it was given and signed by him on the 14th of May 2002, with the usual pledge that if he had stated anything false he would be liable to prosecution.
On the 6th of December 2002 Manchester again made a statement to the Bournemouth police. In this he stated that on the 25th of November Diana Brewster had received a letter from me, which she again forwarded to himself. He stated that the contents of this letter were in the form of a pamphlet titled Man, Myth and Manchester. which detailed malicious comments about his wife and himself. He said he was extremely offended by these comments, which were all false.

This much, at least, I was told by the police; who, let us remember, were totally reliant on their information from Mr. Manchester himself.
After this they showed me the evidence, and this differed quite considerably from the items (books, fliers, tapes, &c.) that I had actually sent to Mr. Manchester. For example, I had sent Mr. Manchester a copy of Man, Myth and Manchester 5, but what he had given to the police were only two or three pages, which had been guillotined and photocopied from the original, so that, needless to say, they were taken out of context. (It may be interesting to note that the envelope in which the booklet was originally sent - and which had my fingerprints on it - carried a 41 pence stamp, just the exact price that it cost to dispatch a complete copy of Man, Myth and Manchester.) One can only speculate why Manchester didn't want the police to see the whole booklet.
Another such A5 jiffy envelope, shown to me by the police, contained only a piece of brown sandstone, that he claimed was part of some "Satanic curse" designed to harm him. It had originally contained a cassette tape (entitled Man, Myth and Manchester, series 1 tape 3), one of those that we have serialised as 'The Seangate Tapes'.

This notwithstanding, Manchester was apparently convinced that he had a good case ... so much so, that he boasted in an Internet release at the end of 2002 that "Farrant had been arrested for harassment against him", and faced a custodial sentence. Indeed, he finished by saying .. "It seems that Farrant's goose will be cooked this year well in time for Christmas"! Undoubtedly, this was Manchester's original intention. But he was not yet to count on the fact that the police, not to mention the Court, were to see through this fabricated evidence. (In fact, Manchester did not even have the courage to turn up in Court during the proceedings: probably hoping that his devious antics would remain undiscovered whilst the Court and the police were proceeding on the fabricated evidence that he, himself, had originally presented ..)

The case summary, which was to have been read out in court at the beginning of the trial, included the assertion that: "On the 25th of November 2002 Manchester's London secretary and friend Diana Brewster received a booklet in the post titled Man, Myth and Manchester which comments on Manchester being a fake reverend and his wife an ex-prostitute." Notice that it says: "comments on" rather than "alleges that".
On January 21st 2003 I appeared in Court and made a brief submission to the Stipendiary Magistrate to the effect that although three other persons had been named on the charge sheets, namely, Diana Brewster, Sarah Manchester, and Keith MacClean, none of these people had submitted statements to the police. I emphasised that when the case came to Court I would like these three people to be present, even if they had to be subpoenaed, despite the fact that these witnesses might be hostile I also added that although some of the evidence had been forensically examined, I would be making an application to the Court, to have all of it forensically examined, as this would prove that much of it had been tampered with. The case was adjourned until the 3rd of March.

At the appearance on March 3rd 2003, I was informed that the prosecution were not proceeding with the case, but I told the Court, through my solicitor, that I would be reinstating the case for a proper hearing, so as to clear my name. They agreed, and relisted the case for April 23rd. In the meantime, I wrote to the Court, outlining the manner in which the evidence had been fabricated. I said it was essential that this be established, as I wanted the charges to be officially dismissed.

I attended court on April the 23rd, but was informed by them that the prosecution were not prepared to proceed with the charge. The Stipendiary Magistrate officially dismissed the case, and awarded myself full costs.

It is interesting, perhaps, that the misinformation Manchester frequently publicises about myself (and others who may disagree with his ludicrous claims about 'vampires', or his status as a genuine bishop), is invariably designed to misinform a majority of people about events long since lost in the past, about which they would normally have little or no knowledge. Sometimes, however, thinking his claims are safe from any intelligent perception, Manchester will make an obvious slip, and exposes his own untrue propaganda.
In the Spring of 2002, for instance, Manchester was busy inundating the Fortean Times website Noticeboard, under the name 'Exorcistate', with material attacking people he believed were Satanists, or had involvements in the occult: such as, being witches or other occultists. An interesting posting appeared on this site at this time, when Manchester stated that he had recently been sent through the post a 'poisonous black powder'. He went on to say that this was sent by the Count Dracula Fan Club (in America) and that this had clearly been an attempt to cause 'respiratory failure'. He said the powder was analysed, but conveniently did not say by whom. A month or two after Manchester went into more detail on another of his websites called Gothic Press, and we now learn far more ...

The VRS and its founder [Vampire Research Society, founder Mr Sean Manchester] have been receiving abusive e-mail from the "Count Dracula Fan Club" for many years. In February 1997, however, Youngson and company excelled themselves by sending a "death" curse that contained a poisonous black substance ... The black powder was analysed as a highly toxic substance that could cause respiratory failure ... The "CDFC" or "Vampire Empire," as it is now called, began its vendetta against Sean Manchester soon after publication of his expose of satanic cults, and people like Farrant, in 1988.

It would appear that Manchester's obsession with "poisonous powder" (black or white, whichever seems to take his convenient fancy), is not solely confined to the anonymous packet that he alleged to the police was sent by David Farrant. But Manchester's deliberate lies, are essentially a matter for him. Truth can never be changed by evil intent. And as I have told Manchester in the past, Truth will cut far deeper than any double-edged sword he claims to wield ....

David Farrant

[This article first appeared in Man, Myth and Manchester No 8 released in 2004 - ISBN 0 9539481 6 1 - and is the exclusive copyright of David Farrant]

Posted by: David Farrant on May 10, 2004 07:06 PM

Thank you David for the post above, if he does report you I'll back you up to the hilt and if by chance you do need me as a witness I'll be there for you.

Lots of love always

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 10, 2004 07:14 PM


-by Gareth J. Medway-

REGULAR INTERNET SURFERS may have come across the sites www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk and www.holygrail-church. fsnet.co.uk (which to some extent contain the same material), and have perhaps been alarmed by the reports contained therein about modern Satanism. Wild allegations about Devil worship are common nowadays, but usually they contain a striking absence of names, dates, places and other details that would enable researchers to check up on them. On these websites, by contrast, are names and photographs of real people, which not only appears to lend authenticity to its claims, but also makes an independent investigation possible.
Though this material is all anonymous, the presence of a "Line of Apostolic Succession" meant to prove that Sean Manchester is a legitimate bishop, photographs known to to have been taken by Sean Manchester, advertisements for the publications of Sean Manchester, incessant attacks on perceived enemies of Sean Manchester, and praise for the genius of Sean Manchester, make the author's identity fairly clear.
A major item is entitled "Aleister Crowley: a Legacy of Satanism". This is a huge enough misconception to start off with. Crowley wrote about religion and magic from a variety of viewpoints. On one occasion he composed a book of hymns to the Virgin Mary, and persuaded a Catholic publisher, who was led to believe that it was written by a convent girl, to issue it. No-one suggests that this made Crowley a Catholic, yet his equally tongue in cheek Satanic writings (only a small portion of his total output) are taken at face value, and extracts are quoted here. Why should this be so? I think the trouble is that real Satanists have always been far fewer in number than the self-appointed experts on Satanism, so that the latter have to create their evidence out of little or nothing. Also, while Crowley's Satanic humour is not very sophisticated, it is still too subtle for the average anti-Satanist. It must further be pointed out that his line "With the cross of jesus trampled on the floor" (Collected Works, vol. 2, p.4) did not (as implied here) refer to Devil worship, but came from a satire on the Plymouth Brethren. The juiciest claims concern those people identified as modern disciples of Crowley, most notably David Farrant, who is described as a homosexual Devil worshipping Nazi. Farrant would like to point out that he is not a homosexual (though he has no personal objection to homosexuality), nor is he a Devil worshipper or a Nazi. Similar claims are made about the Robin Hood impersonator John Pope de Locksley, and have provoked similar denials, including a detailed list of his female conquests.
So what evidence is offered for these allegations? A photograph is included of Pope de Locksley standing outside a school wearing a swastika armband. It was in fact taken by Manchester himself in 1977. He had asked Pope to model for him as he needed an illustration for an article he was writing on neo-Nazis, and Pope, an easy going man, agreed. Manchester made a promise, which he has not kept, that Pope's face would be blacked out. The article duly appeared in the Borehamwood Post. When the Sunday People asked Pope about the picture, he told them that it was a fake, as were the others reproduced in the Post, and they published this admission; but when Manchester asked him to sign a piece of paper retracting this he again agreed. Evidently this "Satanic Nazi" obligingly did anything Manchester requested. Since to this day Manchester is seething about the People exposure, the website includes Pope's "retraction".
Pope de Locksley ... "identified himself as the Antichrist to the authors of The Messianic Legacy (Corgi, 1977, page 282)", an assertion disprovable simply by looking at that page of that book, which does not mention Pope at all. He is further claimed to be ... "Connected to innumerable satanic cults, including Masonic lodges such as Ordo Templi Orientis". Whether the O.T.O. can strictly be called Masonic is debatable; but it is certain that neither Masonry nor the O.T.O. can be termed "satanic".
The Wicca Workers' Party, formed by Farrant in 1978, is described here as being an "extreme right-wing" movement. According to the Hornsey Journal, 30 June 1978, the main policies of the Wicca Workers' Party were "Free love, getting out of the Common Market, sweeping reforms of the prison service ... and an end to the ritual slaughter of livestock". Moreover, if Farrant was in charge, "nakedness would no longer be an offence against public decency, corruption would be abolished in the police force, we would cook by solar power and treat ailments with herbs, not artificial drugs." Over and above this, according to the Evening News, 21 July 1978, Farrant wanted "more power for the Queen, a return to pre-decimal currency ... and an end to metrication plans."
No-one could read Nazism into this. In April 1979, however, two months before the General Election, voters in Hornsey received flyers purporting to come from the WWP, which showed Farrant brandishing a machine gun, and advocated far right policies. Obviously, it was a hoax by someone with a grudge against Farrant - one can only speculate who.
Manchester states that, in an e-mail, Dutch writer Wouter Mols "does not deny" that David Farrant has engaged in black magic. The fallacy can best be explained by analogy: I recently received a post card which says: "I'm having a great time in Prague! Say hi to Marky Mark for me. See you soon. Lots of love, Rosie." It is an indisputable fact that in the foregoing missive the authoress does not deny that Sean Manchester is a Satanic reptilian from the constellation Draco who eats live mice and is plotting to take over the planet Earth. This is not to say that he is, obviously, but only that she had no reason to raise that subject.
The web pages also reiterate allegations about animal sacrifice. They quote an article that had appeared in the News of the World, 23 September 1973, in which a former girlfriend of Farrant said that she had taken part in a ritual in Highgate Woods during which Farrant beheaded a cat, and then promiscuous sex took place. The problem is that nine months later, 30 June 1974, the same woman gave an interview to the same paper and said: "David took me once or twice to a seance at a house in Barnet, where an old lady called Helen lived. There were seven or eight people there, naked, and standing in a circle holding hands round a symbol painted on the floor, and Farrant read bits from the Bible. That's all the ceremony I ever saw." Obviously, she can't have been telling the truth both times, which leaves little reason to believe in the veracity of the first interview. Farrant denies that he has ever sacrificed an animal, and he was certainly never prosecuted for it.
"Pop singer John Baldry received black magic threats from Farrant in 1973." It is surprising that Manchester should choose to remind people of this affair. A certain magician has told me who, to his knowledge, actually posted the curse items that were received by Baldry - and it certainly wasn't David Farrant.
There is loads much more of this stuff, but these samples should suffice. It is hard to resist the conclusion that much of this constitutes what is called "psychological projection", that is, seeing one's own faults in others ... "The motive of publicity-seeking charlatans - hitherto completely anonymous figures driven by a compulsion to gain attention by either manufacturing claims or by interloping - seems to be to control others and gain for themselves the delusion of power", Sean Manchester tells us. David Farrant "hides behind a post office address" opines Manchester, who makes his home at Box 542, Highgate - isn't it a bit squashed in there, Sean?
What is really offensive is the implication that all the people named on the site, who in fact have a variety of religious positions (e.g. Kev Demant, a Catholic), are involved with or connected to Satan worship. I don't think Manchester would like it if I told the world that he is not really a Christian at all, but a Muslim. Yet that would be less outrageous than his own allegations.
It is true that some of the people named here are occultists of some kind. But Manchester is trying to propagate the elementary fallacy that occultism equals Satanism. The fact is that for a couple of decades Manchester, whilst a Christian, presented himself as e.g. "a full time occultist" and a "white magician", News of the World, 24 January 1971 - though this paper is notorious for misquoting people, there is usually the giveaway that the victim has purportedly confessed to being very wicked - and there is no sign of that here. Even in 1985, he published a book in which he stated that he cast magic circles, adding the comment "I suppose ... I am practising 'white' magic", The Highgate Vampire, p.18. On p. 81 of the same book he stated his belief that allegations that David Farrant sacrificed animals were untrue.
A sudden turnaround came about in 1988. Probably he was moved by the rising Evangelical movement, who emphasised that "you can't be a Christian and an occultist". Manchester fell down on the Christian side of the fence, and, rather than simply renouncing his occult past, he denied that it had ever existed. He issued a booklet, From Satan to Christ, in which he stated that: "I have been described as many things, including a witch and magician, by the press. Each time I have usually been able to trace the source to a known Satanist or group of Satanists." (p,8).
To justify this claim he needed some Satanists. Many born again Christians will say that, before they were saved, they used to belong to Satanic cults so secretive that they cannot now identify one member or meeting place. Manchester, however, named some real individuals, notably Farrant and Pope de Locksley - one would never guess from his booklet that he had been a friend of the latter for fifteen years. He repeated several of the 1970s newspaper allegations about Farrant, the very ones he had declared to be untrue three years earlier.
Since then Manchester has become progressively more Christian, being enigmatically elevated to the Bishopric of Glastonbury - I would love to hear from anyone who may have attended a service in a church under his obedience - and has grown correspondingly more paranoid and abusive with it. Hence we have the utterly extreme material that he is now circulating on the internet. One can only wonder what on earth he is going to come up with next.

Gareth Medway is the author of Lure of the Sinister (New York University Press, 2001 hardback pp 465 œ21.75 463 ISBN 0 8147 5645 X) a book that deals extensively with modern day Satanism. He is also a regular contributor to Fortean Studies, and is presently working on another occult related book.

[This article first appeared in Man, Myth and Manchester No 4 and is the exclusive copyright of Gareth J. Medway] DAVID FARRANT

Posted by: David Farrant on May 11, 2004 05:06 PM

The British Psychic and Occult Society have some interesting projects in the pipeline. Just because I won't be posting nearly every day on here or elsewhere does not mean that I do not support David because I will always stand by him as David is a proper friend of mine. We will be gaining extra support and extra publicity over the country.

Will keep everyone in the picture as and when details will be made.

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 11, 2004 05:45 PM

Likewise if a certain person names me on any message boards whatsover either directly or indirectly in the near future, like I've said before they will be getting a letter from my Solicitor and I shall start to answer them back.

Catherine Fearnley
Secretary for David Farrant.

Posted by: Catherine on May 11, 2004 05:49 PM

Just to add that the Bishop has apologised to the Bizarre Abyss for whatever it is he needed to apologise for--it was doubtless "lies and malicious defamation against the sainted bishop". As David , Catherine and myself have supported this campaign we wondered whether the apology extended to ourselves and the many others who have been targetted in the bishops (un) holy crusade on the Internet and which finally drove those on his hit list to defend themselves from his murky purple propoganda.
Until such an apology is forthcoming then nothing has really changed.
Should the apology have been made we await to hear details.In public.

Posted by: barbara green on May 12, 2004 04:32 PM


Criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A persuasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

1) A grandiose sense of self-importance - exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognised as superior without commensurate achievements.

2) Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty or ideal love.

3) Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions.

4) Requires excessive admiration.

5) A sense of entitlement - unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations.

6) Interpersonally exploitative - takes advantage of others to achieve his or her ends.

7) Lacks empathy - is unwilling to recognise or identify with the feelings and needs of others.

8) Often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her.

9) Shows arrogant, haughty behavior or attitudes.

The above cutting appeared in an American newspaper (see below) and was sent to Man, Myth and Manchester by the Count Dracula Fan Club (who, we understand, have circulated it amongst their membership.) We would agree with them entirely. It has for long been widely known that certain people are suffering from a severe form mental illness in this respect, (especially some who adopt 'religious delusions of grandeur') but this is the first time we have ever seen this defined so concisely.



Posted by: David Farrant on May 12, 2004 08:47 PM

May I just add to that, Tom and Jeannie, I realise that I owe you a personal letter. Sorry, but I will write personally soon.


Posted by: David Farrant on May 13, 2004 07:28 PM

We have always maintained that the Highgate Vampire Society (at least its heirarchy) have left a completely open mind to sightings of vampires and the like. We have also extended this liberal - mindedness to our membership and/or people making enquiries or wanting to join. The only condition we make here however is that people are serious in their beliefs or intent, and subsequently have a genuine interest in vampires, and other supernatural phenomena.

In accordance with this we are pleased to announce that we may soon be getting another member - only this one was unexpected as he is from The Monster Raving Loony Party!

He has his own agenda, which we found really intriguing. Of course, we cannot breach confidence but we hope nonetheless that he can be persuaded to say more publically about this here.

Ps Anybody in the meantime wanting further information please email me at CatherineFearnley@ntlworld.com and I will pass the message onto him.

Thanks Catherine
Secretary for David Farrant.

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 14, 2004 10:48 AM

Amazing what is coming out of the closet now! On the Robin Hood front after 20 years of being not being allowed to visit the site for no particular reason by the owner, I AM now invited because an important person has got in touch with me--and Catherine--and wants to visit RHG.I advsied him tow rite to the landowner to ask for permsiion but not to mention me, though it seems unfortunetly he did--but to covber up the blunder I was given an invite--which I have respectfully turned down.
I have also met up with the librarian, by chance, who was supposed to be helping Drew with his research into filming RHG in the 1980s and who mysteriously withdrew her offer of help. It now is disclosed that she was ordered to have nothing to do with it by her boss who was on the council. This lady also, in later years, went to Kirklees Hall to do some decorations--when it was being conVerted into flats--and had a very spooky experience in the flat above the panneled hall.
Hopefully we can get a written testimonial.FurtHermore, on a recent talk I did I was told that the man who bought the old corn mill opposite Kirklees estate, to tuen into a night club, and was going to call it Robin hood hamlet was stopped by the same person.
All this vindicates what I have said in Secrets of tHE grave to the effect that the local council does not want the site of Robin Hoods Grave to become well known--for whatever reason, cap doffing or whatever., keeping up the bllod sports what hey? Or whatever else.
As for the Bishops involvement, he started the Kirklees vampire story there and said he went on a vampire hunt. I got blamed for this. His nibs then wrote to her ladyships minder, and got very pally with him, telling him I ws a hysteroical witch etc etc, he published the minders reply on teh Fortean Times message board--which I printed off. He said he was on very amicable terms with the landowner and had offered to exorcise the vampire !!!!The amicable landowner seemed to have forgotten that if it ahd not been for his nibs thre would be no vampire to exorcise!

Sound very much like a re run of the HIGHGATE CASE don't you thinK! Though the vampie in this case was not caught but left to raom and terrrorise the neighbourhood! BY the famous vampire hunter! I kep asking, by the way, what other vampires he has caught to accord him teh title of the famous one--apart from Highgate and the f ailed Kirklees case.


Posted by: barbara green on May 14, 2004 12:39 PM

The whole situation stinks if you ask me!

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on May 14, 2004 12:55 PM


In 'Man, Myth and Manchester', issue 6, we published a photograph of Sean Manchester's 'two-up, two-down' Bishop's Palace. This produced howls of outrage from His Holiness, who alleged on the internet that: (a) it is a rotten trick to give away a man's private address; (b) he has since moved; (c) he never lived there in the first place.
The other day, a group of psychic researchers were passing through Bournemouth on their way to a historical investigation in the New Forest area. They made a short detour to look at the aforementioned palatial abode. The garden wall seems to have been repaired, but otherwise it is unchanged, with the same satellite dish, crucifix hung in the window, twitching net curtains (or could that have been a sparrow!), and 'Holy Grail' sign over the door. One of the researchers was struck by the much larger house next door, which is of quite unusual architectural design, and said that she would like to live there. It had to be pointed out to her that the big drawback would be that it would mean living next door to Sean Manchester.

Gareth J. Medway

Posted by: Gareth j. Medway on May 14, 2004 05:39 PM



IN ISSUE 2 of Man, Myth and Manchester, I reviewed a booklet by Mr Patrick Sean Manchester (self-published in 1988) entitled From Satan to Christ. (A title 'borrowed' by Manchester from author Raphael Gasson whose book The Challenging Counterfeit, 1966, contained an autobiographical preface entitled 'From Satan to Christ'.)

To refresh any muddled memories, and conveniently summarise the book's basic content, I stated ..

The story line ... Well, Manchester explains how he came to meet, and later marry, one Sarah Jane Crook - in fact, the daughter of a long distant lorry driver who, Manchester admits, he picked up on a North London street corner. She is wearing a pentagram (a five-pointed star, and a potentially dangerous occult symbol), and Manchester soon learns that she has become involved, indeed entrapped, by a group of Satanists who operate in Croydon, South London. Naturally, Manchester meets the group and "rescues" her (an account that takes up many turgid pages), but not before describing how she was forced to take part in many obscene and bizarre rituals. What is disturbing at this point in the booklet, is how Manchester apparently delights in going into the graphic detail of this abuse (it should perhaps be clarified, that the account was written after they were married) showing absolutely no concern for his wife's feelings or indeed, for that matter, for the feelings of any readers who might have picked up the unfortunate garbage. For garbage it is which, whether fictional or true, does nothing to lessen Manchester's dishonourable intentions in attempting to shame the name, let alone the dignity, of his wife. The passages referred to here, have not been quoted for fear of causing any further embarrassment to Mrs Manchester. Any readers with a penchant for the morbid or obscene however, can of course, obtain a copy of the booklet for themselves (pages 40, line 12 and 60, line 22 being typical examples of such references) ...

Man, Myth and Manchester Issue 2, pages 21 and 22

I should make it quite plain, that the reason a large part of this review is re-quoted again here, is not out of any desire to fill current pages with "old" material or, indeed, to retract any of its content, but because a recent development directly related to my observations, have made it necessary that it be updated ...

I refer to a complaint Mr Manchester made about myself to the Bournemouth Police in 2002 to the effect that I had publicly called his wife an "ex-prostitute". (In fact, Manchester made other complaints about equally spurious matters, but I deal with this one only at the moment as it relates directly to the review in question.)

I say straightaway, that the police initially took this complaint quite seriously (which is understandable as, in normal circumstances, such a reference, if unfounded, could be seen to constitute a hurtful libel), but then, Mr Manchester had carefully omitted showing - or telling - the police about his scurrilous booklet in which he, himself, describes his own wife as an ex-Satanist and prostitute.

As present readers can see, I took great care in not repeating these passages verbatim in my original review to spare any further embarrassment to Mrs Manchester; indeed, I gave only clinical references to aid the interest or research of genuine researchers.

I still hold steadfastly to that view, but in view of Mr Manchester's twisted allegations, feel that some slight elucidation of the facts might be in appropriate order ...

The quotes I refer to are, in themselves, "damnable evidence" (submitted to the public by Manchester himself, let us remember) that Manchester not only knew about his wife's past involvement as a prostitute, but exploited this to the full, any remorse ("any" being the operative word here) being blinded by an obsessive desire to add cheap sensationalism to his sordid writings.

The passages referred to, in fact, refer to Manchester's description of his wife's involvements at the hands of the "Satanists".

My reference to Page 40, line 12, (onwards) for example, does little to give any alternative impression that Manchester's description of his wife publicly performing a sexual act, could do little to persuade any to the contrary who would find it difficult not to assume that Mrs Manchester's sexual performance was by a person well-versed in satisfying the perverse desires of lustful onlookers i.e. one involved in prostitution.

My example on Page 60, line 22 (onwards), again refers to an obscene sexual act that Sarah Manchester participated in, to gratify the lust of several onlookers. Anybody reading this account (by Manchester himself, remember) would see it as giving further weight - if any is needed - to the knowledgeable experiences of one well versed in the requirements of prostitution.

If anybody could be left in any doubt about Sarah Manchester's role as a willing volunteer who provided "voyeur pleasure" for chosen individuals - or indeed, for a given audience - one only has to look at a picture of her Manchester publishes on page 55 of his booklet From Satan to Christ, portraying her dressed up in kinky sadomasochist regalia; either genuine "props of her trade", or items she had been persuaded to wear by an equally promiscuous Manchester.
According to Manchester, this Coven of "Satanists" was run by two high-ranking Satanists; Mark Pastellopoulos and his wife Samantha.

Manchester says (quote) ... "Throughout the ritual Satan was invoked and worshipped. Three married couples took part and Sarah, the coven's warrior maiden. Half the group used illegal drugs and all the married females present were, or at some time had been, prostitutes. Samatha encouraged prostitution with the explanation that it was an honour to be "a sacred whore of Venus". Most females in the group were introduced to London's sordid night life with its hostess clubs and escort agencies acting as fronts for vice..."
From Satan to Christ, Pg. 40

Of course, it could be argued here, and it is a point that has been raised by many, that maybe the descriptions in Manchester's little booklet are either pure inventions, or at best, gross exaggeration or distortions of minor events that took place that were relayed to him by his wife. This author does not know the exact answer to that (other than to suspect, going by Manchester's track record in other directions, that the former is the most likely), but even if Manchester's account is mostly pure fiction, it does not lessen his ability on the part of hypocrisy. For to accuse another (in this case myself) of portraying fact as the result of his own deliberate lies and assumptions, would be tantamount to saying ... 'Look, I'm entitled to assert what I choose on public record, but nobody else is entitled to question, or refer to, my own allegations ...'

(His allegation that he "destroyed" two 'vampires' in North London in 1974, one of whom, he calls "Lusia" but who, in reality, was called Jacqueline Cooper, and named as the Co-respondent in divorce proceedings brought by Manchester's first wife, ring any bells?!)

But two final points seem to impose relevance on Manchester's objections to his current wife being referred to as a prostitute, or "ex-prostitute".

In From Satan to Christ, as already described, Manchester describes how he first met his wife on a North London (Islington) street corner. Of course, there is nothing seemingly untoward in that, but it does beg the question, what exactly was Mrs Sarah Manchester (at this time, Miss Sarah Jane Crook, of course!) doing loitering on a street corner? Perhaps the latter is a little unfair, as Manchester gives no further details about their first encounter; after all, she could have just been "window shopping" when she first approached, or was approached by, Manchester.

Unfortunately, trying to give Sarah the benefit of the doubt with her dubious links with prostitution, is altogether more difficult when trying to equate this with what Sarah herself said on a live weekend talk show at the end of March in 2001.

Describing her involvements with the Satanic group, and admitting that she had then been a Satanist, Sarah went on to assert how the group openly encouraged prostitution. Her remarks actually prompted white witch Kevin Carlyon, another guest in the audience, to shout out that ... "That's your own fault love, if you choose to go around 'taking you knickers down' for everybody you meet"! (Exclamation mark my own).

Needless to say, Carlyon's comment was edited for the actual transmission, but it was nevertheless recorded and witnessed by the TV crew and an audience of some 200 people. Sarah Manchester's comment about her own involvement of being 'forced into prostitution', however, was not. And this author has a video tape of the programme courtesy Central TV, who were mainly interested in getting his own comments and opinions following another incident when Manchester physically attacked a fragile student who had accused him of being a 'fake bishop', at the end of the programme. He was with his invalid mother in a wheel chair, but Manchester just roughly pushed her out of the way

That, however, with its own particular blend of hypocrisy and deceit later promulgated by Manchester in an almost desperate attempt to disguise the truth, must surely be another story! ...

David Farrant.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 14, 2004 07:20 PM

Just to add to that David, if you recall his nibs went mad when I referred to " Lady" Sarah Jane--as she became when she became his consort-- as being dressed "all in red" at the Barnet Carnival in 1987 (I THINK THATS THE CORRECT DATE!)when I first met his lordshup. I wrote about this meeting in Secrets of the Grave and this was one of the things he objected to because he said I "implied" she was a scarlet woman and a harlot--obviously his nibs had been reading too much CROWLEY!
I objected to this sudden --and quite unjustified--twist in my tale as all I had said was that his lordship was with a beautiful young woman dressed all in red--as she was ! and the "implication" was a figment of his nibs imagination.Like to many other things turned out to be.If SJ had been wearing blue and pink stripes I would have described her thus, but in the event she was wearing red--thats all there was to it.

The other thing his nibs objected to was my quoting from SARAH JANE's now famed article--Our Patron Lord MANCHESTER--no doubt dictated by himself--all of a sudden I was told by "Dennis Crawford" that it was no longer befitting of the bishop's dignity to quote this--and I would suffere dire consequences if I published it ---so I decribed it instead--but as the said article had been his lordships biogrpahy in his Robin Hoods days, how come he wanted it suppressing now he was a bishop. If it was true then it was true now!

This Macchievellian machinations, and recycling of the past remind me of the poem

Matilda told such dreadful lies
It made one gasp and stretch one's eyes!

Matilda's name could be easily changed also!

Also if I was Lady SJ I would be less than flattered by the story of my life depicted by my husband.True or otherwise ! He seems to have been more influenced by the late Diana Brewster and Katrina Garforth Bliss who have often taken up the cudgels on his behalf while Sarah Jane stays strangely silent.
In view of her "past" true or otherwise and herdramatic rescue from the Satanic clutches of the Pappydopolisis by the gallant Byronic hero in his riding breeches, it would appear that she is the more passive partner in this relationship. She went from the Satanic clutches to the holy clutches , or out of the frying pan into the fire as we say !
Good job she isn't a womens libber ----his nibs would not like anyone who contradicted him!!!


Posted by: barbara green on May 15, 2004 02:09 AM

David today met our newest recruit of the BPOS Buffy Art Exhibition in Hampstead to which David had also been invited, This member is also a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party. David thinks that his idea is really unique. More to be posted soon.

Catherine, Secretary for David Farrant

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 15, 2004 04:45 PM


The North London Art/Film exhibition held on Buffy today, was (as Catherine might have indicated) a huge success. A lot of work had gone into it, what with slide clips, movie footage, and the mass of paraphernalia that lined the adjacent Exhibition rooms., there was nothing short to hear or look at.

I felt greatly honoured to have been invited. I suppose the interest in "Buffy" is just the same as it is in America - personally, one problem is, that I do not personally accept the existence of Hammer-type "blood-sucking" vampires! I hope this did not spoil it for anyone. Because the whole thing was very well organised and presented.

David Farrant, President, Highgate Vampire Society.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 15, 2004 07:01 PM

Part 1: 'Has anybody seen a Vampire?'

by David Farrant

AS A PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR, and one who has normally been accustomed to looking into, or investigating, cases of unexplained phenomena all around the country, it came as somewhat as 'a shock' when, in the latter part of 1969, I was called in to investigate reports of a 'vampire-like' figure that had been reported lurking around Highgate Cemetery in North London. Most of these reports initially came from local residents who swore to have encountered a 'tall dark figure' in or around the cemetery which invariably resembled the cloaked shape of a 'human', notwithstanding that it usually stood seven feet tall, with penetrating 'red eyes' and disappeared just as inexplicably into the surrounding darkness. There were many reports of this figure - from the old and the young alike - and it is perhaps not surprising from these early accounts, that this figure, or whatever it was, should have been dubbed a 'vampire' when such reports were perhaps aided or influenced by an influx of Hammer Movies at the time.
But seen it was; and whatever the cause or motivation behind 'its' witnessed appearances (nonetheless aided by others who encouraged the belief that it 'must be a vampire'), no-one has satisfactorily come forward since this date to offer any explanation as to what, or 'what not', this strange figure might have been...
There were the inevitable theories, or course, (one man even going so far as to say it was the ghost of a 'Wallachian nobleman' who had returned to Highgate Cemetery in the form of 'the King Vampire!), but no-one seemed able to account for this 'ghostly figure', let alone, offer any explanation for what they had seen.
It was really at this point, intrigued if not encouraged, by all these local reports, that the British Psychic and Occult Society embarked upon an investigation to attempt to solve this ongoing mystery; little realising at the time that my name - due to this official investigation - was to be become irrevocably synonymous with this nocturnal figure, to the extent of being inseparable from later stories and reports about the 'Highgate Vampire'. At this stage, however, it had not become known as a 'vampire'. That was later, when certain other people capitalised upon the findings of the BPOS, and circumstances which arose from my own personal involvement in that investigation ...
My own involvement in this investigation is perhaps now academic in that it has been reported in numerous publications; not least in my own account BEYOND THE HIGHGATE VAMPIRE. But for readers who as yet may be unfamiliar with my experiences in the so-called 'Highgate Vampire' case, the essential facts are as follows:
It was a bitterly cold winter's night in December 1969 and wanting to take a closer look at the places where this apparition had been reported by local witnesses (mainly in or around the gates of Highgate Cemetery), I set off alone with the intention of perhaps finding some logical explanation for the sightings. I had no inclination that I would encounter anything supernatural; indeed, the purpose of my visit was purely an investigative one, whereby I hoped to shed some light (by way of perhaps discovering some logical explanation) on the appearances of this often seen, and reported, phantom figure.
In fact, my intention was to enter the cemetery and 'check out' a few of the reported locations, but as I passed the top gate of Highgate Cemetery which overlooked Swains Lane, something 'caught me in my tracks'. I had been walking down Swain's Lane intent of reaching the main gate a little way further down the steep lane; but on passing the top gate, something caught my eye.
It was as if 'something invisible' suddenly made me stop; and indeed, looking into the pervading darkness, I noticed a 'tall dark shape'. So real was this entity, that my initial response was that it was somebody dressed up or 'mucking about'. But seconds later, when I noticed two red eyes suspended in a 'dark mass' resembling the shape of a head, one which was neither solid or transparent but which was 'alive' in the darkness, I realised the figure was definitely not human. This was confirmed by other factors; ones I had not immediately noticed but which came quickly to my attention: The surrounding area had turned icily cold, for example, and the figure was hovering above the ground quivering menacingly, 'its' eyes seeming to convey an almost 'hypnotic impression' of diabolical intent. They were dull and red - like those of a hungry wolf - and its countenance seemed to portray the presence of some 'intense evil'.
Sensing I had come under some sort of psychic attack, I instinctively 'fought' against the 'creature's will', at which point it promptly vanished, but not before leaving an atmosphere of malingering evil in its wake ...
It was really this personal confrontation with the 'Highgate phenomenon', that convinced me that there was some basis to the accounts of other local witnesses, many of whom had sworn to seeing a similar - if not identical - figure. In any event, my encounter led to a full scale investigation by the British Psychic and Occult Society into the possible origins of this ghostly figure; indeed, into other ghostly sightings and events reported in the immediate area. Of the latter, there were several, but foremost accounts almost invariably reverted to the alleged existence of a 'vampire-like' figure that had been sighted in and around Highgate Cemetery...

Part 2: 'The Plot Thickens'

IN THE LAST CHAPTER, I introduced the facts which led to reports of a 'vampire-like' figure that had been reported at Highgate Cemetery in late 1969/early 1970. I described how I had encountered this figure at the North gate in Highgate Cemetery, and the effect this sighting had on being instrumental to a full-scale investigation being launched by the British Psychic and Occult Society into this, and other unexplained phenomena in the area. The subsequent investigation was, in fact, complex to say the least, but the story is continued here in simplistic form; that is say, as far as it has been possible to condense facts which themselves were not only complex but span over several years. So, only the essential elements of this official investigation can be touched upon here: I only ask that more discerning readers will 'read between the lines' or make allowances for anything - mainly for reasons of space - that has been omitted ...
The 'phantom figure' that I witnessed in the closing weeks of 1969 had in fact, been witnessed by several other local people.
One old lady, for example, reported seeing this figure (or a similar figure), one dark evening when she was walking her dog up the lane which ran alongside Highgate Cemetery. Swain's Lane at the best of times, was perhaps not the most enticing of places (overgrowing trees and eerie shadows casting ghostly shapes that might have appeared to emanate from the cemetery), but in accordance with a normal habit, this person walked the lane with innocent abandon. It was as she approached the main gate of Highgate Cemetery that she sensed something was wrong; her dog had been acting strangely in that it had been tugging on its lead as if wanting to go home, but when outside the gate, it cringed and whined and refused to go any further. Looking to the right, this person suddenly spotted a 'tall dark man' that was 'gloating at her' from inside the gates of the cemetery.
The figure had no discernible features but seemed to emanate an aura of 'evil' and floated above the ground. The lady quickly retreated, but she was convinced whatever she had seen was of supernatural origin.
'It petrified me', she later told me. 'It was as if it was trying frighten us (herself and the dog) away.'
This account is perhaps eclipsed by another firsthand account I recorded at the time.
The person's name was 'Thornton' (at least, that is how he requested I disguise his real name), a 45-year-old accountant who lived in Highgate, and who also claimed to have had an encounter with this 'phantom figure'. He had wandered into Highgate Cemetery late one Summer's afternoon in 1969 (the cemetery was open to the public by day in those days) but suddenly found himself hopelessly lost. Wandering around trying to find the exit, he suddenly 'became aware' of 'something behind him.' He swung around, only to be confronted by a tall dark figure that was hovering menacingly on the path. He froze in his tracks, mainly perturbed by the sheer height of the figure and an 'intense aura of evil' that it seemed to exude. Two glaring red eyes met his; but worse, the figure seemed to be draining him of energy; at least, as he was later to recount, 'it' caused him to lose control of his normal faculties. Seconds later, it vanished, leaving Thornton stumbling wildly in an attempt to reach the main gate. That he had seen 'something', he was in little doubt. 'It' took on all the attributes of an extremely malign psychic entity; although at this stage, no-one had yet come forward to vouchsafe that this entity, or 'ghost', might be a 'vampire.'
The following weeks, however, (amidst numerous other reports of the Highgate ghost), were to see a dramatic change in the status of this unexplained phenomenon ...
An advert follower of the Highgate mystery, himself almost certainly encouraged by the potential 'vampiristic elements' surrounding the case and the possibility of extracting maximum publicity, suddenly declared that the 'ghost' - or 'vampire' as he described it - had bitten a young Convent schoolgirl on the neck ... and he produced a convenient photograph to 'prove it'. The girl's neck apparently showed two distinct puncture wounds; a picture that he was quick to circulate as 'evidence' of an attack by the 'King Vampire.' An amusing account accompanied this; namely, that he had 'caught' the infection by the 'King Vampire' in time and had managed to 'rescue' her from the infernal regions of the un-dead.
Unfortunately, this account seemed doomed to insignificance as far as unfriendly newspapers were concerned; but it eventually found prominence - some four years later - in a multi-sectioned book on vampires by Peter Underwood, who in fact, actually published this highly dubious photograph in a book entitled 'THE VAMPIRES BEDSIDE COMPANION', published in 1975. Underwood offers no personal opinion as to the authenticity of this photograph, other than to imply it was submitted with serious intent. Perhaps so. But he is not specific in clarifying what (or who) persuaded him to publish such a sensational photograph or what prevented him from making any attempt to at least establish its authenticity.
Though perhaps Underwood's apparent reticence is understandable ... in part. After all, here was an author whose livelihood depended on an unspoiled reputation and it would have done this little good to admit that he had almost certainly been duped. Yet aside from this, he still had other books to write.

Part 3: 'Vampire Hunters Un-Limited'

AT THE TIME of the 'Highgate Vampire scare', which in reality, really comprised of a mass of misinformation and similarly equally contrived material that was contributed to the press and other publications, certain individuals went 'overboard' in an attempt to persuade all-in-sundry that a blood-sucking vampire' really existed at Highgate Cemetery. At least, such was the attempt, the ensuing publicity resulting from these efforts doing little more than to pacify the gullible and weak-minded - perhaps a minority of insecure people who needed to believe in fictional and 'glamorous' entities such as those created in the minds of such self-seeking publicists. Though whilst being splashed intermittently across the pages of various periodicals and given air-time on radio and television slots, these claims were certainly not taken seriously by serious psychic investigators and occultists. Indeed, the majority of these agreed that a 'vampire' at Highgate Cemetery did not exist and that the unexplained phenomenon or entity reported there was little less than an 'unexplained ghost', albeit an extremely malign one.
But events in and around Highgate Cemetery continued to escalate from early 1970 onward. Numerous people claimed to having seen a 'tall dark figure' either in or around the cemetery itself. It was perhaps inevitable that Thames Television picked up on these reports and that a subsequent programme - transmitted on February 13, 1970 - gave a full-blown account of what it described as the 'Highgate Vampire'.
As a leading protagonist of the Highgate 'vampire' investigation (at least, as such was contrived by Thames Television after reading muddled if not inaccurate reports in local newspapers, primarily in the Hampstead and Highgate Express), I was invited to give an exclusive interview on this programme to explain the influx of reports about a 'vampire' at the cemetery and what bearing - if any - this had upon my own account of the figure I had witnessed at Highgate Cemetery which I had previously described as a 'malevolent ghostly entity.' Perhaps viewers of this programme were to be disappointed as during this interview I deliberately 'played events down'; if for no other reason, than wishing to fuel other theories - from one person in particular - that this unexplained entity was a 'dangerous blood-sucking vampire.' This person, in fact, reiterated this view immediately following my interview, and went on to rave that the only remedy for destroying a vampire was to 'stake it through the heart' with a wooden stake, 'cut off its head with a gravedigger's shovel' at dawn and 'burn the remains'. He produced a crucifix and home-made wooden stake to illustrate his point, but then went on to assert that 'David Farrant' would be 'returning to Highgate Cemetery' that very same evening to perform this dangerous task! For added effect, perhaps, he added rather boastfully that he could not guarantee 'my' safety if I was going to 'take on' the King Vampire!
This wild assumption, although totally misguided - if not deliberately calculated in an attempt to discredit my credibility - was, in fact, partially based on truth. I had said the investigation into the phenomenon would continue; but not in the context that I believed in anything like a 'King Vampire'. But it was too late to mix metaphors. His statement had been recorded over the air. And only a few hours after the programme's transmission several hundred people all intent on seeking out and destroying a 'vampire', descended upon Highgate Cemetery.
One of several individuals attracted by the television programme was a person called Alan Blood (his real name, in fact) who had travelled to London from Chelmsford with several assistants who were bent on joining in this 'mass vampire hunt'. I was approached by Alan Blood earlier on that same night but was forced to explain that the 'vampire hunt' in question had nothing to do with the official investigation into the phenomenon at Highgate Cemetery and that I wanted no part in this uninvited charade. He conceded that my explanation was genuine; but this not prevent him from joining a mass of sightseers (many of them drunken) who had gathered at Highgate Cemetery around 10.30 that same night. Many of these people had accumulated en-masse; many more were already inside the cemetery either being arrested by police, or at best escaping the guard dogs that sent them back over the walls in a flurry. According to one Police Officer who later remarked . . . 'It was complete pandemonium in there. We apprehended a few who had ventured into the middle of the cemetery looking for the vampire's vault but most escaped over the walls once they became aware of our presence ...'
Alan Blood, himself, was never charged. But, due to the way which the situation had got completely out of hand (and which I had previously warned him about), he must have felt consoled that neither he, or any of his assistants, had actually entered Highgate Cemetery on this fateful night. For told him I had, that the circumstances would not right for conducting any serious psychic investigation; let alone, looking for a 'vampire' that did not exist except in the imaginations of a few misguided people. This was not just an idle statement. For in the years to follow, (when a safe distance of time had elapsed), somebody actually claimed to have LED(!) an official 'vampire hunt' at Highgate Cemetery on the very same night that Thames Television had caused such chaos (albeit inadvertently) by transmitting the farcical ravings of a blatant publicists about the existence of a 'vampire'. Indeed, it was the same man; but now he claimed (and remember, all this several years later when memories of the incident had dimmed and the facts were conveniently uncheckable), to have led a 'hundred or so' seriously inclined people through Highgate Cemetery on the night who went looking for the 'vampire's' tomb, (amidst patrols of police and their guard-dogs) and to have actually located it! He 'sealed' the vault quickly with some cloves of garlic and quick-dry cement (obviously not having the stomach to stake its incumbent) and hastily retreated with his alleged entourage, astonishingly escaping the notice of the fortified police force who were on alert for such activity following his televised claims earlier that evening. But this was by no means the end of the story ....

[N.B. These brief extracts were condensed from the author's book on the Highgate case, THE VAMPYIRE SYNDROME, published in 2000]

Posted by: David Farrant on May 16, 2004 05:07 PM


SOME READERS with an interest in the Highgate vampire case, may be aware that in recent months (years in fact), a mass of personalised and vindictive material has been put into circulation attacking myself; not least, being sent to 'vampire enthusiasts', or to clubs or societies to which they may belong. This material invariably involves myself and my known involvement into an investigation I led on behalf of the British Psychic and Occult into an unexplained phenomenon (some later claimed this was, in fact, a 'vampire') at Highgate Cemetery which began in 1969. Much of this material, comprises of allegations made about myself and the part I played in this particular investigation; but unfailingly, its author is one Patrick Sean Manchester whose tactics include writing such material under many different names and aliases. Most of these names are fictitious; the few genuine ones, being friends or acquaintances of Mr Manchester's whom he has conveniently used by persuading them to add their names to his own personalised versions. Indeed, such people are frequently impervious to what he has written, but usually remain silent thinking it a 'great honour' to have been selected by a man who has duped them into thinking he is a recognised 'vampire exorcist', a 'Lord', and an ordained 'Bishop'. His vocabulary relating to myself is immense, (indeed, I appear to be of such importance to him that I apparently occupy most of his life); but in reality, it only serves to influence the gullible or those of an easily impressionable disposition ...
The main purpose behind the publication of this book, was to correct some of the erroneous facts consistently being circulated about the author and his involvement in the Highgate vampire case; facts invariably put out by a man motivated by personal reasons and intent. It is to set right facts which has been deliberately distorted in the public mind, although not to revert to their to their perpetrator's petty level of issuing malicious falsehoods and innuendo. After all, such lies and allegations have no substance outside of his own mind. And that is a problem that only he can inevitably solve. But then, he probably never will. Truth, after all, does not come easily to those who have taken it upon themselves to believe in a fantasy world where 'giant demonic spiders' or equally hideous and malign 'blood-sucking vampires' exist as an undying reality...
There is a certain 'vampire club' that calls itself the 'Vampire Research Society' - the formation in fact, of one individual called Mr. Patrick Sean Manchester; although on his note-paper and the home-made Newsletters he puts out purporting to support his 'legitimate organisation', Manchester periodically describes himself as a 'Doctor' and a 'Bishop of the Old Catholic Church'! He also writes about himself under the name of 'Michael Thane', who in turn, describes himself as the 'company secretary' of the VRS and its 'legal advisor'.
It is a good front; for Manchester has learnt only too well that his personal attacks upon chosen victims are best 'covered adequately' to prevent any possible repercussions. After all, it is not that easy to contact some fictitious person; especially one who hides behind a Post Box number and offers no personal telephone number or address. Much easier, on the other hand, to spout his venom at a safe distance, or disguise this by deflecting his views through fictitious or unguarded people.
Perhaps one of the most blatant untrue pieces of 'misinformation' that has been circulated courtesy of the VRS over the years (and indeed through other channels), is Manchester's extraordinary claim that he first met myself in early 1970 at the time of the filming of a Thames television programme in Highgate Cemetery; the time, he claims, when I was 'living in a coal cellar.'
This statement is not merely accidentally inaccurate, it is deliberately untrue. In fact, I was first introduced to Manchester in the Woodman pub in Highgate by somebody called Anthony Hill. Both Hill and his wife were friends of my first wife and myself at the time, and we would wander into the Woodman on occasion as it was close to where we lived. It transpired that Hill was a friend of Manchester's (who used to play the saxophone in an amateur band that played there weekly) and after our initial introduction I even bought Manchester a drink. It was to be the first of several meetings, in fact, I was later to be invited (by Manchester) to his flat that overlooked the busy Holloway Road where I was introduced to Manchester's live-in companion. Sometimes Hill and his wife accompanied me on these visits, but more often I was alone except for the company of Manchester and his female flatmate. It is fair to say that they were courteous enough: in fact on one occasion aside from being entertained by Manchester's vast selection of home-movies, they even cooked me dinner! These visits took place in 1969 and during the early months of 1970; but nevertheless predate and disprove Manchester's claim that prior to those early months in 1970, he had never met me...
Why, it can only be wondered, has Manchester attempted to 'blot out' events which not only took place, but stand as a provable part of history? Perhaps part of the answer lies in a later obsession he was to develop with myself in 1970 as being a 'sinister black magician' (one which continues to this day) and our earlier relationship would not quite have 'fitted in' with the sinister image about myself he was trying to convey. Whatever, this particular attempt by Mr Manchester to deny or disguise events as these really took place in the past, really does nothing to validify his own credentials. To the contrary, he is inadvertently disclosing that statements he has put forward as 'fact' can be safely relegated to the realms of fantasy or fiction. I suppose a more directly motivated person, would just find such words superfluous, and in their stead, would simply call him a calculating liar . . .

[Adapted from The Vampyre Syndrome by David Farrant]

Posted by: David Farrant on May 17, 2004 05:06 PM

The Yorkshire Robin Hood Society are growing in membership and fame. Today I have received a letter from a prospective member who lives in Ireland, in County Wexford no less. This person is definately keen on the Yorkshire Robin Hood legend and hopefully is going to write a small book or Thesis on the subject.

Hi David,
Am enjoying reading The Vampyre Syndrome online. It makes the evenings more passable until June. The internet message boards seem very quiet of late for some strange reason. Keep up the good work, love Catherine. Have fun!

Catherine Fearnley,
Regional Secretary for The Yorkshire Robin Hood Society and Secretary for David Farrant, President of The British Psychic and Occult Society/The Highgate Vampire Society

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 17, 2004 05:53 PM

Mr Manchester is what we call in Yorkshire a "reet funny ossity"
TONIGHT WHEN I GET IN FROM WORK i AM GOING TO START THE KIRKLEES VAMPIRE STORY--I am not sure which thread it will be best on, this or the Robin Hood one.Anyway coming up--first thrilling episode of how the famous vampire hunter DIDN'T GET HIS VAMPIRE! This one incidentally turned not into a spider or any other species but it was a lady vampire, which actually, could have been based on the white nun's spectre. Anyway,must get on my travels. On our other thread is a mysterious poster who has put some intresting stuff on about the ley lines--we are waiting to hear more, and hope that it is not someone having us on. Sorry to sound suspicious, but it has happened many times as we know,
Good luck with your work David--we will be on your doorstep before you know it--can London cope!!!
(and catherine)

Posted by: barbara green on May 18, 2004 01:49 AM

Hi Barbara, more to the point can David cope!!!! Honestly we're not that bad.

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 18, 2004 10:05 AM

Part 7 Unholy Deceit

AMONG THE MANY persistent and deceitful claims that 'bishop' Patrick Sean Manchester posts out on the Internet or sends out in the form of written missives - claims all intended to dupe either the gullible or unwary - is an occasion when, he claims, he was called upon by the police to give 'expert evidence' in 1972 in a court case concerning the author.

When circulating this persistent claim (and it is one of his favourites!) Manchester is very careful in avoiding the real facts but, as these are fully known to himself (at least the basic ones), by thus doing so, he condemns himself out of his own mouth as being a cold and calculating, liar.

He says (in part) . . .

"It is my belief that Farrant wants to be sued for libel so that he may benefit from any ensuing publicity. If he is driven by anything at all it is his pursuit of self-publicity, as confirmed by the various prosecutions- counsels, magistrates and judges in his multifarious court cases over the years. Unlike me and mine, Mr. Farrant does have criminal convictions, and in June 1974 he was sentenced to almost five years imprisonment. Two of those years was for threatening people with 'death curses.' He also has a history of malicious behaviour towards complete strangers, e.g. a doctor's wife, an RSPCA Inspector, a pop star, etc., as revealed by his local newspaper (the Hornsey Journal)."

And …

"A long time ago I was called as a professional witness for the Crown in a case where Mr. Farrant was found guilty of indecency under the Ecclesiastical Court's Jurisdiction Act of 1860. Mr Farrant has executed his malicious vendetta against me throughout the intervening years . . ." (And so on)

This is perhaps a fine example of how Manchester will refer to basic facts, but conveniently distort, or conveniently omit, any which would otherwise disprove his portrayal of those facts.

The two years' imprisonment I received for 'threatening people with death curses', for example, gives the deliberate impression that I was intent on causing the deaths of the given people, or at least, causing them some sort of harm or serious injury. I think it is reasonable to assume that this is the conclusion any average person would draw when reading Mr Manchester's presentation; but then he is well aware of that, so chooses not to present the evidence in its actual entirety.

For Manchester knows full well that the two years' imprisonment I received for that offence was the result of my sending two 'voodoo dolls' to two police officers, with accompanying notes which read . . . "Those who harm the Initiated will become a victim of their own intentions. YOUR evil will be returned to you before another month is through . . ."

In fact, the police had seriously ill treated somebody who had come to me for help, and the effigies and letters (which were signed and sent by Recorded Delivery) were sent as warnings lest they caused him further harm. These facts are all known to Manchester. In fact he also knew the person concerned and he (Manchester) explains to me in a tape recording how he used to enlist this person's help when he (again Manchester) used to put on 'magic acts' at children's parties.

Similarly, Manchester uses the reference to 'indecency' with obvious intent. In fact, he often refers to this conviction for 'indecency' (for which I received a £10 fine) on his various website postings (he most commonly says that . . . "David Farrant was convicted of indecent behaviour with a woman in a churchyard") but he rarely - if ever - mentions that the 'indecency' relating to that particular Ecclesiastical Act carried no sexual implications . . .

A brief examination of that case and Manchester's claim to be 'called as a professional witness for the Crown', will easily show that there would appear to be no limits to Mr Manchester's ongoing campaign against this author, or his reliance upon hypocrisy and deceit . . .

What happened was, that in 1972, I was investigating the case of a reported ghost of a 17th century pirate which had been seen in a churchyard in Barnet. I was arrested with another person (a lady) whilst conducting a nightly vigil there one night and eventually taken to court and found guilty of "indecent behaviour" and fined £10. The alleged "indecency" referred to in the Act, in fact related to any kind of behaviour likely to offend the Church; for example, it was "indecent" in those days (and let us remember the Act was draughted in 1860) for people to whistle whilst walking along the driveway on their way to church, or to litter the path with discarded sweet papers. In my case, of course, this had not occurred, but the Prosecution maintained that 'ghost hunting' at night on Church property without proper permission, constituted "indecency" as defined in the Act.

The case actually went to court twice, but the first court hearing (although it was adjourned) caught the attention of the press, and subsequently the attention of the mischievous Mr. Manchester. When we went to court for the second hearing, a group of the arresting police officers were standing outside the court. One of them said to me jokingly . . . "I see your friend is trying to get in on the act!" When I realised that he was referring to Manchester, I asked him what he meant, and then learned that Manchester had invited the police to call him as an 'expert witness, although they had declined realising that he was only trying to use the case to attract personal publicity.

A little bemused, I pointed out to the policeman that he must have changed his mind because he wasn't at court. The policeman told me not to believe that as he (Manchester) was already sitting inside the court!

Manchester was indeed in court, and he sat in the public gallery and listened to the entire proceedings. (And heard all the submissions about the definition of indecency as this was constituted in the charge.)

As a matter of interest, almost a year before this court case, I had been obliged to approach the Barnet CID over an obscene leaflet Manchester had been circulating about myself (this contained a picture from some hard-core pornographic magazine that had been 'doctored' by himself) and which he'd captioned in his handwriting. A complaint was lodged with Detective Sergeant Hammond who subsequently visited Manchester at his Holloway Road flat and issued him with a Caution.

The Barnet police were well aware of the situation between us both at the time, which was why they would not entertain Manchester's proposal to be a witness; much less why that hadn't taken a formal witness statement from him.

Later, as we left court, I noticed Manchester talking to a group of reporters. Some caught us up and said that Manchester had challenged me through them to a 'test of magical powers' (the first of three proposed 'occult duels'), but I replied that Manchester was only a self-publicist and that I wasn't interested.

In the weeks that followed, Manchester's obsession with self-publicity was to become more than apparent, and in the weeks that followed, I was bombarded with calls from the press (including radio and TV) mainly to the effect that Manchester's challenge was still open and that my refusal surely implied that I was frightened of Manchester's greater magical powers!

In the end (really to call Manchester's bluff and so end all the speculation), I agreed to meet Manchester in private provided that the duel was only witnessed by a few selected people.

Manchester provisionally agreed and, naturally, the press had a 'field-day'. But shortly afterwards, posters began to appear all over North London announcing that an occult dues was to take place on the summit of Parliament Hill on Friday 13th of April between BLACK MAGIC PRACTIONER [my emphasis] David Farrant and Sean Manchester an "adept of white magic" For added effect, large words at the top advertised "nude witches", "demon raising" and "blood sacrifice"! I was especially annoyed when these posters were brought to my attention as I had always empathetically denied being a "black magician".

Now it is a fact that Manchester had been spotted on his push bike in Barnet armed with a plastic bucket of paste sticking up some of these posters. Indeed, I saw him not long after this pasting up a poster at the entrance to Highgate underground station.

Well, perhaps naturally, these posters caused an enormous public outcry, which resulted in myself calling the whole thing off. (My statement appeared in the London Evening News and I was reported as saying . . . "People are literally out to lynch me")!

Still, thousands of people hadn't read the Evening News report, and multitudes of these turned up on the appointed night to witness a non-existent event. Manchester had been informed that I would not be there, but this did not deter him from turning op on Parliament Hill with a small handful of 'followers' and performing a full 'banishment' in public which he announced was to "rid David Farrant of his evil powers" [!]

But the media were less than impressed by Manchester's antics and largely ignored him although the Sunday Mirror reported afterwards that "one witch didn't turn up" while the other had been "chased off the Heath by laughing children"!

Less than a year later (in February 1974), I was arrested in connection with other charges at Highgate Cemetery; although these related to alleged 'witchcraft ceremonies' and myself and in no way involved Mr Manchester.

To same any digression here, any readers specifically interested in the details and outcomes of this well known court case, can find them in the author's book Return of the Vampire Hunter.

Although, basically, I was acquitted on the three main charges laid against myself in connection with Highgate Cemetery, but found guilty of two others and sentenced to 2 years 6 months imprisonment. I was also found guilty of another charge that involved sending two voodoo effigies to police detectives stationed at Barnet, and received another two years. (It should be pointed out here that I have always vehemently protested my innocence to these charges and accordingly, took my case to the European Commission of Human Rights; aspects of which I won in 1985.)

Now, the Highgate Cemetery is relevant here, because while I was on remand in Brixton prison waiting to face those charges, (although this was unbeknown to me at the time), Manchester telephoned Inspector Trim (the Inspector in charge of the case) offering to give prosecution evidence against me.

Manchester's actions came to light a few years later during libel actions I brought against the Daily Express and the News of the World who both called Trim to give evidence on their behalf.

To avoid any possibility of any sort of a hoax, (Trim stated all this under Oath), Trim invited Manchester to go to Hornsey Road Police Station where they could discuss it. Manchester subsequently went there and repeated his proposal but this was declined by Trim. Asked why by myself, Trim replied that Manchester had had nothing to do with the 'Highgate Cemetery charges' against myself and that, in any event, he was highly suspicious of Manchester's true motivations, sensing that he only wanted to try and use the case as a means of promoting self-publicity . . .

[Adapted from The Vampyre Syndrome, published 2000 by David Farrant]

Posted by: David Farrant on May 18, 2004 05:08 PM


FOR SOME YEARS NOW, in fact, Mr. Sean Manchester has been challenging his long term rival, David Farrant, to 'occult duels'. Most of these challenges have been made known by way of press releases or statements made directly to the press; the provisions and conditions for these duels taking place being ultimately laid down in advance by Manchester. As has already been shown, in 1972, he challenged David Farrant (myself, in case you may not have guessed by now!), to an 'occult duel' on the steps of Barnet Courthouse but, suspecting another one of Manchester's publicity stunts, I had replied that I wasn't interested.

But the 'duel syndrome' previously described was by no means over, and in 1978 it once again raised its ugly head ...

Then, the public were reminded that Manchester had not forgotten his 'deadly foe'; a story in the HORNSEY JOURNAL reading that the two occultists were to do 'battle to the death' with swords. According to the press, it seemed doubtful that this duel ever took place, notwithstanding later statements published in the Hornsey Journal to the effect that Manchester might be 'dead'. The imagination was certainly 'left to boggle', until the Hornsey Journal scooped an exclusive and jubilantly reported that despite claims being made to the contrary, (namely a 'memorial notice' being circulated requesting money for a memorial fund that had been established in honour of this 'perfect knight'), a very much alive Mr. Manchester had been heard talking on L.B.C.!
Following his astonishing return to the 'land of the living', nothing much more was heard of Sean Manchester, (at least, in regard to the ongoing obsession he had with myself), until in mid '84, he began to put out more statements to the press; this time, to the effect that he had 'defeated David Farrant' in yet another duel; this time, a duel with sabers in Highgate Woods. Publicly, I said little about this alleged duel, which led to a persistent rumour circulating around Fleet Street and other factions of the community, that I remained reticent to give details of this encounter because Manchester had 'thrown pepper in my face' during the course of this duel which had occasioned my defeat!
Well, whatever the truth behind all the media hype and speculation, it would appear, (from the author's post bag, at least) that many people remain convinced that there existed a long-running feud between Mr. Manchester and myself over various 'occult issues'.

The word 'feud' would have been something of an 'understatement' at that time (and today, even less applicable); although there was a brief respite in my relationship with Manchester in 1981 when we both signed a "Peace Treaty" of 15th July of that year - on Manchester's birthday. In fact, this "Peace Treaty" was doomed to eventual failure, and by 1985 following the release of Manchester's self-published book the Highgate Vampire, was severed completely from the slender threads barely holding it together.

But as far as the 'duels' were concerned, if all this were not enough, in the summer of 1984, bemused residents of North London awoke to see a series of posters that had been put up selectively announcing a duel that was to take place on Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath on July 13th. The flyers announced that the duel was to be with swords and would carry on until 'death' or 'exhaustion'. City Limits, one London magazine that ran the story, commented ...

"What have we started? A couple of weeks ago we ran a brief story about the feud between London's two occultists DAVID FARRANT and SEAN MANCHESTER. Now our offices have received a minor plastering of occult signs and notice of a competition to be held between the two on Parliament Hill on Friday July 13th - this six days after Nudes Against Nukes on Hampstead. We hope the weather's turned by then. Farrant says he will accept the challenge on two conditions - that an entrance fee is charged and the money goes to CND and provided the GLC sanctions it."

The CL article referred to in fact appeared a couple of weeks earlier when they had announced a 'continuing feud' between the two occultists David Farrant and Sean Manchester, following material that had been sent in to that magazine by Manchester to the effect that David Farrant was a 'black magician' who conducted 'nude rituals' with both males and females alike. In fact, Manchester had even sent in a photograph (taken by himself) of Farrant apparently involved in some rite with a naked man. (In reality, a girlfriend of Farrant's was also present at the time but, for some reason, Manchester had conveniently 'cropped' her out of the photograph.)

Telephoned by City Limit editor, Duncan Campbell, following the 'minor plastering' their offices had received, this author explained that he had not been responsible for the posters (although he had seen them) but that if Manchester was at all serious, he would be quite prepared to meet him with swords, or any other weapons Manchester cared to choose.

Now, Manchester was visiting myself regularly at the time at my flat in Muswell Hill Road opposite Highgate Woods (and I tape recorded his visits and phone calls on every occasion, which, in retrospect proved to be a lucky thing!) and only a couple of days after this he turned up and said it might be a good idea to get some 'publicity shots' of the duel so he could 'have them ready' for the Press. He said that he really ought to 'win' this time as it was on public record (by way of a photograph that Manchester had circulated to the Press with an apparently critical head wound in 1978), that I'd 'defeated' him on the last occasion.

Partially bemused by his apparent enthusiasm, I agreed and Manchester said he would come to my flat one evening in the near future at 9 p.m. and we could go into Highgate Woods and get the photographs.

True to his word, Manchester turned up at my flat on the proposed date armed with two fencing swords and wearing a frilly white shirt and high-heeled Edwardian-type boots into which were tucked 'dueling breeches'. He was with a girlfriend called Katrina (whom I had met on previous occasions) and I was with my then wife Colette. It was a mild night, but Manchester covered himself with a coat and we all set off for Highgate Woods to take the photographs. In the depths of Highgate Wood, Katrina ran off nearly a whole roll of film, the intermittent flashes seeming to dangerously interrupt the dark tranquillity.

The pictures 'in his pocket', Katrina and Manchester had a last cup of coffee at the flat and left contented.

I had no idea how Manchester intended to handle his story, nor was there time to get any immediate indication as Colette and myself had been invited to go to North Yorkshire for two weeks to look into serious cases of psychic activity.

But once back in London, we soon learned that Manchester had been arrested on Parliament Hill, in front of a moderate crowd, for 'being in possession of an offensive weapon'. We also learned that his arrest had been recorded and broadcast by LBC, in which could be heard distinct cries of protest from Manchester's handful of followers. Yet, apparently, a completely different version of events had appeared in a recent issue of City Limits.

They had published one of Manchester's photographs that showed a triumphant-looking Mr. Manchester posing for the camera holding a sword pointed successfully against my throat. The subsequent article's text is perhaps self-explanatory:

"And now, the result you've been waiting for! Sean Manchester the President of the British Occult Society, defeated David Farrant, President of the British Psychic and Occult Society at their duel on Hampstead Heath last Friday, the 13th. This means that Manchester is undisputed occult champ. Farrant (whom we'd been backing at 3/1) has left London to lick his wounds. Manchester has been sending out victory press releases. Now we can all sleep easy in our beds."

City Limits, July 1984

End of the story? Well, not quite. For in the years that were to follow, Manchester was to embark upon far more devious tactics into 'proving' that David Farrant was Public Enemy Number One against the public good! . . .

David Farrant.

[This adapted chapter first appeared in the Vampyre Syndrome published in 2000 and is the exclusive copyright of David Farrant]

Posted by: David Farrant on May 19, 2004 05:06 PM


PERHAPS NOT SURPRISINGLY, throughout my many years as a psychic investigator, I have frequently been inundated with requests for information about the infamous case of the Highgate Vampire. Many of these queries and requests stem from my own involvement in that case which really reached its climax (at least, as far as the newspapers and public were concerned) in the early I970's. It was then widely reported, for example, that I was taken to court in late 1970 (although I was subsequently later acquitted) for 'hunting a vampire' in Highgate Cemetery. Events continued after that court case (that is, an official investigation I led on behalf of the British Psychic and Occult Society into a 'tall dark figure' that had been reported in and around Highgate Cemetery at the time), although following another court appearance in 1974 whereby I was again taken to court for my involvement in this investigation, I was sentenced to two years six months imprisonment for 'damage to graves' within the cemetery. In essence, I was blamed for the actions of vandals who, at that time, were almost certainly influenced by the publicity attracted by my previous court appearance in 1970, were flocking to Highgate Cemetery in droves (particularly at night) and desecrating the easily accessible vaults and coffins there. In reality, I committed neither of these offences; a fact that has even been admitted by the most vehement of my critics when writing about - or reviewing - the Highgate case. The situation was perhaps not helped by the fact that, during this earlier period, a dedicated group of Satanists were also using Highgate Cemetery at night to conduct their bizarre rituals. However, perhaps to dwell on established history would be to digress. My main purpose in writing this short piece is to throw open the whole question of whether a 'curled-lipped' or 'bloody vampire' really existed at Highgate Cemetery. Many said one did. But is it possible that such accounts (and there are many) were the result of unqualified Press coverage which were themselves manipulated by a minority whose interests were geared to promoting to themselves maximum publicity?
One such case that has come to be reported as 'fact' (one that is invariably ridiculed by genuine psychic investigators) involves the claims of a certain individual who actually alleges to have tracked down the Highgate Vampire and 'staked' it through its heart, later burning its remains in a garden of a derelict house in Crouch End, North London. According to his account, (and it is a self-professed one, no other person or witnesses having ever come forward to back it up) the corpse then 'burst into flames' - although this was perhaps aided by a sudden impulse on the part of the person concerned to scatter, and ignite, a can of petrol over what he claimed were its remains. At least, that is how his story goes ...
But this was not quite the end of this adventure, for that particular uninspiring publicist goes on to explain how he later encountered a later disciple of this 'vampire' that he claims to also have destroyed. An 'infected vampire' he calls Lusia this time, he claims to have tracked her down to a lonely cemetery in North London where she confronted him in the form of a 'giant spider'!. He staked it - or so he stated - but not before it attacked him in the darkness, spluttering and 'hissing' and changing its shape intermittently. After it has apparently been deflated with a home-made wooden stake, it eventually 'gave up the ghost' and changed back into a form he could once again recognise ... Lusia, the now impaled damsel that he had 'rescued' from the infernal regions of the Undead.
Of course, it is tempting to dismiss this particular story as the unbalanced ravings of someone suffering with a bizarre - if not severe - identity crisis. But it would be unwise to dismiss it thus easily when it does remain on record as yet another account that attempts to explain the existence of what by this time had become known as the 'Highgate Vampire'.
But this of course still begs the question as to whether such things as 'vampires' really exist? For leaving aside the ravings of fanatical 'vampire believers' who might only be inspired by their own fanciful if not obsessive imaginations (and of these there remain many outside my given example) the question must surely be asked if vampires really DO have any existence outside of their traditionally accepted image (one which has obviously been adequately exploited by certain periodical's and books, not to mention the Horror movie industry) and if so, whether the image itself might have a more plausible explanation as fact? Such a question, of course, notwithstanding its inevitable implications, is one that can only be approached from a psychic point of view; the scientist and materialist having little sympathy or concern with these alleged 'creatures of the night'.
But as someone who has been involved with the whole scene of psychic phenomena and their ilk for many years - so-called 'vampires' included - I would go so far as to say that the 'vampire', as such, represents nothing more than a falsified image (albeit a genuinely misunderstood one) in the minds of those looking to find some desperate solution to the problem of life and death; or perhaps more accurately, life after death.

[Adapted from THE VAMPYRE SYNDROME by David Farrant]

Posted by: David Farrant on May 20, 2004 06:42 PM

PART 9: 'Manchester Unlimited'

SO MUCH NONSENSE has been rumoured or written about a mysterious house in Avenue Road, North London, that supposedly saw the 'demise' of the Highgate Vampire in the latter part of 1973, that it would seem superfluous here - nay even a shame - to despoil this marvellous fiction by giving a more factual account. But according to 'written documentation', we are led to believe by one Mr Patrick Sean Manchester, (who wrote this particular account), that he allegedly tracked the vampire down to this deserted mansion here after it had 'escaped' from its relatively safe lair in Highgate Cemetery where he had previously entrapped it by sealing up its tomb with a tube of garlic puree and quick-dry cement. Manchester later discovered it in a coffin in the cellar of this house, but it was soon to be dispatched by his hand and staked through the heart! A mighty scream then erupted from the 'bowels of Hell' (if we are to believe his account) and the body-shell of the creature caved in and quickly became a 'sluggish flow of inhuman slime and viscera in the bottom of the casket'. He then he 'cremated it' by pouring petrol over its remains, and its coffin, and setting this alight. (Sic)
Now, by amazing coincidence, It was in this very same house, that I, David Farrant, had already been arrested earlier that year for conducting an occult ceremony there - a ritual that was interrupted by the police but which was originally motivated to pay allegiance to that mystical Deity, Pan. I was acquitted of this charge; the case being dismissed on the grounds that conducting an occult ritual, did not necessarily violate any criminal statute.
But by further coincidence (or perhaps not), it was Mr Manchester, himself, who was present at this magical ceremony. He had requested permission to attend, mainly to take some photographs (or so he said) for a book he was preparing on the occult. But he was told he would only be allowed to photograph the preliminary part of this nightly ritual. He was also warned (in spite of his employing and persistent requests to witness events), that the proceedings might have dangerous magical consequences upon outsiders, and that he shouldn't remain too long.
In fact, he didn't. And after obtaining his required photographs, Manchester left in more than a bit of a hurry. Perhaps it was the dark atmosphere of the house which 'frightened him off'; perhaps the sound of 'menacing wind' howling around the deserted building; or even the menacing shadows that emanated from a small fire that had been lit to warm the cold winter's air; whatever, Manchester fled, vowing never to return to that 'House of Darkness'.
He had taken his required photographs, that was for sure, but hanging around to witness more of the ritual which he'd so desperately pleaded to attend ... well, cold feet or otherwise, this certainly did not seem to be a part of Manchester's agenda. But his sudden departure certainly heralded another 'coincidental' aspect that crept into this story. For only half an hour after Mr Manchester had left, several police officers came charging up the stairs of the darkened mansion. They came straight to the small room where the ritual was being conducted and upon entering the room and, before any formal introductions had even been offered, one of them said ... 'Good evening, Mr Farrant'!
But notwithstanding the outcome of that ensuing court case, interested readers might be entitled to ask just whatever happened to the photographs Manchester took on that fateful night in the deserted Mansion?. Were they secretly hidden or disposed of by Mr Manchester following my arrest by the police?; or maybe put into some clandestine file of Mr Manchester's own making? The answer seems to have been a bit of both ... two of these photographs were later published, but as far as I can tell, the roll of 35 mm film used up that night has never been reproduced or published in its entirety.
The first of these photographs was reproduced in New Witchcraft magazine Vol 1) published in 1975. It showed three robed figures (a well known American Blue's singer with an interest in the occult, a deputy Magister involved in magic, and myself) kneeling in front of a magical Circle that had been constructed on the floor in the mansion. This was amongst the first of these photographs that had been taken and had been sent to New Witchcraft editor by ... (Guess who?!) ... Mr Manchester!
The second of these selected prints appeared in City Limits in 1984, portraying myself and the deputy Magister; although any frames of the American girl present had been conveniently ignored or 'cropped' out of the shot. Manchester had sent this photograph to City Limits following a rather sensational story that had appeared in a Sunday newspaper at the time.
The Sunday People's headline on March 25th 1984, in fact concerned myself, and, (geared to attract maximum interest) read ... BANNED. Vicar halts naked graveyard rite.
The short story went on to say that I had been banned by a vicar from holding a 'naked witchcraft rite' with two 15-year-old schoolgirls in a churchyard in Tewin that involved 'witches dancing nude in a ring'.
What had in fact happened was, that I had placed a letter in a local newspaper in the area asking for information about an apparition that had been sighted in the churchyard. I received considerable response - including a letter from two schoolgirls (whose fathers' by coincidence were policemen!) saying they were 'ghost hunters' and knew all about the case in question.
After some correspondence, arrangements were being put in hand for us to meet up in Tewin late one afternoon and we were to keep a watch for the apparition in the churchyard. I was particularly interested in checking the exact location where the entity had been seen to appear, and the possibility of speaking to other local witnesses. 'Witchcraft rites' and 'nudity', however, were never mentioned; and indeed, I had arranged to be accompanied by only one female person. (In fact, this was the secretary of the BPOS who had herself previously visited Tewin churchyard.) But ...

Enter the Sunday People!

I, in fact, received a visit from them at my home address shortly afterwards, and the reporter in question, Harry Warschur, said he was interested in this ghost and our investigation. (He did not indicate how he had come to find out about this, but as I had already visited the area and spoke to local people as well as having written to the local vicar, I was not unduly suspicious. The fact the girl's fathers' were policemen, was not known to me at the time, or I would certainly suspected the Sunday People's motivations).
After a while, the reporter changed the subject and asked me questions about Wicca (white witchcraft) in general. But again, I was not really surprised or suspicious as I had already been through a long 'witchcraft trial' at the Old Bailey some ten years before where the police had made persistent allegations that I conducted black magic rituals and held 'naked orgies'! I made a point of stressing to Harry Warschur that Wicca, in reality, was a religion based on Nature Worship and had nothing to do with Satanism or Black Magic. Asked about 'nudity', I confirmed that some White Magic Covens performed rituals without clothes, but that this was simply because lack of clothes was seen to symbolise equality, as well as allowing some white witches to 'feel close' to Nature.
The general drift of this conversation was, in fact, fairly tame; although I had no idea then, of course, how my comments were to be taken totally out of context.
Once the Sunday People story hit the shelves, there was little choice, of course, but to call off that investigation. But the story itself was far from over.

Enter Mr Manchester (Once again)

The article that appeared in City Limits in April 1984, is really best left to speak for itself:

THE SUNDAY PEOPLE'S 'naked grave rite' headline on March 25th had two of the essential SP ingredients, religion and sex - it might nonetheless have sank without trace along with that Sunday's ration of lust n' bust, but on this occasion it was not meant to be.
The story related that occult 'weirdo' David Farrant had been planning to conduct a naked graveside ritual with a couple of schoolgirls in Tewin churchyard, Welwyn Garden City, in an effort to raise the Gray Lady. It went on to say that the local vicar Rev Paul Betts, had put the dampers on the idea.
Farrant, who lives in Muswell Hill, and is President of the British Psychic and Occult Society, was very unhappy with the story. He says that there was never any suggestion of anyone - himself, the schoolgirls, the vicar - being naked and he also objected to the SP's description of him as having been jailed some years ago for 'opening a grave and interfering with a body.' The offence he was actually found guilt of was malicious damage and desecration of a tomb in Highgate Cemetery. He was jailed for it.
Farrant duly fired off a letter to the paper and is contemplating suing them - something that he has done successfully with the News of the World previously (œ50 damages and œ20,000 costs from the paper) and unsuccessfully with the Daily Express (œ20,000 costs to be paid by him).
But the plot thickens. An article about the Tewin events by a freelance journalist called Ruthven Glanarvon, accompanied by a photograph of a naked man and David Farrant involved in some ritual arrived at CL. Well, there was something rather odd about the name 'Ruthven Glanarvon' which stirred distant psychic memory. For Farrant has long been in dispute with one Sean Manchester over who was the rightful President of the British Occult Society. Both claimed the title, both dismissed the other as a charlatan. Who else, we wondered, would be sending us damaging reports about Farrant?
So we phoned up 'Ruthven Glenarvon and asked to speak to 'Sean'. 'Speaking,' came the reply. Aha. So the feud continued even to the extent of Manchester using a pseudonym. No. there was feud, said Manchester, 'I even invited him recently to a soiree which he attended.'
And there the matter stands. The two major occult figures in London are still at each other's throats. The People may find itself with a writ. And Farrant's search for the Gray Lady, as part of his ghost-hunting, has had to be buried for the time being. (Duncan Campbell).

Of course, Mr Manchester would later deny in typical fashion that he had sent in this photograph to CL (just as he still denies to this day that he originally took this set of photographs), but Truth is the one thing that can prick a guilty conscience, and in Mr Manchester's case, there is no shortage of that ...

Posted by: David Farrant on May 21, 2004 08:31 PM

Sorry, everyone, in my apparent haste when adapting THE VAMPYRE SYNDROME; the last adaptation should have read Part 10 - not Part 9!

Well, there is only one small Part to go (Part 11), and hopefully this will be forthcoming in the next day opr so ... then nobody can really say that they haven't got the complete story ... (although, some nevertheless will, I suspect!)

David Farrant

Posted by: David Farrant on May 21, 2004 09:13 PM

Part the End : 'Manchester's Machinations'

IN 1974, as a culmination of my occult activities in Highgate - if not as a direct consequence of my investigation into the Highgate vampire - I was taken to the Old Bailey and charged with two counts of damage to graves in Highgate Cemetery. As well as facing two other minor charges (that had no connection with 'witchcraft' or the occult), I was also charged with sending two voodoo effigies to two police officers thereby attempting to 'pervert the course of justice'. With regard to the latter, I never denied sending these effigies (indeed, I signed two notes accompanying these and sent them by recorded delivery), and explained in court they had been sent on behalf of somebody who had approached me for help; somebody who told me that he had been 'beaten up' by the police officers in question and forced to sign a statement one of them had written out for him. This notwithstanding, (and it would be apt to point out that this case was heard fresh on the heels of the Highgate Cemetery one, that in turn had attracted world-wide publicity) the Judge - Judge Argyle - ruled in Court that any attempt to interfere with police officers in the course of their duty must be taken very seriously and that I should think myself lucky not to be before the court on a charge of attempted murder. I received 2 years imprisonment (2 years for each police officer) although the sentences were made to run concurrent.

With regard to the charges at Highgate Cemetery (and space would forbid my giving all the details here), one involved being photographed behind a vandalised coffin holding a bible and a crucifix (one of these photographs was later to appear in Tit Bits magazine and a local newspaper in 1972 - one reason. in fact, that led to my arrest). The actual charge related to 'interference' with this coffin, and the judge ruled (Argyle again) that if I'd moved or even so much touched this coffin whilst being photographed, that would constitute 'interference', and the charge could be safely made out.
The other charge related to 'malicious damage' - the said 'damage' being 'black magic symbols' that had been inscribed on the marble floor of a small mausoleum in Highgate Cemetery. There were no coffins in it, but when police had raided my flat in Highgate in relation to the latter charge, they had discovered a picture in my possession of a nude girl kneeling in front of these symbols. I admitted in court that I had taken this photograph, but denied that I had made these markings (which remains the truth) explaining that this particular mausoleum had been used regularly by a group of Satanists to conduct their rites there. I had taken pictures of the aftermath of these rituals as evidence to support my claim that Satanists used Highgate Cemetery on a regular basis (at that time); the nude girl, I explained, involved an exorcism that had taken place involving the British Psychic and Occult Society at a later date.

I was sentenced to two years imprisonment for the 'vandalised coffin' charge, and six months imprisonment for making the markings, making a total of 4 years 6 months.
In reality, I committed neither of these 'offences' at Highgate, and was wrongly convicted of the 'voodoo dolls' charge when my intention had been to protect somebody from further harm whom the police had assaulted. (Even the accompanying letters I sent with these effigies should have made my real intention clear ... Those who harm the Initiated will become a victim of their own intentions. Your evil will be returned to you, before another month is through.)

To many, my imprisonment in 1974, really marked the end of the Highgate 'vampire' case; to a few, however, it presented an ideal opportunity to capitalise upon the Highgate case; not least one person in particular ...

Mr Patrick Sean Manchester was one quick to seize such an opportunity, and from the safety of his desk some miles from Highgate Cemetery, began to churn out a mass of fictitious material about the Highgate phenomenon which was accepted as 'fact' (albeit with 'tongue in cheek') by some naive authors and journalists. The gist of Manchester's account (or as this was later to develop) was that he had tracked down the Highgate 'vampire' to its tomb in Highgate Cemetery but being to squeamish to stake it (on that occasion) sealed up the tomb with garlic impregnated cement. It escaped, taking its coffin with it, to a derelict mansion near Crouch End, some two miles from Highgate Cemetery. (Readers may recall that I had been arrested in this very same house one night a year before during the course of a BPOS investigation into a 'ghost' there, charged at the Old Bailey, but later acquitted). Dragging the coffin into the secluded garden - monster and all - Manchester then staked it through the heart then ...

'shielded my ears as a terrible roar emitted from the bowels of hell. This died away as suddenly as it had erupted and all became still. We witnessed the body-shell cave in and quickly turn filthy brown which soon became a sluggish flow of inhuman slime and viscera in the bottom of the casket. 'We' [this mysterious 'we' again!] 'built a pyre in the centre of the large garden and fetched petrol from the car to pour upon it. When the casket had been placed on top of this, beneath the rising sun, I set it alight, saying: 'I herewith consign thee to the Bottomless Pit! The Pit filled with everlasting Fire, until judgement Day. May thou be burned in the Everlasting Fire. Thou wilt be forced into that Fire, and eternally consigned and held there, for ever and ever Amen!' (Exclamation mark my own.)

But this was not quite the end of Manchester's story ... In the interim, the Highgate vampire had bitten and infected a young girl Manchester refers to as 'Lusia' who had become (surprise, surprise!)... a vampire. Manchester tracks her down to a North London cemetery and keeps a nightly vigil for her ghost inside a protective magical Circle. Readers of this fiction are not to be disappointed for Lusia turns up in the form of a giant spider and ...
"It was the most enormous spider imaginable. In that light it appeared to compare to the size of a full grown cat and was slowly edging towards the rim of charcoal powder I found myself anchored to the ground, unable to move. I just stared in dumb amazement. But that odoriferous smell of the sepulchre intruded upon my senses again and caused me to act swiftly by throwing the burning torch at the monstrous black arachnid. Something sizzled and spluttered in the dark. The sulphur became ignited and some of its blue glow was attached to the loathsome spider which now trespassed across its boundary and towards where I stood. All I could see was the faint glimmer of the burning substance as it approached painfully making a terrible hissing sound. Slowly it reached the edge of my protective circle, then, quickening its pace, it scurried back and forth in the most terrifying manner around the perimeter. I demanded the creature be still and to my astonishment it stopped in its tracks. Within the same moment I seized a sharpened stake and thrust it with all my might through the centre of that hideous black shape, using the blue sulphurous light to assist my aim. This was accompanied by the most heart-rending screech I have ever heard; it will haunt me to the end of my days. Something wet and glutinous oozed stickily as I pressed the stake still further .."

Overcome with guilt or grief (probably both) Manchester collapses into his circle sobbing uncontrollably until the approaching dawn revealed the extent of his handiwork, for impaled on the stake was .....

"It was poor Lusia - no longer the devil's undead, but God's own true dead. Even as I looked, the years of decay, which had been eluded by her vampire sleep, were returning almost instantaneously. Her mouth dropped, her cheeks fell in and her supple skin became stiff. She had faded to the colour of ash, but a tranquil beauty and profound repose swept over her in death ...!' (Exclamation mark again my own.)

Parts of Mr Manchester's story about the Highgate 'vampire' have been reproduced here, not with the intention of giving his account a critical review, but to give readers some insight into the mind of a man who, over the years, has issued a mass of malicious and deliberately untrue propaganda about people involved in the Highgate case; the majority of this obsessive material concerning myself. Characteristically, most of Manchester's material (which he circulates widely to the media and to anybody remotely connected with myself) contains allegations of 'publicity seeking', being 'amateurish', 'copying' him, (my God! perish the thought!), adopting grandiose titles, and generally take the form of screeds in which Manchester's hateful venom is but all to apparent. His obsession with myself, in particular, many find amusing - a fact borne out by numerous people who send material issued by Manchester (and he often writes this using aliases to give a false impression that other people share his perverse views), directly to myself. But in the course of his chosen enterprise, Manchester makes one ongoing mistake; one that betrays his true colours to many people: he invariably accuses people (again, mostly myself) of the exact things of which he, himself, is most guilty; a subconscious reaction, if you like, (some would say, a form of mental illness) to his own character and disordered personality.
Carol Page expresses this typically. In her book Bloodlust (first published in the United States by Harper Collins in 1991 and released later in the UK by Warner Books), Page states:

"He brought up the subject of David Farrant, the only other person to have gained any real notoriety during the brouhaha at Highgate Cemetery. Farrant ended up receiving a jail sentence of four years and eight months for his activities at Highgate Cemetery, although Manchester believes that he didn't deserve the sentence. His description of Farrant and activities in the Highgate Vampire is striking in that it could so easily be a description of Manchester himself. He says, "In his attempts to attract the limelight, he had displayed all the symptoms of someone with an identity crisis. He adopted grandiose titles, boasts and promises which were to newspaper hacks what a candle-flame is to moths. But he never could deliver the goods and took to dangerously half-admitting things about which he knew nothing and had no part, so as to hold attention". Manchester told me that Farrant was threatened by Satanists, and that he 'was sucked into a dark, diabolical world. He lives a lonely life in a multi-occupied room opposite Highgate Wood, an almost entirely reclusive existence, a pale, slightly humped shell of a person whose skin never appears to see daylight, with red eyes, and the usual appearance which goes with a not particularly healthy, warm, robust person', he claimed ". (Bloodlust, pages 128/129).

It is tempting here, perhaps, to dismiss Manchester's comments as the embittered ravings of someone who is himself suffering from a severe identity crisis; but when deliberate lies slip into the equation, an altogether more sinister light is cast upon Manchester's true intent ...

Manchester is - and was - well aware that I have never lived in a 'multi-occupied room'; but a large flat that overlooks Highgate Wood, (well, he was truthful about the last part!) And how would he have been aware of that? Because Manchester visited me at my flat on numerous occasions in the late seventies/early 1980's! His visits were often witnessed; although quite apart from this, not trusting his real motivations, I secretly recorded most of Manchester's visits and these tapes themselves completely give a lie (or rather Manchester HIMSELF does) to the numerous lies he has issued over the years about myself!

On one such tape, for example, Manchester can be heard discussing one of several letters he wrote to me in prison (as a matter of interest, he visited me there as well - albeit under a different name); he was discussing a certain publicity enterprise he had been involved in with another person, and was insisting he had kept me informed, however much under the guarded terms of his letters!

So, how exactly are we to conclude about the erratic facets which are an integral (and ongoing) part of Mr Manchester's behaviour? Should he merely be pitied or dismissed as a charlatan who has fallen victim to a fantasy world of his own making? Or should he perhaps be condemned as an habitual liar who would go to any lengths to protect an image he has created about himself that he is desperate to impose upon a few gullible people?

I do not know the precise answer to that. Perhaps it is a little of both. But to be fair to Mr Manchester, perhaps he should be allowed the last word ...

"If I'm remembered for nothing else, I'd like
to be remembered for developing, indeed,
revolutionising the hand stake."
-Sean Manchester-

Well that's all of that, folks! And THAT’S only a slice of the beginning really! But don't worry. I'm not going to take advantage by posting up reams of other material. The latter should suffice (and even that has been considerably shortened) for anybody interested in the early facts of the Highgate 'vampire' case. But we will still keep you posted about any more current happenings or developments; and naturally, would welcome any response or views from anyone interested. DF

Posted by: David Farrant on May 22, 2004 06:45 PM

Well done, David! And not a peep or squeak from his nibs--well he has been asked for an apology before he posts up again so that has effectively silenced him! Of course they did get a tardy "apology" squeezed out of him on the bizarre abyss board,it was a pretty meaningless mumbling about a "misunderstanding"--but BIZARRE ABYSS are to be congratulated on getting that much!!!I think its very much a first--and probably last--for his nibs. It must have broken his heart!

As a follow up to your story I am going to put Part 11 up FROM THIS END, its no where as long, but I think it belongs here rather than on the Robin Hood thread. I got fed up last year of all the lies and stirrings up of the "nourishing broth" against me, which started with Secrets of the Grave, was taken up by certain Robinhoodites and of course his nibs stuck his two pennorth in and tried to make matters worse for me. So I did a dossier on his nibs for my own reference, which
addressed all the issues, and this is what I will post up in suitable format. Today is a busy day--as you know Catherine and I are going to see the "Kirklees Vampire" at the York dungeon and I am going with her to the grave, as she has a lettter of permission and it is not safe for a lone woman to go on her own.I have a letter from the countryside ranger stating this, though under the cicumstances I am not comfortable with the prospect, but hopefully all will be okay !If I end up in the stocks you know that someone has blabbed!But as its already on other message boards I guess the cat is out of the bag, so to speak!
Then we have the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society newsletter to print out=--courtesy of computer! Now I must take my dog out, but if time permits I'll start the
"shocking revelations" today!


Posted by: barbara green on May 23, 2004 01:41 AM

No more comments from me today, but can you please continue with what you want to say Barbara?
I'm taking a 'back seat' in this one, but I am just as intrigued as everyone else. David.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 23, 2004 08:17 PM

Hi David--will try to put something on tonight. Yesterday was really hectic, after we had seen the "Kirklees Vampire" at the York Dungeon. I'll put that on the Robin Hood thread,our thoughts on that, and start the other on this thread. Just quickly as I am off out to work, after the York Dunegon we went to Robins Grave. Catherine ahd her letter of permission and I was her "escort">.We got stopped at the house near the gate at the back of the Three Nuns and I gave this man and this lady a really nice smile and Catherine gave him the letter, I stroked his dog and said what a lovely doy it was and a lovely day to the lady.
Although he gave us some suspicious looks--or was that my imagination--the little blue letter did the trick and it is quite reasonable for a lone woman not to go up to the grave alone--it simply isn't safe. But it was beautiful as we walked up there--my dog too enjoyed it, through the well tended fields and orhchard still suddenly the wilderness started, all the twisted tress and rhododendrons where the grave is situated.
I'm not used to seeing the grave in full daylight--am usually there in the middle of the night!!!Despite Catherine's letter and the fact that I had been officially invited by the managemnent on David Hinchcliff'es visit(which I had declined, as I thought it was twenty years too late!)I felt uneasy and uncomfortable in the area. So did Catherine who was actually allowed to be there. So we didn't know whether it was the place or whether it was my expecting some gun toting gamekeeper to leap out on us, shouting

"Your're nicked!" . CaTHERINE didn't want to go back the other way down the hill through the spooky grove so we walked bck the way we had come, I was thinking it will be just our luck for You Know who to come whizzing past in her motor car and see me--she knows what I look like,and say,"I say, clear off, you're trespassing,boo! " but at the end of the day I did feel I had every right to be there in more ways than one!
However, Just quickly to conclude, there were used Fireworks on the grave and a white rose!I wonder who else had been there!
Will start the story of the Bishop and the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society tonight if I have the energy--on till 7.30 pm

bye for now

ps we had a barbecue when we got back, lots of smoke and burned sausages but it was fun

Posted by: barbara green on May 24, 2004 01:53 AM

Well I am quite tired after a 12 hour shift but I'll make a start.

This is taken direct from my dossier, with supporting references in the file which are scanned into my computer should anyone need to see proof of my account.

The complaints about Secrets of the Grave are a seperate item.

This dossier was done for my own convenience in case I needed to quickly cross reference anything, but I do have a seperate file of all Sean Manchesters posts since he first started writing t o me.
I will have to do it it little bits due to shortage of time!

So the order of events might be a bit back to front, but its how I filed it. I will add the history afterwards, of meeting his lordship at the Barnet Carnival.

1) In 1991 when I wrote Secrets of the Grave I sent a manuscript copy to Sean Manchester for his collaboration, in particular re the parts in which he was involved. However, instead of liasing with me, he sent threatening letters from his"legal team" Dennis Crawford and Micahel Thane saying i would be sued for defamamtion of character if I went ahead and published. I could not understand this as I HAD TAKEN my material from sean Manchesters own work, and had written nothing against him.I subsequently went ahead and published, after three attempts to liase with SM, with a postcript explaining the situation and why the Bishop had resigned his commision as Patron of the YRHS.


2) Subsequently SM wrote a letter to my solicitor(he had his address as I sent my last letter beseeching reason,via my solictor which cost me £20!!!!) SM CALLED ME A neutoric woman subject to wild hysterical tantrums!!!!!My solicitor was fortuantely possessed of a sence of humour and so was I!


ENCLOSURE 3 analysis of Secrets of the GRAVE--SM COMPLAINTS

4) SM demanded--via Internet message baords--a copy of SOTG from me. He made no attempt to buy a book which h e could have done quite easily. He then proposed a "bargain" with me to swap a copy of the book for a tape of David Farrant, his deadly arch enemy! I ignored aLL THIS but received a copy of the tape through the post shortly a fterwards!Soon afterwards on the Internet he wrote that I had not kept my side of the bargain
--which I had never made. !!!!To shut him up I sent him a copy of SOTG at my own expense but he then r ang my publisher the Printshop in Brighouse, demanding the "original plates" because he thought there was another secret version!!! My publisher was amused and told him to "go away" (but in slightly different words!)


more tomorrow folks,its really sad, aint it!

Posted by: barbara green on May 24, 2004 04:26 PM

We are all waiting with baited breath barbara to hear the next posting!!!

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 26, 2004 02:36 PM

DEATH-DUEL! I, Roberto Sebastienne Pacifico Vetrianno, LeComte de Milano do hereby smite the bejowelled features of 'Bishop' Sean Manchester with my velvet glove. I also challenge him to a duel, swords or pistolas at a tiime and place to be determined. Honour will only be satisfied when one party lies dead on the appointed sward. My blade thirsts for vengeance on this lowly cur and I hope to plunge it through his rancid heart. I hear that he was nursed back to health in a French convent after a similar duel some years ago. I can assure the dog that no amount of nursing will save his miserable hide this time. Whether on battlefield, in cups, or in boudior , LeComte never fails. How about it Sirrah? Name your place and time. My blade is ready.

Posted by: LeComte de Milano on May 26, 2004 02:37 PM

Not another duel at dawn!!!!After hiS last fatal injury his nibs may be a bit out of practise--his cassock might get in the way too!

Anyway to continue my tale of woe.

From Sean Manchester, Assessment and Evidence by Barbara Green

Prior to this,before Secrets of the grave was w ritten, I had been on Good terms with "Lord Manchester"
as he was then known.He was patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society. I took it on good faith that the things he claimed about himself, his noble pedigree and vampire hunting exploits were true.
I was then suddenly accused of being"in league"--Manchesters words--

with David Farrant because I mentioned him briefly in Secrets of the Grave.

Sometime around 2000 (I'm a bit vague on dates!) I met CathErine Fearnely who was interested in Robin Hoods Grave. Suffice to say that Catherine became interested in Bishop Manchester and David Farrant as a result of the literature I gave her
which mentions them both,and it was around the time the lord bishop had fallen out with me because of Secrets(more anon).I won't say any more on this only that just about all of us who are now ostrich sized by the bishop started of by being his friend and then got struck off his social list because we wouldn't toe his party line. After which we all became "satanists" and "miscreants" and goodness knows what else.

Sean Manchester published "The Kirklees Vampire" in his Vampire Hunters Handbook and Orbis Magagzine 1992. Why anyone should need a handbook for hunting vampires is questionable, as ita dvises people to go digging in graveyards--which is illegal--and sticking stakes into suspicious objects--which is dangerous and could lead to murder if that body was a sleeping tramp and not a vampire.

There is nothing other than SM anectdotal "evidence" to support undead vampire existing, and as he is a foremost and famous vampire hunter what vampires other than Highgate, the giant spider Luisa, and Kirklees--which was a washout--has he hunted--and "despatched"?


wHEN princess Diana died in the crash SM, WHO had previously sent out disapproving pamplets about the princess,published a rhapsodic account of her death in the magazine of his deadly enemy Kevyn Carlyon. (Beltane Fire).
He said he had had a vision of her at the exact moment of her death when she had floated over a lake towards him.
Why should she go and see him at the moment of her death--she didn't even know him,.If she went anywhere she would have gone to her sons. He also made a truly excrutiayting tape called Death and Transfiguration paying his saxaphone and quoting his poem about the lake, which he sent to Kensiongtom palace and tried to sell.
It seemed that he was "jumping on the bandwagon" as he was the first to condemn anyone having love affairs,......except the princess now she was deceased.
But because i questioned his vision--before he struck me off--he said I had a "vitriolic campaign against the princess" which is not true, only against humbugs.

Enclosure 6.

When Sean Manchester was consecrated as a bishop he said that the holy spirit came down and went into the back of his head, which was shown on a photograph Enclosure 7

Also that when he became a priest St Francis of assisi was in the congreagation.


Posted by: barbara green on May 26, 2004 04:23 PM

Good to see that your giving more uninterrupted details about your side of events, Barbara for a change. Well, he has been invited to respond here, hasn't he; but as is so often the case, whenever the true favts are published the silence is . . . DEAFENING!

As to the 'Compte de Milano's' challenge to a duel with Mr Manchester, I can only say this: When he had the 'duel' with myself back in 1978, pictures were issued to the Press (not by myself, I hasten to add!), of SM lying on the ground - his sword apparently having left the clutches of his limpid hand - with 'blood' (or could this have been red dye?, its hard to tell as the picture was in black and white) apparently streaming down his forehead! The story put out then was that 'Lord' Manchester had suffered a fatal blow; although went he apparently 'came back to life' a few weeks later, another story followed (again, nothing to do with myself) to the effect, that he's been taken for dead but later discovered to have been barely alive and nursed back to health in a French Convent! So successful was his 'recovery' at this time, was that Manchester apparently found new courage and challenged myself to another 'duel' in 1984 to a 'duel to the death' in Highgate Woods with sabres!

He claimed to have won this; but really, fact never proves to be 'stranger than fiction, with most of Mr. Manchester's stories and allegations.

Anyway, Compte de Milano (gosh, I hope I've spelt that right!), you have my absolute support if you are genuine in your challenge. I mean, SM would never respond to any genuine challenge, unless he was in complete control of all the media hype and potential publicity.

But its good to see somebody 'call his bluff'!


Posted by: David Farrant on May 26, 2004 05:49 PM

Compte de Milano (I wonder if he is serious with regards to a duel or is he doing this for a joke. Hello David, hope you are well, sorry to keep you talking for so long tonight, I must admit I usually forget what time it is, as we usually have so much interesting discussions about various events. Don't forget it won't be long before the two of us are in London (just slightly over a fortnight). Talk to you tomorrow, love Catherine xxx

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 26, 2004 07:04 PM

The challenge is genuine. The Count is eager to test this buffoon's mettle. He is aware of the legalities involved and will dispense with swords and pistols if need be. Perhaps cudgels may be a more viable option. The Count particularly relishes the great English tradition of pugilism. Perhaps bare-knuckled combat, fought stripped to the waist, no gouging, biting or scratching permitted. LeComte has been sparring in the most vulgar dens of Paris and Jakarta to get in shape for such an eventuality. He merely awaits the reply of that basest of slinking curs, the craven bully in a cassock. LeComte is more than happy to have representatives of the media in attendance as well as seconds, medical help and the like. Perhaps Hyde Park or Parliament Hill? LeComte awaits...........

Posted by: LeComte de Milano on May 26, 2004 07:15 PM

Come Sirrah! Take your thrashing like a man.

Posted by: LeComte de Milano on May 27, 2004 03:44 AM

Hi Le Comte does that mean posters will be pasted all over London or indeed Bournemouth by the time we get there. Its a bit like de-ja vu. Have fun, I'm sure that you will.


Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 27, 2004 08:13 AM

Continued from above Assessment on Sean Manchester.


When SM UNDER THE NAME EXORSTITE on the Fortean Message board published a letter sent to him on thE 6.8.02, which purported to be from an acedemic closely involved in researching Robin Hoods grave for which he had special permission from the landowner. This letter, on the board was dated 26.July o2, and on the 27th July I had met this man at my request to try and sort out the misunderstandings and defamatory postings which were occurring about myself from certain quarters on another message board, and about my involvement with Robin Hoods Grave. My "involvement" had been that I had simply let it be known that since the formation of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society some years previously, I had always been refused permission to visit the g rave with the Society.
Thsi academic, and several others who had posted on this message board, had been allowed to visit Robins grave and by some twist of logic had then turned on me and said I was making trouble because I had complained about NOT being given access to do research--unlike themselves !I felt it very selfish of them all to look at the situation from the point of view that they were doing--namely that there WASN'T a problem with access because THEY--became of their prominent credentials--Had been allowed access!!!
But the people who complained because theyw eren't given access were just dismissed as being troublemakers!

Hope you can follow that. Anyway, his nibs got wind of it because he used to post on this robin hood message board before he got banned, and he wrote to this academic who ws complaining about me. By the time I read the letter the academic wrote about me which his nibs posted on Fortean, a week later, I had already met him and thought I had put the record straight.
So I WS QUITE SHOCKED to discover--because his nibs had published the letter -- that the academic and his nibs were writing to each other about me because of what it said.

It said I was firing people up to post on my behalf--which was untrue, as at I posted on my own behalf under my own name, which as more than the landowner ever did, and those eposting on her behalf had only heard one side of the story anyway and were too busy doffing the caps to use their wits,so they w ere actually the ones being "fired up"!!

It said I was not a proper Anglican but only a person paying lip service to the Church like most Anglicans

I was sinking into the occult

That like SM, HE thought nothing useful would come of the forthcoming meeting and ws only humouring me

That I was going to get banned from the Blue Boar Message board--which did not happen

That mark gibbons was my"beloved"

That he would get a copy of the film I was making with Bardford University--which he did and it vanished

That I was "having a go" at SM


That my research methods were rubbish and I don't use a methodical approach and I "massageD material".

I need to be"recognised and needed"

That he was very sorry to hear about my"machinations" against the bishop who must rue the day he met me

That he has taken note of SM "OFFER" regarding the grave about blessing the g rave!!!!!!!!He supports thiS happening to"bed the YRHS cohorts"
and there would be a greAT deal of press coverage--just up his nibs street eh! But---to have an Anglican vicar---(whose Church they have just insulted---) there also. And that "after THE event Barbara Green will take full credit--that is the nature of the woman and we have to live with that.Once again let me say a wholehearted thank you for the time you HAVE taken in writing to me and for the kindness you have shown."

Enclosure 8.

Now THis letter was a taken down almost immediately but I had a print out of it and rang the person concerned--who I had met the week before, and asked him if he wrote it. Although it said on the message board it was printed with his permission I thought it was either a forgery or had not got his permission--after all I was meeting him the day after he wrote it--(unaware that it had been w ritten at that time.) The alleged author, however, seemed very confused about my question, and it was never explained properly one way or the other.

However, I thought it typical of SM TO TRY ANY MEANS to discredit me, and the academic who had replied had written plenty of uncomplementary things about me from his stance as guardian of the g rave andf favoured courtier. I thought by having a meeting with him I could clarify my position by a face to face meeting.

As SM had been the one to start the vampire story at Kirklees and trespass on his alleged vampire hunt there I thought it a bit rich for the academics to a) blame me for the vampires b)and to take up SM'S offer to bless the site.!!!

On other message baords--mainly his own--he continued to babble about his "amicable" relationship with the landowners and to denigrate my involvement.

I HAVE MET THE ACADEMIC since and he has expressed his views on SM--which I won't elaborate on. He has either regretted getting involved with the bish who imprudently let the cat out of the bag by publishing that derogatory letter and I only saw by(FORTUITOUS) chance!!I am really not sure what the game is, but obviously his nibs wAs trying to worm his way in INTO THE EXCLUSIVE Kirklees Club but overplayed his hand. MMaybe the academics saw the nonsenece of it all if they looked on his website, and that to get the person who had put the vampires there in the first place to come back and get rid of them was a bit crazy.

What a pity for his nibs--I am sure he would have loved hobnoddbing with the arsitocrasy on the lawn eating cucumber sarnies--"Anyone for tennis?"


Posted by: barbara green on May 27, 2004 12:50 PM


I was only aware of all this in very general terms, Barbara, not the specific details, so I am not really in a position to comment on these particular events. I can say, however, that this all just seems to fit into a normal pattern of behaviour i.e. . hiding behind aliases (e.g. "Exorcistarte" on the Fortean Time's forum), going behind peoples' backs under such aliases, and, of course, trying to cash in or quite literally steal somebody else's story for the purposes of either self-publicity or self-fulfilment - probably both!

You seem to have been another innocent victim of the bishop's (I should emphasise 'self-styled' here) unrelenting hate campaign. I am certainly at the top of his devious list and anyone unfortunate to make contact with me (at least as he sees it) automatically become part of secret world-wide conspiracy 'Satanic conspiracy' against him! I put an exclamation mark; but in reality, its really quite sad. I do not believe giving him publicity publicly (which he craves on) will cure the real problem. The truth is that the man has become entrapped in his own delusioned world and he is now, quite genuinely unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Anyway, on a lighter note, Compte; when you have finished with him (in your duel), can I have the tea-pot cosy!?


Posted by: David Farrant on May 27, 2004 05:49 PM

May you have the tea-pot cosy, Mr Farrant? You may hang what is left of it on your wall, or, perhaps even better, you could use it to mop the toilet or something menial like that. His 'sweetbreads', however, I have promised to my cat as he is fond of such delicacies.

Posted by: Le Comte de Milano on May 27, 2004 08:23 PM

Hi David and the rest!
I was particularly annoyed over the letter incident, but as I said, I never got a straight answer from either party. When I have mentioned it before on message boards, his nibs said it doesn't exist--so I mailed him a copy, but he didn't acknowledge it! The other party appeared "baffled" when I asked him directly over the phone--and later put a shirty posting up on another message baord about me accusing him of dickipoggy things--which I didn't, I asked him if he had actually written it, cos at the time I couldn't believe he'd written such tosh about me when he was meeting me the next day in a supposed attempt to straighten the grave situation out. And I thought I HAD made my position clearer, unbeknowing about the letter at the time! Anyway I TOLD HIM TO GET LOST IN THE END,as I had run out of patience with the whole matter!
As you say, David, typical nibs- type behaviour, trying to queer everyone elses pitch in his own favour!
Of course, I have not had anything like the aggro you have had from his nibs, but
I have certainly had a taste of what happens if you disobay "He who must be Obeyed" even with little things, he twists and turns matters round so that he appears holier than thou and everyone else is in the--as you said--world wide conspiracy against him. Of course one isn't suppose to question the junk he publishes about you--what does he expect us to do, silly man! Of course people will object if they see a load of codswallop written about themselves---he certainly does--though in his case it isn't
codswollop it is correcting the rubbish he has written about us!

Anyway will continue the dossier later,

bye for now


ps can I have his hand crafted stake?

Or are you using stakes as weapons?

Good luck Count, in thy quest to save us all from his grooviness St sean. Though to be honest I think you both are getting a bit--ahem--old for such caperings. Thou art no longer the dashing young bucks thou once were--well his nibs certainly aint---I'm not sure about you, Comte, but you should not take advantage of the bad tempered bumblings of his nibs, if thou still art in thy youthful prime!! Could you not have a trial by dominoes of something?

Posted by: barbara green on May 28, 2004 01:36 AM

LeComte may not be in his youthful prime but many fair ladies will attest to his vigour on the battlefield of Venus. True, the Bishop's 'hot youth' has faded like an old book left in direct sunlight ,but that's his problem. Dominoes be dam**d, I will have satisfaction by stout cudgel or knuckle, the choice is yet his. Shed no tears for that gallows-bait and his doxy. And, a pox on talk of mercy. I would consider , however,quarter-staffs at a push. The misbegotten dog has sullied his last reputation. His victims cry in my ear, "Vengeance, vengeance" and in this case it is not strictly the Lord's to deliver. Step forth, mooncalf, and take your rightful pummeling. The greensward awits your limp and battered form. Surrender your tea-cosy, that it may be a trophy on Farrant's wall and a lesson for future generations. LeComte is eager to beat his rythm on your balding pate.

Posted by: LeComtedeMilano on May 28, 2004 04:57 AM

Well demn me eyes and blow me away--hast thou not had an answer to thy bold challenge yet,old thing!!! I can assure thee that his nibs is on the prowl for he is like
" the pestilence that walketh in darkness"
seeking to destroy wheresoer he can !
But maybe he feareth mortal combat now he no longer the byronic young hero he wonce was !Anyway

Today he has awakened and thought, as he popped his tea cosy over his bald patch and knitted his holy brow

"Today my task will be to destroy Barbara Green's Robin Hood website! Yippee ! Here I cometh , in all my magnifiencence !" and leapt forth from his humble four poster in his country residence and rushed to his trusty computer, gibbering with anticipation.

Anyway I gotteth this phone call from my website people blah blah the usual stuff. So I said,For heavens sake take his ********** name off the story and put in**************

What I can't quite understand is what's the problem, seanykins--I know your watching, you littel scopril!!!!

The story of your (alleged ) hunt of the Kirk-
lees Vampire is published in ORBIS magazine 1992, the Vampire Hunters Handbook and on your website. So excuse me, good sir,my man,for missing some vital clue here, but if you can publish the same story yourself for all the world to see,in three seperate publications ( and you naughty old
thing, you probably pinched it from me in the first place so
I should be the one complaining!!) how does this same story become "libellous"
on my website and in my book Secrets of theGrave,
also you have promoted the Kirklees vAMPIRE at the York Dungeon on your website--why aren't you having a fit of hysterics with them ?

So, Seany baby, please be good--and man
enough as to answer on this board for us all to see, under your own name, otherwise we shall just end up thinking, as we already think, that thou art a silly old duffer and can't speak up for himself !!!

Your old pal--until you blotted your copybook!


Posted by: barbara green on May 28, 2004 07:48 AM

For the sake of our American friends, I should point out that the following sketch relates to an advert on english tv some years ago showing a group of tame (dressed up) chimpanzees advertising a certain brand of tea. There is not supposed to be any resemblence to any persons living or dead, but it might be relevant because there was a large tea pot cosy on the tea pot as far as I remember. As a matter of interest the leader of these monkeys was a flabby, plumpy, overweight chimp with greying hair dressed in the most ridiculous clothes. Again, I stress that there is absolutely no connection between any persons living or dead; or who may eventually be dead!...

The lead male monkey from the PG Tips ad (he says to tell you his name is 'Pat') would like to thank everyone who has offered advice on how to keep his tea hot, in the pot. He is slightly offended, however, by the person who referred to him as 'just a dumb ape'! He says this is totally totally untrue and that he is descended from a long line of chimpanzees with royal blood in their veins; chimps who, in days bygone, were kept for entertainment vaule by Kings and Queens.

I've also been following this particular thread keenly, David if you have his tea pot cosy, can I have the middle section!!!

Posted by: MidnightCaller on May 28, 2004 08:13 AM

This is his nibs Kirklees vampire address


Now I would like to know from his nibs how come the same story which was on my website with the same account,is "libellous" when his account of the same story-- the Kirklees Vampire--true of otherwise!!! is on his website, in his Vampire Hunters Handbook and advertised for the York Dungeon on his website---and is not libellous!!!!
If someone isn't standing on his tea cosy I don't know what is, as if that makes any sense to anyone but his nibs, they ,must also have a
very weird and wonderful way of metnal gymnastics!
Also the picture of his nibs which was on my website was Rob Brautigans copyright and it was nothing to do with his nibs whether I used it or not. As it is, not having that grumpy old phisogom on my board, is no great loss. But it was not for his nibs to dictate whether it was on or not!

Put you ear plugs on if you go onto his site,boom,boom!!

Posted by: barbara green on May 28, 2004 11:50 AM

Hi great news, we may have another member of our Yorkshire Robin Hood Society, who has recently posted on here. I won't give his name out as he does not want any publicity so we shall respect his wishes.

Catherine Fearnley,
Secretary for David Farrant, and The Yorkshire Robin Hood Society

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on May 28, 2004 04:14 PM

Well, I see the Le Comte de Milano has finally made a legitimate challenge to Mr. SM. So far, this appears to have remained unanswered. One can only wonder why!
So,lets hear from yourself, Sean!?

David Farrant, President, BPOS.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 28, 2004 08:23 PM

Yes,Sir Tea Cosy, why don't you meet us in mortal challenge instead of sneaking around trying to mess up people's message boards. Its blatantly obvious that now you have lost your main prop and greatest fan, Diana Brewster (and I mean no disrespect to her, she was loyal and true,if we fear, misguided soulmate ) now you a re floudering around on your own, cos the rest of your merry band simply does not exist.
I AM SURPRISED your wife has not got fed up of all your feuds and finackerly, and if not, why does she not step into the space left by Diana Brewster and stand up for her man !!!.
If someone was having words with my nearest and dearest I would certainly have something to say on the matter. But then, Mrs M would appear to be the passive part of the mancurian mesalliance, OR FOLIE A DEUX,since she was carried off into the sunset by his nibs on his white cahrger away from those nasty old satanists!.

Posted by: barbara green on May 29, 2004 03:49 AM

Precisely Barbara,
That is why I'm standing by David and posting on here whenever the need arises, there is no way am I letting SM get away with everything and not answer back. Its ok for him to have a go at us but as far as he's concerned we are not allowed to answer him back. Twaddle, he's got no chance about me keeping quiet not where myself or David is concerned anyway.

Take care, have fun.


Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on May 29, 2004 06:35 AM


Earlier today, I received three private e-mails from somebody calling themselves "Katrina" basically warning myself that 'serious consequences' would follow if I did not 'desist' from my 'on-going campaign' against "bishop" Manchester! There were more veiled threats accompanying this garbage; notably, that I faced legal prosecution if I continued to make 'libellous and unsubstantiated threats' against him!

Well, the this individual must be getting extremely desperate! He seems to forget that I have only been forced to publish certain material in response to libellous and deliberately untrue threats that he, himself, made against members of my Societies and myself in the first place.

I do not intend to labour this issue here. Except to say that this particular person is wasting both my time and his own.

If he does not like any of my publications about himself; he might be advised to remember, that these were only forcibly forthcoming to retract public lies and deceit that HE circulated in the first place. If we can be clear on this essential issue (which is unlikely knowing himself), we might finally get somewhere.

In the meantime, "Katrina", please don't waste unnessaeary breath. If you are really maintaining to be an 'independent entity'; then step forward in the open, as I am quite prepared to enter into any public debate with you.

But you never will, of course; the main reason being that everyone knows your real identity. But this offer nevertheless remains open. I would really like to debate all your anonymous allegations in public, "Katrina", just to see if (1) you even have the courage to appear in public and (2) to see if you can back up all your previous allegations in public.

This is not any challenge to any "duel". Just a public debate!

It is years since I met you in person, Katrina. But I am sure I could easily recognise you again!

Yours etc.

David Farrant.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 29, 2004 10:10 PM

It shows how desperate his nibs is when he wrote a threatening letter to my website host,saying things were defamatory when he had published the same things he was compainimg about. I gave them the link to his nibs Vampire RESEARCH Sit for them TO SEE FOR THEMSELVES BUT as I was too busy to go into the matter just said to take his name out of the story, it didn't really matter one was or the other. But it just shows how contrary and impossible his nibs is, you will never get a word of sense out of him, only huffing and puffing to cover up his house of cards.His blood pressure will be coming out of his tea cosy if he continues to carry on like King Canute, shouting for " our tide of truth" to go back !

You have only to tell people that our boy hunts vampires for a living and his credibility is immediatly compromised,with or without the bishop bit--not to mention Byronic descent!.
In the transcript Talk Wales (Enclusre 9) he says he was bitten in the hand by a vampire and he has hunted "lots" of vampires and also encoutered werewloves. The interviewer however, does not attempt to pin him down and ask "what" vampires and "where?" to be so famous. Also why did the vampire bite his nibs on the hand instead of the neck ???!!!Why didn't his nibs turn into a vampire? Its a very queer yarn to say the least!Pity the interviewer was so naff though if you ask awkward questions or don't doff your cap he throws a tantrum--like in James Wahle!

Even people on his own message board are asking"Where is the evidence?" for the existence of vampires?

I have letter from a senior church man who states that the official church view is that undead Hammer house of horror type vampires dont exist. Enclosure 10.

On his nibs message board about a year ago soemone asked for advice the expert vampire hunter his nibs because they thought there was a vampire in a nearby churchyard. Reading the Vampire Hunters Handbook this would be vampire hunter followed instructions and went looking for the undead fiend with a friend, armed with crosses and stakes. Whether through their own imaginations or whether there was soemthing "funny" at the site, even if it wasn't a vampire, they started getting into deep water, but at no time at all did his nibs caution them about blundering round with sharpened stakes in a cemetary--because that is what his book advises!
They got into quite a mess--I won't go into detail here--but because things had become very serious his nibs mouthpiece of the time,and really could have caused an investigation from various quarters ,Diana B said it was a hoax. She hAd no means of knowing whether it was a hoax or no, and it was immaterial whether it was anyway--the posting novice vampire hunter was simply asking advice from the expert. bUT SHE QUICKLY TRIEND TO DISAASOCIATE his nibs from the situation. However,
The advise should have been given--but of course, the advice his nibs gives is to go
creeping round graveyards, looking in coffins and if necssary doing the stuff with the cross and the stake.In the case of the Highgate vampire, chopping its head off too and burning it!
Now if that was someone's nearest and dearest in the coffin I think the gallant Von Hesling of the day would be in big trouble--and it woulnd't be from vampires!


ps David--so whats new, eh, with the latest fulminations from "katy"--even if it really is her, she's only acting"under orders"-- the bishop will leaning over her shoulder dictating every purple prosy word like the Jehovah himself
breathing fore and thunderbolts from olympus.

Posted by: barbara green on May 30, 2004 10:23 AM

David's new website is nearly ready, there are just one or two items to add. When it's completely finnished this message board will be the first to know.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on May 30, 2004 04:39 PM

Yes. We are up and running on a new website now, but its not quite finished. There seems to be a lot of work involved in these things; but its nevertheless up and running at the moment, just waiting for a few more pics. Our main one is still going, and is likely to stay the same at the moment; but our new one will contain some new updates and other current news variations

As it concerns the "Highgate Vampire" (I always put that in quotes!), we may be able to put a link to it; obviously with permission, of course! Well, we'll see, just to keep everyone updated at this stage without taking unnecessary advantage of advertising it.

David Farrant, President, BPOS.

Posted by: David Farrant on May 30, 2004 09:18 PM

Comments on Bishop Manchesters Objections to Secrets of the Grave.

Bishop Manchester wrote on his comments which were published on his website last year that he had "withdrawn all his support " from Mrs Green since he saw the manuscript of the book--kindly sent to him by Mrs Green in order to try and liase with him. His only response was to send rude blustering letters via "Dennis Crawford " his "Legal team" and Diana Brewster.

His objections started off by mentioning people who had been named in the book because they happened to be part fo the story. I won't name them fully here, but collectively these "objections" were attributed to these people:

RH HAD "LOST all contact with BG " ---SO WHAT?She was still part of the story

RN--WHO WITHDREW PERMSSION of his contribution to SOTG as confirmed in his correspondence to me (SM)
----as RN has NOT written to Mrs Green to the effect, that is a nonsence--why would RN "withdraw his permission via SM and not the person concerned, BG ?)Anyway, "permission " was not required, even if it had been withdrawn--which it was not,however, had it been RN'S story could have been written up as reporting rather than as direct quote.

RB MG KD CD JP RB DF--all were mentioned and said to be Satanists of consorting with Satanists, as BG now was because she mentioned them in the book

JL "WHO DOES NOT SUPPORT MRS GREENS THEORY"--so what, that does not matter in the ROBIN hOOD circles, everyone has different theories


WHY WOULD KB not write and request this from BG if this was really the case ?

Bishop XXX "who,like me (SM) had absolutely nothing to do with Mrs Greens book "--quite so, this person did not have anything to do with THE BOOK--he was just pArt of the s tory
Bishop Manchester seems to fail to understand the difference, yet when he writes his books he puts every Tom Dick and Harry in with or without their "permission ".

This entire catalogue of "objectors " who wrote and objected about Secrets of the Grave is utter nonsense.
I am not even sure if some of these people have seen the book, either in published or manuscript form.
If they did have any objections then the obvious person to write to would be me. What would be the point of writing to Sean Manchester ?

There was nothing untoward said about any of them anyway, they were simply included in the text as part of the story which they had been involved in at the time.

More later


Posted by: barbara green on May 31, 2004 03:08 AM

Dear Manchester,
Since I issued my challenge to you on this board, I have decided to address your, and my, acceptance here. [For your future reference, I no longer reside at the address given]. I am glad that you have accepted and share your concerns about the media, especially considering the brutality and subsequent carnage that they would witness. I trust that your boasted prowess in the martial arts is not another lie as they don't call me 'grasshopper' for nothing.I name David Farrant as my second, and it is he who shall hold the fortifying brandy and my finely-tailored shirt as we dance our tarantella. You need not concern yourself about his 'joining in', as the poor chap suffers terribly from an injured foot. I hope that your own man, Jack Lovelock, will prove to be honourable in this regard. As you say, it is time to settle this matter once and for all. Perhaps a good sound thrashing will knock some sense into you. Until knuckle meets brow,
LeComte Roberto de Milano.

p.s. Don't forget to bring your unique head-gear as I have promised my man this trophy to adorn his mantel.

Posted by: LeComte on May 31, 2004 05:05 PM

GOOD FOR YOU, LeCOMTE! (but might I suggest caution)!

I was rather surprised when LeComte de Milano contacted me earlier tonight to say that Mr Sean Manchester had accepted his challenge to a duel by a privately signed e-mail. I was even more surprised when LeComte asked me to be a 'second'! (I prefer the word 'witness').

Having said that, I can not see the whole thing actually taking place. Whilst LeComte is both deadly serious and set in his intentions, I can see Manchester somehow 'squirming out of it' at the last minute now that his bluff to a real duel has finally been called.

If this is not the case then I'd love to be there; but I can see Manchester refusing to answer the door to his bungalow should we actually turn up! And where exactly is this secret location, not fart from his house? I mean, is it really fair for Manchester to expect LeComte to trust him on unfamiliar terrain which he himself (Manchester) seems to be dictating?

Personally, I wouldn't. Manchester would almost certainly have a couple of 'hard men' in reserve if things did not go his way ,which, in the event this took place, they wouldn't!

I would nevertheless accompany LeComte, subject to arrangements being satisfactorily made. You could say, I would not miss this for the world; or the next one!


Posted by: David Farrant on May 31, 2004 06:16 PM

Wise words Mr Farrant, although you take your duties as a second rather too lightly. I demand that you hold my fortifying snifter of cognac in readiness for my avenging hand. Could our common foe be so base a cur as too have bully-boys secreted at the killing-ground, ready to enter the fray once he has been felled, or even at the first clubbing blow? Pehaps you should hold my blade in case of such villainy. Do you really think, Sir, that even HE could sink so low? LeComte fears no man. I am as happy to tap a gang of rogues into bruised slumber, as I am to send one lolling to the sward. It matters not a fig. A pox on his hired rascals. Let him bring as many 'hard-men' as he cares, if that's the nature of his game. It will still be his dazed carcasse that is borne from the field, a spent and broken man. or he will grovel home on hands and knees like a wounded animal to lick his wounds and tremble abed at the name of Milano for evermore. Farrant will yet have the 'cosey' prize he so covets. As for myself, my satisfaction rests in a job well done and the final humbling of a bully.

Posted by: LeComte de Milano on May 31, 2004 08:16 PM

Go big boy, go.

Posted by: ronni l on May 31, 2004 08:42 PM

Will his nibs be wearing his sexy breeches again, and his val doonican cardy with leather football designer buttons, as well as his tea cosy ?He can't fight a duel in his cassock after all can he?

This is getting exciting!


Posted by: barbara green on June 1, 2004 01:26 AM

I am very concerned that David will intend on turning up to this duel as I've already told him in person that this duel should be made public, because if anything happens to him I would have told people beforehand. He is adamant in going (that is of course if Manchester doesn't back out of it). I don't trust Manchester; I know from experience how devious he can be.

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on June 1, 2004 03:10 PM

How about some concern in this direction, dear lady?

Posted by: LeComte on June 1, 2004 03:21 PM

I have a straight question to put to Mr. Farrant. Asked without agenda, to satisfy personal curiousity and clear up a situation I found myself in a year or so back.

I wrote an article online which mentioned the Highgate vampire shenannigans. As I'd read one of David Farrant's books, in which the name 'Patrick' Sean Manchester was used, I used this name in the article.

I was then contacted by someone claiming to be Sean Manchester's secretary, with objections to what I wrote.

I am a completely independent observer in the feud between the two parties, but I was, apparently placing myself on the Farrant side, by using the name 'Patrick', as this is something that the person that contacted me said that David Farrant used as a slight on Manchester's Irish heritage. She went so far as to email me scans of Sean Manchester's passport and other ID, none of which had the name 'Patrick' on them.

Now, I notice that the name 'Patrick Sean Manchester' is used in one of the articles quoted above. I remain puzzled by this, so I ask a straight question.

Why is the name 'Patrick' used here? Is it a mistake, a slight as claimed, or did Manchester at any time use the name 'Patrick'?

It might seem like a small thing, but it did get me into, well, if not exactly trouble, then it did attract attention. So I'd like to hear the other side of this particualar point.


Posted by: Alistair on June 1, 2004 04:25 PM


I have been informed by LeComte de Milano that he has received another e-mail from Mr Manchester (unsigned this time) to the effect that if he (LeComte) continued to advertise their duel on the Internet (i.e. here) it would have top be 'aborted' as Manchester wants absolutely 'no publicity'! (Oh! and he agrees to myself being a 'second'!)

You know, I sometimes wonder (at times like these) if Manchester is even nuttier than I thought he was. All Mr Manchester's public challenges to myself to duels in the past have been made via. the Press; and not only that, were advertised by himself to a wide variety of people.

If Manchester is so fond of maliciously attacking people publicly in the media (as he has done with LeComte and myself), he should not try to act indignantly when he gets some public reaction. I suspect this is just a subconscious slip on Manchester's part that will give him some excuse to 'squirm out of the duel' when the date nears completion. What better way for M to get out of it, for example, than to tip the press off himself, and then blame LeComte for 'breach' of the agreement?! A convenient 'cop out', if ever there was one!

Manchester has not even had the honour to cite the exact location to LeComte. LeComte could therefore not 'invite the press' even if he wanted to (and he doesn't), so just what ARE these early 'pointers' that Manchester is showing?

Manchester insists also that neither party will be allowed to bring cameras, Well. THAT is a pity! Because he would no doubt love to pretend the whole event never happened . . . once LeComte has finished with him!

I shall definitely be attending (don't worry Catherine)! After all, I have been promised a trophy. The priceless (only in a sense, I suppose) tea-pot cosy!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 1, 2004 05:21 PM


When LeComte telephoned me earlier, I had not seen the Board and, subsequently, your query. I will post up a more detailed reply to your question very soon, but in the meantime, please be assured that any references to 'Patrick' were NOT a mistake; that indeed, is his bona fide first Christian name. Obviously, you would like some clarification, and I will explain this in my next post to you. Us authors can become a little overworked, sometimes!
Yours for now. Thank you for your interest,


Posted by: David Farrant on June 1, 2004 05:40 PM

Fear not, my worthy second, yon cosy is yours. I will wrench it from the blackguard's gleaming pate myself, once his senseless form swoons on the grassy sward. As his inert bulk is dragged from the field, you may do as you will with that curious hat. I will be content to see his lackeys fuss and wail over the ruin that was their former champion as they gather his scattered teeth. Good will prevail.

Posted by: LeComte on June 1, 2004 05:50 PM

Sorry LeComte but my loyalties are with David and David only, he is after all my knight in shining armour and my own true love.

PS I want his 'sweetbreads' never mind your cat!!!

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on June 1, 2004 06:12 PM

Maybe the duel can be when Catherine and I are in London in two weeks time. We would like to come and cheer ( THE COMTE OF COURSE )We can wear our saucy wenches corsets and bring our knitting and also tureens of nourishing broth for the duellists and their seconds .Who a re his nibs seconds by the way?
I am knitting his nibs a new fair isle pullover with no head or armholes , and catherine is knitting david a pair of flares, and we are both knitting the comte a swimming cossy and some fingerless mittens.

wow, this is getting really exciting! But it does seem a bit silly if there is no audience or press, or photos for posterity,
anyway, its been a long day.....


Posted by: barbara green on June 1, 2004 07:17 PM


Dear Alistiar,

I was interested to learn about your article on the Highgate case. I have never seen this, in fact, but you were asking about a reference in one of my books wherein I named one Mr "Patrick Sean Manchester".

This name is absolutely correct. It was the name Mr. Manchester was born with, and I have no idea why he has apparently been since trying to disguise it.

For your information, Mr Manchester was born on 15th July, 1944, as one "Patrick Sean Manchester" at "The Fire Maternity Hospital , Mansfield Road, (in East Nottingham) and the Birth Certificate entry is CI 568007 . That is his full and real name, whether he likes it or not!

Please don't be fooled by copies of passports of birth Certificates. It was much easier some years ago to ask for names to be suppressed (Christian names, at least) if one didn't happen to like them!

But if you want the full and official documentation of Manchester's correct name, you only have to check this for yourself.

It is nothing to do with myself, actually; it is a matter of public record.

So, if you are interested, the facts are there to be checked. I try to be as accurate as possible with my writings; and that is certainly something that I did not get wrong, however much Mr. Manchester might like to submit his own 'evidence', or deny it the true facts.


Posted by: David Farrant on June 1, 2004 08:42 PM

Dear Alistair
Don't lose any sleep over it! Mr M IS NOTORIOUS for accusing people of this that and the other--it is a regular career with him! He usually gets one of his minions or quislings to do the dirty, or someone who does not exist with an impressibe "title" like "legal team". He is usually making much ado about nothing. I was accused of "cosorting with satanist s" "sinking into the occult" and "being "in league with david farrant!" ( as well as being a nuerotic woman subjects to wild hysterical tantrums!!!!!) simply because I mentioned David's name while telling my story.

In the end I decided that at the end of the day it would be better to do all three anyway, than to try and reason with mr tea cosy--there's no sense nor reason to him, once he gets a bee in his tea cosy about something!

H e doesn't seem to realise or care how many people he offends or upsets, with his often nasty and unfounded accusations, which are usualy about something trivial anyway ;after a while you just thinks he's lost the plot anyway and give up trying.

As you can see he has become a joke and a victim of his own bullying. People have just got fed up with his prima donnaring and refuse to put up with it any more.

It will be interesting to see how he gets on with the duel!!!


Posted by: barbara green on June 2, 2004 01:47 AM

Thank you for the replies. I'm still puzzled as to why he'd choose to hide one part of his name. Hardly like it would serve to mask his identity in any way. Oh well.

I'd be very interested to attend this duel. May I volunteer my services as a referee?

Will the duel be to first touch, second touch, or third touch?

Meaning, of course, will honour be satisfied by first blood being drawn, till surrender, or should no surrender be expected or offered?

Or, there is of course the time honoured duel technique of my Alma Mater. Tequila slammers at ten paces. Drunk one at a time until there is only one man left standing. In this instance, vomitting can be regarded as First Touch, falling over; Second Touch, and actual Death By Tequila, the Third Touch.

An acceptable substitute for Tequila could be a fine Scotch, but any attempts to add water will result in disqualification and default. Any attempts to add ice will result in the perpetrator being stripped of all honour forever, with his accursed name being ridiculed by Highlanders till doomsday.

Posted by: Alistair on June 2, 2004 08:15 AM

Well, if Alistair attends as referee then I want to as well, I am a certified city and guilds photographer so if you need any professional photographs taken at the scene of the 'crime' then I'm your person.

Catherine Fearnley
Secretary for David Farrant

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on June 2, 2004 10:05 AM

'ello 'ello

3 largely unrelated questions.

1. Does anyone know the nature of the threat which has silenced both the Fortean Times and The Guardian? Libel? But how could that actually work?

2. Is His Holiness well funded? So to speak.

3. All those scary looking men, also dressed up as the clergy; well who are they?

Posted by: ellan on June 2, 2004 12:33 PM

Hi Ellan,

His nibs is always threatening libel and it sometimes works and scares people off. But just ask yourself, if someone really wanted to sue you for libel they would just get on with it and not spend hours and hours writing to message boards on the Internet saying they a re going to sue.
Recently he said he would sue me because on my website I told the story fo the Kirklees vampire--and he said it was libellous yet on his website and in published works, he tells exactly the same story.
Thats how daft he is! Potty!!
So whatever he said to Fortean times etc, they probabaly got sick of him harrassing them with untold countless masses of demented emails. Bizaare Abyss, on the other hand, called his bluff and made him apologize!!Quite an achievement though it was a pretty poor show of an apology!
I think the church guys consecrate themselves and give themselves important sounding titles,and dress up in all the gear, but its all very dickipoggy and a bit like the Emporers New Clothes

hope that sheds a bit of light in all the murky workings of the bishops world. By the way I am getting quite excited about the duel at dawn!


Posted by: barbara green on June 2, 2004 02:58 PM

ps regarding finances he doesn't work as far as I know with a common job, so he is either a gentleman of priave means or he signs on unemployment,I shouldn't think anyone pays him to be a bishop, and he certainly can't live off his "royalties" !!!


Posted by: barbara green on June 2, 2004 03:01 PM

Thanks Barbara. I appreciate your reply

But I'm rather hoping to learn more of the specific nature of the threat. Or perhaps, at least, a hint.

I don't believe that the Guardian would have been scared off easily. They aren't stupid and they have good lawyers. I don't know about the Fortean Times.


Posted by: ellan on June 2, 2004 03:11 PM


In his scintillating magnum opus, 'The Highgate Vampire', London's answer to Captain Kronos tells us that the vampire's human acolytes bore the coffin and the thing itself away from the cemetery when the heat was on. Their destination was a dilapidated house in Crouch End. Anyone familiar with the geography of North London will know that such a jaunt would be impossible without crossing Archway Road at some point. As this road is very busy, it is difficult to believe that a party[ of at least four, if not more] cloaked satan-worshipping degenerates carrying a coffin would not be noticed on their marathon journey. Perhaps they took a taxi. Whatever, our man omits to mention what happened to these scum after Manchester staked the big boss. Surely he would not have left them to carry on with their vampire transport service. Very sloppy if he did. One is alarmed that , due to our heroe's oversight , these devilmen could still be at large. Perhaps with their demonic master dead, they merely drifted into dead-end jobs and bland domesticity. Perhaps they are still sweating under the strain of carting infernal coffins around the country. Only time will tell.

Posted by: rob milne on June 2, 2004 03:36 PM

hello ellen,
I honestly do not know why Fortean Times had closed our particular thread. It mainly started off advertising David's official website at http://www.dfarrant.co.uk and when we started posting on here independent members of Fortean Times started to link up to relevant threads which really were nothing to do with the good bishop as such but were mainly to David's court cases such as the talcom powder plot.

The last post that I read on Fortean Times yesterday said that the thread was going to be closed and discusssed with Fortean Times Magazine and the next news tonight was that the whole thread was deleted. I do not think its fair because there is a particular thread called 'Bishop Manchester and his temple of loon' or something like that. If he is so against his name mentioned on the site then he ought to have that thread removed as well and not just ours. Talk about being hypocritical as well. I too have just been threatened with legal action because I was just answering replies that he was posting on other message boards. It is alright for him to slag everyone else off but God help you if you answer back and put your own defence online.

You only have to read The Vampire Hunters Handbook to gain a true insight of his proper nature. And it isn't very nice. In fact it is very Unchristian. I have a relative who is a Vicar in Cardiff and you couldn't wish to meet a nicer bloke, he certainly doesn't behave in this way, and he's definately does not spend hours on the internet trying to find message boards and spend posting drivel and libellous comments about all and sundry.

Thanks Catherine.

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on June 2, 2004 03:55 PM

Barbara, Cathethine. Thanks.

But what I'm hoping is that someone can provide some specific hard information as to the exact legal nature of the threat which was made to The Guardian and the publishers of the FT. I'm also interested to know who was acting for His Holiness.

Incidentally - David seems very much more intelligent and down to earth than any of the websites you've advertised would make one think! Those sites really aren't doing you all any justice.


It's ellAn btw ;)

Posted by: ellan on June 2, 2004 04:14 PM

HI Ellan,
Well I don't suppose anyone really knows, but I can't imagine the Guardian taking him seriously--is it actually true that he made such a threat?I think he maybe just gets on peoples nerves, cos boy, can he go on, but most of it is hot air. But I can't believe the Guardian or Fortean Times were really scared of him,they probably thought it wasn't worth all the hassle.

Would be interesting to know though, so lets hope there is a mole with inside information



Posted by: barbara green on June 2, 2004 05:04 PM

[quote]Well I don't suppose anyone really knows[/quote]My guess would be that at least one person here probably knows the answer :)

A mole would certainly be excellent. My understanding is that the letters would also have recursively forbidden any further reference to the letters. I may be wrong.

Were the letters sent by lawyers? Litigious people are often fairly good at writing their own legal letters. And yet I can't imagine that Matthew Norman and The Guardian were silenced by something which wasn't serious.

Posted by: ellan on June 2, 2004 05:19 PM

The Bishop's "legal Team" consists of "MIchael Thane and Dennis Crawford " from box 541 in London. The general opinion is that these guys are not proper solicitors, or even proper people !
I don't think the Guardian would take them seriously


Posted by: barbara green on June 2, 2004 05:58 PM


Dear Ellen,

Perhaps I am the one best qualified to answer your recent basic question. To summarise it, were Mr Manchester's legal threats genuine? and what was the exact nature of these?

The answer can really be simplified by putting the 'bottom line' at the beginning . . .

For some years now, Mr Manchester has been threatening small publishers newspapers and magazines, Internet providers -and others - if they do not comply to his definition of events back at Highgate Cemetery back in the early 1970's. If such publications mention my own name - which most invariably do - this merely adds to Manchester's fury against them and he usually demands that 1). either his particular account is published or 2). that all references to myself are deleted.

That maybe over-simplifying it . . . for Manchester never makes these threats about legal proceedings under his own name. Instead, he creates self-created 'controversy' by using a number of aliases, and then uses these very same aliases to add support to a particular complaint, MADE BY HIMSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Having laid the groundwork under fake aliases, Manchester usually writes to some unsuspecting publication under the alias of 'Michael Thane' who, in turn', invariable describes himself as the "Legal Representative of the Vampire Research Society" and threatens given organisations with the prospect of 'great financial loss' if they do not adhere to 'Michael Thane's (in reality, Manchester's) demands!

But the whole thing is really one great big bluff. As I have pointed out in the past, 'Michael Thane' never gives any bona fide address (or an official telephone number); his only 'credentials' being some closely vetoed address monitored by Manchester.

I have checked with the Law Society in London in the past who categorically assure me that 'Michael Thane' is most definitely not a registered solicitor.

Personally, I would go further . . . Mr Manchester's claims to be a bishop in the official Old Catholic Church are just as spurious as the alias he writes under purporting to be a genuine solicitor. In reality, he is nothing of the sort. Just a rather sad little man whose greatest hatred is aroused when people - like myself - happen to see straight through his 'stage-playing'.

As I have said before, please DO take me to court Sean. I have enough evidence about your real activities (which I have not even mentioned here), which would result in you losing any such case outright.

My God! You have not even had the courage to respond personally to the postings I have made in my own name here. What do you think any outside observers would make of that? Especially as these have been forced to anonymous postings you, yourself, made against myself - and others- in the first place!

Over to you Sean. But I doubt if you will find the courage to reply . . . under your own name, at least!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 2, 2004 07:03 PM

Thanks David and co for your interesting respsonses.

It would be great to learn the exact nature of the legal threats against that silenced The Guardian and the Fortean Times.

A different version of a story might upset him. But I would have thought that it is unlikely to be illegal. I still don't really understand what he could possibly threaten anyone with.

G'night all.

Posted by: ellan on June 2, 2004 07:49 PM


Fortean Times have always been very guarded about Manchester and his threats albeit that these are invariably made under fictitious aliases. Indeed, they know this - and have told me so personally - but I guess, they just don't want all the hassle (of fictitious complaints from Manchester) and they have told me this.

The Guardian affair is really different (again this concerned a fictitious legal 'threat' from 'Michael Thane' over my booklets "Man, Myth and Manchester"}, but I would have to type their final report out for you to make it easily explicit. This I can do, but not tonight! I know I am supposed to be a writer, but I'm not that fast a typist - apart from which, I have to locate the report. (I believe this appeared in November 2002 in the BOOKSELLER). But I do know where this is, and will post it up here tomorrow. It is really self-explanatory, but it might be better to let you read their final report.

So, I will post this up soon. Hopefully tomorrow.


Posted by: David Farrant on June 2, 2004 08:35 PM

Good morning David, good morning Patrick. Good morning, good morning, good morning.

That would be great David. Thanks. This little thread seems to be turning into a rather excellent account of recent events.

Mr Manchester's claims to be a bishop in the official Old Catholic Church are just as spurious as the alias he writes underAffirmative Captain! Though, of course, anyone can call themselves a Bishop. I myself am the Vicar of Trumpton Green, and wear a little crown of fruit gums on Tuesdays. If I want. There is little that anyone can do about it, ultimately.

Then there is, the matter of his fantastic "Apostolic Succession" (a who's who and a fantasy of irregulars). He was rather clever when he decided that his branch of the church would favour multiple lines of Apostolic 'inheritance' (a belt AND braces approach to ensuring that his credentials are more difficult to (dis -) establish!)

One of his clan (or alter egos) once claimed that there was a letter from a Vatican official confirming the legitimacy of his line. Does anyone here know whether that letter every really existed? Perhaps someone who was once 'on his side'.

ellan - abzx2001uk@yahoo.co.uk

Posted by: ellan on June 3, 2004 05:59 AM

Good morning David, good morning Patrick. Good morning, good morning, good morning.

That would be great David. Thanks. This little thread seems to be turning into a rather excellent account of recent events.

Mr Manchester's claims to be a bishop in the official Old Catholic Church are just as spurious as the alias he writes underAffirmative Captain! Though, of course, anyone can call themselves a Bishop. I myself am the Vicar of Trumpton Green, and wear a little crown of fruit gums on Tuesdays. If I want. There is little that anyone can do about it, ultimately.

Then there is, the matter of his fantastic "Apostolic Succession" (a who's who and a fantasy of irregulars). He was rather clever when he decided that his branch of the church would favour multiple lines of Apostolic 'inheritance' (a belt AND braces approach to ensuring that his credentials are more difficult to (dis -) establish!)

One of his clan (or alter egos) once claimed that there was a letter from a Vatican official confirming the legitimacy of his line. Does anyone here know whether that letter every really existed? Perhaps someone who was once 'on his side'.

ellan - abzx2001uk@yahoo.co.uk

Posted by: ellan on June 3, 2004 06:00 AM

apologies for the accidental double post.

Posted by: ellan on June 3, 2004 06:16 AM

You have to admit its addictive Ellan. So we'll have to be patient to hear the shocking revelations from the guardian!!! Can't wait


Posted by: barbara green on June 3, 2004 12:35 PM

For Ellan. (This article is not my copyright, but I am reproducing it in full here as I believe the contents were written in the public interest. David Farrant.)


Internet bookseller Country-bookshop.co.uk has been threatened with libel action for listing a title on its site.
The writer and self-styled vampire hunter bishop Sean Manchester sent an e-mailto the bookseller warning that legal action would be taken if the site continued to "distribute" MAN, MYTH AND MANCHESTER, a pamphlet by the occult writer David Farrant. Mr Manchester claimed that the pamphlet defamed him, but he has not pursued Mr Farrant for libel.
But the Bakewell-based independent bookshop with a substantial online business has never bought, stocked or sold the pamphlet. Its web listing for the title is taken direct from its bibliographic data feed, supplied by Nielson Book Data.
Other online booksellers listing the book include Amazon.co.uk and WHSmith.co.uk.
The retailer is vulnerable due to a loophole in the law. The bookseller's defence of innocent dissemination, made statutory in the Defamation Act 1996, fails if the bookseller has been given "reason to believe" that the material in question constitutes a libel.
Geraldine Rose, a director of Countrybookshop.co.uk, said: "Anybody could say that about any book - we could be taking books off all the time." Ms Rose said she would leave the title there until she received a writ. David Hooper, libel expert at Pinsent Curtis Biddle, told The Bookseller that while the Countrybookshop had not sold the title is was at risk as long as a sale was possible.
"All the bookseller is doing up until now is advertising the book's availability. It does not 'publish' the book until it makes a sale. If it prevents itself from making a sale there is no claim. People tend to remove the title from sale unless the publisher offers to indemnify them."
Sydney Davies, trade and industry at the Booksellers Association, said Mr Farrant had offered to indemnify any bookseller against libel action. But he advised caution: "Publishers can offer, but it depends how far a case goes - the costs can run very high."
The Law Commission recommends a revision of the Act, but this is not likely until after the commission completes a study of defamation over the internet.
"This case is just more ammunition for our campaign [to revise defamation law]," Mr Davies said.. Our lawyers will use it as yet another example of abuses of the Act."
When questioned by The Bookseller, Mr Manchester denied threatening legal action and said "assumptions have been made all round".

THE BOOKSELLER, November 29th 2002

NB Regarding the Guardian Newspaper and Manchester, there was a report in that newspaper at this time about this. This report is not to immediate hand on my disorganised filing system, so I will telephone Catherine shortly and ask her to post this up. No, Manchester was not threatening to sue the newspaper. In fact they 'caught him out' and it could have easily been the other way around! DF

Posted by: David Farrant on June 3, 2004 03:51 PM

Hi David, Ellen,Barbara and Rob, how you all doing. Things are going great over here in 'sunny'Kirklees. Anyway onto the posting that David has asked me to do:

Here is a brief explanation to clarify Manchesters "fall out" with the Guardian Newspaper Its probably best to quote a short piece from the newspaper itself for a precise explanation (which I will do in a moment.

The basic background however,is as follows...

The Guardian had just begun to serialise short extracts from Mr Manchester's self-published The Highgate Vampire book on November 22nd 2002 in their Diary section but before long they noticed some remarkable plagiarisums in another book Manchester had sent them. The Guardian emailed Manchester on several occasions, to ask him to explain this apparant deception. for Manchester's part the silence was DEAFENING.

The newspaper responded they would drop the whole project without a convincing explanation. None was forthcoming. And they did!

Let the facts speak for themselves.

"There is no more from our Book of the Month, Old Catholic bishop Sean Manchester's 1985 bloodsucking classic The Highgate Vampire. All extracts are suspended until our lord bishop replies to Marina's email concerning striking similarities between another of his meisterworks, The Vampire Hunter's Companion, and the 1928 blockbuster The Vampire: His Kith And Kin, by another Old Catholic priest, the Rev Montague Summers. "

The Guardian Newspaper Matthew Norman, Diary Section November 29th 2002

Posted by
Catherine Fearnley
Regional Secretary for The British Psychic and Occult Society

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on June 3, 2004 04:53 PM

Thanks all. The Guardian article which you have referenced is still online - you can find it at,3604,850268,00.html

You can also find Matthew Norman's earlier diary articles which led up to that.

It certainly does seem to indicate (as DF has said) that The Guardian was not silenced.

Interestingly - the Fortean Times people still seem to be maintaining that The Guardian was legally silenced and continue to use this as backing for their own, self imposed, decree of silence.



Posted by: Ellan on June 3, 2004 05:37 PM


As we seem to have come back a bit to 'recent history' (as opposed to that of the Highgate case some 35 years ago!), there is something else along the Guardian Newspaper lines (indeed, which I believe was also mentioned in it) that deals with Mr Manchester's self-styled claim to be a genuine bishop.

I won't attempt to find all this at the moment; but basically, I believe that the Guardian newspaper were reporting on how the radio/television presenter James Whale refused to refer to Mr. Manchester as a genuine bishop. (He just kept calling him "bish" on some radio programme!)

Regarding my own involvement, some two years ago, I was invited onto the James Whale show to discuss the Highgate 'vampire'. I laid down one pre-condition to his researcher (Susan Woodward) that I would not be prepared to discuss Mr Manchester on the programme. So much was an assurance, but in the middle of a live interview, James Whale started asking me about my past publicised duels with Manchester. He wanted to know basically, if Mr Manchester was simply 'bluffing' or not. If not, then why hadn't I - or wouldn't I - 'call his bluff'?

This is all really pretty acamedic, because a year later, Manchester was called onto the programme himself and it was then that he (Manchester) got the host of innuendoes that he was not a genuine bishop . . . ("you don't mind if I just call you 'bish' then"?)

Just a few months after this, Manchester reported James Whale to the Broadcasting Standards Commission, who were to make a subsequent ruling . . .

And it is here that that particular part of Mr. Manchester's on-going deception begins. But you'll have to be patient for just a day or so, for the basic facts. Lets just say, that Mr Manchester's absurd pronunciations about this case, are really quite funny!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 3, 2004 07:29 PM


AS an afterthought (although this is nothing to do with the continuing piece in the Guardian to come next), it has perhaps been noted, that whilst perhaps publishing 'factual' stories about 'ghosts', monsters and other unexplained phenomena, FORTEAN TIMES are only too quick to promulgate their own theories and view-points. Indeed, they normally seem only too willing to invite their own suggestions, theories and facts about these.

When it comes to 'false accounts' in this very material world, however, [as in the case of those given by one Mr Patrick Sean Manchester] - they seem to somehow fear something, or some material body, that seems to make them 'shut up' very quickly!

It is perhaps somewhat ironical that such a seemingly reputable esoteric magazine such as FORTEAN TIMES - otherwise respected for its esoteric view-points both here and in America - should be 'frightened off' by the very materialistic form of one human being!; especially when they have only succumbed to false threats made against themselves by him in the first place. Come on, FT; where is your so-called 'esoteric independence'!? Let alone the 'courage' you are supposedly renowned to stand up to such things with? All said and done, you are only being called upon to deal with one very small human individual here. It does not say much for your wider theories and exploitations you advertise about the Unknown in general, if you cannot even do that!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 3, 2004 10:21 PM

good morning David and co

I'm not certain that I enirely agree with everything you've written immediately above. Though I agree with the general direction of your drift.

It does *seem* odd that the FT should have been silenced so easily. This is exactly why I am so curious to learn the specific nature of the threat.

As an innocent bystander, I am wondering whether, in some way, the FT has almost become part of the story.



PS - With maximum respect, David -- > you'd be better off without those web pages, MSN groups etc. The general response to them is "WTF?". According to a poll I conducted last week.

Posted by: Ellan on June 4, 2004 12:41 AM

Gosh,this story gets better. I knew the bish was not to be trusted from t he way he has treated me, but there still seems a lot going on under that tea cosy that has yet to be revealed.
Its all coming out in the wash,as we say up here in Yorkshire !
Most of his nibs books have been shown to plagairise other books, as the highgate vampire seems to be based on dracula and his lady caroline lamb is similar to another book about her--forget the title but its in man myth and manchester showing direct comparisons.
I am susrprised that the Guardian ever considered puiblishing such an irresponsible book as the Vampire Hunters Handbook, palagiarism or no, which actively encourages people to go creeping round graveyards armed with sharpened stakes, to stick in any suspicious looking bodies they stumble across, and to go vandalising graves-which is illegal.Okay--no one with any sense would do this
so the book is likely to appeal to the unbalanced,causing psychological damage or worse--like staking a sleeping tramp for instance.

Also, if the bishop is the "most famous vampire hunter in the world" what vampires other than Highgate and Kirklees has he dealt with--in the case of Kirklees, leaving it still prowling around as a local menace anyway--if he is to be believed !

Which msn boards etc do you mean Ellan?



Posted by: barbara green on June 4, 2004 01:55 AM

Barbara hi,

I was thinking about - http://www.dfarrant.co.uk/ specifically. Also:
though I see that these are no longer available and that one now needs to log in to see the other groups.

One main problem is with the design used -- the gothy photographs, the gothy typefaces, the use of backgrounds etc.

http://www.robinhoodyorkshire.co.uk/ - to a lesser extent also suffers from rather similar problems. I'm guessing that all the sites were done by the same person perhaps (?)

It's a strange irony really. His Holiness himself, has exactly the same design 'issues'.

Posted by: Ellan on June 4, 2004 03:23 AM

Hi David, Ellan and Barbara,
The websites were designed deliberately to look gothic. Also http://www.dfarrant.co.uk is David's official website and as such is used to promote The British Psychic and Occult Society and The Highgate Vampire Society to basically get the message across and to promote the true facts about the case. As for the MSN groups they were merely used to promote our material and to get the message across, there again. Ellan you are right in saying that the above groups were shut down, but only because a certain person complained, about something and nothing. We have however limited David's MSN groups to just 4 at the moment, the main one being Friends of David Farrant, however the others are just on standby in case Friends of David Farrant gets closed for some reason, although it has now been made private. A certain person however we presume still has access to our groups and is still messing around with them, hence the reason for so many. The internet is the best and only way to promote David and the true facts about the case to a wider audience and it seems to be working. We are getting more well known by the day with various media wanting interviews, films, etc.

This is the best method of getting his lordship put in his place and for members of the public to know what a deciever he really is.

Catherine Fearnley
Secretary for The British Psychic and Occult Society

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on June 4, 2004 07:10 AM

As an afterthought, the websites were all designed independently by different webdesigners.

Thanks Catherine

Secretary for David Farrant.

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on June 4, 2004 07:14 AM


I don't really want to waste unnecessary energy writing about Mr. Manchester's antics (including the time it takes to locate precise dates in the files), but there is a common claim put around by Mr. Manchester that perhaps needs addressing . . .

Manchester has been putting out a statement to the effect that when he spoke to James Whale in a 'phone-in' in 2002 (hope I've got the year right!), James Whale failed to recognise him (or address him) as a bona fide bishop. As a result, Manchester reported "Talk Radio" - and James Whale - to the Broadcasting Standards Commission who found in favour of Manchester because he was recognised (publicly) as a 'bishop'. Now, on the adjudication panel sat a legitimate Anglican bishop, who would have no doubt been aware that the OFFICIAL Old Catholic Church in Holland IS recognised by the Church of England; that is, its existence is recognised by them, not necessarily its Creeds, beliefs and customs.

Influenced by this gentleman, the other members of the panel no doubt took the view that as Manchester had appeared before them as a genuine bishop in the Old Catholic Church (adourned in his 'bishop's attire), he must be a genuine bishop.

What Manchester had carefully omitted to tell them, however, was that he was NOT recognised as a bishop by the bona fide Old Catholic Church itself; or that he was only known publicly as a 'bishop' because of self-styled claims Manchester HIMSELF made publicly to this effect ('bishop in the Old Catholic Church'; 'bishop of the Holy Grail Church'; 'bishop of Glastonbury': you name it, Manchester said it!). Had they been made aware of the true position, the BSC would almost certainly not have found in Manchester's favour. As it was, they were 'hood-winked' by Manchester, who could only 'win' his case by employing deceit.


Posted by: David Farrant on June 4, 2004 10:19 AM

"The websites were designed deliberately to look gothic." GOTHY I said! Not gothic. Serious - get a proper designer in. It's only a few pages and it shouldn't cost you much. I want to be respectful here because DF has written rather well above. So please believe me when I say that I'm not having a bash:

The website looks like it was done by someone who isn't thinking about design. It doesn't do what you have said you want it to do.

Stick to the important stuff. Abandon the backgrounds, silly fonts, colors etc. Make it simple, neat and smart.

Posted by: Ellan on June 4, 2004 10:27 AM

Hi Ellan,
Your comments are appreciated,and are are taken in. I think when we've done this new website you will be surprised as that is what we have done. Obviously there is nothing fancy like the videos as with this new system they do not allow anything like that. But there are articles/interviews and photographs on this new website. Obviously it will not replace David's official one, but it will enhance and promote David's site more. I know that you're not having a bash as we really appreciate everything that you and Scott have done for us on this site. Its been a pleasant change for us to get our side of the story online for once, without it being one sided or made to look one sided.

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on June 4, 2004 11:14 AM

Cath - I need to make clear that my name is Ellan with an 'A' - not Ellen. I'm not connected in anyway with this excellent site or with Scott.

If I'd realised the possible confusion then I would have used a pseudonym ;-)

So I've added a V. Look forward to seeing your new site.

Posted by: Ellan V. on June 4, 2004 12:39 PM

Sorry Ellan V my mistake (lol) it happens. I was thinking about something else, at the time won't go into what on here. Am not thinking straight at this present minute in time. Too much is happening. Am packing my suitcase for next week. Got to organise god knows how many meetings for when I get back. Its a nightmare.

Take care Ellan

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on June 4, 2004 01:03 PM

I happened to make a comment, in my views that david Farrant was a very talented author, and a very talented gentleman, who in my eyes is very sincere, i happened to say the less said about a certain Mr Manchester the better, as i said i could make some comments about him, but again i am too polite to even go down that road. For my troubles, i recieved a very irate email, telling me that i should keep my comments to myself, i wish i had kept the email that was sent to me... As far as i am concerned i am allowed to comment freely.As far as i am concerned David is still a very talented man, keep up the brilliant writing, looking forward to reading your next work, and it was lovely talking to you today David, keep in touch :-)

Posted by: caroline pajak on June 4, 2004 01:46 PM

Hi Caroline,
You are right David is indeed talented. I'll be meeting and staying with him for the first time ever next week and I'm really looking forward to it. I can only hazard a guess as to where that email came from. I hope that you told this particular person where to get lost. This is why I split away from this person, as I was finding the situation unbearable being dictated who I could and could not write to, and get involved with when really it had nothing to do with this other person whatsover, now as far as this other person is concerned because I'm with David and Barbara now I need 'professional councilling'at a place near me, of all the cheek. One is none too impressed.

Take care
Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on June 4, 2004 03:31 PM

Sorry to hear you have had the Manchester treatment Caroline--don't let it worry you, its all talk and tea cosies as we say!
Regarding www.robinhoodyorkshire.co.uk
Ellan someone did it for me as I could not fathom it out, but I put all the content in of course, and I don't think its anything like his nibs site with its wailing music and thunderstorms. If I ws any good at solving the web thing I might do more with it, as it is I dabble about on msn but its easy for the hackers to get in there. A few months ago all our msn boards were in disarray, and I never found out how from MSN. Anyway I have made bossy bishops private for the time being just to be on the safe side, also up and runnimng is




as with Catherine-thanks for letting us have our say,I am sure you have suffered greatly from an onslaught of irate threatening e mails for your standing up for the truth


Posted by: barbara green on June 4, 2004 03:33 PM


I know there has been no direct answer to LeComte de Milano's challenge to one Mr Patrick Sean Manchester; but what I cannot help wondering is, what has happened to LeComte himself?! He seems to have been strangely silent recently!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 4, 2004 07:44 PM

I have received an email from some people called the 'Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester'. The full text of the email follows. It begins by quoting my post from above.


It would be great to learn the exact nature of the legal threats against that silenced The Guardian and the Fortean Times. A different version of a story might upset him. But I would have thought that it is unlikely to be illegal. I still don't really understand what he could possibly threaten anyone with. G'night all.

Posted by: ellan on June 2, 2004 07:49 PM

Your comments concerning Fortean Times and The Guardian on AMCGLTD have been brought to our attention. I hope you don't mind hearing our explanation as to why neither publication is any longer victimising Bishop Manchester? They each have the capacity to properly research these matters if they were of a mind to do so. When that time eventually arrived what was revealed persuaded them to alter their policy towards Bishop Manchester. You appear to require no more than the word of David Farrant to convince you of what to believe and to earn your "respect." Never mind that he was found to be a liar over the years by judges and juries! Farrant had FT's Mark Pilkington in his pocket, which is largely why FT was so antipathetic towards Bishop Manchester up until a couple of years ago. Then something happened. Rob Milne posted an announcement on the FT message board to the effect that Farrant was announcing his engagement to "Veronica Lake" and that they were to marry in a church the following January. It took them a while, but eventually FT rumbled that Rob Milne and "Veronica Lake" were one and the same person and that this was just another of Farrant's lies. They started to examine other claims he had made more closely. See "White Wedding For The Black Magic King" in the Islington Gazette, 28 April 1978, and "Witch 'King' To Wed - In Church!" in the Sunday People, 16 April 1978. None of these "weddings" took place, needless to say. These were all publicity stunts in the same tradition of the "Veronica Lake" scam. Put your cursor over the name of LeComtedeMilano (aka Rob Milne) and then put it over the name of veronica lake which can be found at http://www.amcgltd.com/archives/003355.html You will find they bear a striking similarity. That is because for many years Rob Milne has employed "Veronica Lake" as a pseudonym on David Farrant's behalf.

The Guardian published the following on Saturday, 30 November 2002:
· "Bishop Seán Manchester, the exorcist and vampire-hunter familiar to readers of the Guardian Diary, is warning booksellers not to sell a self-published pamphlet Man. Myth and Manchester [crammed with stolen copyright material, hatred and libel]. He asserts that the pamphlet, by David Farrant, is defamatory; and, as reported here before, booksellers may be liable to prosecution if they can be shown to be aware of the defamatory nature of material they stock.

"One of the booksellers to receive a strongly worded email from Bishop Manchester is Countrybookshop.co.uk, an independent internet operation. The company does not hold copies of the pamphlet, nor has it sold any; it merely includes it, as do Amazon.co.uk and WHSmith.co.uk, on its database of titles in print. Nevertheless, it is vulnerable. As Geraldine Rose of Countrybookshop said: 'Anybody could say that about any book - we could be taking books off [the site] all the time'."


With its customary ability to overlook the real injustice - in pursuit of its supposed liberal ideals rather than reporting the entire picture - Nicholas Clee somehow managed to omit any mention of the fact that Geraldine Rose of Countrybookshop refuses to list Bishop Seán Manchester's immensely popular books, while making available online Farrant's illicit self-published pamphlets that contain stolen text and photographs belonging to Bishop Manchester. So visitors may purchase stapled tracts, each of which contain a host of copyright infringement, but the legitimate editions from where these have been taken are proscribed by Countrybookshop. Even if the ISBN is entered into Countrybookshop's online search engine for any of Bishop Seán Manchester's half-dozen titles in print, the company will tell you that they are "unavailable." Not true. Go to other booksellers, or consult Whitaker, and it will be found they are very much available. So it must be asked why Geraldine Rose bans from her online store the popular works of Bishop Manchester, yet advertises, promotes and supplies malicious pamphlets, crammed as they are with copyright infringement? Hence a quite illiberal and one-sided version was published by The Guardian. Protests from Bishop Seán Manchester's publisher to Countrybookshop seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Geraldine Rose still remains silent. However, The Guardian investigated further both Farrant and the situation with Countrybookshop. They were clearly getting at the wrong person. Bishop Manchester is no longer hounded by the newspaper, and David Farrant's malicious propaganda no longer influences them.

Posted by: V Ellan on June 5, 2004 08:34 AM

So to be clear -- the above is the text of an email which I received - and not my own words.

Posted by: V Ellan on June 5, 2004 08:35 AM

So - to be clear - the 'Friends of Bishop Manchester', seem to be saying that legal threats against The Guardian and The Fortean Times were never an issue.

Posted by: V Ellan on June 5, 2004 09:31 AM

Hi--the e mail sound very much the "injured party" pose which is very much the line the "bishop" is always taking. I don't know about the above situation but I know that his nibs idea of "copyright material" is a bity hazy to say the least. For example, I recently had to remove from my website (though I couold have a argued the case had I been so inclined)a photogrpah of Bishop Manchester which he said I had not have "permission to use|". This picture ws taken by Rob Brautigan and given to me, it was his copyright and I had his permission to use it, No permission was needed from his nibs, but i took it off anyway as such a sight for sore eyes was doing nothing to enhance my site at the end of the day!
Bishop Manchesters perception of "copyright" and "libel" are very much the offpring of his own creative genius.
Other matters tend to become "mancheterised"
when they fall into his clutches. I wouldn't trust anything he says as far as I could throw it
He is extremely plausible to the uninitiated and even moreso with his spurious pretentions to ecclesiastical authority. Thats how he gets away with a lot of his dickipoggy antics.

I have his nonsensical ramblings filed away here in my files, about things I am supposed to have done--according to his nibs! -- and which he has had no compunction about
spouting forth to all and sundry. Friends of Bishop Manchester is most likely the man himself making out he has a host of indignant supporters behind him!



Posted by: barbara green on June 5, 2004 11:55 AM

Hi V Ellan,
I can assure you that Friends of Bishop Manchester and The Cross and The Stake and The Vampire Research Society and The Society of St George are indeed one and the same person ie one Patrick Sean Manchester. I know because 3 and a half years I started The Cross and The Stake and Friends of Bishop Sean Manchester on MSN for him in my own stupid mind at the time I thought that was the best thing to do, then I received an email saying from Sean saying that it is absolutely imperative that no one knows it is myself who is posting under these names. I have indeed given David a copy of this email.

Also with regards to the bookshops etc. If it were not so much of an issue then why go in the papers about it at the time. Also are The Guardian and Observer newspapers liers then. What they said is absolutely true. David has compared Manchester's book Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know with another book of the same title but different author and its virtually word for word.

I don't think Manchester has any indignant supporters, at the moment he's just by himself. If you look at The Cross and The Stake forum you will find it is just the same usual handful of members posting and what they are posting is a load of crap.

Catherine Fearnley
Regional Secretary for David Farrant.

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on June 5, 2004 12:12 PM

AND SO ON . . .

Thanks for letting us all see the surreptitious e-mail that Mr. Manchester sent to you, Ellan. All this really does, however, is to show Mr. Manchester in his true colours i.e. a person totally unable to accept the truth about himself or his various antics and activities.

Take his accusation about the American writer, Veronica Lake, 'being' Rob Milne for example! A couple of years back when I met her (or shortly after this), Manchester (writing under the same old aliases, as usual) spasmodically accused Veronica of being no less than three different people - all of them perfectly real, but none the less totally innocent! And now she's Rob Milne! Well, this does not really say much for Manchester's own state of mind (I can't really help the word 'senile' springing to mind!)

Then we have Mr. Manchester's other accusations about my private life (various engagements, etc.) This is virtually laughable considering Mr. Manchester knows virtually nothing about my private life - certainly not my personal relationships. His only knowledge he has in this respect is what he has gleaned from various magazines and newspapers. These reports were hardly accurate in the first place; even less so if judged by the interpretations (or rather 'misinterpretations) Mr. Manchester has put upon them!

I am not going to labour the argument about Countryside Books not listing Mr. Manchester's books. Just to say how can he find this surprising, when he caused these booksellers no end of hassle (by falsely threatening to sue them) just because they were listing (and still are) my own books and other publications. Grow up Sean! For goodness sake. You are a grandfather now (don't worry, I know - it’s a small world!); wouldn't you instead prefer to be viewed as one how had acquired wisdom and knowledge in their old age, as opposed to some senile old crack-pot who appears to have lost all awareness of reality?

Its up to you. But I fear you can never change now. You seem to be in a progressive 'downward spiral' of confusion and illusion, and nothing short of some miraculous healing, would appear to be able to save you. I really don't wish this to sound cruel or insulting. But your behavious of late has given many people concern for your well-being.

DAVID FARRANT, President, British Psychic and Occult Society.

Posted by: David Farrant on June 5, 2004 03:42 PM

1. A stack of further emails from the 'Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester'. All of which repeat previous allegations and history. But none of which address my initial questions. I would post the emails but see little point.

2. One, slightly disturbing, email however concerned the people who run this site - repeating allegations and analysis which is also posted on one of the bishops various web sites.

I will forward the details, and a link, to Scott if he is interested - although my hope is that he isn't. My guess is that the stuff posted is an attempt to pressure him into closing and deleting this and related threads. My guess is that it is an attempt to pressure him into submission - to close and delete this thread rather than suffer further trouble.

I've copied the entire contents of this thread to date and will post the contents elsewhere should this be necessary. Because I think this thread is interesting.

3. Let me state my own position: I'm totally neutral. I'm most interested in the social, historical and theological aspects of this long running story.

4. I would also be interested to know more about a letter, apparently from the Holy See which was said to confirm (from that point of view) the bishop's claims to legitimate 'Apostolic Succession'. I mentioned this above. I wonder whether Cath (as a former associate of the bishop) knows anything of this apparently important letter. It has been suggested to me that this is one of the most crucial aspects.

Posted by: V Ellan on June 5, 2004 04:29 PM

hmmm--I can imagine the content of the e mails--but I am sure you can handle his nibs, ellan. You certainly seem to have his measure. Of course he will have plenty of dickipoggy things to say about myself and the others, but keep your bag of salt handy!


Posted by: barbara green on June 5, 2004 05:43 PM

Hi Ellan V,
Unfortunately no I cannot say that I do know of any letter claiming his lordships status as a bishop although I remember him saying something about it at the time, I never did get to see an official copy of the letter.

On an another note, please can you call me Catherine instead of Cath, I hate to be rude but there are only 3 people who can call me Cath, David being 1, Pete being the other and of Dave Milner being the third. Anyone else calls me Catherine. Thanks.


Posted by: catherine fearnley on June 5, 2004 07:22 PM

I didnt get to see an official copy of the letter. But there were so many of these thing referred to at the time, I can't help but wonder how many of these were genuine?

However, I do have copies of emails which Manchester sent to me which would seem to imply that none of the correspondence he wrote - or was received by him at the time - was genuine.

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on June 5, 2004 07:28 PM

I am also interested to look at this situation from anotherperspective and already have ventured a psychological profile of the bishop on the now closed bizarre abyss thread. And David has also found someting about a narcissisic
perosnality disorder where soemone gives him/herself grandiose titles and lives in a fantasy world.
I wonder just how much anyone can take the word of a man who claims to hunt the undead, and has actually staked one (which turned intoa giant spider) saw visions of PRINCESS Diana WHO came specially to see him at the moment she died and who
claims that
the Hoy Spirit landed on his head when he was being made
a priest. If these claims ARE true then we are indeed dealing with a saint and martyr. If they are not true then we are either dealing with a liar and a hoaxer, or a deluded person, possibly schizophrenic, who is in need of psychiatruc help.

We all think that the Bishop has got himself into an intractable position where he hasto stick to his stories now. He wasn't bargaining on anyone taking up the cudgels against him and he had got away with years of muddying Davids character. He makes unchristian remarks abot him living ina coal cellar when he was down on his luck despite
the fact the Jesus also was homeless---and later sneered
at him for living in a "tiny dingy bedsit" while he, the "bishop"
lives in a "country residence".
None of this is even Christian behaviour, let alone that of a supposed senior minister of theChristian Church.


Posted by: barbara green on June 6, 2004 01:22 AM

Hi Guys

I had a peek at Mr M's manifesto on his connection and have this to say. I am not a juvenile personality, or demontrably disturbed or Anti Christian.Neither AM I sinking into the occult or subject to wild neurotic tantrums as Mr M has seen fit to post round about me. Now he is getting some of his own medicine and he don't like it!!!
Hoe does it feel, seany baby, to have the world knowing all your dickipoggy past --true or otherwise.
You have posted stuff about David, firstly through snail mail and photocopies and of late on the Internet,--which you have been made to remove I might add---
Now people are having their say and refuting your
defamatory posts about them and you simply can't hack it--

so you put a bleating manifesto with god awful music on as well (!!??) on about how dreadfully wronged you are by all these awful and really horrid people who--for no reason at all that you can possibly imagine---have started saying you are a bit of a bounder . You, of course, have never said a wrong word about ANYONE!!!!!

Have--or have you not--spent years maligning those who disagree with you by whatever means you can ??

Answer that if you can!

Ask yourself WHY you have brought this situation entirely upon yourself by your own actions in the first place!


Posted by: barbara green on June 6, 2004 06:49 AM

ps you make me laugh

Posted by: barbara green on June 6, 2004 06:50 AM


Last week I was interviewed by an American Film Company and, of course, I was asked about the Highgate 'vampire'! Maybe that's only to be expected now in view of the way in which certain people (well, in reality, only one person) have been attacking me publicly (mainly on the Internet nowadays); but I was rather surprised to learn (from them) that I had apparently been connected, if not involved, with the death of Joe Meek.

Joe Meek was pop Icon in the 1960's and was responsible for writing such hits as "Telstar". He perfected unique background lyrics which were adopted by many pop groups at the time. But in early 1967, a tragic incident occurred. Joe, who was living in a flat in North London which he had converted into a 'home-based' sound studio, killed his landlady with a shotgun and then turned the gun on himself. So much is history - or apparent history - although it was to be the cause of much controversy snd speculation later on.

For example, in her book, "The Death of Joe Meek", Kim Lowden says . . . "Joe met Farrant a couple of times" and (further on) . . . "If Joe had somehow got involved with someone, or a group of someone's, who practised black magic and tried to extricate himself, this could have led him to be in fear of his life. There have been a few cases of people dying in mysterious circumstances while trying to escape a black cult, and while I do not subscribe to the theory that Joe was killed by one, I can see where he might have almost literally been scared to death if he was involved . . ."

Well. Thank you Kim! For the record, I only fairly recently obtained a copy of that, but again, for the record, while I did meet Joe Meek (he was interested in spiritualism), I was in no way involved with, or responsible for, his death. And as a final 'for the record', I have never 'practised black magic' neither have I ever been a Satanist.

I suppose I can make allowances for this sort of thing somewhat, by putting it down to 'overzealous' journalism. I would have accordingly otherwise have left it at that. But the plot thickens . . .

A widely circulated posting on the Internet recently by the "Vampire Research Society" (yes! you've guessed it, in reality one directed by one Mr Patrick Sean Manchester); reminds people of Kim Lowden's book and my 'occult connection" with Joe himself.

So far that's fine. Just the usual repetitive plagiarism. But this particular posting goes much further; and implies that the author of it has some inside knowledge about Joe's death. He says that basically (just after mentioning myself) that when the police arrived, they automatically treated the case as a murder followed by a suicide and assumed that nobody else was involved. Again, people are reminded about Joe's previous association with the 'evil David Farrant' but given an additional 'taster' that Joe and Farrant had 'just fallen out' over some 'occult dispute'. (Sheer nonsense, by the way.)

This person goes on to say, that if the police had bothered to search the building at the time, they would have discovered another person hiding on the roof; the real murderer who had shot Joe then silenced his landlady who could have been a potential witness!

In reality this 'anonymous' narrative really needs no further comment by myself. I doubt that hardly anyone believes it and, in any event, it surely says much more about the writer's own state of mind than it ever could say about myself.

I must agree with Barbara Green (who is a District Nurse, incidentally), that some people are definitely in need of psychiatric help.

To Mr. Manchester himself, I simply ask this . . Have you staked anymore giant spiders lately, Sean!?


Posted by: David Farrant on June 6, 2004 09:40 AM

I agree with everything that David and Barbara has said in the previous postings. In fact I think I once emailed Manchester to say precisely the same thing that its ok for him to go making false assumptions and post malicious untrue statements but its not alright for anyone else to defend themselves on here. As for David being connected with Joe Meeks Murder I don't somehow think so. Just because you know or have met someone doesn't mean that you are connected with everything that they do or don't do. I've known people most of my life but I wouldn't say that I was connected with them. I'm sure everyone is like that. Manchester is in definate need of psychiatric help, even Dewsbury Police Station said so. Not to mention Bournemouth from what I can gather, come on Sean how about you posting on here for a change and putting your side of events up if you dare to! Seeing as you think I'm in need of 'counselling' I wasn't the one who wrote 'The Highgate Vampire' nor was I the one who keeps arranging these stupid duels. Nor do I go around saying I'm an 'expert Vampire Hunter/Exorcist'or go around saying that everyone is a self-styled Witch/Pagan, I am a Pagan, yes and proud of it but I do not practise Witchcraft yet! And what my religion is or is not is of no concern to you, nor my occupation or anything else for that matter. If anyone can sue for libel it is myself, David and Barbara and everyone else who you write about on your internet pages such as JPL, etc. Barbara is right, you don't like it when a few home truths are put on the internet about you, you go off in a strop and threaten all and sundry to have threads shut down etc.

Catherine Fearnley
Secretary for David Farrant.

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 6, 2004 12:17 PM


IN 1974, I faced five charges of desecration at London's Highgate Cemetery. I was acquitted of the main three, but was found guilty of two others - which had really been introduced at the last minute - and sentenced to 2 years 6 months imprisonment.

One of the main charges against myself (on which I was acquitted) was that I had placed a headless skeleton in a car outside the steering and propped it up behind the steering wheel.

The main evidence to support this charge were verbal 'admissions' allegedly made to the police by myself; but the police also found a photograph in my flat that showed a coffin that had been vandalised with a corpse inside it. The police maintained that the 'skeleton in the car' had also been taken from the same vault.

In court, my first wife Mary, gave evidence to the effect that this photograph had been given to myself by a man named Tony Hill in 1967 (Hill, incidentally, was a friend of Mr. Manchester's) because he (Hill) knew we were both interested in Highgate Cemetery.

Notwithstanding that I had been acquitted of this charge, when he self-published his book on the Highgate 'vampire' in 1985, Mr. Manchester included this photograph in his book (one can only wonder how he got another copy of it, as the one produced in court was retained by the police!), but with no mention of the fact that I had been found not guilty of this particular charge.

I early 1987, I wrote to Manchester expressing my concerns about this; indeed, why he had seen fit to include the photograph at all.

Manchester replied to this letter and signed it. This letter is dated 25 January 1987, and being self-explanatory, the contents of this letter really speak for themselves:

The letter is addressed to David Farrant and reads . . .

"Following our conversation yesterday in which in which you expressed your concern over the photograph of a corpse shown on page 61 referred to in the text on page 80, as revealed in the Hampstead and Highgate Express, 21 June 1974, as, according to Mary Farrant in court, "being originally produced by a friend named Tony" (and later to become a Black Museum exhibit): we understand that you feel inclusion should have been made of the charge for which it was produced in evidence at your trial.
Although we state in the text on page 80 with reference to this and other pictures that "there can be little doubt that the damage in all the pictures existed before the unfortunate Farrant stumbled across it" and specifically itemise the sum total of your convictions in connection with Highgate Cemetery on page 82, as well as on that same page stating that the description of you "driving stakes through the hearts of the dead" offered by Felix Barker in the original edition of Highgate Cemetery - Victorian Valhalla (1984) was one of many gross distortions by erstwhile reputable authors, and inform the reader on page 79 with a quote from the Hornsey Journal, 16 July 1974, that you "had nothing to do with removing corpses," we, the publishers, accept that you were acquitted of all implications relating to the offence (of removing a body from Highgate Cemetery) for which that photograph was used in evidence at your trial and regret any distress this omission might have caused.
Furthermore, we offer our assurance that in the event of The Highgate Vampire being reprinted we shall either include information of your acquittal in the caption relating to the corpse on page 63, or delete all reference to yourself in the text and omit the relevant pictures.
We trust this decision on our part will meet with your satisfaction and look forward to hearing from you to this effect".

The letter is signed in black ink by "Sean Manchester" (with a hand-drawn pentagram beside it.).

Whilst on the subject of Mr Manchester's book back in 1985, readers here may be interested in what else he said at the time regarding my involvement with Highgate Cemetery.

He says (Pages 80-81) …


Confused everyone?!

Well, no less than myself. Perhaps the question of 'senility' that I referred to earlier may be relevant!?


Posted by: David Farrant on June 6, 2004 05:51 PM

What has happened to LeComte has he lost his nerve as the time is nearing?!!

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 7, 2004 01:38 PM

Maybe le compte and his nibs are arranging a secret duel cos his nibs--shrinking violet that he is--don't want any unsavoury paparrazzi humble reporters buzzing round!!!

Posted by: barbara green on June 7, 2004 03:11 PM


I think, if we are all totally honest about this proposed 'duel', maybe a few people have missed an essential point.

Forgetting the 'rights and wrongs' of it for a moment; here exists a situation where a purported bishop has insulted a person publicly and accused them of being a 'black magician' (in this instance LeCompte de Milano) then accepted a duel to a bare fist fight with him at a secret location near his home to settle the issue!

I mean, just how could anybody purporting to be a 'member of the cloth' (whatever 'cloth' - including the inclusion of 'bobbled hear-gear',) even contemplate of entering into such a form of physical combat?

Think about it! A bishop indulging (and agreeing to indulge) in a 'bare-fist' fight! Its quite incredible. And it certainly seems to make a nonsense of that basic Christian principle of 'turning the other cheek!'

Have I got fundamental principles somehow mixed up? If so, maybe somebody could tell me!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 7, 2004 07:29 PM

I, LeComte [ sans the 'p' that people insist on adding to my title], would not relish the engagement of my fists against a genuine bishop's cranium any more than he would enjoy drop-kicking a nun. But his opponent in this little folie d'amour merits no such distinction. The dog has indeed besmirched my good name. Accusations of 'anarchist ' and 'satanist' do not sit well with me, since I subscribe to neither sheepish herd. I have been compelled to make my challenge publically in order to refute such public allegations. Ordinarilly such humbug would be so far beneath my dignity to reply to that it would be microscopic in its importance. But to accuse LeComte of being a woman is unpardonable. My gauntlet must be cast in the name of family honour. Of course, I do not want to involve the press. How can I ? I cannot. Neither myself, or my staunch second, know where the bout is to take place. A warning though, to the battling bishop and the ominously -named second. Should, after my victory and Farrant's siezing of his tea-cosy prize, we go missing; should our beaten bodies be found at a cliff's bottom, or be dredged from the sea, or be found with stab wounds to our backs in some shallow grave, we are not the only ones to know where the bungalow that serves as your retreat is. Any perfidy of that nature would be very foolish. And now to return to the pressing matter of romance.......
Ladies and Gentlesirs,
Your Champion'
LeComte Roberto de Milano,
le Cour d'Lion,
Pesident Le Societe L'Homme Etendu,
Knight of St Eros,
M.A., P.H.D., A.B.C, S.F.A, G.B.H, P.P.S, etc.....

Posted by: LeComte on June 7, 2004 08:30 PM

Should any lady wish to grace me with her 'token', a scarf or thelike, I would be proud to wear it in the coming fray.
Yours, Miladies,

Posted by: LeComte on June 7, 2004 08:39 PM

You can have my fingerless gloves,msieur le compte, or my black and white check scarf if thou preferrest, or I do have nice glittery shawn--see my piccy on bossy bishops, or if you really like, I have a woolly liberty bodice


Posted by: barbara green on June 8, 2004 01:41 AM

You honour me, my lady.

Posted by: LeComte on June 8, 2004 04:08 AM

Leaving the duel for a minute ( I'm sure its not going to go away)! I was certainly imprressed ("astounded is the more appropriate word") by David's revelation just recently revealing what Mr Manchester ACTUALLY said about David in the first edition of his self-published The Highgate Vampire book back in 1985.

Anybody can see that this is the complete opposite of what Manchester is trying to make people believe about David now.

Such a contradiction in his own statement of fact say little about the "integrity" of a "man of the cloth". It would probably be more accurate to say that this amounts to the ultimate in sanctimonious hypocrisy!

How can we ever believe anything you may write again, Mr Manchester?

Catherine Fearnley
Secretary for David Farrant

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 8, 2004 03:33 PM

Robin Hood the BRUJAH

Hi folks--I have put a message on the Robin Hood strand but I think it is stuck in the archives somewhere, its about another vampire connection.

Regarding the duel, well maybe in this case the pen is proving mightier than the sword, though no doubt something will be brewing in the nourishing broth pot!


Posted by: barbara green on June 9, 2004 04:19 AM

I see that DF is now an active member of the Fortean Times forum. So I'm guessing that previous restrictions are now slowly being relaxed.

I'll be away for the next week or so. But I'm certainly looking forward to reading reaction there when he posts his full account of the Highgate 'Vampire' case.

Posted by: V Ellan on June 9, 2004 06:57 AM

It might be prudent to mention that the Manchester Memorial Fund, a time-honoured tradition from the Bishup's previous 'duels', has been ressurected in light of his coming defeat. This is to cover funeral/medical costs, build a suitable monument, and provide kindling and gruel for the upkeep of his various families. Expect your letterboxes to be flooded with begging letters from this noble cause in the very near future. I myself will keep my purse strings tied tight, but I am biased.

Posted by: LeComte on June 9, 2004 01:11 PM

Hi Le Comte

There was also, if you didn't know this , yet another Manchester Memorial Fund set up by his nibs to save Robin Hoods Grave. It was on the same headed paper as the other memorial funds, or at least the last one where he was fatally injured--yet again!! with a picture of St Winefride of Wales photocopied and pasted on it !!!!( for which I doubt he had permission to use the picture from the artist for such a scheme!)
Never heard whether there was any response to this heart rending appeal--if there was, I don't know what happened to the dosh!


Posted by: babara green on June 9, 2004 01:52 PM


I see you are indeed a man of honour, Monsieur LeComte, for so gallantly advising a 'Manchester Memorial Fund'.

I feel there is one thing I should advise with the greatest of humility, LeComte (as, of course, it is acknowledged that you are the greatest swordsman, bare- knuckle fighter in Europe - sorry. I meant the world!), would it be prudent for me to arrange for a Memorial Fund to be set up for LeComte de Milano - just in case? I mean, I know the 'worst' could never happen under normal circumstances; but these are really not 'normal circumstances'!

Remember, only a few years ago when Manchester had had a duel with myself, that it was the talk of Fleet Street that I had only been 'defeated' after he, Manchester, had 'blown pepper in my face'!?

I am not saying for one minute that LeComte could be defeated by such tactics; but think, you would only have to be distracted for one moment, and you might find yourself impaled through the back!

Its only a thought, LeCompte, and of course, I will still accompany you to the shabby bungalow near the cliff-top. But I entreat you to proceed with the utmost caution . . . just in case! A Memorial Fund for LeComte de Milano might still be a good idea. If only for insurance purposes!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 9, 2004 05:44 PM

Noblest second, I applaud your prudence. Aye, man, you speak true when you tell of my skill with epee and knuckle but even the most accomplished of duellists may be felled by treachery. Though it unmans me to confess it, the thought of our bodies found mouldering in the garden of a dismal bungalow by some inquisitive puppy is oddly compelling. But it is not I who soil my riding-britches at the impending affray.

Posted by: LeComte on June 9, 2004 07:48 PM

And Catherine and I will be there to give you the kiss of life also should there be any dickipoggy skullduggery tactics from thy wily opponent. But w e won't give the bish the kiss of life,--not on your nelly-- we will just divest him of his tea cosy and leave him to moulder in the foggy goggy dew. But knowing his nibs a miracle from on high will no doubt occur, such as him being risen up by the angelic hosts, and he will trumpet forth to the world and press that he has won the day hands down , you know what a rascal he is for getting everything arse about face--scuse my terminology !


Posted by: barbara green on June 9, 2004 11:36 PM

Hi Barbara
Think I'll just stick with giving David the kiss of life thank you I'll leave it to you for Le Compte.


Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 10, 2004 11:35 AM

I am flattered by Barbara's kindness but perturbed by Catherine's indifference. If she saw me, she would want to shower me with kisses, wounded or not. C'est la vie. As it stands, the only ones in need of healing kisses will be the cosyless pate of the evil one and his bully-boys. Gabriel stands at my right shoulder, Lucifer at my left, good will prevail. Light shall shrivel the darkness. The emerald blaze of Netzach shall utterly consume him in its radiance. So vows the Lion of Venus.

Posted by: LeComte on June 10, 2004 02:16 PM

Anyway enough of this shilly shallying and pussyfooting a round--lets have some answers boys !!!
Date time and place please!!!!!!


Posted by: barbara green on June 10, 2004 03:31 PM


The 2nd revised edition of my book DARK JOURNEY will be available in October. This consists of several true-life ghost stories but has been updated to contain new material and several new illustrations and photographs. Advanced copies of the book will be available in less than two weeks: but I stop here as I don't know the precise rules are for advertising new books here. With Scott's approval, I may be able to give the price and ordering address. If he gives this, I can post the information up, but obviously I have to check with him beforehand.

As regards LeCompte de Milano's proposed bare-knuckle fight with "bishop" Manchester, July 18 is drawing ever closer. I still suspect. however, that Manchester will find some way to 'wriggle out of it'!; most likely by saying that LeCompte has made it public!

Having said this, such a tactic would make little sense to most people you realise that it is Manchester HIMSELF who has continually insulting LeComte in public (most recently, by accusing him of really 'being a woman'!)

But Manchester can never accuse LeComte of 'informing the press'. Neither the LeComte or myself know the exact location, so we would be unable to inform the press even if we so wanted. Personally, I think this is a pity. Not for any reasons of publicity, but because I think it would be poetic justice (for Manchester) in that he he would have no optician but to prove his boasts and claims publicly.

Well, we can only wait and see! . . .

David Farrant.

Posted by: David Farrant on June 10, 2004 05:07 PM

I look forward to the new book, Mr F. As to the business of fisticuffs, it's time to get serious. Yes, I relish the sag of Pat's visage under my hammering fists. A certain delectable young lady recently showed me some e-mails that Mr Multiple-Personality sent her a couple of years ago. He said some rather annoying things about your's truly in them. Now he crows about me being a woman on the internet. My Sicilian blood howls for reparation.The day draws ever nearer. The reckoning is nigh. One thing's for sure, to paraphrase El Teacosy, "he can dish it out, but he sure as hell won't be able to take it'. His own goose will be cooked well in advance of Christmas this time.

Madames et monsieurs,

Your hope,


Posted by: LeComte on June 10, 2004 06:30 PM

this has goen dickipoggy--I've tried posting twice.Testing!

Posted by: barbara green on June 11, 2004 04:53 AM

I have done this three times now so will do in bits in case it disappears!



Posted by: barbara green on June 11, 2004 09:34 AM

News has just come in that a duel is to take place between famous vampire hunting bishop Sean Manchester, and the Comte de Milano,a Sicilian nobleman.
The Comte threw down the gauntlet when the Bishop--a descendent of Lord Byron--accused him of being a woman.

Posted by: barbara green on June 11, 2004 09:36 AM

Comte de Milano stated "He has accused me of being a woman. Do I look like a woman ??Many ladies would testify to my manhood,si si!!! My momma and poppa in Sicily, and my godfather and all my relatives are very angry at this fellow and dem,and that my reputation shall be avenged, and demand that his tea cosy that he wears upon his head be brought back soaked in his blood as a tribute. Mama Mia,so it shall be,ole!!! "

Posted by: barbara green on June 11, 2004 09:41 AM

The bishop, who claims to have hunted vampires in Highgate Cemetary and at Robin Hoods Grave, declined to comment from his palace in Bournmouth today.

The comte commented, "My reputation is at stake!I won't be beat by this pesky padre --he is the one in a skirt after all!"

Editorial Comment---

Will the weapons of choice be stakes or handbags ?

The Brighouse paparazzi

Posted by: barbara green on June 11, 2004 09:46 AM


This is getting a bit complicated, as I thought LeComte was French! Still, I suppose that it gives us a break from the more serious stuff,

Not that I am suggesting that this proposed duel is not serious. I happen to know LeComte quite well (which is why he chose me as a second), and I can seriously say that if - or when - he ever gets his hands on the "bishop" . . . well, I think that even as a 'second', I'd have to look the other way! It is a fact that this make-believe "bishop" has maligned a lot of people from behind the apparent 'safety' of his assumed aliases. He does not have sufficient courage to make his fabricated allegations face to face; which is why I cannot see him meeting LeComte in person. My guess is, that he (the "bishop") will yet proffer some flimsy excuse to get out of it.

Show him a real sword (let alone a real vampire) and he would run so fast that in all likelihood he'd trip over his cassock!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 11, 2004 07:04 PM

Hi David--we will be on our way soon ! Can you cope??? Hope that the tea cosy isn't hiding in the bushes when we get there, with his cross and steak pie calling "Behold the Light, you sad Yorkshire spinsters!"
Nobody owns a tea cosy up here so we couldn't find you one,sorry
well must get moving,old bean !

Posted by: barbara green on June 12, 2004 02:30 AM


Just thought you might be interested to know that myself and Barbara Green have arrived safely in London and we are only half a mile away from Highgate Cemetery.

No sign of the Highgate Vampire yet - or Veronica Lake, thank God! - but Im quite capable of looking into the facts myself.

Barbara has gone off to get some well needed sleep; at the moment, I have just been talking to David about The Highgate Case. We are going to Highgate Cemetery tomorrow and we will keep you posted.

Catherine Fearnley
Secretary for David Farrant

Posted by: David Farrant on June 12, 2004 06:57 PM


In response to the man who queried whether Manchester's first names are really Patrick Sean, since he nowadays denies the Patrick, I would suggest that any interested party should go to the Family Records Centre in Islington, where they can learn that Manchester was Patrick Sean both on his birth certificate and on the certificate of his first marriage, though on his second marriage he had been reduced to mere Sean. Nowadays he denies that his first marriage ever happened, but presumably even Manchester will not deny that he was born.
I have just been looking through the first edition of The Highgate Vampire, in which the heroic (Patrick) Sean Manchester creates a magic circle next to the grave of 'Lusia', who had been his glamorous blonde assistant during his original vampire hunt, but had been bitten by the 'King Vampire', died, and became one of the Undead herself. Having created this circle, he then retired to a nearby thicket of trees and removed all his clothes. (Rumour has it that at this point he caused himself a mischief on a bramble, which would explain why his second marriage has never been blessed with issue.) Donning a purple robe (such as one might wear for a night out at the Electric Ballroom), he returned to the circle and recited invocations ("By the virtue of the Holy Resurrection, and the torments of the damned, I conjure and exorcise thee who wert once called Lusia to answer my liege demands … Arise, arise, I charge and command thee…") taken from Arthur Waite's The Book of Black Magic, a curious work to be utilised by a Christian who complains that mainstream denominations have not remained faithful to the teachings of Jesus. She manifested in the form of a giant spider (as in the film version of The Devil Rides Out), he staked her through the heart (I'm not quite sure where the heart is on a giant spider), and in the dawn light the arachnid turned back into the body of Lusia, which he hastily reburied. In the second edition of the book, issued after he became a bishop, he replaced the black magic rites with more appropriate Christian exorcisms in Latin. In his recent internet publications, Manchester has expressed interest in a Catholic priest who claimed to have invented a time machine. I guess His Holiness has learned the secret himself, and is thus able to change the past.
Gareth J. Medway

Posted by: David Farrant on June 13, 2004 05:16 PM


I can further to that Gareth. Do you know, I was given that "book" nearly 20 years ago, and I have still never read it 'cover to cover'! Only bits that odd people have pointed out to me.

For example, I have often mentioned the destruction of the 'gigantic vampiric spider' by Manchester that he refers to in this book; although I only made quick references from Manchester's final text … without looking back a page or two. I KNOW he claims to have staked a beautiful young vampire 'through the heart' after she had 'attacked' him in the form of a 'giant spider' in 1982 - or thereabouts - but, had I read back - I would have learned that, according to Manchester, before he performed this exorcism ritual, he admits to having 'stripped naked' in the solitude of a secluded wood in the North London cemetery he mentions and discarding his winter attire. He then repeats (as betrayed by his own words) a Satanic invocation to aid him in the destruction of this 'vampire'. Some "bishop". Well, I suppose he didn't claim to be a bishop then, so that makes it all excuseable!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 14, 2004 08:44 PM

Perhaps the self-important one may scratch himself on nettles this time. As nobody but him knows where the actual field of contest is, it's hard to say. Perhaps he means to blow myself and Mr Farrant away with a shotgun blast when we assail his bungalow door, then turn the gun on himself, decorating the paint in his hall-way with his own brains. I guess that might be honourable. But enough speculation! LeComte has devoted him self to a strict regime of celibacy [ Lament my dear ladies], no opium [sorry Mr Chang], no cognac, and daily prayers and cold showers by way of preparation. He also spars with the local bucks, practices with mace and flail, and meditates nightly. His hour of satisfaction is at hand.

Posted by: lecomte on June 15, 2004 04:33 PM

With reference to the above posts, I should like to add that we are indeed here in London and at this very moment having a meeting of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society and the BPOS. It has been a very interesting few days. We have been kindly escorted around Highgate Cemetery by Gareth Medway who pointed out to us where the actual Highgate Vampire was supposed to escape from after being first discovered by Sean Manchester in the nineteen seventies. (As a matter of interest we enquired of the tour guide about this incident who said it was all rubbish.) Gareth also showed us the coal hole where David was supposed to have lived; Manchester must not have been as fat as he is now to have been able to get into visit David through that--it was only 9 inches in diameter!!
John Pope de Locksley also very kindly took Catherine and myself on a Jack the Ripper tour on Jack's old haunts.
I am absolutely shocked to read the shocking revelations by Gareth that the Bishop STRIPPED NAKED in a graveyard. It is a wonder he didn't catch his death of cold not to say get arrested for indecent behaviour for offences against public decency, even though he was a virile and dashing gay young blade in his distant youth and not a portly old bishop at the time, nevertheless such goings on are a disgrace to Christianity.
Good luck le Compte, may the best man win! I am sure it will be you, old chap!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 15, 2004 06:35 PM

just to confirm that barbara green, catherine fearnley met with david farrant this weekend and it prooved a good opportunity to get various policies of our respective societies clarified in person.

as a point of interest my position as davids regional secretary of the bpos as well as private secretary also met with some verification. that is that our ongoing friendship (society issues aside, has now become now more of a personal issue).

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 16, 2004 03:39 PM

Robin Hood has been invited to Westminster palace again after six centuries--he wa first there as a valet de la chambre of King Eddward 11.
More later--not sure if this will post or vanish!

Posted by: barbara green on June 17, 2004 05:21 PM

as we have just returned from london and am away, I hope our patron et al will be able to represent the cause if he is well enough.As I have just got back from Londinium and am also on holiday alas I cannot go.Its a long drive so can only manage the trip occasionally. More later !

Posted by: barbara green on June 17, 2004 05:26 PM

sorry this is muddled but if I write it in one go it vanishes! Just to add David Hinchcliffe with Wakefield mp has told us that a renowened Robin Hood scholar will be giving a talk at Westminster--more later.
He has visited the sites and hopes he can do soemthing to improve matters!

Posted by: barbara green on June 17, 2004 05:28 PM


I still remain very much intrigued by this ‘duel situation’. LeComte has been fairly silent of late; can this mean that he has had second thoughts about the matter? Or is he merely biding his time to take his place upon the ‘field of battle’?!

He has apparently been sent a signed e-mail of acceptance to his challenge by Manchester. He (Manchester) appears to have been just as silent; so, maybe one side or the other should post something, to let us all know what is going on.
I have agreed to be a ‘second’ in this contest - although I dread to think what would happen if the two of them really came together! I should know, having been challenged by Manchester to duels myself in the past. These all came to nothing because he ‘backed-out’ of them at the last moment.

I do hope this situation does not arise again following the recent challenge by LeComte. Well, the proposed date of July 18th, is getting ever closer!


Posted by: David Farrant on June 18, 2004 08:50 PM

This is just to confirm what Barbara has said in a previous posting above. David Hinchcliffe MP for Wakefield has recently visited the grave of Robin Hood at Kirklees Estate and was appalled by the lack of preservation and the state of the buildings ie the gatehouse where Robin Hood shot his last arrow. He is going to write to the relevant council departments in the hope that he can do something about this.

Also to let readers know that I'll be going back down to London to stay with David in the middle of September by myself this time!

Catherine Fearnley
Secretary for David Farrant and also The Yorkshire Robin Hood Society

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 19, 2004 06:46 AM

Robin HOOD to visit Westminster again after 600 years, with his Merry men of Muswell Hill!

Bishop bows out of duel after dastardly revelations of naked ceremony in churchard!

Brighouse paparrazzi

Posted by: barbara green on June 19, 2004 05:09 PM


Yes. The Robin Hood event in London soon with MP David Hinchciffe looks like being an interesting event. It seems, at last, people are beginning to take it seriously. I’ll keep you posted.
Now. What’s all this about the “bishop” backing out of the duel? Do you have some information I don't Barbara? And if so, please tell us more!
All I know is . . . well, that he has not even had the courage to respond in public, although he did send LeComte three e-mails - one actually signed - to the effect he had accepted. If he’s now backed out (which wouldn’t really surprise me as he realises this is for real), nobody has informed me about it.
As I said earlier, all of Mr. Manchester’s challenges to duels to myself in the past have been made through newspapers, so it can’t be that. In any event, the Press don’t even know about it; or at least, they certainly don’t know the ‘secret location’ - as we don’t - so Manchester will not be able to use that as an excuse . . . although I wouldn’t put it past him to try! No, Barbara. As far as LeComte and myself are concerned, its still on. We have yet to have public confirmation from Manchester, himself, but he must surely be a worried man now, just scheming how he can get out of it!
I would not have thought my ‘naked bishop’ revelations could have affected the duel. After all, this all occurred back in1982 and, after all. I was only reminding people about what Manchester himself had written!
Well, we can only wait and see.


Posted by: David Farrant on June 19, 2004 06:40 PM

Hi David--if you would e mail me privately I'll explain the situation ! In the meantime did you get the pee wee herman dance I sent you?

Also I would be grateful if you could photocopy me the page from the ist edition of the Highgate vampire when you get chance, just to put with my files--the page about the dickipoggy ceremony in the cemetary. I lost my edition along the way--goodness knows where it ended up!


Posted by: barbara green on June 20, 2004 02:40 AM


ps did you like the photos on bossy bishops and naughty nuns site?
If you ask me some people are being very backward at coming forward!tHE PHENOMENON above has never been known before!

Posted by: barbara green on June 20, 2004 02:47 AM

THE HIGHGATE VAMPIRE (Or: “There came a Giant Spider”!)

- A critical review by David Farrant -

READERS OF MY BOOKS on the Highgate 'vampire' case, in particular Beyond the Highgate Vampire and the Vampyre Syndrome, will be aware - no doubt- that there exist serious discrepancies between my account of a so-called 'vampire' at Highgate Cemetery in the late sixties/early 1970's, and an account put out, and still being persistently circulated, by one Mr. Patrick Sean Manchester, (nowadays a self-styled 'bishop' in the Old Catholic Church) who claims to have tracked down the 'vampire' at Highgate Cemetery in the early 1970's and put an end to its activities by 'staking it through the heart'. Well that, in fact, came a little later, after Manchester had discovered the blood-sucking beast sleeping in a coffin inside a vault in Highgate Cemetery; or so he describes in a self-published book called The Highgate Vampire. He promptly sealed up the vault with a tube of garlic puree and quick-dry cement, but the 'vampire' later 'escaped' (taking its coffin with it) and Manchester claims to have tracked it down to its new abode (a deserted mansion in Crouch End) and 'dispatched it' by means of a can of petrol and a home-made wooden stake. 'It' gave out the most unholy roar, but quickly turned to slime and 'inhuman viscera' in the bottom of its casket (if we are to believe this incredible account), before Manchester set light to it. But, far from over, Manchester goes on to explain - or tries to explain - how the King Vampire had already bitten (contaminated) a young girl in the Highgate area he calls Lusia, who is now herself a ‘vampire’!


Manchester enters this secluded North London cemetery on a cold winter’s night in 1982 and, after reaching the girl’s grave (according to Manchester she had dies from leukaemia!) strips naked behind some nearby bushes and enters a carefully prepared magical circle. He had lit a fire in this and then (stake at the ready), he began to recite a series of Satanic incantations to summon the ‘vampire’.
("By the virtue of the Holy Resurrection, and the torments of the damned, I conjure and exorcise thee who wert once called Lusia to answer my liege demands … Arise, arise, I charge and command thee…") taken from Arthur Waite's The Book of Black Magic, a curious work to be utilised by a Christian who complains that mainstream denominations have not remained faithful to the teachings of Jesus.}

He does not have long to wait, and before long, a pitiful wailing interrupted the uncanny silence of the night and Manchester then espies the vague silhouette of a woman standing beside Lusia’s grave, her features vaguely illuminated by a flaming torch that Manchester held aloft.

Within seconds (as Manchester stares in dumb amazement) this ‘woman’ promptly turns into a ‘giant spider’!, and begins scurrying around the makeshift making a terrible ‘hissing sound’, in an attempt to get to Manchester.

“It was the most enormous spider imaginable. In that light it appeared to compare to the size of a full-grown cat and was slowly edging towards the rim of charcoal powder. I found myself anchored to the ground, unable to move. I just stared in dumb amazement . . .”
More than confused by this unexpected transformation, Manchester is quick to stake the spider instead, which then starts 'hissing and sizzling' in the dark after Manchester sets light to it! Filled with remorse (Lusia was an ex-girlfriend), Manchester then collapses back into a makeshift protective Circle sobbing uncontrollably until daylight reveals the form of 'Lusia' well and truly 'staked', but now a human corpse and no longer a 'vampire'.

Well, to return to the point which is, and as stated at the outset, this author is in no way convinced - nay, believes that either of Manchester's accounts about 'disposing' of these alleged vampires is true. Such statements, in fact, do nothing to further the cause of serious psychic research and only lead to, in this instance, serious doubts being cast on the mental state of the original perpetrator (Mr. Sean Manchester) when attempting to put such unbelievable fiction on the menu for seriously-minded psychic investigators to digest as literal fact.

For if we examine Manchester's account in any detail, (and God forbid!, the details have been exemplified by Manchester enough), all we are left with is the account of a desperate publicist; one who is prepared to put his name to the most ridiculous nonsense and stick to it as a means of ensuring personal publicity.

One of Mr. Manchester's main ploys when attempting to convince people of this unbelievable propaganda, is to play the line that he is a 'serious vampire hunter' (a term he in fact copied from a earlier title that was attributed - by the media - to this author) and that his account is based on a catalogue of facts that he kept secret for many years in the fear that nobody would believe him. (Jonathan Harker's Journal ring any bells!?). Well, unfortunately for Manchester, and this notwithstanding almost desperate attempts to promulgate his story, they still don't!

It is a pity that Manchester did not write this book under the heading of a 'vampire fiction' (at least then critics would have only been left to 'attack' the self-arrogant and bombastic style of this 'literary prose'), for by trying to create 'facts' out of the unbelievable, only serves to cast serious doubt on his rational state of mind. Add to this, his current delusions about being a genuine 'bishop', one is only left to wonder what preposterous claims lie in the pipeline ...(maybe an archbishop is next, even 'Pope Manchester?!)

Oh, yes. A word about the title ... The Highgate Vampire. Perhaps not surprisingly, this is far from being original and, just like all the other material in the book (relating to vampires), has been plagiarized from vampire horror movies, or the works of other authors. In fact, the 'vampire' said to lurk in Highgate Cemetery was first named thus in a lead article in the London Evening News back in 1971 that ran a two page story entitled, Midnight Vigil for the Highgate Vampire, and maybe equally to be expected, this article did not concern Manchester's antics, but was about the current author, himself!

DAVID FARRANT (Source references “The Highgate Vampire”, courtesy Mr. Sean Manchester).

Posted by: David Farrant on June 20, 2004 01:26 PM

Not only that,David, what I can't understand is this, and goodness knows I have asked often enought. If the "Bishop" is the most famous vampire that ever was, according to his own propoganda, what other "vampires" has he staked?. One in Highgate, plus the giant spider, and one left roaming at Kirklees. Total = 2 ! There is no record anywhere of this famous vampire hunter having dealings with any other vampires,unless he is hiding his light under a bushel--which is most unlikely!!!

Posted by: barbara green on June 20, 2004 03:16 PM

Just as a reminder to regular readers of this message board, that David's official website is http://www.dfarrant.co.uk

Also tomorrow I'll be picking my photographs from the London trip and these will be posted on our various websites. Our new american website will be nearly completed within the next few days or so when it is you'll be the first to know.

David could you also do me a photo copy of the same page, you know, the one where a certain person has a nude encounter with a giant spider.

Thanks,love you David, talk to you tomorrow night


Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 20, 2004 03:38 PM

What is happening with regards to the duel? Has Le Compte lost his nerve?!

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 21, 2004 05:46 PM

Well it looks like Manchester's got my email account shut down yet again, hey! no worries Manchester, I can always create another free account there are plenty of them around. Get lost Manchester, we will not be beaten by you or anyone else.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 22, 2004 01:37 PM

Further to my last posting a specialist Freeserve criminal fraud section are presently investigating Mr Manchester's use of his private email address (one of them advertised on the internet)for fraudently using thiese to make criminal accusations about others under false aliases.

This is not to mention the fact that Manchester has used his email to send hard-core pornography over the internet. To send such unsolicitored material is, in fact, a criminal offence.

These facts can easily be checked as logged replies on the internet from private individuals are just that, "logged".

If substantiated, Mr Manchester could be in very hot water. Pleading "bishop" will not save him. He will have to explain how all such postings - or the majority of them have been made on his own computer i.e. from his isolated bungalow on a cliff top in Bournemouth.

This is obviously sub-judiacy at the moent, but don't worry, I can't wait to keep you posted.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherine fearnley on June 22, 2004 03:38 PM

Vampires??? I think David Farrant probably is lacking something in the IQ area and has lived a sad life on a crime he committed in the 1970s digging up dead people.

Posted by: n/a on June 22, 2004 08:25 PM

SAPRISTI ! What madness is this? LeComte takes time to cut a swathe through the boudoirs of Europe, and Miss Fearnley mocks his resolve? Is it not enough that he intends to arrive at the appointed hour, ordained by God as the one where he will smite he who postures in the trappings of sanctity.?LeComte's sole concern is that his 60-plus and corpulent opponent might succumb to fright or exhaustion and perish ere battle commences. He is however hopeful that his man refrains from stripping totally as he does when battling giant spiders. You never know where thorns may strike or, as we say in Venice, GIORNI DISPARI. LeComte is a man of fervid honour and will belabour the prelate's pate and deliver the aforementioned cosy. Now, girl, have done with your carping and leave me to my preparations and, though I need them not for the coming fray, prayers.

Yr champion-at-arms,
LeComte M

Posted by: LeComte on June 22, 2004 08:42 PM


Well, its good to have some concrete response - even if this is generally anonymous! Could you be a little more specific “N/A”?
You may be interested to learn that I was acquitted of that particular charge after the jury were satisfied that the police were lying about particular ‘statements’ I was supposed to have made.
This was in fact the original and main charge against myself, and the police evidence was adequately aired in court., and the jury chose not to believe it.
Of course, there are certain other people who attempt to put these original police statements out as fact; and a handful of others who are gullible enough to believe such announcements without being aware of the true facts. I presume you are one of these?
If I have misjudged you, then please accept my apologies. But there seem to be so many people out there who automatically believe what they may have heard - or read - from out-and-out charlatans, that your statements (anonymous as they are) would appear to be entirely without merit.

DAVID FARRANT, President, The Highgate Vampire Society, BPOS.

Posted by: David Farrant on June 22, 2004 09:11 PM

This board is playing up gain so will do in two parts.
It seems that the rumour that the old (as in aged) Holy Grail Bishop of Glastonbury who lives in Bournmouth(??!!) has not gone into hiding in box 542 after all and will be present for teh coup de grace of the tea cosy july18--somewhere in a secret location.

Posted by: barbara green on June 23, 2004 02:17 AM

If anyone is interested in the amusing photos of our trip to the merry men of muswell hill theya re on


I am the beautiful blonde bombshell and though surrounded by admirers--as the phtots show,haha,I have no wish to become a princess--besideS Veronica Lake, the femme fatale,is on her way to cheer le comte so I have no chance!
I have my own boyfriend here in Yorkshire--he is a beautiful black charmer and all is ever says to me is wuff!

Posted by: barbara green on June 23, 2004 02:23 AM

Welcome back Le Comte glad to hear that you have not lost your nerve totally.

N/A why don't you be more specific as David has suggested instead of hiding behind aliases. Why don't you be brave and stand up and be counted. I'm quite prepared to back David to the hilt if need be. That is how much I care about him. If you start on him, you may as well start on me as well.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 23, 2004 11:10 AM

Start on you? Why should I want to do that? Why don't you all make yourselves useful and go monster hunting.

Posted by: n/a on June 23, 2004 01:38 PM

N/A obviously you are unaware that me and David are in a relationship, therefore I will stand by him no matter what, hence if you start on him, you can start on me as well.

It seems to me you are just like Mr Manchester who has not got the courage to post his abuse under his own name.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 23, 2004 02:33 PM

My name is Michael Argyle.

Posted by: n/a on June 23, 2004 02:42 PM

The Incredible Metamorphosing “Spider Man”

Well. Good evening “Michael” (Sean). Thought you’d never show up! If you’re going to keep on using aliases; at least think of something original! As everybody knows (not least yourself), Michael Argyle was the name of the principle judge who sat at my ‘witchcraft’ at the Old Bailey back in 1974.

Well, at least you’re back again with your usual nonsense. While you are on-line, perhaps you’d care to make some public comment about the forthcoming duel? You signed a private letter of acceptance to LeComte, but since then, you seem to have retreated back under your tea-pot cosy.

We are all waiting, Sean!


PS Your abusive e-mails are being checked out. You really ought to be more careful. Forgetting the law of the land, such comments are most decidedly Un-Christian!

Posted by: David Farrant on June 23, 2004 05:06 PM


May I announce that the 2nd revised edition of my book “Dark Journey” will be available next week In fact, the official release date is October this year, but the book should be listed long before this if anyone wants to order it.

I give no further details than this now, as I do not think it right that, as a guest on this site, I use it to advertise privately. Well. I’ve given the title! So anybody should soon be able to call it up. The 1st edition has already been listed and reviewed on the Internet, at any rate.


Posted by: David Farrant on June 24, 2004 05:29 PM

Just to let everyone know that our new American website will be ready this weekend. I'll let everyone know the details as soon as David wants me to start advertising.


Posted by: catherinefearnley on June 25, 2004 01:53 PM

We thought that our American readers would be interested in the following case below. These bear-like sightings have been reported all over the world. If any readers have witnessed such sightings and would like to send us feedback then please do or email us directly at catherinefearnley@emailservice.com



A FEW YEARS AGO an acquaintance of mine had a frightening experience while journeying towards Salisbury late at night.

My friend, with three other people and his wife and small daughter, was en route for London, but the van broke down and they became hopelessly lost. To make matters worse they were on a B-road and there was no sign of human habitation.

After a while my friend decided to seek help and it was then that he experienced his frightening ordeal. Due to lack of any street lighting they seemed even more ‘lost’; the only significant sound coming from a horse in a nearby field whose agitated wailings seemed to fill the night air.

He walked a mile or so in the bright moonlight when, in the distance, he spotted a large old house. Leading to this was a tree lined drive at least 200 yards long and consisting of loose gravel.

Something in the distance suddenly caught my friend's attention and, staring into the darkness amidst the trees, he could make out a black shape which seemed to be coming down the path towards him. The figure made no noise but disappeared into the trees at respective intervals, each time emerging further down the path.

Thinking the shape to be that of a dog or some large animal, my friend watched it with interest, but as it drew closer, its shape appeared to be that of a large bear, and it made no sound upon the loose gravel. To add to this, the thing had no discernible features, appearing to be a black mass without identifiable form.

By now more than a little perturbed, my friend turned back towards the van taking cautious glances over his shoulder to check the distance of his 'advancing adversary'.

He didn't run, sensing it would be dangerous to show fear; although he felt like doing so as the thing was getting uncomfortably close.

All the time he was aware of an overbearing sense of evil which seemed to radiate from the creature (or whatever it was) and he felt he was being drawn back by some malevolent force. On reaching the van he took one final glance over his shoulder and noticed to his horror that the thing was less than 25 feet behind.

Once inside the van, my friend told the others what had happened and, seeing that he was in a state of genuine shock, they went outside to investigate. If they had any doubts, these were soon dispelled when the thing suddenly reappeared and went 'straight through' a privet hedge into a nearby field. It then reappeared further down the road and seemed to be circling the parked van.

It was not spotted again, although the horse in the nearby field had fallen quiet, while, in all, a deathly silence had descended on the area.

Eventually help was found, and the AA service man who arrived at the vehicle remarked that there had been numerous reports of this phenomenon over the years, and that it was known locally as “The Dowdsman” (or something like that). It was often spotted by solitary motorists on lonely Dorset roads at night, only to disappear in the glare of the headlights. One of its favourite haunts was apparently in an area around the old "Roman Crossing" - although he did not say exactly where this was.

I recently returned to the area but, although receiving some useful information, I have been unable to locate the exact spot where the phenomenon was sighted on this occasion.

I would be interested to learn if any AMCGLTD. com readers have any information about this, or a similar, phenomenon? I have investigated many cases of ‘black dogs’; but this one seems strangely different as it almost appeared to be ‘stalking’ the person in question.

David Farrant, President,
British Psychic and Occult Society.

Exclusive © David Farrant

Posted by: CatherineFearnley on June 27, 2004 08:28 AM

The Highgate Vampire
The Record Put Straight

People familiar with the famous case of the Highgate ‘Vampire’ that it was David Farrant who was right at the centre of it. He was taken to court in 1970 for ‘hunting a vampire’ but acquitted. That case saw him branded as a ‘vampire hunter’ by the press and others. In 1974, David Farrant duly got into more trouble at Highgate Cemetery for charges which were said in court to relate to ‘vampires’ and ‘witchcraft’. David has always protested his innocence to the later charges; in fact, he later took his case to the European Commission of Human Rights and won various aspects of it. He deals here with the case that originally saw him branded as a ‘vampire hunter’ back in 1970. Please read on …

Dear Ferme,
It was with some interest that I read in your first edition an article that, for a change actually ‘tore apart’ the whole contrived myth of the ‘Highgate Vampire’ and left open to question (or at least, such was my interpretation) the real motives of alleged ‘vampire authorities’ and the like, who, by means of careful manipulation and unqualified assumptions about otherwise innocent facts, manage to create, in the minds of the gullible, legends most fearsome where none had previously existed.

Montague Summers (as rightly implied in your article) was indeed a leading protagonist of this particular brand of ‘psychic research’ - although others have followed in his wake and given ample publicity and book-space to the well-received platitudes of his misguided terminology.

I am making personal comment in this instance because none should know as well as I the real facts which gave rise to the whole sordid and ridiculous episode of a ‘blood-sucking vampire’ that is said to inhabit the catacombs of Highgate’s Old Cemetery, and perhaps its time that the record be set straight. In fact such reports (about a ‘vampire’ in Highgate Cemetery) really originated in the late 1960’s and were originally based on an official investigation by the British Psychic and Occult Society into the possibility of a ‘ghost’ hat had been sighted in and around the Cemetery; although local belief much encouraged by the comments of certain individuals to local newspapers whose only intention seemed to be in obtaining the maximum publicity.

This ‘tall menacing figure’ ( not yet a fully-fledged ‘vampire’) was apparently sighted by many local residents on increasing occasions (although I personally remained sceptical of many of these accounts knowing the effect such stories might have upon an over-active imagination) and it was basically this fact that prompted the BPOS to conduct a séance at Highgate Cemetery one night employing the aid of a professional medium to see if ‘psychic contact’ could be made with the reputed entity.

This ‘magical séance’ took place in mid-August 1970 and its eventual outcome was to be a prime ingrediant in establishing the legend of a ‘vampire’ at Highgate Cemetery, and later to feed the artificial rumours and stories that still give free-licence to the pens of unenlightened writers and journalists.

This might be better understood if it is explained that the séance itself (although unsuccessful in its original motivation) was disturbed by a nightly police patrol who insisted on taking myself to Court to give account of the midnight vigil.

The case, in fact, came before Clerkenwell Magistrates’ Court in September 1970 but was soon dismissed; the Court upholding a Defence submission that it was just as akin for a legitimate occult Society to investigate unexplained phenomena in a cemetery as it was for some to invest vast sums trying to locate the Loch Ness Monster. It seemed a fair verdict; but subsequent Press coverage - much of which reiterated statements to the police about ‘hunting a vampire’ that I denied making in Court and led the Baltimore Sun to remark that apparently it was ‘no longer illegal to hunt vampires in England’! - attracted to Highgate Cemetery scores of ‘free-lance vampire hunters’ all copying what they wrongly believed to be my example. With them perhaps expectedly, came an influx of amateur occultists all anxious to cash in on the available publicity, and as a result, damage and desecration at Highgate Cemetery dramatically increased, much to the concern of the cemetery authorities and the police.

This Court case, then; notwithstanding the earlier local mumblings about a ‘vampire’ which were almost certainly impregnated courtesy of Hammer Films who had previously filmed at Highgate Cemetery in 1968 (and who were to do so again on more than one occasion in the early 1970’s) really began the whole comic saga of the ‘Highgate Vampire’ - ironically perhaps, simultaneously branding myself as an opponent of the ‘fanged creature’.

Of course, it is hardly surprising, taking into account an inherent desire on the part of romantics to ascribe material ‘fact’ to things ‘occult’ and supernatural, that the ‘vampire legend’ at Highgate Cemetery should have persisted. But it does so only as a cleverly perpetrated myth, and assertions of a ‘blood-sucking vampire’ at Highgate Cemetery - whatever over-zealous writers and journalists might choose to say - remain, I am afraid, pure fiction.

David Farrant, President, British Psychic and Occult Society.

This article first appeared in Ferme magazine in 1987 and is Exclusive © of David Farrant

Posted by: catherine fearnley on June 28, 2004 03:54 PM

David has asked me to point out that whilst he is not against homosexuality (or any form of genuine love between consenting parties), he can not really see how the two posts above are relevant to the Highgate Vampire Case.David does not see why makeup should not be worn by anybody who wants to use it.

But, can we return to the main topic please.

Posted by: catherine fearnley on June 30, 2004 03:05 PM


I know you said you were off on holiday for two weeks, Ellan, but you should be back by now but there have been no more postings from you since! Far be it from me to ask people to post, but I did find your posts interesting and informative; especially as you seemed to be aware of the Guardian newspaper stuff.

That’s probably old news now, but you are not! So, please come back with any comments or queries. I will do my best to answer them as usual.

Just sorry this whole ‘vampire thing’ seems so much stuck in the past. But that’s where it all started, so I cannot really attempt to answer any facts except from there (the ‘past’).

Well just say ‘Hello’, again, at least!

David Farrant.

Posted by: David Farrant on June 30, 2004 09:22 PM

I wonder how LeComte de Milano is getting on preparing himself for the approaching titanic combat with the mitred loon? I for one have had this duel on my mind for some weeks and heartily wish LeComte all the best in his heroic effort to humble the vile blackguard in a cassock and restore the immemorial prerogatives of manly honour. Very good to see these noble traditions being upheld and a loathsome varlet brought to heel...

I remain, Sir, Thine in the Lux Mysteriorum
Dr Theodorus Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 1, 2004 01:35 PM


The Haunting of the Ancient Ram Inn (Part 1)

- by David Farrant -

SITUATED ON THE INCLINE of a steep hill in Wotton-under-Edge, the bottom of the building partially submerged at the side of the modern road, the Ancient Ram Inn plays host to a variety of ghosts.

Originally an 13th century inn, the earlier building was damaged by a fire that swept through much of the village at that time, but it was rebuilt as a tavern in the 14th century and catered to locals and lonely travelers until into the early part of the 19th century.

The present owner is John Humphries. He brought the dilapidated building (which none the less retained its ancient design and structural character) in 1967 and moved in with his wife and two young daughters. It was only soon afterwards that he learned about a compulsory purchase order that had been put upon the building by the local council. They wanted to demolish it to widen the road, apparently unconcerned about its ancient charm or rural antiquity. But John had other ideas and, backed by a determined campaign that had the support of the local people, eventually succeeded in overturning the council's order and getting the Ram Inn registered as a grade two listed building.

There was a lot to be done, but John decided to stagger the work - a necessity perhaps as at this time he was working nights as a goods train driver (after having given up an earlier vocation to train as a Methodist Preacher). But before too long, he had turned the Ram into a comfortable home for himself and his family, and certainly discouraged the rats and mice that had long since made their home there undisturbed.

My first experiences with the RAM INN and its associated phenomena took place in October 1998. I had been contacted by Ross Gage, of the Sheffield Paranormal Society some months earlier about other cases of unexplained psychic activity, and we had finally got around to discussing the Ancient Ram Inn.

She had expressed her interest in conducting a nightly vigil there with other members of her group, and explained that she already had the permission of the owner, so it was just a question of arranging a date.

I was invited to attend once arrangements were finalised, and the date was eventually set for October 31 that year. But although originally intending to hold the vigil with four other members of the her group, at the last moment, three of them dropped out due to unforeseen circumstances.

I did not learn about this until the morning upon the intended day, although she told me, one other member of her group, David Holland, was still able to go and would be taking her in his car.

We agreed to meet at the RAM around 6pm. I decided to make my own way there by train. Ironically perhaps, I too, had been let down at the last minute by two local members of the BPOS who had supposed to have been arranging a car. Though I managed to take the matter philosophically, having learned of the unexpected twists and turns that can accompany psychic investigations.

It was already dark when my train had pulled into the station. It was barely 5.15, but the last bus had already left for Wotten-under-Edge, so I was forced to look for a taxi to cover the last twelve miles or so.

On first impressions, the building certainly lived up to its various descriptions. Mostly in darkness due to the absence of adequate street lights and the sunken shades in which it lay, one could just make out the antique timbered outline of its forlorn walls merging almost menacingly with the black sky. The sun - if ever it came out there - could surely never penetrate such inpentrateable blackness; certainly not then, but you were only left to wonder whether the place would still maintain its black gloom in bright daylight.

It was hard to imagine any light being cast upon this formidable place. But then I knew that, imagination, when applied to fields of the Unknown, should not be allowed to stray into the realms of fantasy or supposition, thereby clouding direct perception into things which were not reliant on "normal" visual images or everyday impressions.

I arrived at the Ram Inn, to find that Ross Gage and Dave Holland had only just arrived. John Humphries was not quite as I had expected. I Judged him to be around seventy - and I was actually right as far as that turned out. From first impressions, he looked mildly eccentric, wearing a black leather cap and a ‘Hell’s-Angels-type’ jacket with leather tassels across the chest, and tight blue jeans. He certainly wasn't well dressed. He spoke with a distinct Devonshire accent, but at the same time, was quite softly spoken and cordial.
He offered us all tea, and almost from the onset he started describing experiences that he'd had in the Ram Inn itself.

We learned, for example, that he lived mainly in a converted garage at one end of the Inn which he'd converted into a living room-cum kitchen with a sleeping area upstairs. This was actually an extension to the original Inn, and the reason he'd done that was, because he wouldn't enter the Ram Inn at night on his own, and he felt more secure in this little self-contained living-quarters he'd constructed. But he told us, that even when he was alone in this little self-built 'house', if you like, he'd often experience drops of temperature and he frequently heard strange noises during the night; for instance, distinct "tapping sounds" or the sound of footsteps walking around in the main part of the Inn. And, needless to say, when he was on his own, he never went into the Inn itself to check them out. But as well as that, he told us about experiences which other people had had, who had visited the Ram Inn. For example, a visitor there had once been
"pushed over" in the main part of the Inn. He had been pushed to the ground with some quite considerable force for no apparent reason. Another interesting thing he told us, was that he often saw strange orbs of light floating around the Inn after dark, but he'd seen these so often that he'd become quite accustomed to them, so these didn't really worry him unlike some of the effects caused by the other ghosts - or whatever they were - that haunted the place.

Another interesting fact that we learned from John Humphries about the alleged psychic activity at the Inn, seemed to bear out that the alleged psychic phenomena ‘at work’ there seemed to be definitely malevolent by nature. It may be recalled that, in his younger days, John Humphries had serious considered the possibility of becoming a Methodist preacher. In the event, this never happened, but John had acquired a ‘prize’ portrait of John Wesley which, in his early days in residence at the Ram, he kept hanging on the stairs. But almost from the first moment he hung this portrait on the wall, 'something' kept removing it and throwing it down to the floor. He kept replacing it but systematically, the portrait kept being removed after he had replaced it on the wall. In the end he gave up. He wouldn't throw the painting out, obviously, but was eventually forced to secure it behind other objects in a corner.

After having explained the basic history of the Inn and bring us up to date with the psychic goings-on there, we decided to go out and get something to eat and come back after ten (it was now about half past eight in the evening) and set up the equipment up to start the nightly vigil for around midnight.
In fact, we later set up most of the equipment we had in The Bishop’s Room upstairs - supposedly the most haunted room in the Inn. (Because the other people hadn’t been able to attend, we had to make without some items, such as the night-vision video cameras).


Posted by: David Farrant on July 1, 2004 05:14 PM

I thank you, Dr Malygris [ any descendant of the famed Malygris of ancient Poseidonis perchance?] for your sterling platitudes. It is indeed time to chastise the cassocked cur. Perhaps a stout buffet or two around the mitre/cosy may restore some sense to his addled pate. If not, c'est la vie. He has made his bed and must take his thrashing, humbling though it may be. My only real concern is that he may have hired some rascally ne'er do wells from some low dive to waylay my second and myself ere battle is joined. I have left instructions with a daring young lady of recent accquaintence as to what to do if we are the victims of foul play. She is a young lady of considerable talents, as well as statuesque proportions, and has been aiding me in my physical 'preparations'. She too, has crossed swords, at least metaphorically, with our diabolic friend. It would be indiscrete to name a lady who has so eagerly put her charms at my disposal. Suffice to say that her true identity infuriates our man to this day. She carries sealed instructions on how to act if Mr Farrant and myself fail to materialize at our victory supper. Sir, again, I thank you.

Your brother in the radiant light,
Al de la del vetro,
LeComte de Milano

Posted by: Le Comte on July 1, 2004 06:31 PM

Bravo, LeComte, bravo! The eyes of every true-hearted gentleman in Europe (and those of the ladies too i doubt it not) are on you as you selflessly take upon yourself the onerous but laudable duty of administering a long-overdue chastening to the slinking mitred wretch. The day of reckoning approaches for this pestilential bishop - have no mercy on the dog, Sir, thrash him to within an inch of his life. May the Tarshishim of Netzach guide your glittering rapier to a brilliant Victory and the Fiery Serpents of Gevurah outpour the wrath of their Severity on the mitred pate of this miserable miscreant. Our prayers, Sir, are with you for the approaching day of combat...

I remain,
Thine in the Arch-Magistery of Light
Dr Theodorus Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 1, 2004 08:06 PM


I intended to put up the second part of my Ancient RAM INN article tonight, but in view of these current disclosures about the proposed ‘duel’, I think I’ll wait until tomorrow!


Posted by: David Farrant on July 1, 2004 08:51 PM

My good salutations, Mr Farrant,

I'm sure that as regards the creeping cleric and his multifold malfeance we all feel alike. When this reeking dastard, his mitre crumpled by a sound pummeling, cringes howling and begging for mercy at the feet of the valiant Count we will all feel that honour has indeed been satisfied. The hour is nigh!
May i also offer my compliments on this site which is an invaluable resource. As a Professor of the Occult Sciences i must express my pleasure at a forum in which your esteemed viewpoints on the eon-hallowed mysteries of the Worlds beyond the Veil, the spectral denizens thereof and the sanguinary secrets of esoteric Vampirology can be aired without equivocation.Your insights into the Highgate case are indeed most unique.
Not to mention the company of that gallant exponent of the noble and ancient traditions of agile swordplay and theurgic arcana alike - the redoubtable Comte de Milano!
I am, honoured, gentlemen, by your acqaintance.

I remain, Sirs, Thine
In the Mysterium Magnum
Dr Theodorus Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 2, 2004 08:01 AM

The Haunting of the Ancient Ram Inn (Part 2)

IT WAS A VERY COLD NIGHT and there was absolutely no heating upstairs where we were. There was light, although we preferred to work by candlelight instead and use torches. An exception t to this was a light that John Humpheries had insisted that we left on in in the attic. There had been some partial renovation work done there and he did not want to be responsible if anybody went up there and injured themselves by falling over the rubble. In fact, the attic was lit only by a small table lamp with a dim 40 watt bulb, and ghosts aside, it was easy to see how physical injury might have occurred in the dark It was still very gloomy and hazardous being strewn with discarded furniture and scarcely visible on the floor, and the numerous cobwebs clinging tenaciously to your face did nothing to help you keep balance. The Bishop’s Room, in fact, lay right beneath a part of the attic, which itself ran across most of the main building.

Ross Gage set up an electronic thermometer up in The Bishop's Room and, interestingly enough, even before that was actually used, there were distinct ‘cold spots‘ throughout that particular room. We actually sensed these ‘cold spots’ before we used the thermometer itself; the thermometer merely confirming this later by its electronic readings. In fact, it was possible to ‘walk through‘ these cold spots, which were about two feet in diameter, and you could actually stand outside them and put your hand inside the invisible space and feel the distinct drop in temperature. And this wasn't just imagination.

The main vigil was spent within The Bishop’s Room, which, after all, was supposed to be the most haunted room in the building. Ross Gage spent most of her time here recording temperature variations and taking other measurements whilst Dave Holland and myself ‘moved around’ a little more; in particular spending some time in another supposedly haunted room by candlelight (near to The Bishop’s Room) and in the attic - obviously, with cameras at the ready. We also had small tape recorders with us, just in case!

We spent about an hour in that particular room, but apart from the odd strange noise such as ‘creaking sounds‘ bangs or thuds which could have happened in any old building and which were are not necessarily supernatural, at one stage we did actually hear a distinct ‘knocking sound’ up above in the attic. Its hard to say if these could have been rats knocking something over or whether it was of supernatural origin. But we decided to go up into the attic and spend and spend a couple of hours there to see if we could witness anything.

David Holland positioned himself at one end of the attic, while I was at the other. I took two or three pictures at random before noticing that the built-in light meter in my camera had ceased to register, despite the fact I was using an ultra sensitive 1500 ASA film.. Now, even in that very low light it should have picked up some sort of reading; but the needle just remained ‘dead’. I checked the camera but found nothing untoward so focused it directly on the table light itself, but still a zero reading. The needle would not budge
This apparent malfunctioning of the camera did not unduly surprise me. For on past occasions this had happened at other supposedly haunted places. Indeed, I recall once at supposedly haunted Whittington Castle in Shropshire, the camera had acted in a similar manner when I was trying to take some photographs at the top of one of the ruined towers. It was a bright sunlit afternoon but the camera's meter refused to register within an area of about six feet but if you stepped outside the diameter of this 'invisible circle', the needle registered as normal.

After spending a good hour in the attic, we went back downstairs to The Bishop's Room and it was then that Ross Gage confirmed to us that every fifteen minutes the temperature dropped quickly and distinctly by four degrees (she was taking all these readings down in concise detail). It remained that way for five minutes or so and then it returned to normal. But then precisely fifteen minutes later, the same thing would happen again following a consistent pattern.

Apart from these the drops in temperature, she hadn't actually witnessed anything, other than claiming to have heard some unusual sounds in the an adjacent room. She'd gone outside to look but apparently, there wasn't any apparent cause for it. By this time it was about three o'clock in the morning, so we thought we might as well lie down in the Bishop's room, obviously with tape recorders, cameras and torches at the ready, and spend some time there to see if anything happened. The Bishop's room, I should add, was still very well furnished; there was a large four-poster bed in there with two antique single beds either side so there was no lack of space for people to lie down. John Humphries had supplied us with ample blankets to keep warm, so we thought we might as well relax for awhile for this part of the vigil - so we settled down and just lay in silence for some time.

It was about an hour after that, we all heard a distinct tapping noise coming from the ceiling, obviously caused by something knocking on the floor in the attic. In fact, I was lying in the end bed nearest the window, and this sound occurred right above my head; but everyone could hear it, it was that distinct. It was rather like hearing somebody knocking purposely on a door, to let you know they were there and that they wanted to come in; distinct, and almost ‘deliberate. This happened twice with a gap of about half a minute in-between. There were five or six knocks each time; not pounding, not soft either, rather like somebody using their knuckles knocking sharply on wood.

Needless to say, leaving Ross down in The Bishop's Room in case the sounds occurred again, Dave Holland and myself went back to the attic and located the spot these knocks would have come from, because you could tell roughly where the beds were underneath. But there was nothing there to account for the sounds them and it was very hard to contemplate such sounds being made by rats or mice, even had they knocked something over.

Apart from these occurrences, not least the regular drops in temperature which went on until daybreak, the rest of the night was seemingly uneventful. But these relatively small things that did occur, were certainly not the result of fanciful imagination, nor did there appear to be any logical cause to explain them. It could be added here - and this cannot be taken as any sort of ‘psychic proof’ - there was a very strange atmosphere that seemed to permeate The Bishop's Room and the attic. you'd have to actually be there to experience this precisely. But everything was deathly quiet. Perhaps that in itself is not so surprising because there was little or no traffic that time of night and the Inn lay isolated at the edge of the village. But quite apart from the quietness, there was a sort of overbearing sense - and I'm not trying to sound sensationalistic - sense that somebody was watching you. You really felt that everywhere you went, whether walking around lying down or sitting in a chair, ‘somebody‘ was aware of your presence. I can't really describe it any better than that, because this it was more of a sensation that could only be picked up by the senses, not by any sort of physical means.
But it was not just in The Bishop’s Room or in the attic that this ‘atmosphere’ prevailed. The Inn itself was very atmospheric throughout, maybe partly due to its construction and layout. It was filled with antique furniture, and had extremely old fireplaces which had remained unchanged for centuries, with strange symbols engraved in the stone hearths of some of them, which were most likely symbols of protection against evil spirits. Indeed, a huge fireplace downstairs was strongly rumoured to have concealed a secret passageway leading from it to the church which lay a couple of hundred yards away. Near this, in the same room in fact, there was a deep hole in the stone floor where the floor had been dug up to a depth of about five feet. It was explained to us later, that on an earlier occasion, John Humphries had called in some dowsers who'd expressed an interest in the place, and they were looking for any other underground passages, covered-over wells, or anything of the kind, and one of these dowsers told him that there was something lying beneath the foundations. He'd got a violent reaction with the dowsing stick at this part of the floor. So they eventually dug down (and this was obviously a few years before we visited), and they actually discovered a lot of children's bones and a couple of sacrificial daggers. Obviously, this was reported to the police, but there was nothing much that the police could do after they'd deduced that the age of the skeletons were several centuries old.

I believe these bones were forensically examined and it was confirmed that they were hundreds of years old. But obviously the conclusion by John Humphries and many other people was., that human sacrifice had taken place in the actual Inn itself at a much earlier date.

We left The Ancient Ram Inn next morning after being given some tea by John Humphries. It was a Sunday and there were no buses running, but somebody kindly gave me a lift to the nearest railway station, at Stroud some twelve miles away. We said our good-byes to John Humprhies and he invited us back again. And as we left he more-or -less apologised that nothing much had happened because, he said, that normally anybody that spent a vigil there usually experienced much more definite phenomena. He added that perhaps we had just picked a bad time …

In fact I was to return again to the Ram to hold another nightly vigil there. This occurred in the autumn of 2002 and was attended by members of the Black Country Paranormal Society. But that, of course, would have to be another story.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 2, 2004 08:51 AM

My dear Doctor Malygris, the honour is mine. Your kind words bring blushes to my cheeks. True my dexterity with steel and flint , as well as my horsemanship, are legend throughout Europe, but I bow to your superior theurgic prowess. I am a mere zelator to your exalted rank. The house of Malygris is indeed a blessed one. I only hope that your faith in me is matched by my own performance on the day of reckoning. My assistant, the fair V******a, is concerned yet, fearing foul treachery on the day. Aye, 'tis true that I have littered the sward with fallen ruffians aplenty in days of of yore, but even I, a specimen of of unprecedented virility, grow older in sinew and limb with each passing day. Dark intimations cloud my dreams. But, Pish! Enough of such unmanly thoughts. The day of judgement draws nigh.

My sword is yours,

Posted by: lecomte on July 2, 2004 01:53 PM


Good to meet you as well, Dr. Therdonis Malygn’s,. Sir (I thought I should add ‘Sir’ to that!)

I have become well and truly caught up in this duel. I could hardly refuse when LeComte asked me to be his second; especially when Manchester has publicly challenged me to three duels in the past and ‘chickened out’ of all but one of them. This was in 1973, but by a sequence of carefully contrived actions, Manchester managed to create a situation where I just couldn’t show up - “People are literally out to lynch me”, as I was quoted saying in one national newspaper. Not everybody saw this newspaper report, however (wherein I also called off the duel), and subsequently thousands of people (including reporters and radio and television crews) turned up to witness this non-existent event. Manchester just loved the occasion, to get himself free publicity at my expense and apparently put on a great show for them. He went up there with a small handful of people dressed in white robes (Manchester didn’t strip naked on this occasion!) and handed out white flowers, pieces of bread and bits of fishes. And proceeded to conduct a full scale ‘exorcism’ in public which he said at the time would ... “Rid David Farrant of his evil powers”! (Exclamation mark mine, ‘cause Manchester was deadly serious).

Well, I somehow don’t think it quite worked. Although something certainly happened during this ritual, and my own guess is that Manchester’s dabbling with occult forces somehow ‘tapped in’ to some extremely malevolent ones which rebounded back and took possession of him. This would certainly explain his maniacal behaviour towards others and myself over the years (should have put myself first there!) and go a long way in explaining Manchester’s obsessive mental state.

However, on to more serious things. I posted the Ancient Ram Inn piece up because I thought it might make a slight change from the Highgate ‘vampire’ case. (Having said that, they are really all unexplained phenomena, aren’t they?) I suppose I also just wanted to remind people that the so-called Highgate vampire is not the only case which we have investigated.

Nice to meet you again, Dr.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 2, 2004 06:22 PM

Dear Mr Farrant,

Good to meet you too and an honour to communicate with one whose work i have long admired. Well from your account of the cassocked villein's bizarre antics one can't help wondering whether he is not himself a focus of darker forces, of cacodemonic powers unwittingly attracted as you say by his foolish dabblings in the Occult Arts. Certainly one way in which demonic entities can infiltrate or even 'possess' a suceptible individual is by working on their tendency to self-delusion and inflaming the ego with grandiose fantasies, leading them deeper and deeper into hallucinated states of self-deception and obsession. And of course demonic powers can then exert that influence to draw others into the insidious web of malefic energies. I do think that our cassocked subject is a decidly interesting example of just such occult pathology.

Accordingly i shall be performing ancient magical ceremonies on the day of combat to aid our valiant Comte de Milano in approaching this scoundrelly mitred imposter and withstanding his malign aura with impunity to strike the blow for the forces of good over iniquity.
In my view the cassocked one reminds one more of the Canon Copely-Syle than any authentic figure of sanctity. Evidently our battle is against the 'powers, principalities and dominions of darkness' with this foul rogue in a cope.

I read the detailed report of your vigil at the ancient Ram Inn you posted with greatest interest and the implication that human sacrifices in former centuries lay behind the strange phenomena there especially intrigued me...what were the exact nature of those symbols carven on the fireplaces which you speculated were set there to ward away 'evil spirits'?

My Best Regards to your good self and LeComte,

Thine in the Mysteries
Dr Theo. Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 2, 2004 08:14 PM

Dear Dr. Malygns

Thank you for your reply.

There are several aspects that I did not include in The Ancient Ram Inn investigation from my notes at the time, simply because, I was not sure about some of these, and I wanted to keep this article as precise and accurate as possible.

It was true that we discovered certain signs around the place, for example, (many of these which seemed to have Cabalistic connotations) but I left these ‘discoveries’ out of my article, simply because I did not want to complicate it.

It is always difficult to tell, of course, which particular symbols were being used (or more precisely, what these were meant to represent); but in the case of the Ram, perhaps more evident things could have been relevant.

We found, for example, many objects that had been ‘hidden’ in alcoves in old stone chimney stacks; among these, an ancient horse-shoe and the fossilised carcass of a raven or crow that had obviously been placed there deliberately. Accompanying these, were small stones with distinct symbols inscribed upon them.

There were other things too, which I deliberately left out when writing up the case; simply because, we could not precisely understand these; or rather, the original context under which these were meant to be understood..

If you have studied these things, I am sure you will know what I mean.



Posted by: David Farrant on July 2, 2004 10:13 PM

David hello,

very interesting details of what appear to be the signs of ancient magical practises at the Ram Inn - the internment of a mummified raven is rather similar to the internment of a cat within some old buildings or even the internment of a black dog at the north side of a churchyard to act as a 'Church Grim', a spectral guardian-watcher over the dead. The point of these archaic rites being twofold (1) to offer a sacrifice or propitiation-offering (2) to establish a magical guardian-spirit over a place. The raven is the bird of Saturn as in the alchemical symbolism of the 'Ravens Head' (Caput Corvus), the traditional bird of death.

The horseshoes are an old and well-known defense against black magical influences across rural Britain.

As for the Kabbalistic signs to ward off evil spirits i'm reminded of the words of Broadwood and Maitland in their 1893 study that in Dorsetshire : 'the pentacle or pentagram is inscribed on the threshold to keep away the evil one'. Of course traditionally the hearth or fireplace or chimney is a place where defensive symbols of magic are placed, for instance the 'witch posts' of Yorkshire which have a defensive function. Likewise in Shropshire magical patterns are inscribed at the hearth to 'stop the Devil coming down the chimney'.

In any case from what you say there seems to have been a clear need felt at the Ram Inn in past centuries to tackle a very strong psychic force which was obviously though to be malign and the bones and daggers do suggest a sacrificial rite of darker magic which left a powerful 'imprint' on the astral atmosphere.

Best Regards
I remain,
Thine in the Mysteries
Dr. Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 2, 2004 10:59 PM

David hello,

very interesting details of what appear to be the signs of ancient magical practises at the Ram Inn - the internment of a mummified raven is rather similar to the internment of a cat within some old buildings or even the internment of a black dog at the north side of a churchyard to act as a 'Church Grim', a spectral guardian-watcher over the dead. The point of these archaic rites being twofold (1) to offer a sacrifice or propitiation-offering (2) to establish a magical guardian-spirit over a place. The raven is the bird of Saturn as in the alchemical symbolism of the 'Ravens Head' (Caput Corvus), the traditional bird of death.

The horseshoes are an old and well-known defense against black magical influences across rural Britain.

As for the Kabbalistic signs to ward off evil spirits i'm reminded of the words of Broadwood and Maitland in their 1893 study that in Dorsetshire : 'the pentacle or pentagram is inscribed on the threshold to keep away the evil one'. Of course traditionally the hearth or fireplace or chimney is a place where defensive symbols of magic are placed, for instance the 'witch posts' of Yorkshire which have a defensive function. Likewise in Shropshire magical patterns are inscribed at the hearth to 'stop the Devil coming down the chimney'.

In any case from what you say there seems to have been a clear need felt at the Ram Inn in past centuries to tackle a very strong psychic force which was obviously though to be malign and the bones and daggers do suggest a sacrificial rite of darker magic which left a powerful 'imprint' on the astral atmosphere.

Best Regards
I remain,
Thine in the Mysteries
Dr. Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 2, 2004 11:01 PM

Hi Dr Malygris

Welcome to the group, I thought your posts weryenlightening. As for ye duel--well, if I was to put money on it I would say it will never take place.After all can you imagine his nibs the bishop either in his fancy dress bishop costume or his skintight breeches of his previous identity,lord manchester, actually
fighting!!!Surely that is beneath the dignity of a bishop (Quote unquote ).
to continue

Posted by: barbara green on July 3, 2004 08:13 AM

David--when you come up to the wilds of the uncivilized north!!! I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to turn your expertise in all things spooky, to the goings on at the Three Nuns INN. Ties up with Robin hood stuff, but in many ways the Three Nuns is very similar to Ye old Ram Inn. Now I know you have other things on your mind and I would be the last to interfere with the course of true love, but I am sure Catherine will not mind sparing you a little in the cause of psychic investigattion !

Posted by: barbara green on July 3, 2004 08:18 AM

Hello Barbara,
Mayhap the noxious rapscallion will again don the skin-tight riding breeches,boots and sideburns of yore. I fear it will avail him but little when our doughty LeComte takes the field rapier in hand or readied for bare-knuckled pugilism. A dashed sound drubbing awaits the low villein and he will simply have to take it like a man.
My only apprehension, Madame is that expressed by the redoubtable Count himself on the concerned counsel of his lady friend, the mysterious but Junoesque Madame V. - that a knot of low-browed roughnecks or vicious ale-sodden oafs may be hired for a few paltry shillings from some filthy tavern to circumvent the heroic combat. Such a tactic would be as contemptible as it is dishonourable. On that score i hope leComte and his trusty second, Mr Farrant, take due precautions and remain wary. Beware, sirs, beware! Forewarned is forearmed!

I remain, Madame, yours
In the Mysteries
Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 3, 2004 09:34 AM

Hi barbara,
Yes I would mind a little, but I'm sure that we can catch up on that sort of thing after the investigation at The Three Nuns and indeed Robin Hood's Grave. I'm sure that David would love it up there. Very spooky and atmospheric.

Do not worry Doctor Malygris, if anything happens to Mr Farrant, a certain bishop will have me to deal with. And I can assure you he and his second will pay to high heaven. I am no coward when it comes to protecting the people I care about.


Posted by: catherinefearnley on July 3, 2004 12:01 PM

So has the bishop replied yet--it will soon be july18!!!The date of the duel,forsooth.He is not usually so backward in coming forward, indeed, he has been posturing and postulating on the scarlet moon in his usual humbugging style--though he pretended it wasn't him!. Don't worry Catherine, i was only joking, but we can't let the opportunity to find out whats going on be lost!
tata,dear doctor and friends

Posted by: barbara green on July 3, 2004 12:16 PM

The concensus suggests that a gaggle of surly neanderthals may well be dredged from some unwholesome den of iniquity to belabour myself and my apprehensive second with cudgels. A few 'paltry shillings' is probably too high a fee to expect from the parsimonious one. More likely some industrial strength cider will buy their services.As for the good Doctor's intent to use magick to protect us, I must add that myself and the enchanting colonial, Madame V, will embark on a series of tantric rites for that self-same purpse. Madame is well-versed in the rituals of Sekinnah and her boudoir is stocked with viands, wines, restoratives and other essentials to aid our endeavours in the rites of Venus. Ah!, well then, to business................

Posted by: LeComte on July 3, 2004 12:35 PM

The concensus suggests that a gaggle of surly neanderthals may well be dredged from some unwholesome den of iniquity to belabour myself and my apprehensive second with cudgels. A few 'paltry shillings' is probably too high a fee to expect from the parsimonious one. More likely some industrial strength cider will buy their services.As for the good Doctor's intent to use magick to protect us, I must add that myself and the enchanting colonial, Madame V, will embark on a series of tantric rites for that self-same purpse. Madame is well-versed in the rituals of Sekinnah and her boudoir is stocked with viands, wines, restoratives and other essentials to aid our endeavours in the rites of Venus. Ah!, well then, to business................

Posted by: LeComte on July 3, 2004 12:36 PM

good evening lecomte, good to hear that you have not deserted us. well the latest news is that manchester has got my email account shut down yet again at ntlworld. but no worries. he will get his just deserts in a couple of weeks time, will he not. as it happens i have plenty of spare email addresses that i can use so manchester forewarned is forarmed, the next message board you start up on and you will get the exact same treatment as before, until you finally get the message that david is the better man, then you will ever be.

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 3, 2004 01:14 PM

oh and manchester don't forget that its your 60th birthday soon, we may or may not have a surprise for you but why should i say on here one way or another. happy birthday old guy. your way past your sell by date.

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 3, 2004 01:16 PM

Bravo LeComte! I trust you will emerge fortified from this Chymical Wedding within the roseate pavilion of Venus, mystically empowered by the sublime Shakti to conquer the monstrous ab-human evil that even now masquerades in mouldering clerical garb.
For myself i must betake myself to my glass-vaulted observatory-laboratorium in the highest tower of my ancestral schloss here in the deeply forested uplands of Styria to make my sidereal calculations with astrolable and pore over some crumbling folios of Hermetick lore perchance to determine a powerful ritual for the coming day of destiny and doom. Our cause is a just one...

best wishes to all
Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 3, 2004 01:28 PM

Alas, doctor, I have staggered from my union with V, mystically fortified it is true, but physically depleted by the ophidian motions of V's slender hips. As you know, Sir, such theurgic devotions can be tiring and V is an enthusiastic devotee of the Netzach rite. I must perforce issue from these chambers to quaff an invigorating ale or two in the 'Choked Chicken', a tavern of excellent reputation. They do a stalwart roast goose with pease pudding. I confess that such sojourns in the streets of London fill me with vague apprehension. I would not be surprised if assassins have been deployed by the excremental one in hope of sparing him what must be an ordeal of suspense. Long may such frissons and mental agonies continue to assail him. You mention your bijou apartments in Styria. Would you perchance be on terms with a neighbouring doxie by the name of Carmilla by any chance? If so, please give her my warmest regards.
Your frater in Lux Mysterium,
Dispari le onde giorni penne castratum,
Lecomte de Milano.

Posted by: LeComte on July 3, 2004 02:37 PM

Take good care, esteemed Count: even as you walk the shadowed byways of London the vile dog in his unholy perfidy may have hired slinking footpads and insidious agents to trace your movements, not to mention low wretches and ne'er-do-wells paid with a brimming flagon or two of 'White Lightning'in some loathly dive. I fear that with the porcine one the hallowed codes of manly decency count for little.
I tend to divide my year between my hereditary schloss here in Styria, some half a score miles from the ruins of Karnstein and but a stone's throw from my neighbour General Spielsdorf, and my holiday residence in the secluded wilds of the English countryside the better to pursue my reclusive researches into the arcane arts...

I remain, Sir,
Thy Frater in the Archmagisterium
Doctor Th. Malygris

Grand Master of the Supreme Council of Eight, Hermopolitan Rite of High Cryptic Masonry.
Sovereign Knight-Companion of the Sacred Amethyst,
Sublime Prince-Initiate of the Solomonic Sanctuary, Fratres Lux Arcanorum, etc. etc. etc....

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 3, 2004 03:41 PM

The bournemouth conspircy
I have heard it from a little bird that all the oaps in Bournmouth--of which his nibs will soon be one--have been recruited to cheer him along, and that he will be there at the agreed place at 7 am on the morn of sunday july the 18th the feast of the blessed tea cosy. Please be there le comte with your weapon at the ready!!I shall be saying a special ritual from the book of spooky spells i have in my possession

Posted by: barbara green on July 3, 2004 03:54 PM

Take care also, good doctor. Even a remote schloss may be no defence from a coward's blade or the throttling hands of some Buckfast-fuelled hireling. Alas, I despair that your kind words may have imperilled you. The grudge roll of the loathed one is extensive, but such is the scope of his cankerous hate that there is always room for another name on that foul parchment. There are many unschooled and callous bravos ever ready to do another's will for a handful of tarnished coins or a bottle of inferior vintage. Alas, this is the world in which gentlemen, and ladies, such as ourselves must contest our devotion to the betterment of all. May the fiery aethers bathe thee in thy protecting rays. My thoughts and those of my pert companion and, I am sure, those of my second in waiting and his fellowship are with you at this dangerous hour. Perhaps a liberal application of spode's universal unguent and a clutch of entropy blossoms may secure your walls from unwelcome visitations. Again Sir, I pray thee, exercise the gravest caution.
Your's in admiration,
avatar of the singing flame, adeptus culinari, neophyte of the silver phial, comrade of the shattered helix, Knight of the ember glade, preceptorof the village green preservation society, adept of the Klarkashton memorial clique etc...etc...etc..
p.s. banter aside, I'll wager a purse or two that the shameless scoundrel will soon engineer an act of perfidy to guarantee that his day of humiliation can be avoided.

Posted by: lecomte on July 3, 2004 04:39 PM

My thanks too, to Ms Green for her unfaltering support during this trial. Tears of unashamed gratitude wash my undeserving orbs at her kindness for one she has not even met. This good, good, good woman has even offered a token for me to wear in combat.Alas, madame, I must decline the honour as I wll be wearing a scanty frivolity of the beauteous V. du Lac's as a token on the fateful day. By way of recompense, may I offer her the ripped cassock of the bloated buffoon as a trophy, since the much-coveted tea cosy is already spoken for. And how, pray, is my stout second? Are you well, David? Can your fingers feel the warp and weave of that cosy now? Patience, man. It is already yours.

Posted by: lecomte on July 3, 2004 05:06 PM


THE SECOND TIME I visited the Ancient Ram Inn, was not with Ross Gage this time but with members of the Black Country Paranormal Society from Wolverhamption. This visit in fact took place one Saturday night in early November, 2002. I'd obviously been in contact with John Humphries previously and arranged it, and I traveled down there with Dave Milner - independent coordinator for BPOS investigations and activities - by train.
The original intention was to hire a car so we could take more equipment with us and for reasons of convenience. But, due to some difficulty at the car hire place in the West End, we were unable to hire one - something to do with having to pay for an extra day as we could not return it on a Sunday. Whatever, this additional price was astronomical for what amounted to a day’s non-useage, so we decided to take a train. Accordingly, we met the other BCPS members at Wotton-under-Edge arriving about 5 p.m. These included Wayne Pickerell, Founder Member of the BCPS, his wife Heidi, Anne and her husband Jeff, and Wayne's brother Mark and his girlfriend, Vicky. In fact, they gone in two cars down there, which they needed having quite a lot of investigative equipment. We'd arranged to meet at the church and they'd already arrived by the time Dave Milner and myself got there. The church was chosen because they were reluctant to introduce themselves to John Humphries without my being there; simply because I had already met him and arriving in a complete group made them feel more at ease. We arrived at the Ram around 6 p.m.
Another vigil like the first one took place but this time we obviously had more equipment with us which, obviously, took longer time to set up. But again, we all went out and had a meal first, arriving back at the Inn around 11 O'clock in the evening.
Wayne Pickerell set up highly sophisticated night-video equipment in the Bishop's Room. We sealed the door but we had a monitor outside so we could sit and watch for any signs of any potential in there. In turn, this was videoed on long -play tape, so should anything unusual or untoward have happened, it would have been recorded.

The other room adjacent to the Bishop's Room, the one which was also reputedly quite haunted, was also similarly wired up; only in this case, to an audio cassette recorder that might potentially ‘capture‘ any unusual sounds. Again, the door was sealed; mainly to prevent any extraneous sounds affecting the microphone, but also to prevent any member of the group accidentally walking in there. (It should be remembered that we were, by choice, working under very dim light; apart from which, BCPS members were working in unfamiliar territory.) Obviously, one person had to keep a permanent eye on the monitor (we agree to take this in hourly shifts as it was quite a laborious task) and this also applied to the audio tape to make sure it kept running smoothly. While this was going on, the rest of us thoroughly explored the place, in particular looking for any distinct changes in temperature or other signs, such as any changes in dust patterns that might have betrayed the movement of objects.

I do remember that before this particular vigil I had sustained a foot injury, so I was unwilling - if not unable - to go up into the attic. It had been difficult enough to get up the partially broken staircase that led to the Bishop's Room, let alone to attempt to climb the hazardous almost vertical steps that led to the attic. Two of the others, however, went up into the attic and spent a vigil there in the dark. One of these, Wayne's brother, Mark, was later to claim that he'd heard some strange inexplicable sounds up there. I do know that after hearing these he took a couple of random photographs up there in the direction of the strange noises. Now, I believe, although I haven't actually yet seen the picture myself, that when it was later developed, there were some strange light formation appearing on it.

I should add that before all this took place, that is before all this equipment was set up and we'd sealed the two rooms, we took quite a few pictures in the Bishop's room and elsewhere with our own cameras. Dave Milner had a digital camera and he took some pictures of the whole group before the vigil started. He took some outside the Inn and we all took pictures of the "sacrificial grave" which had still not been covered up by this time, and the old fireplace which supposedly had a secret passage leading to the church. I remember that Dave Milner took a picture of myself alone in the Bishop's Room before the vigil proper had begun, mainly for the purposes of a souvenir. When some of these photographs were later developed, they showed what appeared to be distinct spheres of light which were moving around. They were only still photographs, but some were taken in quick succession and you could see these distinct although indiscernible transparent balls of light, had moved position; although they were moving across the frame in front of the people, but they weren't actually visible to anybody being photographed. But they certainly came out on film.

We should perhaps remember that John Humpheries had first mentioned these ‘orbs of light’ when I’d first visited the Ram with Ross Gage and Dave Holland in 1998, but I’d learned in the meantime that these ‘orbs’ that Dave Milner had caught on film had also been photographed by other independent people visiting the Inn using totally unrelated cameras. As a matter of interest John Humphries later sent me some of these photographs which are still in my possession taken on another occasion by another psychical research group from the North of England whose address I have on file, and they too showed identical orbs of light to the ones that had come out on our photographs. They were obviously not taken in exactly the same place, but the point being here is that these were taken by a group completely unknown to us, at a different time and with completely different cameras.

In fact, the photograph Dave Milner took of myself in the Bishop's Room showed three or four orbs of light; and again, these hadn't actually been visible to myself at the time when the picture was taken, but they came out on the film. It would seem that while the existence of these "orbs of light" can not 'proved' irrefutably, it can be reasonably stated that there may be some sort of unknown energy operative the effects of which can be ‘captured’ on film.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 3, 2004 05:17 PM


Just thought you all may like to read the last two bits on the Ram Inn (Part 1 above) to get away - albeit if only temporarily - from the dreaded duel!

I am inclined to agree with LeComte that TP Cosy will find a way to ‘get out of it’. Believe me, I speak from past experience having had the unfortunate pleasure to have known the man for some 36 years. I say with this respect (even to him!) but he is the ultimate coward, firing his malicious insults and innuendoes at people whilst hiding behind aliases (many of them women’s) and then trying to deny it is not really himself really making them in the first place!

Catch him out on any point (which really isn’t difficult) and you get a message to the effect of . . . “This matter has been referred to the bishop, but he feels that it is really ‘beneath his dignity’ to lower himself to reply”.

Really? Well it is not ‘beneath the ‘bishop’s dignity” to make his vile allegations in the first place. What truly amazes me, is how he really can’t see that everybody realises that it is him!

Over to you, anybody.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 3, 2004 05:43 PM

Hrumph! I for one will be dismayed if the flatulent ecclesiastic manages to evade his manly duty in this instance and denies LeComte and Mr Farrant satisfaction in the matter. Can he be so spineless as to elude the hour of destiny?...will he really hide behind a smokescreen of cowardice, persiflage and humbuggery?


Dr. Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 3, 2004 06:00 PM

Hi David,

Interesting article again on the case of the Ancient Ram Inn and your vigil there - the description of spectral 'orbs of light' especially interests me, very much reminiscent of the old 'Corpse Candles' of folkloric accounts seen floating in haunted places and this tradition of spirits appearing as spheres of spectral light is really deeply ingrained in tales of 'Death Lights', 'Spook Lights' - (even in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' remember the scene at the beginning where Jonathan Harker's coach is stopped in the forest and the mysterious coachman marks the spot where mysterious blue flame-like lights are hovering - places denoting buried treasure apparently) Ghosts, guardian spirits and even vampires can appear as a supernatural luminescence and then there is the long-attested lore of 'faery-lights'and Teine-Sidhe ( faery fires) in Celtic regions, bearing in mind that Irish folk-mythology indentofoes the faeries as being synonymous with the souls of the dead, discarnate spirits...also Gypsy tradition says that the dead (Mullos - ghosts) can appear as 'Dood-Lights'(Dead-Lights). Slavic traditions say that vampires and witches appear as groups of seven or nine hovering lights or glowing spheres called 'Strigele' - 'little witches'and in Bulgaria we also find the notion that a village afflicted during an epidemic of the Ubour (vampires) will be subject to hovering or dancing sparks of light after dark.
Of course one should look at this at a deeper level than the literal surface but i am just indicating that the phenomenon at the Ancient Ram Inn chime with rather old established accounts of spiritual energy and otherwordly energies manifesting as spectral lights and this is interesting...

Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 3, 2004 06:20 PM


Dear D. Marygris,

Thank you for your continued interest in the Ram Inn and our experiences there. There are one or two points I feel I might mention in this respect; but first, on reflection, I thought it might be best to post up the final part of the second investigation, in the event you may wish to add any further observations.

In fact, I will do this within the next half hour or so and, hopefully, you can add any further points which I would try and answer or explain.

The last part might be a little more difficult to explain as this just mainly formed a series of impressions which could not really be ‘proved’ either one way or the other.

But I can only reiterate events as I found them to be.

So, hope for your response soon,


Posted by: David Farrant on July 3, 2004 09:08 PM


A good part of the night was spent monitoring the Bishop's room and the adjacent room hoping to pick up any, shall we say, supernatural occurrences. Actually, the original idea was for Dave Milner to sleep in the Bishop's Room, and he could be monitored, whether he actually managed to sleep or not, lying on the bed. He was a bit reluctant at first, but he agreed to do it but only on the understanding that we all went downstairs first to have some tea from flasks and get warm by the calour gas fire John Humphries had left on for us. In other words, for everybody to take a short break away from the gloom and despairing atmosphere that seemed to permeate the upstairs of the building. The idea was that, after this short respite in the investigation, Dave Milner could act as a firsthand witness to any unusual psychic activity in the Bishop's Room in the event of any unusual occurrences as - and as seemed to have proved the case going by its past history - the Ram’s ghosts seemed to become more active in the presence of human witnesses.

Anyway, it seemed a more plausible alternative as opposed to rather just continuing to monitoring the room empty. And if it was the case that psychic energy might be in some way be activated by some "living presence" in the room - in this case Dave Milner - if anything happened it could be recorded on film and produce some sort of evidence of psychic activity.

After having discussed the matter downstairs for an hour or so and comparing notes in the still relatively depressing atmosphere that seemed to envelop the entire Inn after dark, I remained downstairs with Dave Milner, trying to grab as much available heat as possible, whilst Wayne went upstairs with the others to check the equipment and make sure it was ready for the next stage of the vigil. He said he would send somebody down to get us once the preparations were complete. Although Dave was set to get into the bed, I would be watching the monitor and checking around with the others. About twenty minutes after this, there seemed to be a slight commotion, movements of the others moving around upstairs which seemed at variance with a previous "organised silence".

I went upstairs to find out what was happening, only to find Wayne packing up the equipment. He said he was sorry but they had to leave; not because of any "psychic anomalies" in the Inn itself, but because Heidi was feeling really unwell, an escalation of a condition that she'd had for over a week or more. I could tell this was no idle excuse. I had come to know Heidi quite well and realised she was not one who would easily give in to any effects of physical sickness, unless its results were real enough and she only longed the comfort of her own home and the warmth of her own bed. You could tell by looking at her that she looked drained by the temporary "bug" that had attached itself to her; indeed, even at dinner earlier before that vigil had even commenced, she looked slightly pale and had not been her normal talkative self. Wayne with his typical concern for other people, and notwithstanding that he was a dedicated psychic investigator himself who had frequently endured far more potent places than the Ancient Ram Inn, just wanted to take her back to Wolverhamption as quickly as possible, and had no wish to aggravate her condition by making her endure yet more hours in the cold, damp environment of the Inn.

So, after loading up the equipment, Wayne and the rest of his group left in their two cars at approximately a quarter to four that morning leaving Dave Milner and myself tired, but relatively comfortable, downstairs. Dave covered himself with blankets on a tattered settee and fell into a light sleep, probably relived no longer to be expected to try and sleep in the cold Bishop's Room upstairs. I curled up on another sofa; cold and "sleepless" but hugging the warmth of the small calour gas fire.

Lying there in the dim light, my eyes absorbing the numerous strange objects and ornaments that cluttered the room, I suddenly became aware that something seemed "different". I didn't know what it was; only that there was just something 'different' in the room.

I had been idly watching an old grandfather-clock; not so much consciously, but because it commanded my line of vision on the wall opposite and it had almost an hypnotic effect in the undisturbed stillness. An orange glow reflected from the light of the gas fire, which by itself, seemed to reflect unreal images in a semi-real environment. You could see the light move across the yellowed glass; strange images, I thought, yet consoled by the fact the cause was only a gas container. It would have been easy to let imagination to wander in the confines of the Inn; but it was more an hypnotic effect, like fleeting illusions that seemed to be trying to defy reality.

Ironically, I was wide awake, but my attention was somehow drawn to the clock for no apparent reason.

I lay watching the minutes on the clock, casually "ticking these off" as it gradually approached daylight, when it suddenly dawned on me that what had taken five minutes on the clock, seemed to have taken more like half an hour. Its difficult to describe it more precisely than that. I never wore a watch, and Dave Milner was asleep, so I didn't want to compare time by waking him up. But what was strange was, this went on for the next five minutes, and then the next five; it seemed to be an eternity. Eventually, what should have been about an hour or so, had only registered on the clock as about five minutes.

Then, all of a sudden, my attention was distracted by something else and I looked at another area in the room (as it was this turned out to be irrelevant; I had heard a ‘scratching noise’ but I assumed this to be a genuine rat or something) but when I looked back at the clock, I realised that something was ‘different’. The clock had actually stopped ticking. Before, its monotonous ticking sound had been almost a part of the background but now, after I had been distracted by the noise of the ‘rat‘, there was just an overbearing silence. I lay staring at the clock-face and could swear its hands were still moving forward. But this almost ‘hypnotic’ focusing’ caused me to fall into a ‘half-sleep’, and when I awoke fully it was light and I realised the clock had started ticking again. Dave Milner eventually woke up and I learned the exact time and, much to my surprise, the actual time registered on the clock was dead right. I was convinced these mysterious ‘time lapses’ - or perhaps more accurately ‘time-delays’ - had not been my imagination. Like most people, I was perfectly capable of being able to discern normal time spans; at least, be aware of the difference between lengthy periods and those accompanying only a minute or two. But another careful look at the clock confirmed that it hadn't lost any time whatsoever.

We remained till the morning, and again, being a Sunday, there were no buses. But John Humphries called us a taxi and, once again, I watched the Ram Inn merge back into its virtual hiding place on the hill; an encapsled shrine in the bleak countryside that seemed to be in no hurry to give away its innermost secrets ...


Posted by: David Farrant on July 3, 2004 09:22 PM

Hello David,
Again a very intriguing and detailed report on your impression during the Ancient Ram Inn vigil and i think this certainly emphasizes the strange shifts in perception which are possible at certain locations, places reputed to be haunted, where the 'veil between the worlds' grows thin.These places can certanly bring about alterations in consciousness. Some places, if you will forgive the William Hope Hodgson allusion, exist mysteriously upon the Borderland between the worlds and the Ancient Ram Inn seems to be just such a place from your comprehensive report...
In this instance one can't help wondering whether the charged astral atmosphere, the dim light and flickering reflections in the clock-face gazed at in a certain way actually acted as an indavertent technique of 'scrying' and may have actually induced a type of clairvoyant trance or psychic lucidity with sensations of 'time-slippage' and such. It seems to me to be a highly unusual interaction between the haunted ambience of the place and the perceptions of those who spent the night there.
As for the 'scratching' one really wonders what that was and why it seemed to be so intimately connected with the alteration in the atmosphere and the unearthly sense of 'presence' which you mention...
Thanks for posting this account of a decidedly strange experience or encounter with other spheres of being, remote from our everyday existence...

Best Regards

Thine in the Electrick Pentacle
Dr Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 4, 2004 07:52 AM

Doctor M, to further extend your Hodgson allusion, it would seem that a certain flabby and fungous swine-thing has strayed from such climes as exist beyond that 'borderland.......

Posted by: lecomte on July 4, 2004 08:08 AM

Indeed, esteemed LeComte R, Were one to gaze upon that flabby countenance one might even recall those lines from Hope Hodgson's Carnacki yarn 'The Hog': " I shall never see a pig's eye again without feeling something of what i felt then. A pig's eye with a sort of vile understanding shining at the back of it..."

I remain, Sirs
Thine in the Electrick Pentacle
Dr Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 4, 2004 08:34 AM

So, good Doctor, you share my contention that the jackanapes which postures and capers in ecclesiastical garb may be of an unearthly origin. Zounds, man!!! Can such things be? Can mere fists prevail against such a strayer from Sheol? Madame V sobs brokenly at the very thought of it. This would however explain much. His ability to squeeze through coal-holes and the like. Can it be that our 'man' is not subject to the constraints of natural laws? I fear sir, I fear for the very world.
Still, LeComte has never shrank from his duty.
Man or porcine demon,LeComte will smite this fiend regardless. If he is fated to fall, another must take his place. The innocent child, trees, animals, ladies, all must be protected from this outrage, this ungodly intrusion.......
I remain Yrs, Sir,
pork-butcher of the riven helix,

Posted by: LeComte on July 4, 2004 08:56 AM

Pork-scratchings anyone?

Posted by: Mme V.du Lac on July 4, 2004 09:13 AM

I feel it is my duty to intercede. Our society has long investigated such reports. There is every possibility that something has strayed from a twilit grotto beyond our ken, a place where a daemon swine-herd drives his fungous flabby charges. Perhaps one of these obscenities has fled hither through the veils that seperate our worlds. Our case-files bulge with such evidence. My advice to LeComte and his associates is to stand aside and let our society investigate further.
Atticus Sylvester Shoat,
President, the Society for Irrefutable Evidence of Were-Hogs.

Posted by: Atticus.S.Shoat on July 4, 2004 09:48 AM

Putting aside deadly duels, cloven-footed clerics and swine-things for a second...

In response to David's posting re. the Ancient Ram Inn i have been doing some reading up in the wake of David's detailed vigil report and was interested to see that there are reports of a 'large black cat like creature' haunting that building, described as an evil incubus by some - again the links with Witchcraft of a darker strain strikes one here, the Black Cat as a typical shapeshifting form of a Warlock or Witch...perhaps there is some connection with local Cotswold lore of Black Magic especially in the light of the rumours or evidence of sacrificial bones and daggers exhumed at the Inn...just a few thoughts and musings anyway,

Thine in the Electrick Pentacle
Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 4, 2004 11:17 AM


I TODAY RECEIVED A CALL from a national newspaper who had apparently seen news about the duel on this site. Basically, he wanted to know if it was for real, and if it was; where it is to take place. He also wanted to know if LeComte (and he wanted to know who he really was as well) had any conscience about confronting an ‘aging bishop’ and had he thought if he (LeComte) had considered the consequences if he inadvertently caused him (the ‘bishop’) to have a heart attack!

I was forced to explain that we had not been given the exact location, and even if we had been, I would not be able tp give it as the other party did not want the press there as witnesses. I further explained that as LeComte was no ‘spring chicken’ himself, the contest would be moreorless equal in that respect.

I was then asked a load more questions about Manchester, and this reporter was put adequately straight; although I gave no further clues as to the location (notwithstanding that I know Manchester’s private address.

He then asked if I knew how Manchester could be contacted, to which I replied that his e-mail address was advertised on the Internet and he could possibly find him that way, although I said it would be unlikely that Manchester would reply under his real name and write under one of his aliases very probably ‘Katrina’, ‘Dennis Crawford’ or ‘Michael Thane’.

I wished him the best of luck, but warned him that only recently I’d seen an announcement from one of Manchester’s ‘vampire cronies’ that the ‘bishop’ charged a minium of £300 for an interview fee.

The guy said that he could not see this being that much of a problem. I said that this seemed like a lot of money to me just to listen to some yarn about how Manchester had staked an imaginary ‘giant spider’! He asked me what I meant; so naturally I explained a little more to him.

Other than that, it seemed he was pretty well informed. For one thing, he had somehow got my private number.

Watch out, LeComte!


Posted by: David Farrant on July 4, 2004 05:16 PM

I kno who that bishopis. but who'se the comte guy and why are they fighting each other? whats going on. is it over a women? or do they hate themselfs each for another reasin. i kno that the bishop hates pagans. heb is not very keen on them. is the comte a pagan witch or something, id like to kno this things. i follow jesus mysef. hes the light of the world.

Posted by: ottoman on July 4, 2004 05:41 PM

Your questions are as valid as they are idiosyncratically put, Ottoman [or should I call you Dennis?]. He[b] IS very 'down' on pagans. LeComte however, although more liberal on the matter, follows another course entirely. A reverence for nature is in his character, but Wicca and the like hold no great fascination for him. Enough has been said in previous posts to indicate, to those with eyes to see, which discipline he follows. The duel is not over a woman, despite the inherent appal of that scenario. LeComte is, first and foremost, a romantic, a KAPSOURI as a Greek brother has described him. Rather it is over an accusation by his opponent that LeComte IS a woman. Not just any woman,but the bishop's own bugbear, a tenacious young American freelance journalist. This accusation has been levelled at several other innocent parties, male and female, scattered throughout thev U.K. These wild shots in the dark aside, HE has yet to admit that the woman known as V has an autonomous existence and she is now in close contact with LeComte. If the reason for this duel has to do with anything other than a matter of honour, then let it be for her.


p.s. V has a growing body of information at her fingertips and lives in hope of Blowing the lid off of things' in the near future.

Posted by: LeComte on July 4, 2004 06:10 PM

Good evening, my good LeComte,Mr Farrant and all, ah so i see those fellows from the London Mercury and other such broadsheets have picked up on the impending contest eh! Heh! Time for a fine Hoyo cigar and snifter of Armagnac all round methinks...

Thine in the Grand Arcanum
Doctor Th. Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 4, 2004 06:27 PM

Greetings Doctor, Armagnac is it? Alas, Si Fan activity in fog-shrouded Limehouse demands our strictest attention this night. Mme V is an apt pupil and, if this night goes in our favour, we may partake of celebratory schnapps and babycham later. The 'Mercury' may yet have other news to report in the morning, the Elohim willing. For tonight, at least, the witless caperings of the prattling prelate are of even less importance than ever. There will be time enough to 'bring home the bacon' two short weeks hence. Goodnight all.

P.S. Mr Farrant, won't the press scare our man off ?

Posted by: LeComte on July 4, 2004 07:01 PM

Beware the Zayat Kiss and the Fungi Cellars of the Devil Doctor, esteemed LeComte, the enemy has a thousand insidious stratagems and ruthless Dacoit agents may be abroad, it may even be that the mitred menace himself has allies lurking within the swirling yellow fogs of Limehouse...

Beneath the Green Eyes of Bast
Doctor Th. Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 4, 2004 07:18 PM


Good evening, LeComte, Dr. Marygris and “Ottomam”.

Thank you for your observations about the Ancient Ram Inn, Doctor. I will come back to these tomorrow as I really have had a confined day having to do other things. (It seems as fast as I put one letter down, I find I have another one to answer. But these are really the hard ones, having to go by ‘land mail’)

Really, regarding your queries about LeComte, Ottoman, I do not wish to speak ‘over his head’, but LeComte is perhaps too modest to mention that only a couple of years ago, Manchester issued a mass of public accusations about him and, not only posted these on the Internet, but posted these out personally to all and sundry.

There was not one iota of truth in these (LeCompte was a ‘Satanist involved in a world-wide conspiracy against him under the orchestration of ‘King Satanist, David Farrant, etc.) but Manchester put these out as ‘fact’ whilst carefully hiding behind carefully selected aliases - or, if he didn’t use actual names, just signed these “The Cross and the Stake” or the “Vampire Research Society”.

He (Manchester) continues along this vein to this day. In actual fact, he is too much of a coward to sign his name to his own malicious postings (whether by the Internet or by ordinary mail). Is it really any wonder that anybody should take offence at these most cowardly tactics?

At least I sign my postings in my own name, and am thus accountable for what I say. Manchester, on the other hand, will not do this as he realises that HE would then be personally accountable for the false allegations he makes against others, which is the very last thing he wants to do. (With good reason!)


Posted by: David Farrant on July 4, 2004 07:21 PM

I can just see the headlines

Bishop of Glastonbury in duel at dawn with Sicilian Count !

Reports are coming in of a duel at dawn that is to take place on the morning of July 18th at a secret location between a vampire hunting bishop and a mysterious Sicilian nobleman.

I think a did a media report a bit further up this thread.Will it be in the news of the world?Not to mention the Sunday Sport and National Enquirer !

Posted by: barbara green on July 5, 2004 01:45 AM

How much do you know of Sean's past in the sixties; and his first marriage?

Posted by: Robert on July 5, 2004 10:34 AM

I hear from a reliable friend that Lady V has been trying to contact David again about her 'vampire information' from the late 1960's.

David seems reluctanct to talk about it but why can't you just leave him alone. Getting official information is one thing. Pestering David about personal matters is quite something else.

If you keep pestering David, then you will gain more then you bargained for.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 5, 2004 04:48 PM

THE RAM INN (and a little bit on “Bishop Bonkers”)

Just to confirm what you said, Doctor; John Humphries indeed said that a phantom cat had been seen in the Inn on several occasions.

He was also quite adamant that he had had experiences there with a succubus on several occasions. I’ll have to check through the transcripts on the tapes we made while we interviewed him, but I’m sure he related the case of some woman who had spent the night in The Bishop’s Room and swore that some ‘man’ had woken her up by ‘getting into bed with her. I’ll have to check back and see if he named her and gave the time and date, etc.

You may understand, how ‘delicate’ it can be sometimes investigating cases of Incubus and Succubus activity when sometimes - well often - these is a sexual element involved. I always allow to tell me about that if they want to, but never ask about that or suggest it if it is not mentioned for fear of causing any embarrassment.

In more general terms, I think the sexual element provides an important clue in these alleged nightly visitations. Sexual energy permeates all of us as well as Nature; and it could be a vital ingredient in understanding how these unknown (psychic) forces operate in relation to often dormant levels of consciousness. Sexual energy is a part of the essential Life Force within us all; indeed, it were not for it, life as we know would simply not exist. However, I leave that here as it is not the sort of thing that can be aired or discussed in public.

Well, only 13 more days to go to the duel! Did Lady V tell you she phoned me last week LeComte? Talk about ‘hell hath no fury . . . ! Ought to just let her loose on boffinack (an old nickname he acquired in the early seventies); wouldn’t need your superior expertise then, Count!


PS I know A LOT, Robert! But I do not really feel that it would be right to air this in public further than I have already been forced to do.

To briefly explain: Manchester has posted up a barrage of malicious and untrue material wherein he makes personal allegations about my last two marriages and/or personal relationships that I have had. So much is fact. Yet I do not somehow feel that it would be right to revert to Manchester’s debase level and do the same thing; notwithstanding that the facts I possess are true, whilst Manchester’s ‘facts’ are based on falsity and deception.

Two wrongs can never make a right, can they? Although in Manchester’s case, he has become so ‘married’ to his own invented falsities, that I fear he is past redemption! DF

Posted by: David Farrant on July 5, 2004 05:15 PM

Evenin' all. Just before a certain someone starts barking at me about 'Robert's' previous post, let me just say that it wasn't me, guv. If I do have some teensy-weensy criticism to make about 'is nibs. I wll put my name to it. This is another 'Robert' entirely. Maybe someone is trying to stir that big cauldron of shit again.There's been so much hiding behind aliases that knowing who is who is getting to be quite problematic. I've been following this board for a while but never really felt like posting. Hats off to Scott and Ellen for allowing it to run. Some fun stuff happening, I especially love Malygris and 'lecomte', those guys know their stuff. And' good old' Veronica is back again. Looks like she's set her sights on a certain swashbuckling gay blade this time. Hope he's got the stamina for it. The Farrant/fearnly/Medway/Green quartet are as amusing as ever. A swell party, but there's a vital guest missing. The phantom teapot-cosy himself. What horrors can such a prolonged silence bode?

Posted by: rob m on July 5, 2004 05:44 PM

Maybe this wasn't the right place to stir the past; I just wasn't sure how long David has known Mr Manchester. There are many skeletons in the closet that I have unrouted that I believe nobody is aware off. This includes a marriage to a lady and children...

Posted by: Robert on July 6, 2004 03:36 AM

Hi Robert--you could try reading Stray Wits--ooops I mean Stray Ghosts by the bishop, his authobiography but it does miss out some minor points like his marriage and children etc.......

Posted by: barbara green on July 6, 2004 04:23 AM

I have seen the five small extracts online of Stray Ghosts which only tells a few nice bits; nothing about his first marriage and children who probably know nothing about him. Is there more available to read? So he has recently moved to Bouremouth; anyone know exactly where?

Posted by: Robert on July 6, 2004 07:28 AM

Hi Robert--couldn't get my first reply posted up for soem reason! His nibs lives in a bungalow in Bournmouth but don't believe in giving out peoples addresses on the Internet without their permission! Stray Ghosts is a bit mills and boonish,I read it all when he had posted it all posted up--very entertaining!


Posted by: barbara green on July 6, 2004 07:48 AM

How many children are you aware that the Bishop has? I assume his current wife knows nothing of his previous marriage and two boys. And how are so many aware of his address when he keeps it a closs gaurded secret? And I wonder why he withdrew a lot of Stray Ghosts of the internet?

Posted by: Robert on July 6, 2004 02:06 PM

I really don't know and don't care to any of the bishops past life--or his present life, except when he has one of his " does " about myself a d my life when he has to stand corrected
I imagine he withdrew Stray ghosts because the feedback he was getting was not taking it with the dignity required
I would keep out of the situation if I was you

Posted by: barbara green on July 6, 2004 02:39 PM

Much as Manchester doesn't deserve it. I agree with you Barbara about not publishing his address. Its ironical, however, that Manchester does this himself with everybody else's address under different aliases.

If anyone is entitled to publish his address it is myself. After all he's invaded my privacy often enough by writing to my parents with unsolicitored material and sending them copies of personal emails that I sent him in the past and also photocopies of malicious falsehoods and allegations about David. He's also posted such utter nonesense about us both on the internet and elsewhere, that if it wasn't so serious it would be funny.

David, however has asked me not to publish his address as to do so would bring us both down to his level of stupidity. And obviously I respect David's wishes. However, should anyone wish for further details about anything please email us at cathanddavid@hotmail.com

However I will not discuss mine and David's personal relationship with anyone this is and shall remain strictly private.

Catherine Fearnley

(PS David, Talk to you later xxx)

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 6, 2004 03:35 PM


If you are aware about the facts of Mr. Manchester’s first marriage, Robert, I presume that you will also know that when Manchester obtained a divorce from his first wife (that should really be the other way around) one Jacqueline Cooper was named on the divorce Certificate as one with whom Manchester had committed adultery. (Well, who really cares, but we should remember that adultery was taken a little more seriously in those days.)

The interesting thing here is, of course, that Manchester published numerous photographs of Jacqueline Cooper at the time but he named her as “Lusia” - the victim of the ‘King Vampire’ at Highgate - and failed to mention that she (Jacqueline) and ‘Lusia’ (whom Manchester claims to have ‘executed’ after she ‘attacked’ him in the form of a ‘giant spider’ in a lonely graveyard one night), were really one and the same person!

But please do share any information you may have Robert.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 6, 2004 06:02 PM

Someone is playing games here.. trying to force someone's hand. Could be messy. Nought to do with the original 'Robert'.Anyone else notice that the initials PSM are an abbreviated anagram of pre-menstrual syndrome? Just a thought.

Posted by: rob milne on July 6, 2004 06:54 PM


Robert, there are so many things I could disclose about Manchester’s murky past. But I have always restricted myself thus far by only releasing any relevant facts when I am forced to i.e. when Manchester releases deliberately untrue propaganda about myself (which he invariably does by hiding behind aliases).

I could accordingly make public numerous facts about Manchester (many of which can be backed-up by secret tape recordings I made of him); but, then again, I am somewhat restricted by what I said in an earlier post; i.e. to do so would in effect be reducing myself to Manchester’s own petty and vindictive level.

But I KNOW most of the pertinent facts; certainly, the truth about alleged facts which Manchester, himself, has chosen to make public about himself. I say little more, but did you know, for example, that ‘Lusia’ is not really ‘dead’ as Manchester claims, but is alive and well and ‘sick of the whole sordid business’?

There is much more, I assure you. But I should not really say this in public.

If Manchester had the fundamental courage to confront myself in public face to face, then I could answer any of his potential allegations - if, that is, he made these in his real name and did not continue trying to hide behind aliases.

But it is unlikely that he ever will. If there is one thing Manchester seems to hate more than anything, it is the cold direct truth. He can only evade this (as he sees it) by hiding behind a mass of assumed aliases.

But please still don’t go away Robert!


Posted by: David Farrant on July 6, 2004 07:03 PM

Hi, Rob. Its been a fairly long time! No. I realised ‘Robert’ was not really yourself, or I would not have answered in the way I did. Still awaiting his reply. But, in the meantime, (and if you’ve been following all this), please contact me again. Phone number is still the same.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 6, 2004 07:13 PM

Doctor Malygris, are you well, good Sir? Your silence vexes me. Have you succumbed to the lascar's kris, the dacoit's darts, the thugee's silk or the devil-doctor's fungi ? Forgive my maternal overtures, but we live in dangerous times. As a precaution I will summon the winged pleasantries to succour your schloss.

Your brother in the shimmering vestibule of Elysium,

Posted by: LeComte on July 6, 2004 07:47 PM

Ah fear not my good Count, an outbreak of lycanthropes around the Karnstein region temporarily demanded my attentions.
But i am present Sir, with steeled nerves, bristling moustache and lantern-jaw firm set to manfully face the ordeals that impend.
No Dacoit dart has felled me, nor Lama sorcery beguiled me as yet...

In the Sign of the White Peacock
Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 6, 2004 08:32 PM

Ah fear not my good Count, an outbreak of lycanthropes around the Karnstein region temporarily demanded my attentions.
But i am present Sir, with steeled nerves, bristling moustache and lantern-jaw firm set to manfully face the ordeals that impend.
No Dacoit dart has felled me, nor Lama sorcery beguiled me as yet...

In the Sign of the White Peacock
Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 6, 2004 08:32 PM

Ah fear not my good Count, an outbreak of lycanthropes around the Karnstein region temporarily demanded my attentions.
But i am present Sir, with steeled nerves, bristling moustache and lantern-jaw firm set to manfully face the ordeals that impend.
No Dacoit dart has felled me, nor Lama sorcery beguiled me as yet...

In the Sign of the White Peacock
Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 6, 2004 08:32 PM

forgive the inadvertent triplication...sorry about that

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 6, 2004 08:37 PM

I have been doing some research on some past events and have been looking at Monsieur Manchester. There look to be so many lies told through the ages from this well known individual. I wasn't sure how many were aware, and even cared, for his background. But I find it quite sad that a person who has enjoyed being in the public eye has so many 'skeletons in the closet'. He does not like to admit that he has was originally Patrick Sean, that he was married to a Miss Ryan on Aprils Fools Day back in the sixties, that by the same woman he had two sons, that he was divorced shortly after because of his infidelity with the women you forementioned. I wondered how much of this past life young Sarah M actually knows? And as a family man myself wondered how you could walk away from your own blood so easily. Not a great record and example for a Bishop really...

And about this OAP duel; is it REALLY going to happen within the trees of the New Forrest?

Posted by: Robert on July 6, 2004 11:42 PM

And another quick question. How is the Bishop able to get email addresses wiped out? Some of mine just suddenly like magic disappear... Very spooky.

Posted by: Robert on July 6, 2004 11:54 PM

The Quest for the Nourishing Broth

Hi Guys---I shall be there on the day with the nourishing broth which is sure to revive both of the contestants from their oap gladatorial combat!

are the conditions death of exhaustion, or someone falling over their zimmer or losing their hearing aid

a well wisher

Posted by: barbara green on July 7, 2004 01:24 PM

Good evening esteemed LeComte, Monsieur Farrant, Madame Green and all,

The crepuscular twilight gathers about the lead-paned casements of the schloss, a forest-mist draws in and the bat flies low...yours truly, Trithemian Professor of Occult Sciences at the University of Karnstein, takes pause to lean against the great medieval fireplace, fill his trusty briar with perique and muse amid the coiling wreaths of blue smoke upon the revelations disclosed by Mr Farrant above... This is scandalous, a devilry to gladden the Archfiend himself and his cassocked servants the Canons Docre and Copely-Syle. One can only wonder in indignation at such disclosures...

Thine, Sirs (and Ladies),
In the Electrick Pentacle
Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 7, 2004 02:22 PM

Salutations Venerable Doctor, Monsieur Farrant, Madames Green and Fearnley et al. The sound of a distant washerwoman's sentimental ditty heralds approaching night as I loll on my chaise longue and contemplate the glass of absinthe before me. My opium pipe awaits my later attention. Despite the brooding clouds which threaten more rain, all is well. Such moments are to be cherished, for a mere eleven days remain until the great hypocrite meets his destiny. Whatever the outcome, no matter how many lowly scum he has gathered to do his dirty work, his end is nigh. Revelations about his wayward past matter not a fig to me. A dog will be a dog regardless of what collar it wears. I will not stoop to such tactics, that is HIS province. Suffice to say that I am more concerned with recent calumnies which he has spouted with insane gusto and damn the consequences for his innocent victims. These ravings, his sneaking attacks, his tormented bile, these are the reasons why his cassocked bulk shall litter the greensward two Sundays hence. Ah, my manservant, the inscrutable Wong, is filling the pipe. Perhaps among the ensuing visions I may find the strategies I seek. Goodnight, esteemed colleagues..
in the opiate vapours of forgotten Cathay,
yr man-at-arms,

Posted by: LeComte on July 7, 2004 05:08 PM


You’ll have to wait LeComte and Dr. Malygris,

Far be it from me to talk, Robert. I have had my marriages and other ‘broken relationships’ in the past but at least I’m not so hypercritical as to deny these ever existed if, or when. I am questioned about these. More than often, I will just tell people to ‘mind their own business’, but I never lie about them; usually just refuse to discuss these.

I guess this is just a normal human reaction and I’m not condemning anybody (or myself!) for this.

But for a ‘bishop’ to publicly accuse people of adultery being a sin, when he, himself was found guilty of such an act, really makes the ‘mind boggle’ - especially, when such a person is not even a bone fide bishop!

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait, you other two protagonists of the duel. I have been up since 7. 30 - and that is really early for me!

Till tomorrow,


Posted by: David Farrant on July 7, 2004 07:08 PM

I read in earlier words that the man that will be meeting his end in this duel is actually a Grandad. Is this true and would it be fair to end the life of a man who guides his Grandchildren ahem....

Posted by: Robert on July 8, 2004 12:59 AM

I read in earlier words that the man that will be meeting his end in this duel is actually a Grandad. Is this true and would it be fair to end the life of a man who guides his Grandchildren ahem....

Posted by: Robert on July 8, 2004 01:00 AM

On 4.3.1992 Otley artists and psychic and robin hood enthusiast wrote to a senior churchman about the situation."Our patron SEAN Manchester"(he since resigned) "seems to have fallen by the wayside and has ceased to support as as he should.Unforunately his worst weakness is vanity and the devil has, through this Achilles heel, succeeded in diverting Lord Mancheter from his original mission of helping us....."

Posted by: barbara green on July 8, 2004 03:29 AM


He says he spent an all night vigil at Robin Hoods grave but we doubt he is telling the truth.He has become a bishop of the Celtic Catholic Church and has become so wrapped up in himself ove this that he ahs forgotten the original objective."
Evelyn Friends letter to a senior church man regarding the robin hoods grave mystery.

Posted by: barbara green on July 8, 2004 03:32 AM

Hi, David, Rob, Robert and Barbara,
Hope that you are all keeping well. Have you seen Messages To The Moon lately, another website forum which we've all been posting on, it is getting interesting of late, but I won't spoil your fun by posting the relevant details on here well not without David's say so anyway as it does involve a certain situation which may or may not be happening.

Robert, I'll email you privately later this evening. But thank you for getting in touch again, its nice to hear from you.

Well must go folks as I've got the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society Newsletter to start organizing into some semblence, there is a lot to put in this time.

Catherine Fearnley

Talk to you tonight David xx

Posted by: catherinefearnley on July 8, 2004 09:06 AM



STRAY GHOSTS -by- Mr. Sean Manchester
An exclusive review by David Farrant

Sean Manchester's long awaited biography by "Katrina GarforthBles" (KGB for short!) has finally been released on the Internet; at least, not in the form in which it was originally advertised but an autobiographical account of Mr. Manchester's life ... by Mr. Manchester himself! It would seem nothing short of a belated miracle that Sean Manchester has finally decided to sign his own name to his oft sensationalistic writings; maybe he decided that his "Katrina alias" was wearing a bit thin and that if people knew that it was really himself anyway writing about himself from a safe distance, he might just as well come forward and be counted for a change - especially, as it would have stretched the imagination a little too far to believe an otherwise named third party could be aware of private details and intimate feelings that otherwise had to be put forward to give any credence to his private life.

However, I digress. Maybe we should just be "thankful" that the persistently advertised book has finally appeared - all twenty two chapters of it - although it only graced Mr. Manchester's webpage "English Gothic" in its original form for only three or four weeks. (For collectors of Mr. Manchester's often sordid material, this would seem a shame; although more discerning people would have obviously downloaded the whole caboodle - pictures included - just the same!)

The book begins with Manchester's childhood and we are graced with early photographs of our hero; not least, three of these showing Manchester dressed in baby shorts; in one, cuddling what can only be described as a kind of "Sooty-like" cum "Rupert Bear" type teddy bear. (Well, he can not really be criticised for this, I suppose, as he does not pretend to have been more than four or five at the time.)

In fact, Manchester devotes much space to this early period of his life but perhaps, as expected, offers his early upbringing in Nottingham, and subsequent visits to Newstead Abbey, as "proof" that he had links - nay, was directly descended by blood - to the legendary Lord Byron. Anybody wanting to test such proof, though, would be wantonly disappointed. It is so nebulous, as to be farcical. Although, of course, Manchester would argue the latter to be irrelevant as, after all, we do have his word for it!

Eventually leaving his extreme youth, descriptions of various schools included (although by its exclusion, he contradicts a persistent past claim that he went to Harrow), Manchester moves on to his later teenage years and describes - some might say most unadvisably - his leanings towards far right politics; including meetings he had with the late ------ Mosley. He admits to attending major rallies at which Mosley and far Right supporters were present, although attempts to "water this down" by stating that he was only there in his capacity as a professional photographer!

But it is a weak defence, as Manchester can barely contain an obvious admiration he had for the far Right movement and certain people connected to the same. (For example, Manchester shamelessly admits that after leaving school, he shared a cluttered flat with "Geheart", the son of a high-ranking Nazi officer, and was aware of Geheart's active participation with the far Right in London and his love for "all things Hitlerarian")

It must be said, that the subsequent section of Manchester's text, could only be termed laborious and boring - were it not overally funny!

Manchester describes his early interest in Jazz, and goes on to submit everybody to elaborate descriptions of small gigs he played at during the latter part of the sixties. A photograph used to illustrate one of these shows Manchester struggling with a large saxaphone (I suppose one mercy we are spared is that we are spared the actual sound) accompanied by two other people. He gives the impression that this took place in an exclusive West End club; but the somewhat more mundane truth is that, like the one portrayed in this photograph, most of Manchester's "musical gigs" took place in small pubs in North London!

He moves on to describe his employment at Finchley Swimming Pool in North London and maintains (with posed snapshots to "prove" it) that he was "in charge" of staff there. In fact, the Manager was a Jewish gentleman named Heinz, and Manchester completely neglects to mention that he was sacked from here in late 1977 following his exposure in a large Sunday newspaper for his involvement with Nazism!

In fact, the newspaper (The Sunday People) did not mince its words and published a lead full page photograph of Manchester dressed up in full Nazi uniform with accompanying captions describing him (Manchester) as a "faker", a "hoaxer" and a "liar". (Sunday People, October 7th 1977).

But if Manchester was less than truthful about his employment at the swimming pool, he was even more reserved about his previous employment. He had worked as a milkman in Holloway for the best part of two years; but he chooses not to even mention this in the book.

Various "love affairs" are also described around this period. But remarkably, although supposed purporting to be a true autobiography, Manchester also neglects to mention that at this period - or shortly before this period - he got married. Like his first wife, his two children, might just have well been "non-existent" - at least, their existence is conveniently ignored for Manchester's version of his autobiography.

The book concludes with an almost sickening account of Manchester's ordinations into Holy Orders. He informs all and sundry that he became a legitimate "bishop" in the Old Catholic Church; although again, conveniently neglects to mention, that the official Old Catholic Church based in Holland, totally deny any knowledge of him. (Perhaps the latter is not so surprising considering that Manchester's only "credentials" here are two mass produced Certificates that he purchased in North London in the late 1980's/early 1990's for the sake of "Tax purposes"!)

He concludes with an account of how he met and married his second wife, Sarah Jane Crook, and of how she also became involved in Mr. Manchester's "Old Catholic Church". There are numerous posed photographs to illustrate this; Sarah looking for all the world as though she is trying to give some validity to some staged fancy dress party!

But there is one amusing part in the climax of the book ... Manchester describes their honeymoon in a top level hotel. Manchester takes a shower, and eventually they both end up in bed but choose to watch the hotel television before snuggling up for the night.

Both are surprised to see the unexpected film that comes on ... The Brides of Dracula! Whether they watched it or not, is not made clear. But Manchester does state that the film's appearance was so unexpected that they both burst out laughing!

Nothing wrong with that perhaps. But to conclude his book so frivolously by introducing a second-rate Hammer Horror movie at such an "essential time", would seem to reflect on the part of its author, an essential ingredient - nay obsession - that underlies the main purpose of his pointed writings.

It is not clarified in the text ... but I'm sure they watched the film in its entirety!

© David Farrant

Posted by: David Farrant on July 8, 2004 10:09 AM


Thank you for your e-mail to Catherine tonight, Robert. This sort of thing can not really be discussed in public but Catherine will be sending you a private e-mail tomorrow. I was intrigued by what you said but that’s all the more important that such information remains confidential.

One point you raised, however, re the duel: The “bishop” may well be a grandfather but this surely doesn’t mean that Lecomte necessarily is!? He may be ‘getting on’ a little but I wouldn’t necessarily say he is an OAP yet. I am not saying that he might not have little ‘LeComte’ descendants scattered all over the world; I understand he was a very ‘vigorous’ man when he was much, much younger!


Posted by: David Farrant on July 8, 2004 07:21 PM

Farrant, you unspeakable reprobate! I offer to win that coveted cosy for you, and you reward me by implying that I have seeded the female population like some callous rake. You ungrateful cur. :-] My youth was less' vigorous' than some I could mention. LeComte is above taking pleasure in the siring of bastards. He is a man of great moral rectitude.As to 'getting on a little', LeComte is the peter pan of chivalry. I've a good mind to replace you with V as my second. On a more serious note I see that a certain 'Lovelock' has threatened you with GBH on Messages to the Moon. Hardly appropriate behaviour for the second in a duel. Lovelock is obviously some hired knuckle-scrapeing dolt, bought for a couple of ales in some wretched dive where imbeciles brawl and quaff themselves into oafish stupor. My God, the indignities we have to suffer in the name of justice.
Yrs in disbelief,

ps. my NAILS are growing at an alarming rate.

p.p.s Greetings to the esteemed and most formidably lantern-jawed Doctor M. I'll warrant you don't get this disrespect from your social inferiors in Styria, not without delivering an admonitory thrashing to the thankless curs anyway.

Posted by: LeComte on July 8, 2004 07:54 PM


LeComte, Please do accept my most humble apologies. I was not really ‘erring’, after all, as I did not disclose your actual age, did I ?!

“Jack” is obviously only an extension of Manchester himself; or if genuine, then just some brainless imbecile that M has either falsely influenced or recruited - or both. I have been referred to the postings on “Messages to the Moon” but have not read any of the text posted by Manchester . . . there is no real need to, it is only a repetition of his 30-year-lies and it can be answered by just reference to the titles. I have not actually read this, but have been told that apparently ‘Jack’ has now called off the duel. Can you verify anything here?

I apoligise again, LeComte, if I have in any way offended your honour.

Only please keep me as your second. I fear Lady ‘V’ could to more damage to all of us put together!

Yours in utmost humility,

David (Farrant)

Posted by: David Farrant on July 8, 2004 09:24 PM

Salutations, most esteemed LeComte, my good Monsieur Farrant and Mesdames Green and Fearnley,

Forgive my distracted air, depradations of leathern-winged cacodaemons raised by a knot of nigromancers at Carlsbad necessitated a hair-raising night-journey, my coachman lashing the black stallions as we sped through the forested countryside...

As for the 'Canon' and his foulness, his ludicrous poses and self-publicity, humourless and sentimental self-adulation and hideously inept parody of sanctity, well it rather puts me in mind of a pithy sentence from the great 17th century alchemist Michael Sendivogius:

"The vainglorious desire for fame I leave to those who are content to seem what they, in reality, are not."

But then, gentlemen, i have a particularly low opinion of the whole phenomenon of Episcopi Vagantes anyway, that proliferating seedy subworld of irregular and worthless ordinations bestowed upon each other by posturing paederasts, shabby theosophical ne'er-do-wells, nauseous nonentities and shady crooks of various types - it seems to me to characterise all that is pathetic and unhealthy in modern occultism, the phoney desire to conceal the sorry absence of any true knowledge and power behind grandiose titles and badly made robes.

I would also take great exception to the 'Canon's absurd attempts to paint himself as in any way the equal of Montague Summers - whatever one thinks of Summers points of view it is clear that the Slinking One's leaden and amateurish effusions could not hold a candle to Monty Summers' arcane literary panache, genuine erudition, richly-wrought archaism and familiarity with the primary sources of medieval Demonology in Latin and other languages. The Slinking Canon is an arrant joke beside Summers and I for one find it disquieting that he impudently attempts to make himself out to be a 'successor' or equal of that scholarly author.

Finally the claim to 'Radical Traditionalism' which the Slinking One asserts must also be questioned and found decidedly wanting - it does not take a deep familiarity with the Traditionalist thought of Rene Guenon and Julius Evola let alone the sublime theology of Pseudo-Dionysius or the Meister Eckhart to realise that the brand of 'Christian' religiosity that the Slinking One advances has nothing in common with the great streams of Catholic Christian mysticism of the High Middle Ages at all - instead it seems to evince the sickening stench of late 80's evangelical-fundamentalist hysteria mingled with a noxious New Age 'grail' mythos...a repulsive mixture by any aesthetic and spiritual standard.

But mayhap I have fulminated overlong gentlemen: I raise an opalescent glass brimming with La Fee Vertee, expertly 'louched'and sugared by my manservant Heinryk, to the ferocious gallantry of our redoubtable LeComte!! To Valour in arms and rightful Victory!

I remain thine, Sirs,
In the Fraternal bond of the Electrick Pentacle

Doctor Th. Malygris

Trithemian Professor of Occult Sciences
University of Karnstein

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 9, 2004 11:37 AM

Good evening Doctor. Pray excuse the brevity of this missive, but I have an assignation with the ophidian-hipped V this eve. Your comments on the foul pretender are succint beyond measure. My one criticism would be your hesitancy in applying full censure. I can only salute the compassion which stays your tongue. I too have an absinthe in my hand, prepared to draconian instructions by faithful Wong, my mute servitor from distant Leng.
I raise my glass to such an obvious gentleman as you are.
Yrs in the flamingo pavillions of Netzach,

Posted by: LeComte on July 9, 2004 01:16 PM


On the ‘Messages to the Moon’- a site apparently dedicated to vampires and would-be vampires - a certain Bishop Sean Manchester (signing himself ‘Vampire Research Society’) has been severely criticising an article that appeared about himself in the Sunday People in 1977. The main contention of the newspaper was that a picture of a man in Nazi uniform, described as the Commander of the League of Imperial Fascists (who were supposedly threatening to march through a predominantly Jewish district of north London), was actually Mr Sean Manchester.
The Vampire Research Society state that Manchester was obliged to talk to the Sunday People journalist, in order to prevent him harassing his father, who had a serious heart condition from which he later died. One must commend his action, as indeed his father was so psychically and physically disturbed by the incident that he only lived for another twenty-three years.
Also quoted is a statement by John Pope, who denied that he had told the paper that the Commander resembled Manchester. Since Pope (now John Pope de Locksley) is dyslexic, he cannot possibly have written the statement to which Manchester alleges he put his name. In any case, what Pope de Locksley told me was that he knew for a fact that the Commander was Manchester, as he was present when the picture was taken, at the house of photographer Anthony Arthur Hill, 34 Coldfall Avenue, Finchley, north London. One might also mention that there still exists a tape recording of Manchester talking to David Farrant about this incident in 1981. When Farrant asked Manchester why he had not sued the Sunday People for libel, he replied that that was “a risky business”, and that “he had too much to lose”. But, he said, if he did, he would win any such case, as looking at the picture of the Commander, “no-one could possibly tell that it was me”.
Gareth J. Medway

Posted by: David Farrant on July 9, 2004 06:07 PM

Japanese Interest In The British Psychic and Occult Society

Would you believe that the Japanese, genius as they are at hi-fi technology, would get around to an interest in old english legends and hauntings, in England and wanted to debate these with a view to finding some scientific - or honorable - explanation.

To this end we are both being interrogated - (or perhaps more accurately, 'negotiated with') by a leading television/film production company in Tokyo. They are interested in many subject matter of english folklore, and the researches of British Psychic and Occult Society. And perhaps not surprisingly are intrigued - or rather highly sceptical - about the possible existence of werewolves and vampires.

Well, the bottom line is they've seen us on the internet (even in Japan would you believe !?) and are trying to get David and myself to talk about these issues on Japanese TV.

This may only be a 'half-announcenment', because nothing has been finalised as yet. But we will keep you posted ...

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on July 10, 2004 08:12 AM

This is just to let regular readers know that Manchester in his infinate wisdom has closed my previous hotmail account,yet again. This is the third time in the space of a month that he has done this. But no worries I have just signed up again. My new account details are as follows cathanddavidfarrant@hotmail.com should anyone wish to discuss the previous issues related elsewhere on this thread.

Thanks Catherine.

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 10, 2004 08:28 AM

My Dear Doctor Malygris.CALAMITY! BASE TREACHERY! LeComte is
stricken, perhaps mortally. He retired to his chamber last night in anticipation of some amatory delights. I myself attended to my toilette in the en-suite bathroom and slipped into a diaphonous negligee. A dreadful scream from his chamber rent the night. On rushing to his side, I found LeComte in a deathly swoon, his smoking-jacket shredded around him and the room in shambles. The french windows swung open in the wind and I could hear the sound of madly galloping horses. Wong rushed into the garden and discharged his blunderbuss into the dark. There was nothing to be seen in the fitful light of the gibbous moon. We returned to LeComte who still lay as one dead. Smelling salts, unguents, massaged limbs, fearful sobs, all failed to revive him. Wong saddled a mare and galloped off for help. He returned with Dr Hesselus who bled LeComte and applied a cold compress to his waxen brow, before shaking his head in perplexity. LeComte still hovers on the border between this world and the next. He mumbles brokenly, raises his arms as though to repel unseen horrors, but will not awaken. Wong paces the room muttering barbarous cantrips in his native tongue to no avail. I fear that he may be lost to us, and on the eve of his greatest challenge. He has no obvious wound.
Doctor Malygris, forgive my directness, Sir. But my concern makes mock of etiquette. Is there aught that you can reccomend. I cannot bear to lose him. He is the noblest, kindest, most valorous man I know. To think that his leonine mane, his chiselled jaw, his Deppesque cheekbones, his eyes of volcanic cobalt, his dazzling smile, may be lost to us is more than I can stand. I implore you sir, can you not suggest a remedy to his affliction. Wong's anguished groans have not ceased all day. It would appear that someone does not want the duel to go ahead. And, even if he lives, LeComte's lack of strength may cost him the day. Sir, I throw my unworthy self at your mercy, in hope of salvation for my brave LeComte.
Your's in highest anxiety,
Mdme V Du Lac.
p.s. I know that only a man with your unique skills might save him.

Posted by: LeComte on July 10, 2004 12:46 PM

By Jupiter, Madame, what unhallowed perfidy, what hideous cabal of Gehenna lies behind this horrid event..LeComte so mysteriously unmanned and lying suspended in a catatonick death-trance?! What insidious devilry of the biretta'd hell-beast and his loathsome minions underlies this tragic turn of events? Why if i could lay my hands on the hide of that flabby mitred brute i would...*chokes*...but forgive me madame, the excess of my emotion causes me to wax intemperate. Our first priority is the Count. I will perform a series of grand thaumaturgic abjurations which, it is my hope, will dispel the demonic forces, raised by the vile Canon, which hold him in their taloned grip, i will pronounce the mystic formulae from the ancient papyri of Thebes of the Hundred Gates which will draw the soul of LeComte back from the spectral hinterlands between this world and the kingdom of the shades...let the cassocked monstrosity snarl and bare his yellowed teeth in demoniac hatred...By Gad, all is not lost yet, Madame: i must away to the highest chamber of the tower to pronounce the dread imprecations...time is of the essence in such cases.

Yrs in Haste
Thine in the Magnum Innominandum
Dr Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 10, 2004 03:18 PM

ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT (But better leave the word ‘attempt’ open for the moment!)

I am indeed concerned to learn that the Nobel Comte has bee ambushed by a gang of masked horseman, but I fear it was inevitable as the black-cassocked rouge would have no other way to save face.

However, we should not be too premature, LeComte is in the caring hands of Lady ‘V’ who also, has a score to settle with the devilish anti-Christ.

If I can be of any help, may I suggest you hold a bottle of brandy under LeComte’s nose. If that doesn’t revive him then, alas, I fear nothing else will.

Yours in hope,

David, My Lady.

Posted by: David Farrant on July 10, 2004 06:16 PM

Masked horsemen? White glove duels?
What century is this? :) I swear, watching you all talk is like a sopa opera. Like a 15th century soap opera.

(Let's see if I get a letter about this one too.)

Posted by: Ellen on July 10, 2004 07:37 PM

All is in the balance with the Count this night: he has alas fallen prey to the infernal machinations of that great sack of putrescent toad-droppings, the villainous one, and the ab-human filth who are his maniacal bulging-eyed devotees, sent forth under cover of darkness to do his hellish work. I must prepare for the night's vigil, pistols in hand...Heinryk, where are you man? bring absinthe and a cold chicken...there'll be no sleep in the schloss tonight...who knows what devilry may be afoot?

Yrs in Gravitas
Dr Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 10, 2004 08:28 PM

Shame about the dual, and I was so looking forward to roasting Manchester's middle section on a roasting spit. Oh well, another time, perhaps.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 11, 2004 11:42 AM

Well, things are hotting up; The count lies at death's-door on the eve of battle, the anguish of V and Wong, Doctor Malygris and his race to find a solution to the Count's 'illness'. If he does not recover, and, let's face it, his chances look very poor, will anyone take his place on the 18th? Maybe Mr Farrant could do the honours, there would certainly be poetic justice in that. I would gladly be his second if he is willing to pay my fare from London to the duel site. As for the barreta'd one's 'second', he has posted threats of violence to Mr Farrant on a sight called Messages to the Moon. This site really has got to be seen to be believed, as SM rants and raves in a meltdown frenzy of hate against anyone or anything in creation. His use of the nickname, Bullshit detector, is a matter of almost painfully funny irony. Knowing the man's lack of a sense of humour, the irony is probably lost on him.

Posted by: Rob Milne on July 11, 2004 11:44 AM

Perhaps I might offer a vial of nourishing broth to revive the stircken hero? I have just returned from "over the border"--will be no more specific, but as I was driving down a little country lane an unmistable odour assailed my nostrils!Forsooth--it was,Ihad stumbled on the brothmakers apprentice !!to continue

Posted by: barbara green on July 11, 2004 12:05 PM

anon I came upon the spot itself and peeping over the hedge espied the ancient hippy in his groovy pad,stirring the broth.Man, he was so spaced out on it I was able to sneak in and nick some --cor what a pong--, while he was saying "OM!Wow!Dibdibdib!" It looks and smells like old socks but no doubt it contains miraculous ingredients!I shall send it away forspecial analysis!

Posted by: barbara green on July 11, 2004 12:13 PM

Hi Barbara, welcome back. If I'd have smelt anything so gross I'd have passed out. I don't know about giving anyone any courage. More like it would make them 'run a mile' in the opposite direction.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 11, 2004 12:20 PM

Grave news! LeComte still hovers 'twixt Heaven andEarth. Wong tried to feed him some nourishing broth, but LeComte reamained in his catatonic stupor. To see that noble visage so pallid is more than this heart can bear. I fear that even the magicks of the illustrious Doctor Malygris cannot save him. While changing him from the tatters of his chinese silk smoking-jacket to a linen nightshirt, Wong noticed that LeComte has a single wound, and it is in his back. Whichever fell hand struck, it struck from behind.How can LeComte, if God wills that he shall live, be able to meet his foe now? I would do it myself, but my sex betrays me. Is there no man willing to step into the breach, to fight in his stead ? Or do we live in an age where gentlemen knights are a mere ideal? Join me in prayer for the recovery of Europe's champion, I implore all right-thinkers. It is all we can do.
Yrs in the toils of despair,
Madame V

Posted by: madame V on July 11, 2004 07:39 PM

Dash it! But a few days ago I would myself have volunteered for this duty with alacrity and no hesitation - but as i write i am aboard a ship sailing down the Bosphorus, the cry of the muezzin drifting across the glinting waters as we head deep into Ottoman territory, faithful Heinryk and myself cunningly disguised as robed and turbanned religious mendicants and headed for a sinister secret convocation of the Black Dervishes in the mountainous regions of Yezidistan, whose Djinn-conjuring machinations i believe are aimed at striking a deadly blow at the very heart of the British Empire. Furthermore i have intelligence which leads me to beleive that the Devil-Bishop is himself in league with these abhorrent plots against the Crown. So you see I am rather tied up with the battle on the oriental front - however i am keeping one glinting eye on the situation there in Old Blighty to monitor this very grave situation and rest assured that when the volunteer manfully steps into our stricken LeComte's shoes to do combat with the Biretta'd Beast they can rely on my thaumaturgic prowess to aid them in winning the day. This is no time for hesitation...England expects every man to do his duty. Step forth o Champion! Huzzah!!To arms and victory!!

Thine in Grave Concern
Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 12, 2004 01:06 PM

I read on that other website which Manchester has invaded recently (inundating it with fake messages under different names from his own computer), that the duel is off. As this was posted by one 'BS_detector' (Manchester's latest aliases), it is hard to tell whether Manchester intends people to know that he's called off the duel, but is afraid to say so himself. I don't know. Does anyone know anymore?

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 13, 2004 03:02 PM


David hello,

I was wondering whether you could answer a question i have: one picture which often intrigues me is that photo one sometimes sees of a magical altar in your flat in the 70's with candles flanking a large painting of a kind of daemonic visage surrounded by, i think, planets and stars. It is certainly a striking and unusual image. Who did this painting and what was it's esoteric significance in your magical work at that time?

Best Regards
the curious Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 14, 2004 08:15 AM


David hello,

I was wondering whether you could answer a question i have: one picture which often intrigues me is that photo one sometimes sees of a magical altar in your flat in the 70's with candles flanking a large painting of a kind of daemonic visage surrounded by, i think, planets and stars. It is certainly a striking and unusual image. Who did this painting and what was it's esoteric significance in your magical work at that time?

Best Regards
the curious Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 14, 2004 08:17 AM

Well on Messages To The Moon, Manchester aka as BS_detector is saying I made a mistake, well somehow I don't think so, as BS_detectors postings well from his second in command going under his name are still on the site mentioned.

So I presume that the Duel is OFF and LeComte and David have WON

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 14, 2004 10:13 AM

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT (David advised me not to post this, but I'm going to anyway!).

I thought that the world should know that tomorrow 15th July 2004, is a very important day. Mr Patrick Sean Manchester, "Grand Master" of the international brotherhood of magicians, "Direct descendant of Lord Byron", "Direct descendant of King Arthur","Chairman of The League of St George","'bishop' of the Holy Grail Church","'bishop' of Glastonbury" and a self-styled 'bishop' in the Old Catholic Church, etc etc... will be 60!

Not long to go now, Sean eh!?

Anyway, have a Happy Birthday in any event, you can't have too many left now!

Catherine Fearnley

PS We did try and buy you a new tea pot cosy, but we couldn't find one with a bobble on.

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on July 14, 2004 04:30 PM


Hello yourself, Doctor and I trust you had a good trip.

I am glad you asked that question. That portrait (of myself in front of an magical altar with a ‘devil-like’ creature in the background) first appeared on the front page of Hornsy Journal back in September 1973, and was later used in an American magazine who were doing an article on the Highgate Vampire (and myself). The portrait is very ‘sensational’; indeed it is supposed to represent the devil which is why these two publications liked it so much - after all, they were after the ‘black magic’, ‘Satanism’ and ‘vampire’ angle.

If I told you who actually decorated the wall thus, you’d probable have difficulty in believing me! But I can tell you in all honesty that the person who took this set of photographs was one Mr. Sean Manchester who also supplied one to the Hornsey Journal,

The photograph was not representative of any beliefs I held at the time - or indeed hold now. I was a VERY popular figure in those days, and was approached by many people who had an interest in the whole subject of the supernatural. I was asked to pose for all kinds of outrageous photographs to do with ‘witchcraft’ (at least, as this was wrongly viewed invariably by the press and the likes of Mr. Manchester), most of which requests I refused. But as a writer and lecturer on the whole subject, I did not find the whole general attitude towards witchcraft that outrageous; especially, as it was the ‘in-thing’ in the late sixties, and I was an ideal subject.

Mr. Manchester has since used his photograph on numerous occasions (including posting this up on the Internet) in a vain attempt to back up his erroneous claim that I am an ‘evil Satanist’! Ironically, perhaps, I do not even accept the existence of the ‘devil’; evil, as such, only exists in that it derives from projections in the human mind and does not exist as some external ‘outside power’ i.e. as Satan or the ‘devil’.

Mr. Manchester has never been quite able to understand this, and instead lives in a surreal world where ‘vampires’ and devils exist as an undying reality. Fine, if he wants to believe that. But other people do not chose to uphold his warped views, not least, myself.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 14, 2004 06:34 PM

Thanks for your response David! That is pretty interesting and i just wanted to get your 'take' on that particular picture from the early 70's. The pic does seem to sum up the sensationalist 'Satanic Rites of Dracula' kind of mystique of that particular period and your perspective on it is much appreciated.

Good Regards

Doctor Malygris

Posted by: Doctor Malygris on July 14, 2004 08:42 PM

This is just to let regular readers know that Messages To The Moon message board is now being investigated by Energis and also Disc Server. They have requested that none of us post up there after today and also David has asked me not to post up within the next week or so to see how the situation goes and then we can review it then. But no doubt the message board will be closed. I've given the Investigation team enough evidence.

Catherine Fearnley

Posted by: catherine fearnley on July 15, 2004 06:08 PM


I can’t really blame Catherine for reporting these other Websites (quoted above). After all, all she is doing is to ask Web Moderators to look into the false names being used. If they check these, they will surely find that just one individual - and one individual alone - is responsible for all of them. We all know his real name, so there is no real need to repeat this again.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 15, 2004 07:44 PM

Hi guys
Just a point I made on mmttm, over the hoo ha about the fortean times stuff and his nibs tv interview when he did fisticuffs with Kev Carlyin who he said was a wicked old witch or something to that effect. His nibs NEVER answers me on this, as to WHY did he publish his vision of princess of diana when she died in Kevs pagan magazine Beltane Fire mag and advertise the umsical tribute Death and Transfiguration in his mag?

Posted by: barbara green on July 16, 2004 05:01 AM

Due to popular demand we have deleted our old proboards and have created a new one with a different look and a new feel to the design. Different articles and threads have been added. I shall be adding new things day by day.

The link is to be found below, should anyone wish to join:


Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on July 16, 2004 08:27 AM


I UNDERSTAND that ‘couple’ of links appeared ‘mysteriously’ on this site earlier directly linking to replies made about the duel on another website.

I would not have minded, but the problem was, that all of these replies linked to were made by one person only invariably signing them “The Vampire Research Society”! Well, it does not take much imagination to guess who this person really is; or why he only put links restricted to his own anonymous replies. If he had had the courtesy to link up our own replies as well . . . well, that might have been different.

But this was not the case. And as usual, this person was trying to manipulate popular opinion by attempting to pretend that all his anonymous replies were genuine. It is little wonder, perhaps, why fewer and fewer people are inclined to take him seriously; especially in view of the fact that this person has previously been offered the opportunity to post up any replies here under his own name.

But he never will. He simply does not have the courage to do that!


Posted by: David Farrant on July 16, 2004 07:38 PM

Have a look at this



Posted by: barbara green on July 17, 2004 04:13 AM

sorry that should be


hope its right this time!

Posted by: barbara green on July 17, 2004 07:51 AM

Well, apparently they're both going to be on their way down to Bournemouth very soon. For the 'dreaded duel'. Who can tell what will happen? I told David, I wanted half the teapot cosy; but he really upset me, by saying that he wants to keep the whole thing himself. Well! Maybe I could persuade him later!

I'm really concerned now.

Concerned, everyone

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on July 17, 2004 06:47 PM

Its this morning isn't it? July 18th? In fact it could be taking place thsi very moment, or have finished as it is now past dawn--well its 6.50--I'm a very early riser as you know as I always take my dog out early on( he runs this house, along with the cats!!!)
Crikey--the excitement is too much to bear!

Posted by: barbara green on July 18, 2004 01:54 AM

well the shit has hit the fan on the ultra hardcore combat 18 neo-nazi message board for one sean manchester, bogus bishop and highly malicious indivual who posted outrageous criminal libels on there about catherine and her chums along with their personal detailsand how they were rabid anti-nazis who passed info to the ANaL
(anti nazi league)

see: www.drypool.net/cgi-bin/system.pl?id=isdgb

four postings at least on sunday 18th july 2004

(cummuppance time manchester!)

but i expect that catherine will tell you all about this

this was all clearly designed to place catherimes life in danger. the scumbag

some 'man of god'

the fraud squad are coming to see me re my investigations as a result of me phoning catherine to ask if the allegations were true

the malicious info definitely came from manchester as weh ave studied the email headers

fraud squad now coming to see me all the 'offerings' to the 'bishop' from idiots who believe him to be a genuine bishop

any one got any good dirt on manchester?

please email us in total confidence at admin at redwatch dot org




Posted by: NONCEWATCH on July 18, 2004 09:46 PM


you asked about my university crap band?

our favourite track written by ourselves was: 'duel at dawn' which seems relevant here for some reason

although by the time combat 18 have finished with the dodgy deacon ....

'duel at dawn' was a rather good (well we thought so) spacey garcia/floyd/airpline type number which lasted from an hour to 2 days - depending on how stoned we were, well it was the early 70's - love, peace and brown rice and tripping on glastonbury tor.

but no matter how spaced out we were, we never saw any 'bishops of glastonbury'

real or imagined

a few flying saucers and purple skys perhaps

but no bishops

my wife's mother was ordained C of E (real, not a fake) and robin worcester, the bishop of worcester often came to sunday lunch.

i had to explain to someone that his name was not really worcester. that is just what REAL bishops do. name themselves after their seats. so now you know.

the comrades really are NOT taking kindly to SM trying to manipulate them so crudely by abusing their board to deliberately and maliciously place cath and david in real physical danger.

spangles sweets used to do a flavour called 'old english'

i wonder if any connection to SM and the divine apolostical order of the blessed virgin of the latter day old english sheepdogs?



Posted by: NONCEWATCH on July 18, 2004 10:16 PM

catherine wrote re SM:

'Not long to go now, Sean eh!?

Anyway, have a Happy Birthday in any event, you can't have too many left now!'

i think the combat 18 view is to just ask SM one small question

cremation or burial?

NW and BBW

Posted by: NONCEWATCH on July 18, 2004 10:27 PM

Did anyone turn up for the duel--or were they too busy with the latest dickipoggy!!
Well, whatever next!!!
vampires,diana visions,robin hood,now nazis!!!!!!

Posted by: barbara green on July 19, 2004 02:49 AM

nazis and the holy grail

now all you need is indiana jones

BTW i have been reliably informed that his orders are both 'valid and irregular'

this phrase has a specific meaning in 'church-speak'

basically , the 'valid' is a bugger as is the 'irregular' as he belongs to no hierachy ie is an independent 'agent' so he can not be 'chucked out' as he is not technically 'in'

but as his orders are 'valid', his orders have a certain amount of cred even though his ordanation was probably 'illicit' (another spcific word)

with me so far?

you will be tested on this later

he does rely a lot on the fact that few people outside the church understand all the subtle nuances, complexities
and apparent cotradictions in all this 'succession' stuff


Posted by: NONCEWATCH on July 19, 2004 08:24 AM

The victory is ours. My stalwart second, Mr Farrant, and myself went to the Bishop's palace at the appointed hour yesterday. We knocked on the door to no avail. We knocked again 'til our knuckles bled. At least Farrant's did. I wanted to keep my own knuckles fresh for the pummeling to come. Still nothing. The bungalow was as quiet as those graveyards that the 'bishop' loved to haunt in his hot youth. We did hear a tremulous woman's voice say " I think they've gone, dear" and a muttered 'Hush, woman. They might hear". I peered through the letterbox and saw that the hall was filled with nails and timber. It looked like someone was about to use these things to barricade themselves in. It made me wonder whether the bishop was afraid of something other than ourselves, given the volume of planking involved. It looked like he was preparing for a siege. Perhaps he has got wind of other knuckles which might rap at his door. After a dismal breakfast, my second was morose about not getting his tea-cosy, we drove back to London in a rather dejected fashion. Perhaps later................

Posted by: LeComte on July 19, 2004 10:55 AM

I have asked many time what the bishops ministry consists of--does he do marriages christenings and burials and preach sermons and have a pastoral role--no reply
also what his"famous" vampire hunters casebook contains other than the highgate case and the aborted kirklees one
now its nazis ! What next?

Posted by: barbara green on July 19, 2004 12:27 PM


Well, we’ve all had a busy weekend, what with the duel and one thing and another. Forgetting the duel for a minute (and as previously posted LeCompte won as Mr. Manchester was apparently too frightened to open his door to us . . . well, he could have been out, but we are certain that we heard the sound of hushed voices inside), new tactics seem to have been employed against Catherine and myself, and other people associated with the British Psychic and Occult Society.

Last Saturday, a highly malicious (and apparently anonymous) posting went up on the Website of COMBAT 18, a far Right political group who are not apparently renowned for their tolerance of far Left views (just as the far Left are not tolerant of any criticism against themselves, of course).

Anyway, the point here is that one ‘bishop’ Patrick Sean Manchester took it upon himself to attempt to incite hatred upon the Combat 18 Board by posting up photographs of Catherine and myself (and two other people) with an accompanying screed to the effect that we were all ‘left wing activists’ who had a grudge against, and ‘informed upon’ the far Right. In fact, just a continuation of a vendetta against myself that Manchester has been pursuing over the past few years (under his usual aliases), only this time, he tried to involve a ‘political angle’ and involved COMBAT 18 as an innocent avenue to spread his malicious propaganda.

Luckily, Manchester’s malicious posting was spotted by a good-hearted journalist only hours after it was posted up, and after contacting Catherine (whose private address and phone number Manchester had published) and later myself, got the whole thing removed after satisfying COMBAT 18 that the whole thing was just one big lie that had been perpetrated by ‘bishop’ Manchester. Personally, neither Catherine or myself are involved in politics (either Right, Left, or Centre), but it must be said that this group acted with a great degree of fairness after checking the facts and moreorless immediately removing Manchester’s malicious posting.

Catherine has reported this matter to the police, and naturally I am also in the unique position of being able to be able to verify the facts, or supply any required evidence about the past activities of this bogus bishop. Well, his activities are known to a majority of public organizations now; but no doubt he will continue to try and dupe other unsuspecting people.

DAVID FARRANT, President, British Psychic and Occult Society

Posted by: David Farrant on July 19, 2004 08:48 PM

I expect that you have seen this from the BBC website already, but WTF

Another complete fruit-bat who has crossed our path also passionately believes in angels - Krystian Sodding Whellans of the Sally Army -

Enjoy this utter drivel from 'the bonkers bish'- NW]

Ask So Weird Vampire Hunter transcript

This event took place on Thursday 12th April 2001

So Weird Vampire Hunter

Did you join our So Weird Vampire Hunter, Sean Manchester, for a live chat, read the transcript - but don't have nightmares!!

Dee Hillier: Hello Sean, Apart from Highgate Cemetery, have you investigated any other incidents that might prove the existence of Vampires in the UK?

Sean Manchester: Hi there. Yes I have. The most infamous after Highgate might be the Kirklees vampire in West Yorkshire. There are others in the country and elsewhere - But one shouldn't publish until it's closed and satisfactorally dealt with!

Spuffy Summers: Hi do you think that Buffy/Angel glamourises the role of vampire slayers too much. Is it in fact a vocation in life which should be taken seriously?

Sean Manchester: Yes it is a vocation in life which should be taken very seriously. Unfortunately Buffy does glamorise the role of the vampirologist and exorcist.

Josh Oakley: Do vampires really hate garlic?

Sean Manchester: Not only vampires. The Greeks and Romans were aware of the power of garlic, and used it to ward off evil spirits as well as to consume in food.

Lestat Lioncourt: what sort of evidence do you seem to find to support your theories?

Sean Manchester: I don't deal in theory - at least I haven't done so since 30-odd years ago when I first confronted a real vampire. This isn't theory - this is fact.

Izzy Bentinck: is there a specific country where vampires originate from?

Sean Manchester: No, vampires are as old as mankind itself, and there's no particular country of origin. There's evidence in all the ancient civilisations of the existence of the undead.

fleur haines: have you seen any vampires before?

Sean Manchester: Yes - and on a number of occasions. The first one was in August 1970.

Huge: If I met a guy who claimed to be a vampire, how should I deal with him?

Sean Manchester: You wouldn't meet a guy who is a vampire - only who claimed. It's most unlikely you'd encounter a true vampire in the way you encounter living persons.

Chris Haney: have vampires ever been found?

Sean Manchester: Well yes. They've been found throughout the history of man, not least of all by myself. But not exclusively by me!

greg wall: has a vampire ever tried to attack you?

Sean Manchester: Yes. On more than one occasion I have been at great risk at the presence of vampires. The first time was in the early 1970s, and a number of times since. In 1990 I was confronted by a predatory wraith or vampire in West Yorkshire while investigating the Kirklees vampire.

Chris Moon: Do you believe vampires are supernatural or biological in origin?

Sean Manchester: Vampires are supernatural. However they do take a corporeal form.

Mr Papachumba: So how many vampires have you caught?

Sean Manchester: Scores. I have personally exorcised quite a number. Precise number I couldn't tell you. But after 33 years of vampire hunting, quite a few.

helen: have you any recorded proof of vampires existence?

Sean Manchester: In my book The Highgate Vampire are photos of a vampire soon after exorcism, in the stages of decomposition. These have been transmitted on TV several times in the 1990s.

Daniel Hollister: what do i need to protect my self from vampires?

Sean Manchester: I can only speak for myself, but your best protection is your faith. I employ Christian symbols, but without the faith they would be ineffectual.

Alex Riley: How exactly are vampires made? is it good people become angels and bad people become vampires?

Sean Manchester: People do not become angels. People are people who pass on. Vampires are intrinsically demonic, and possess and contaminate a person who after death doesn't lie quietly in the grave.

Joss Edwards: What was the first real vampire? and what truth do the myths come from?

Sean Manchester: In my experience the pivotal point was when two 16-year-old girls saw what seemed to be bodies rising in Highgate cemetery in 1967.

Vicx fri: Do u think there are any other explanations for your findings?

Sean Manchester: I can imagine no other explanation than the vampire being a demonic entity which causes the dead to walk beyond the tomb.

Mark Twain: Are vampires immortal, and if so how is that known?

Sean Manchester: Immortal is not a word that I'd employ, but I understand what you mean. Vampires cannot die, but must go on.

Rob Marriott: So do vampires really exist apart from in the bat form?

Sean Manchester: Yes. The vampire bat is an animal, which lives off the blood of cattle, and occasionally sleeping humans. The real vampire is something else; it's a demonic corpse that leaves the grave at night to sup the blood of sleeping persons.

Ian sorrynotsposedtotell: Does flame kill a vampire?

Sean Manchester: Yes. Vampires cannot be killed. However, they can be exorcised. The corporeal form is destroyed when cremated. But the demonic frame isn't destroyed. It's cast out of our realm, our world.

Tony: Why don't vampires dominate human kind, being stronger, etc?

Sean Manchester: Vampires are of the Devil. And it's part of the devil's mission to corrupt and parody what we should be doing. The vampire fits the description of the Antichrist.

Paul Crocombe: How close to the legend of Vlad Drac are 'real' vampires?

Sean Manchester: Well, Vlad the Impaler is a historical mediaeval tyrant. Where the legend begins is in two 15-century manuscripts which describe him as a Wampyr.

fleur haines: how long have you been interested in vampires?

Sean Manchester: Almost half a century.

Andrew A: so do u become one from being bitten or are u born a vampire?

Sean Manchester: You are not born a vampire. Living persons can be contaminated by vampirism, and in rare circumstances are at risk when they die.

Joe Birch: What do vampires do to people?

Sean Manchester: I suppose they suck the blood of living persons. And they cause them to die eventually.

Matthew Beezley: Have you ever taken a photograph of a vampire and shown it around?

Sean Manchester: Yes I have, but only moments after exorcism has taken place.

Jessica Phoenix: Have you any evidence that vampirism existed in the ancient world?

Sean Manchester: I wasn't around in the ancient world, but it is recorded by the most respected persons of the time. Tertullian speaks of the undead in the 2nd century.

helen: why do some of these *undead* not pass over to the next world?

Sean Manchester: Demonic interference is the reason.

Rob Marriott: Do you watch Buffy or does it make you sick due to its inaccuracy?

Sean Manchester: I have seen Buffy The Vampire Slayer because I was invited in 1999 by the BBC to appear in a 3-hour special which included uncut versions of it.

luke williams: what is the most scariest thing you've seen?

Sean Manchester: I think of all the supernatural evil that I've encountered as an exorcist, by far the most dangerous of all is the vampire.

Dev Sibwarra: Have you ever faced a non-vampire demon before?

Sean Manchester: No I haven't, and I wouldn't.

Rodrigo Gonzales: How close are you to a 'why' or 'how' or some kind of scientific explanation? Is there one?

Sean Manchester: It has been attempted, but not by me. We're familiar with just 3 dimensions and the sequence of before, now and after. The vampire is outside that, and is trapped in a twilight hell between life and death.

Chris Haney: is it true that vampires can only come out at night?

Sean Manchester: Vampires are, it would seem, nocturnal demons.

Lee Cunliffe: Have you ever almost been bitten?

Sean Manchester: I have been bitten on the left palm by a supernatural predatory vampire.



Posted by: NONCEWATCH on July 19, 2004 09:11 PM

For the most famous vampire hunter of all time its not much, just two vampires on his file, if you discount the giant spider. The journalist did not pin him down at all and he well wriggled off the hook. What worried me is the lobotomised hoards reading teh Vampire Hunter handbook--his best seller(!!)and setting forth with cross and stake to dig up bodies of stab suspicious looking ones-like a drunk one for isntance!

Posted by: barbara green on July 20, 2004 01:14 AM

I'd read the Combat 18 Message board yourself if I were you. Seeing as you put mine and David's plus others lives at risk. I've reported you to our local police station and they are investigating the matter.

It will be you yourself who will be blown into oblivian if not sooner, then it will be later.

Watch this space.

Will keep you posted Catherine.

PS I wouldn't even bother to email me, because to do so is interferring with witnesses which is illegal. I'm also writing to Freeserve too this week and let them know exactly what you have done and to energis. I'd be extremely worried if I were you at this present minute in time,

Posted by: Catherine Fearnley on July 20, 2004 09:45 AM

CALLING DOCTOR MALYGRIS....................
My most esteemed colleague in the supernal brotherhood of the Vishanti, I thank you for your astral efforts to bring me back from the desolate shores of Sheol. I am frail but will endure. However, news has reached me of fresh perfidy from the unhallowed pen of our mutual nemesis, the devil's bishop. My contacts in fog-shrouded Limehouse have alerted me to new calumnies perpetrated by that ordure-reeking bombast, that abysmal and irredeemable swine viz postings on the MESSAGES TO THE MOON forum. Here, the dog boldly states that you and I are the same person. As are, so he claims in wild lunacy, Madame V etc [sic].Does this whey-faced loon's imbecility know no bounds. To think that the master of the mystic arts, the last flower of chivalry, and the ophidian hipped madame V could be one person. The fiend is stark raving mad. I have already contacted Dr Seward, that esteemed expert in delusional mania, and he is keen to study this medical wonder for himself. To this end he intends to dispatch messrs Quilp and Sykes, bully-boys-for-hire, to bring the cur in, as our American cousins would say. Perhaps a terse statement from yourself might allay any such absurd rumours.Not that any sober citizen would countenance such outrageous claims. May and the cassocked clown be cloven by the wands of watoomb and encircled by the crimson band of Cytorrak and may his communion wine turn to the micturations of ill-formed homunculi etc.
Yrs, Sirrah, in Bon Accord,
Roberto Giovanni Ludovico, LeComte de Milano.

Posted by: LeComte on July 20, 2004 02:08 PM

'Bishop' Sean Manchester was on Channel 4 TV on Monday night at 9pm, in the
first in the series of four
programmes called simply: 'Pagans'.

The 'bogus bish' was apparently shown in 30 year old footage going hunting
for vampires in Old Highgate
Cemetary (a truly spooky over-grown place of Victorian Gothic weirdness -
and that's just kooks like 'bish'
Sean Manchester in his mitre and bishop's robes creepily creeping round,
searching for ghouls and other
demonic beasties) .

'Old' Highgate Cemetary contrasts greatly with the nicely manicured neat er
'New' Highgate Cemetary
where the pinko scum's hero, Karl 'Groucho' Marx is burried:

'I wouldn't join any proleteriat workers party which would have me as a
member' - Karl 'Groucho' Marx -' Das Kapital'

Anyway, all of the following links pertain to twaddle from very our 'Bonkers
Bish' - the first of which
describes how our very modest hero single-handedly vanquished the notorious
of 'Old Highgate Cemetary.

The second link is where our 'Batty Bogus Bish' drops lots of big names of
his friends in very high
places such as God, Cardinal Basil Hume and er Brother Keith the gofer

What planet IS this guy on?

Answers on a postcard please to:


http://www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk/TheHighgateVampire.htm -
A summary of the case with a wide range of comments from people as diverse
as Peter Underwood (The Ghost Club Society) to Jennie Gray (The Gothic

http://www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk/Greetings.htm -
Bishop Seán Manchester offers his greetings on this webpage which contains
photographs of Cardinal Basil Hume, Dutch Bishop Henry Vermeulen, Welsh
Bishop Illtyd Thomas, Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, Brother Keith
Maclean (Ordo Sancti Graal), Reverend Mrs Sarah Manchester and, of course,
Bishop Seán Manchester.

http://groups.msn.com/BritishOccultSociety -
The Vampire Research Society originated out of the now defunct British
Occult Society. The BOS investigated occult aspects of the Highgate Vampire
case, while the VRS researched all vampirological phenomena. This dicussion
forum exists to establish the genesis, identity and purpose of the bona fide
BOS whose cross-pollenation with the Ghost Club Society early on and Vampire
Research Society latterly meant that a some members belonged to all three.
Questions pertaining to the BOS are invited from the International Secretary
of the VRS who was also a member of the BOS before it ceased to exist on 8
August 1988.

http://groups.msn.com/VampireResearchSociety -
A message board for those wanting to concentrate on matters relating to the
Vampire Research Society (founded by Seán Manchester on 2 February 1970),
its executive members, three of whom provide responses, and all related

http://highgatevampire.proboards22.com -
The case of the Highgate Vampire is examined and discussed on this message
board where questions may be raised about the lengthy investigation carried
out by the BOS / VRS and its eventual outcome.

http://www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk/Interview.htm -
This is last interview given by Bishop Seán Manchester to a journal. The
interview was requested by the student publication Cry Wolf in 2002, and the
questions are dealt with head on by the bishop who does not balk at the most
provocative issues raised.

http://www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk/Montague Summers.htm -
Alphonsus Joseph-Mary Augustus Montague Summers, in whose memory Seán
Manchester's dedicated his 1991 Gothic Press edition of The Highgate
Vampire, entered the Old Catholic priesthood (having been diaconated in 1908
in the Church of England, and joining the diaconate in the Roman Catholic
Church which he entered a year later). Montague Summers was consecrated for
the Order of Corporate Reunion on 21 June 1927 by Dominic Albert Godwin. He
was later consecrated sub conditione on 21 March 1946 by Roger Stephen
Matthews and appointed Nuncio for Great Britain. Like Seán Manchester, he
wrote books about vampirology and the occult whilst placing significant
emphasis on exorcism. His biographer is the late Roman Catholic (Carmelite)
Fr Brocard Sewell whose wrote under the nom de plume Joseph Jerome.

http://www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk/TheKirkleesVampire.htm -
Introduction to experiences and data concerning the West Yorkshire
phenomenon that came to be known from 1987 as the Kirklees Vampire.

http://www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk/The Right Reverend Sean
Manchester.htm -
Bishop Seán Manchester's biographical and bilbliographical page courtesy of
International Authors and Writers Who's Who. Additional information may also
be found at:

http://www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk/Underwood.htm -
In 1974 Seán Manchester was made a Life-Member of The Ghost Club, and Peter
Underwood, along with life-membership, was to become a Fellow Associate of
the Vampire Research Society. The following year witnessed their
collaboration on an anthology that would include the first published account
of events in Highgate. They have remained close colleagues and share a
mutual admiration of Montague Summers whom Peter Underwood knew quite well.
Other Honorary Life Members include Sarah Miles, Dulcie Gray, Uri Geller,
Jilly Cooper, Sir Patrick Moore and Colonel John Blashford-Snell.

http://www.gothicpress.freeserve.co.uk/Varma.htm -
Dr Sir Devendra P Varma was Honorary Vice President of the Vampire Research
Society until his untimely death in October 1994. One of Bishop Seán
Manchester's closest colleagues, Dr Varma was decorated with the Knight
Grand Cross of the Order of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Caballero Grand Cruz de
la Orden de Nuestra Se-ora de Guadalupe) and Knight Officer of the Holy
Sepulchre. He held the Order of the Lion and the Black Rose and was a Fellow
of the Augustan Society. He addressed the Conference on Literatures of the
Fantastic at the University of Northern Colorado held October 14th-16th. At
the time of his major address, Dr Varma was made a full member of Sigma Tau
Delta, the International English Honour Society. He was truly a great
scholar and a real gentleman in the European style. Seán Manchester's
tribute to his fellow vampirologist was first published in the Summer 1995
issue of Udolpho magazine. This link includes an expurgated version of
Bishop Manchester's original obituary from Udolpho magazine.

http://www.holygrail-church.fsnet.co.uk/GASP.htm -
Guardians Against Satanic Pollution (G.A.S.P.) ~ where information about
angels, demons and exorcism is found.

http://www.holygrail-church.fsnet.co.uk/News.htm -
FoBSM online Newsletter(December 2003), which carries an obituary for Bishop
Seán Manchester's London Secretary, colleague and friend, Diana Brewester.
Photographs of Diana are included along with a link to the bishop's personal

http://www.holygrail-church.fsnet.co.uk/Vampire Research Society.htm -
The Vampire Research Society originated in 1967 as a specialist unit within
the much older British Occult Society ~ an organisation for paranormal and
occult investigation that was eventually dissolved on 8 August 1988. Most of
the BOS executive continued as executive VRS members. Bishop Seán Manchester
was responsible for the vampire research unit becoming a self-governing body
on 2 February 1970. The Vampire Research Society quickly became the primary
advisory service within the United Kingdom for all matters relating to
vampires and vampirism.

Posted by: NONCEWATCH on July 20, 2004 11:29 PM


On Monday evening (July 19th) at 9 p.m., the first part of a four-part series titled PAGANS was televised on ITV’s Channel 4. The programme had had good advance reviews before it was even screened, and was basically along the lines that these ancient people were not ‘barbaric’ half-baked individuals who sacrificed naked virgins (though having said that, it did show a couple of modern-day ones dancing naked in and around ancient stone circles) and worshipped the devil; but were a sophisticated culture of people who took their religion very seriously and deeply. Well, I supposed this stuff is supposed to be right within my field, but I leave any ‘religious over-tones’, here as I don’t wish to be tempted to introduce philosophical points of view.

But the programme couldn’t resist referring to the Highgate Vampire case, and to this end replayed some 34 year-old TV footage of myself ‘hunting a vampire’ in Highgate Cemetery in 1970. “Bring your cross and stake with you [they said at the time] we want you to re-enact how you ‘hunt vampires”!

In fact, Mr Manchester was filmed at the same time and actually pulled a home-made wooden stake from out of the back of his pin-stripped trousers and said that to ‘destroy a vampire’ one had to drive a wooden stake through its heart; decapitate it ‘with a grave-diggers shove’ and ‘burn what remains’! (Hasn’t changed much, has he?!)

A lot of people saw the programme - probably helped by the pre-reviews about ‘dancing nude women’!

Maybe it’ll be repeated. If it is, I’ll let you all know.


Posted by: David Farrant on July 21, 2004 07:27 PM


Ellen and I will be going on Vacation (on "Holiday", I think it's called) starting Friday. We'll be leaving the site in charge of some good friends who've never done this sort of thing but are curious to try.

Because of that, I'm going to *temporarily* close comments on this section, so they don't have to worry about Manchester et. al. trying something clever. They're good people, but riding herd on this area can require some subtle skills at times.

*SO* ... various developments will have to wait until we return on the 31st. Thanks for your patronage, and we'll see you then!

Posted by: Scott on July 21, 2004 07:46 PM
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