January 18, 2004
Cat Rumbles

I found this site via Joanie, aka Da Goddess, one of my regular daily reads.

Finally someone out there just as nutty about cats!

AHHH!!!! The smell of wet three-da-old-fish catfood, picking fur out of your food, needing to scoop the litterbox!

Scott: "You big dork, the site is a huge joke. GutRumbles is a cranky old guy who gripes about politics and throws rocks at kids on his lawn. He's, like, in Jamaica or something, gave Joanie his password. Joanie did it."

Me: "She did?" (yes, I sounded that stupid! LOL)

Scott: "Yeah, no one out there is a big cat dork like you are. If you find someone else, I expect you to run away with them and leave us all behind."

Me: "It's really a joke?"

Scott: "Yes and you fell for it! MUHAHAHAH!!! "

Me: "Oh jeeze... and I even emailed him saying 'Wow! what a great cat blog!'" *at this point in time I am laughing so hard I'm about to wet my pants.* Yeah yeah... big practical joke on me :) And here I got excited about a cat blog! DOH! :):)

Combine the severe lack of sleep and being a full time dork, what you get is me! :)

Ok, after Rob's done with you Joanie, we're next!

I think I just pulled a Jessica Simpson. Well, you know, except for the blonde hair and fake boobies.

Posted by Ellen at January 18, 2004 12:41 PM

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I found your great blogsite while doing a search for the reliability factor of One Touch Ultra glucometers for feline use, and had to post to this entry! If you are a cat dork, then I am one also, and proud of it. I know that I will end up at seventy years of age, wandering round in my backyard in July wearing a yellow rain slicker, a triangular tinfoil hat and mismatched shoes while feeding all of the cats for miles around out of old aluminum Mrs. Paul's Deep Dish Apple Pie plates. That is, if my husband doesn't divorce me for adopting just _one_ more cat.

This is an excellent post. I enjoy reading your thoughts and various feline/human escapades.

Posted by: Dawn on February 24, 2006 10:42 PM
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