April 25, 2003
Appropos of Nothing

Sometimes, it's good to be a network admin. I was this [..] close to declaring FATWAH on cox cable because their service seemed to crap out every 15 minutes, and then come back 15 minutes later. Being in my job, I knew it wasn't the internet connection itself, but the DNS services that were causing the problem. For those who haven't heard of DNS services, they're sort of a combination of road maps and highway signs on the information superhighway. If you already know the way, you can get to where you're going without them, but if you don't you're screwed.

Cox's road maps and street signs regularly burst into flames. However, I know of several alternative sources for road maps and signs. A few clicks of the mouse, a couple of numbers entered, and PRESTO. Damn thing runs faster than it ever did.

Back to your regularly scheduled fragfest...

Posted by scott at April 25, 2003 07:05 PM

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I wonder if they want to pay me to fix their server once and for all. My servers are up 24x7 and been working well since we put them in. I'll even consult for the place. Sounds like they really need the help.
I am the DNS Goddess where I work. People have to ask me for permission to have access and I've turned down some and removed accesses when they screw up (one of those 3 strike rule things).

Posted by: Cindy on April 26, 2003 08:16 AM

Cox sucks big time.. costs too much $ and it never works 24-7

Posted by: Ellen on April 26, 2003 02:06 PM
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