March 18, 2003
When You're Glad It Got Away

Nina should be sure to show Billy (the veteran fisherman in Ellen's family) this pic of, as the article says, "the hammerhead that got nailed". Warning: somewhat graphic. Apparently some gents hooked a 15 foot hammerhead on a drag line. While reeling it in, a much bigger tiger shark decided to turn the hammerhead into a hammersnack. The pic shows what was left (head).

If I ever visit Australia I think I'm just going to look at the beach from my hotel room... much safer that way!

Posted by scott at March 18, 2003 11:12 AM

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OMG! The pix is probably a fake. I don't trust any pictures in this digital age. lol I have been fooled too many times. It is not nice to fool old ladies.

Posted by: Pat on March 18, 2003 02:24 PM
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