March 09, 2003
Pet Passport Information

Apparently Great Britian is freaking out again about the pet passports just adopted to make moving pets to their country easier.

Now they are freaking out over tick- born disease.

The thing is this, in order for the disease to potentially spread, you have to bring the tick with you. By the time the animal is infected, the parasite is dead, or dropped off the animal. An EASY way to prevent this problem is to make sure the animal is on some sort of flea/tick control like Frontline- Top Spot several months before and after the pet moves to the UK.

The last cat I had move to the UK, was an old clinic cat named Prissy (new name- Charlotte) with a client. The cat had severe liver disease, but was still allowed in as long as she went through the quarantine procedure. The cat did very well. The one thing that the UK is great about is the quarantine faciltities. Needless to say, Charlotte lived one year after her transfer to the UK, which is more than all of us thought she would do.

Posted by Ellen at March 09, 2003 07:52 AM

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