February 24, 2003
The Origins of the Moon

Also from BBCnews is this article on recent findings about the origin of the moon. Evidence now seems to point to a complex series of impacts started out by the glancing collision between Earth and an unknown body perhaps as large as Mars. "Glancing" here is a relative term, in that the collision seemed to have completely destroyed the other body and melted the crust of the earth down to a depth of about 6 miles. And you thought whacking yourself in the head with the door hurt.

Posted by scott at February 24, 2003 11:15 AM

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I have information which I have translated from German to English describing a comet which is responsible for the Earth's Moon and the planet Venus being at their present locations. This comet has caused Earth Deluges, the Biblical Flood and a Pole Shift. It is larger in volume and greater in density than the Earth, and these are exactly described. The comet was observed from Earth in 1680 by Gottfried Kirch. Most of the information describes the, up to now unknown, pre-1680 actions and effects of this comet in the Sol System. Exact dates for Earth Deluges, the Biblical Flood and the Pole Shift, which were caused by the comet, are given. As well, exact comet orbital periods are included.

I want to send you a copy of the information at no charge. It takes about 30 minutes to read. I have been sending this information to scientists, historians, authors, etc., for their review and comment.

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Posted by: Larry Driscoll on March 27, 2004 02:48 PM
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