September 24, 2002
An Uncompressed Life

Let me tell you, the nicest, and I mean nicest thing about our new place is I will simply **not** tolerate a catbox being placed next to my computer. There's nothing quite like being inches away from slaying the boss monster on level 25 of the game you've been playing for two weeks, only to have your groove completely derailed by an obscene whoopie cushion noise coming from a box less than a foot from your desk. Oh, and the smell of three dead rats mixed with a bag of old copper pennies is just icing on the cake.

Posted by scott at September 24, 2002 08:31 PM

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God smiles when you say "I simply will *NOT* tolerate" whatever. Trust me I know this is a truism of the universe.

Posted by: on September 24, 2002 10:54 PM
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