September 10, 2002

Unfortunately, Frankie died today. My mom was with him. He was doing great with his new family. He went to work everyday with her and my mom got to see him everyday.

Everyone loved Frankie. He was the computer people's mascot at their work. Everyone saw his picture. Everybody met Frankie. Everybody LOVED Frankie.

Mom called me up and said he did not look so good today. Even though he was still playing, eating, and using his box. My mom got a call from Frankies mom saying she was right he did not look so good. Then Frankie started to seizure today. Nasty seizures that were too much for his little body to handle and at the end of the day, my mom said it did not look like Frankie.

They took him to the vet (who I will write a letter to the NY Board of Veterinary Medicine about, since his bedside manner just plain sucked and had no fucking clue to what was going on ).

My mom made the choice to put Frankie to the Forever Sleep. Mom also took him home, had him wrapped in his favorite blanket and stuffed animal and buried him in the backyard where all of our pets are buried. Mom said I would of wanted it that way. She was right.

I feel awful for Frankie's new family. They are devestated and rightfully so. Though I DO feel WONDERFUL that he had a FAMILY that was willing to LOVE him for his short little life.

I will remember this silly little kitten that used to scream his head off and wake everyone up every 3 hours in my house. I will remember his kisses and how everyone that saw him fell in love with him right away. I will also remember how GOOD it felt that I was able to find him a home, even though it was not for a very long time.

Posted by Ellen at September 10, 2002 06:46 PM

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Awww, hugs to you and your wife. So sorry about the kitty. :-(

Posted by: BeerMary on September 10, 2002 08:29 PM

poor frankie...he's in our backyard now though with all the other animals. you can come and still visit him

Posted by: nina on September 10, 2002 09:27 PM

Maybe Franky crossed the Rainbow Bridge first so he could help little Tar Baby. I really don't know how you handle losing these babies, but you know that you
do your best for them and give them all your love while they are here.

You are a very special person Ellen and I am so glad you are a part of my life. I am very proud to be your Southern Mama!

Posted by: Pat on September 11, 2002 08:44 AM

I miss my beautiful baby sooo much :( We loved him very, very much in his too-short life. Thanks for all who were there for us and him. And like you Ellen for TarBaby, I think I hear him cry sometimes.

Posted by: Gail (Franky's Mom) on September 13, 2002 04:36 PM

Gail, Ellen was so pleased that you were willing to become little Franky's new family. It just broke my heart when she called me to tell me what had happened. He had love and kindness during his short life and that is something a lot of people don't have. He will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you and Ellen.

Posted by: Pat on September 14, 2002 12:23 AM
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